Bad news for Omar Khadr? Sort of

No matter how the Supreme Court ruled, Khadr’s fate would have remained in the hands of the U.S.


When Omar Khadr eventually returns to Canada (and he will someday, whether his fellow Canadians like it or not) his triumphant press conference won’t include a special thanks to the Supreme Court. In a unanimous decision released Friday, the country’s senior judges struck down Khadr’s latest bid for freedom, ruling that Prime Minister Stephen Harper cannot be forced to ask the United States to repatriate al-Qaeda’s most famous child soldier. Simply put, the court concluded that elected officials, not judges, are in charge of our country’s foreign policy—including whether or not to go to bat for a Toronto teenager who lived with Osama bin Laden, allegedly killed a U.S. soldier on the battlefields of Afghanistan, and has spent the past seven years locked inside the notorious prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he has clearly been mistreated, if not brutally tortured.

The court confirmed the obvious: that Khadr’s Charter rights have been grossly violated during his stint at Gitmo, where he claims to have endured hours of harsh interrogations and threats of rape. At one point in 2004, a visiting Canadian bureaucrat grilled him for information, even though he knew Khadr had been subjected to three weeks of sleep deprivation. But despite Ottawa’s participation in an “illegal process,” the nine-judge panel refused to side with Khadr’s lawyers, who demanded that the government atone for its mistake by asking the U.S. to send their client home to Canada. Ordering the prime minister to act in a specific way “gives too little weight to the constitutional responsibility of the executive to make decisions on matters of foreign affairs in the context of complex and ever-changing circumstances, taking into account Canada’s broader national interests,” the judges wrote. “The record before us gives a necessarily incomplete picture of the range of considerations currently faced by the government in assessing Mr. Khadr’s request. We do not know what negotiations may have taken place, or will take place, between the U.S. and Canadian governments over the fate of Mr. Khadr.”

The decision overturns two lower court rulings, both of which ordered the feds—who “knew of the abuse” Khadr suffered at the hands of his American captors and “sought to take advantage of it”—to seek his repatriation. Siding with Ottawa, the Supreme Court said it would “not be appropriate” to dictate diplomacy, and left it up to the prime minister and his cabinet to decide how to rectify the Charter breach. “[T]he order made by the lower courts that the government request Mr. Khadr’s return to Canada is not an appropriate remedy for that breach under s. 24(1) of the Charter,” they wrote. “Consistent with the separation of powers and the well-grounded reluctance of courts to intervene in matters of foreign relations, the proper remedy is to grant Mr. Khadr a declaration that his Charter rights have been infringed, while leaving the government a measure of discretion in deciding how best to respond.”

Precisely how the government will respond remains unclear. In a statement issued this afternoon, Rob Nicholson, the Conservative Justice Minister, said he is “pleased” that “the government is not required to ask for accused terrorist Omar Khadr’s return to Canada…The government will carefully review the Supreme Court’s ruling and determine what further action is required.”

By now, the Khadr saga needs little introduction. Born in Scarborough, Ont., in September 1986, he is the third son of Ahmed Said Khadr, a senior Al-Qaeda fundraiser who was later killed in a shootout with Pakistani authorities. In July 2002, Omar was shot and detained by U.S. soldiers during a firefight in Afghanistan, but not before the 15-year-old allegedly tossed a grenade that killed Sgt. Christopher Speer, a decorated army medic. He was transferred to Bagram Airbase, interrogated incessantly, and, just days after his 16th birthday, flown to Guantanamo. Now 23, Khadr faces charges of murder, attempted murder and providing material support for terrorism, but his trial has been repeatedly delayed amid legal wrangling and constitutional challenges. In November, U.S. Attorney-General Richard Holder announced that Khadr, the only western citizen left in Guantanamo, will face a military commission scheduled for July. The location, however, is still up in the air. A federal prison in Illinois has been selected to house some Gitmo inmates, but the courtroom facilities may not be ready by the summer, which means Khadr could ultimately face justice in Cuba, not the United States.

What are the ramifications of Supreme Court decision? On a practical level, not a whole lot. It doesn’t mean a Canadian homecoming is out of the question—or even less likely than it was last week. And it doesn’t mean Khadr’s U.S. trial will definitely go ahead as planned. It simply reaffirms what has been the case all along: Khadr is in American custody, charged with violating American laws, and it’s up to the Americans to decide his fate. Despite all the high-stakes hype, the issue facing the Supreme Court of Canada was whether Ottawa should be compelled to ask for Khadr’s release. The White House, of course, is under no obligation to say yes. Ultimately, the decision is theirs—whether we ask or not.

Even Khadr’s own lawyers warned him not to get too excited about the looming decision. Win or lose, he would still be in a jail cell the next day, his future no less hazy. Which is exactly where he remains.


Bad news for Omar Khadr? Sort of

  1. I'm glad this is happening. I can't believe Canadians still have sympathy for this animal.

    • i agree whole heartedly.
      Why are we even still talking about this maggot.
      He is lucky to still be alive.
      as far as i'm concerned, he gave up his rights to Canadian citizenship when he went over there to try and kill American AND CANADIAN forces.
      This maggot should be put in front of a firing squad and shot.

      • are you gonna pull the trigger for something he 'may have' done when over there? No trial, no conclusive evidence, just the army saying he did it? are you gonna pull that trigger? if so, you should be locked up, and I would lock you up for the sake of public safety.

      • He " went over there " when he was 12 or 13 . His father took him .
        Those who call people maggot are themselves evil enemies of civilization .
        Sadly , they are also as ignorant as pond scum .
        There were no American AND CANADIAN forces when he was taken to A'stan .
        The whole story just reeks of another coverup story for another friendly fire " accident " .

        • so are you sorry we won the war against nazi germany? (an system just as dictatoral as sharia law,btw).
          do you realize how many nazi youths fought us to the death defending hitler ? its a WAR ,dude, that these shitskins declared on us for reasons that go right back to mohammad. 60% of pakistan backs bin laden! good news is there's far more hindus and chinese than there are muslims -and as historical victims of huge islamic invasons,they hate islam and want arab oil more than anyone>i say allow islam to really feel their ass fully occupied by east asia> arabs will beg the west to intervene and save them! the more ppl breed, the cheaper life is

      • Agreed!

    • What has he been convicted of, since you are so wise?

      • He has yet to be convicted on these charges, but if the video of him making and planting IED's, or the picture of him carrying around severed human hands does not give you pause to think, then there is little hope of you ever seeing the reality of what he was.

    • i agree why the hell does the media keep covering this story
      its rediculous. he a pow !!!

    • You are right John Mogensen,let that reeking piece of trash rot right were he belongs.This piece of phlem, threw a grenade at a decorated US medic and blew that person apart dead.You are not, and will not ever be a Canadian for what you did to our southern friend.You are a terrorist you will die in jail.

  2. u r the animal John Morgensen. Talk the truth not the HATE.

    • I wish Canada had more John Morgensen's and less likeU's. How can his Canadian charter rights be violated when he is not in Canada? If he ever does come back to Canada i hope we give him an 8 x 10 cell until he dies. we dont need this trash in Canada.

    • open your eyes, the guy is a terrorist. plain &simple .about time, the Supreme Court has done the right thing by this decision.our bleeding heart court system has no right to dictate on how other Countries handle there war Criminals.. Let the States baby sit this Scumbag, Iam sure the average Canadian will agree '' WE DO NOT WANT HIM!!!'' true north

      • ben winnipeg and true north, you guys are pathetic, I'm with likeU's. Don't speak for Canada, you don't represent Canada.

        • no Charles , we do not speak for Canada, but I`ll bet we speak for a mass Majority of them, the guy is nothing more than a Pakistani terrorist!!! and your sympathetic towards this scum ???? hmmm,(scary)

    • You must be a pro jihad, likeU

    • likeU is certainly not likeMe if he loves terrorists over their victims. And I suspect he is not likeMostCanadians, either.

    • Unfortunately many, many Canadians are being steered to the kind of thinking offered by Morgensen. Harper's legacy will include fostering hate as a political weapon.

  3. Before Stephen Harper refuses to repatriate Omar Khadr, he should realize that the Supreme Court of the United States itself has declared the detention process at Guantanamo Bay to be illegal. The evidence is shaky at best, as leaked documents from the Pentagon reveal that (other than Khadr being present in the bombed house) there is no other evidence that he had thrown a grenade. The fact that he had been trapped under rubble, crippled, and blinded all make it virtually impossible that he is guilty of murder.

    Not if, but when Omar comes back to Canada, the government owes him a big compensation package for letting him rot in Guantanamo. He is entitled to justice and rehabilitation, and he should be allowed to face the allegations in a fair and transparent judicial process. Certainly not in the kangaroo courts of the US military.


    • At last an intelligent assessment of the known facts. Khadr may be an animal but as more evidence comes out it clearly points out that he could not have thrown anything at anyone after being shot, blind and buried alive.

      For the one watt bulbs that keep saying he went over there. His father and family dragged him there as a child. Get with the program and USE those gray cells instead of sounding like cro-magnon relatives. Love it, guilty before the trail and facts some out. Other than being charged there is zero to support any charged against this kid other than your hate, which is arbitrary.

      The big issue is how to plug the hole here so no more like his family get here. Who let them in??

    • Why the hell this Canadian born guy went to Afganistan fighting with the American troops there? Do not forget that he was fighting on the terrorist side. I do not think the Canadian government has any resposibility to get him back or compensate him for his terrorist action. He should be resposible for the consequence of the fight he chose to, and his fate depends on the American Justice, which has nothing to do with Canadian government.

    • Stein, you cant handle the truth, there is no evidence,in war only the results.

  4. john i agree with you i want him back in a box

    • He was a 15 yr old boy,, doing what he was raised to do in his family,, he is NOT an animal and most of your grown men should be disgusted with yourselves..

      • Why should we be disgusted with ourselves, because you say so? I'm actually more disgusted with you, seebothsides, since you obviously are a terrorist sympathizer. Our troops are fighting those scumbags over there to keep them from blowing up people like you on our side of the pond, and yet you pull out all the stops defending these backwards, militant, uncivilized killers. I suggest that you should also be disgusted by you.

        • so many people forget 911…khdar was fighting for and had lived with Bin laden!! Ceeger you are 100% right!! it is beyond me how any civilized person could sympathize with a terrorist ( born and raised for the jihad cause) How about looking in the eyes of a Widow, or Mother or Father of one of the murder victims of 911 and tell them that you think Khadr is an innocent little boy!! people like you should wake up to reality….And we are supposed to be disgusted with ourselves??

  5. uh…he's a Canadian citizen and he was 16 when he was captured.
    I can't believe any civilized Canadian would wish something like this for another, especially one that has yet to have been found guilty.

    • Call me uncivilized if you want, and the way I feel has nothing to do with him being found guilty or innocent of killing an american medic. He has admitted he was in afganistan fighting for the taliban. are you in favor of the taliban? is that your vision of Canada? give your head a shake!

    • It is like the thousands on Lebanese who came to Canada long enough to get their passports go back to Lebanon to live and wine and cry that the Canadian government isn't getting them out of the country fast enough when the country is attacked.We are just a country of convenience.

    • My brother was sixteen years old when he was a POW of the Japanese .Thanks to Mackenzie King and the butt kissing Liberals who sent the Canadian army to Hong Kong with first world war rifles.All this B>S about 15 year old read your paper kids that age commit murder and rape everyday .the Americans have a fair judicial system not a weak one like ours if he is not guilty he will be found that way

      • Wow that's quite a tangent – Mackenzie King?

        Whether teens get up to mad murder and rape sprees is equally irrelevant. We have signed off on the rights of Child Soldiers and are obligated to treat him accordingly. In any case, it is well known that he was brought to Afghanistan and put in the situation by his parent – it seems to me he is being punished for the sins of his parents.

        I don't see how anyone can support such a thing.

    • Believe it. Khadr is trash and a Canadian of convenience only. And I'd remind you that 'innocent until proven guilty' is a legal term for courtrooms — citizens are free to think and express whatever opinions they want based on the facts as they see them. The video of young Khadr gleefully planting IEDS is all I – and a lot of other outraged, civilized Canadians – need to see in order to pass their judgments. This whole clan of Khadr parasites need a one-way ticket back to the dustbowl from whence they came.

  6. Here we go again with looney Liberal send-us-all-your-lowlifes Canada. Maybe we could import a few million more of our enemies
    from the midle east. I'm sure they'd testify that their rights were also violated.

    Liberalism: That fuzzy feminist logic which appeals to the emotions.

    • James – are you some sort of seperatist ?

      Toronto is in Canada , and people born here with parents who are citizens – they are Canadian.

      Omar Khadr is our lowlife .
      Canada has no need for imports when we do homegrown so well .

      Also , Canada has no right to fob him off on any other country .

      Ignorant macho logic that appeals to base emotions = the deaf neo-conned , who cannot hear the jackboots marching .

  7. Yes, this is how Fascism starts. Dehumanize your enemies. Call them animals and maggots. Deny that they have the same rights as you. Create tiers of citizenship and rights. It helps if you have someone obvious to demonize, like Khadr, but the fact remains that accused criminals have the same rights as everyone else. You don't lose your rights when you leave the country either. If you are accused of a crime in a foreign country, your country is expected to stand up for you. Canada regularly assists Canadians brought to trial in countries like Saudia Arabia where their rights are abused. The Court has said clearly that Khadr's rights have been abused. If you vote for a government that refuses to fight for these rights, you vote for a government that takes away your rights when it finds it convenient.

    • Well said!

    • Fascism my friend starts by pushing 15 yrs old to kill for a stupid idea. fascism starts when you have 15 yr old kids cheering at public executions, when 15 yr old kids are given stones to stone women who have no rights and were raped by other 15 yr old kids, fascism starts when people close their eyes and pretend no scums no filthy animals no savages roam the earth. Well – I say – let's not be blind and all cheerful around stupidity, and face the real evil in the eye. Harper didn't kill that soldier. Look that soldier's mother in her eyes and tell her you sympathise with her sons killer. Due process for what? An animal? i say evil has to be destroyed – and if you are to soft to do it – let others do it – it's just how it is – you enjoy the freedoms you have because some brave men and women fought for it – and very many of them were also killed while fighting for your freedom. This animal is not the good guys…..

      • Yes, agreed.

      • So what is it when men pour pinesol on teen boys and use them as human mops.. nice..

      • It is telling that all your 15-year-old examples are passive…. Do you understand the implications of that?

      • Really? It doesn't begin when we depart from rule of law and go with mob rule and vigilante justice. You seem to be willing to condemn without any sort of trial at all.

        "Look that soldier's mother in her eyes and tell her you sympathise with her sons killer."

        If it's even true that Omar Khadr was the one who is responsible which is not at all certain, at least he was an adult who signed up on his own behalf and knowing the risk.

        Let me ask you, considering the Afghans are increasingly disturbed by the allies' cavalier attitude to civilian casualties, should US and NATO troops be tried for murder also? What about the Afghan mothers' eyes?

      • Calm down, Mr. Cheney, hufffing and puffing isn't good for your heart.

        • By joining forces and fighting for the Taliban ,is already an admission of guilt… either he has killed somebody allready, is going to kill somebody, or will kill again!! he is a self admitted Talliban Fighter,, what more do you need?? at least let the States lock him up forever. If he comes back to Canada we will set him free and then give him 10 million dollars,, in pity money!!!

          • If you are so afraid of paying money to him which he is probably entiled to in civil Courts for the numerous violations committed , press your government to do the right thing and repatriate a Canadian citizen. The sooner the less you will have to pay. He is accused of yet to be proven allegations and is simply a child soldier who was shot in the back

          • sure lets just give him a settelment, then he can filter the money back to his Talliban connections, or even better yet sponsor some more family members, bring them to Canada and start his own terrorist cell just down the street from your house!! but then again from your previous writings you would welcome him with open arms, heck,, they could even teach your children how to become child soldiers to.. might as well keep it right here in Canada!!!

    • This young terrorist deserves being jailed. Do not talk about human rights without looking at the fact whether a criminal can still be defined as HUMAN.

      • Your comment and attitude clearly mark you as less then human.

    • He lost all his rights as a Canadian citizen when he decided to live, and Play over at Bin Ladens house..He chose what side he wanted to be on!! you play…you pay .. he did not commit a crime as a citizen,, he committed one as a Soldier..Now pay the Price!!!!!! Enough of this Bleeding Heart Crap!!!

      • moronic reply, you don't lose rights because you play with bad guys, you have to be convicted of something … he hasn't yet, bottom line … and if you're going to call him a 'soldier' then his rights as a soldier have been violated. inform yourself idiot.

        • How have his ''rights as a soldier "" been violated?? and Iam glad to see you accept the fact he was playing with the bad guys.. now that you agree he is a bad guy ,, then i will say it again … let the Americans have him…………

    • "Due process" includes being tried for the alleged crime, so if you wish to call for due process, you need to let the US justice system takes its course

    • "Riff-raff"? Talking about yourself again, I see. Have you looked for a job yet?

  8. Remember Omar Khadr was only 15. He was advised to behave the way he did by his father. Prior to the incident the base where he was in was attacked by the Americans and some of his fellow soldiers were killed. If he were in an army that belonged to a country, the Geneva Convenation would prevent him being tried. At 15 he was too young to know the difference. Also he has been in American custody longer then a person of his age would be if they were convicted of first degree murder in Canada. Maybe Pope Benedict should also be
    convicted. The pope aided in the shooting down of allied planes during the Second World War when he was 16, one year older than Omar Khadr was.
    For all these reasons, the Canadian government should ask to have him come home.

    • PCH you're trying to reason with people who have the intellectual capabilities of 5 year olds, darwinism will eventually deal with the bright lights posting in all caps and spewing racist garbage.

    • good idea. bring him home and give him a fair trial. then, bring the pope over and try him, too. why not, because he's the pope – a pope in ss clothing, or an ss in pope's nightware? i like the logic. then, let's go after, uh, mel gibson, he's no good, and how about walt disney for making those early racist cartoons, and while we're at it, we forgot george w. bush and tony blair. heck, I accuse all of you guys for being idiots who have violated my right to a fair life. off with yr heads, I say.

      seriously, though, if yr stil with me – give him a fair trial and let's remember this IS a country of laws for everyone.

    • Thank goodness, a sane post,, I thought I had stumbled into a pit of low life morons,, all wanting a 15 yr old kid tortured and killed,, it was sick reading some of the posts. The fact that the kid is now a man( and with a bearc) is probably scaring those cowards,,

  9. If Khadr comes back to Canada I hope it is a different prime minister in charge and will instruct Khadr that if he wishes to sue that he sue the executive currently in charge of denying human rights in Canada.
    Harper was all too happy to give Maher Arar $10 million plus legal fees – He denied Richard Colvin's lawyer fees but paid $800,000 for Mulroney and then set aside 1.25 million more for him AND gave Mulroney a tax break by only making him pay taxes for only half the $225,000 Mulroney neglected to claim.

    • Who was in charge when he was captured? Who was in charge when he was visited by the Canadian officials mentioned in the SCC decisions again?

      At least the Liberals are NOW on his side. They sure as hell were not when this all happened.

    • Hope is all you have!

  10. Thanks to John and Scott for taking time to try to reason with posters who seem to carry many of the same characteristics they are attaching to Khadr.
    We are supposed to be a civilized society, or at least one that is supposed to strives to be egalitarian and just. Is it just to call for the execution of a man who committed his crimes as a 15 yr old, after a lifetime of conditioning by his parents?
    You cannot condemn cultures for horrible things that you wish to have in our own,like "an eye for an eye" and "execution without fair trial"
    I know this is the sort of thing Stephen Harper really enjoys. Steamrolling over the weak not for the common good, but in the name of narrowminded agendas and yes, fascism.

    • Nicely said, all you ignoramus' out there who are looking for blood…. get your facts straight. Evidence is shaky that he did what he is accused of doing, and even so, bring him here, and try him if you're interested in justice. If you want blood then go out there and be just like the 'terrorists', be like the 'taliban' and forget about due process and justice.

  11. Boomer, james, ben, phil, john, peter, true north and Pauly, please go see your doctor ASAP and get back on your meds. Once you snap back to reality please pull your head out of your rectum and board the next plane for either Texas or Tehran, your insane rantings will be much appreciated there.

  12. Tired of cons, When I was 15, i had a sneaking suspicion that going to a foreign country with the intent to kill allied soldiers was probably wrong. Pretending that he is a Canadian is foolish. He is a Pakistani terrorist who hates our country enough to go fight against it, let him pay the price of being on the wrong side.

    • Really, what makes it foolish? What makes you a real Canadian and him not? Are criminals in our own country Canadian because they harm other Canadians? Your thinking is foolish, paying the price means being tried for your crimes. Can you even say what his crime was and what the evidence is? Opinions are like ———–, everyone's got one, and when they are combined with righteousness and deprived of fact they are stinky, sorry Canada first, it's stinky

    • Like it or not, Khadr is a natural-born Canadian citizen and is entitled to to the same charter rights as all Canadians do. I personally find him and his family's views reprehensible (and in some cases, hilariously ironic, seeing how his family was advocating for the destruction of our materialistic and modern Canadian society while scrambling to get his brother back into Canada for some urgently needed 1st-world medical care) but like myself, he is entitled to whatever opinion he wants about us. Personally, I'd like to see him returned and tried under Canadian law and spend some time in a Canadian prison is found guilty. Torture is not a part of our criminal justice system.

  13. Even if the US account is true, the kid fought back in the midst of a war, after being bombarded and seriously wounded. That's hardly murder. The US neocons and their spawn need to grow a pair and face the fact that in a war, whether you're right or wrong, the other side has the right to fight back. And in this case the other side was a 15-year-old kid, which makes him even more worthy of respect. Like it or not, by allowing this easily rectified situation to drag on, Harper, Bush and Obama have elevated the tale of Omar Khadr into the annals of Canadian history. Decades from now, Canadians will study his story and reflect on the weakness of the Canadian government and the ease with which the US government compromised American values.

    • Don't think so.

    • Actually ,, exactly so..

    • "The other side was a 15-year-old kid"??? The other side was the Taliban! Are you sympathising with the Taliban? Do you also donate funds to their cause?

      Khadr rot in hell. We also need to deport his family or at the very least cut off all their generous welfare benefits.

      • Expat82 – please remain an expat . we have too many nasty haters already .
        Also , rot in hell is a lot like hate speech .
        As you Princess Palin says – right back atcha !
        Generous welfare benefits ? In Canada ?
        On what planet are you an expat on ?

        • As you ? Princess Palin says- that is not a spelling mistake is it?? you ridiculed M. LeBlanc and myself on this same Issue !!! Expat82 you got it right on the money…….

          • Glad you took the bait .
            Far right extremists are always happy to pick fights over nothing –
            while ignoring substantial problems .
            I do not ridicule anyone who does so well himself .
            Yer tern son – I'm politically incorrect because I said him instead of him/her , so
            get your hate on !

          • what i was refering to was your post to Expat 82…two posts above these ones….you left the 'R' off of the word ""your "" You totaly lost me on this him/her thing !!

          • Still cannot read and understand ?
            If you are totally lost on this him/her thing –
            you now know no grammar
            or spelly stuff , due yew , Princess Palin ?

            " totaly " yours = you proov mie poynt –

            retread .

          • Hey.. Welcome back, Told you that you would have to respond, almost lost my bet, but your so predictable,, I feel quite honoured , really!! Or is that just your O.C.D. taking over again?? Anyway better go now,,take my $50.00 dollar winnings and donate it to the Keep Omar Khdar in the U.S. fund ..ta ta for now…always a thorne in your side… True North !!!

        • Don't be naive. The Khadrs have never worked a day in their lives, enjoying a nice house in a nice neighbourhood, and obviously have enough funds left to travel. They have received far more they have contributed to society.
          That sounds plenty generous to me.

          Also, you obviously aren't aware of the definition of hate speech so g research that too.

          • They should just send the family down to the states so they can be closer to their pride and Joy of a son, Let the States take care of the whole lot of them!!

          • There are other families receiving benefits in Canada .
            Some are my neighbours .
            Their benefits are not generous .
            I do know something about laws re: hate speech .
            A logic lesson 4 U –
            is means is .
            Like is not is .
            Almost is not is .
            Is is is .
            Until I see some signs that and the other trolls here have learned to read ,
            there is seems to be no reason to even try to engage in adult exchanges .

          • you said previously you wouldnt respond anymore,,and you did,and you will, you have to.. you dont have the will power not to respond..you must be in control…. hope you dont dissapoint me , I have money riding on you……..

  14. I don't know if Omar Khadr is guilty or Innocent , but he certainly deserve a fair and honest trial.

    • He will get it in the US not in Canada. In Canada he will be set free in moment he enters it because he has not committed anything against Canada. That is the ploy of the Jihadists and their Liberal/NDP supporters.

      • balabu,,you forgot the 5 or 10 million dollars he will recieve in pity money…..

  15. he and his family are islamists who support sharia law . each deserves deportation, not a canadian citizenship.in fact under rules of war he and those 19 pakistani extremists arrested in the gta should each be executed as undeclared/out of uniform enemy combatants just like we did to german agents during the wars(according to the same military laws).
    i don't give a rats ass about their imagined grievances, the original grievance was mohammad's, who complained that the entire earth is not under islamic rule! if they bitch about the crusades,i say fight them tooth and nail for all the nonmuslim lands they stole 2 centuries earlier using jihadist tactics! (for which btw they never apologized). islam=slavery,nothing less

    • So what if they do? The only thing they "deserve" for that is to face the millions of Canadians who openly oppose and condemn sharia law and other forms of militant Islamic extremism. The only members of the Khadr family to deserve deportation are their parents, mostly for lying on their citizenship apps regarding that question about participation in the violent overthrow of a western government, etc etc. The kids were born in Canada so they have the same rights as us, and should be subjected to our Canadian criminal justice system for their alleged crimes and not the beatings, waterboarding, and threats of having foreign objects violently shoved into various orifices. Even in current military law where an execution is warranted over crimes such as treason and murder, there's no article which advocates the punitive use of torture before death, or did you forget, soldier? Saying that people should be put to death for offensive and even, dare I say, "traitorous" opinions makes you as much of a monster as the fascists we fought in WWII.

      • If you lied on your immigration application, then your awarding of citizenship should be made nul and void. If you came here illegally then your Jus soli (i.e. birthright citizenship) children should be forbidden from aquiring citzenship period.

    • Barry boy , I don't give a rat's ass about your ignorance , racism or hatred .
      The rules of war are actual , real , agreed-on rules .
      Not what you imagine – obviously – but there are treaties .
      As for 19 pakistani extremists being executed …
      charges have been dropped against some of them .
      Kill them anyway ? Is that what you want ?
      The story about how "we" executed german agents during the wars is a standard propaganda trick .
      It's called the big lie .
      In fact , enemy agents – whether german or portuguese or indian , were turned , not disposed of .
      ( There were a few show trials in the US , but that was about the FBI wanting more money and power . )
      Ignorance is also slavery .

      • Canadian Patriot, you are naive to think that the Taliban respects or adheres to "agreed-on rules". The fact that they recruited child soldiers is a basic, undeaniable fact for starters.

        • I did not say that Taliban respects the rules of war .
          I said that my country , and our Canadian Forces , are better than them , because we are civilized , and believe in the rule of law . I was replying to a post which , like yours , seems to want our country to stoop as low as the enemy .
          As for naive , I remember what Kandahar smells like in winter . Do you ?

  16. "Which is exactly where he remains"….and exactly where he should be hanged…
    People do not be naive and sympathetic to this scum…he would hang you without hesitation if he has his chance!!!!

    • he was a boy,, you are a man,, maybe.

  17. Yeah, I'm with the people who insist on due process / innocence until proven guilty / etc. To those who are baying for Khadr's blood — put yourself in his shoes. Walk a mile in them. Then you can talk.

    • I can hardly imagine my own teen son being tortured and treated like an animal for thinking he is defending his own land( hey ,, this attack did not happen either here or in States,, you were in HIS land) , so hard to put myself in his shoes,, poor bugger.

      You grown men are horrible , violent and rude.

      • A'stan was HIS land? Being a Canadian-born citizen, isn't his land CANADA? If you are so sympathetic to his situation, offer him a job as part of his rehabilitation back into civilized society. Maybe he can mentor your teen son.

  18. sgt f class dont know what the ffffff stand for but i for 1 will put my name behind my beleif will not hide like one a terrorist phil bigeau

  19. i think he gave up his constitutional rights the moment he decided to pick up a grenade and kill an american soldier. Let's not forget we are talking about a fanatik – kid or not – that fought for a ravaging regime in Afganustan – where they held public executions, women had no rights, kids were raped and everything non-muslim was destroyed. yes, let's treat him as a human which he is not…..

    • Indeed. Human rights are for actual humans, not monsters.

    • So you're in favour of due process – sometimes. Is that your position?

  20. Omar Khadr richly deserves everything he gets. The obscenity lays in the fact that we have even given this piece of human garbage so much as a passing glance let alone allow his "after the fact" whimpering to reach the highest court in our land.

    Harper and the Conservatives must move decisively against these Citizens of Convienience and deport them to a country better suited to their sensibilities such as Egypt, Saudi Arabian, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and on and on and on and on…..they have no place here……..never had, do not now, never will.

      • Bravo again, repatriate him to Afghanistan.

        • It is so refreshing to have people writing on here that actually get it!! any clear thinking person would not have sympathy for an El-Qaeda trained fighter..Send him back to Afgahnistan to live with his ex-Cave mate Bin Laden.

  21. Millions of American soldiers were killed in WW2 by Nazi soldiers. Yet the US didn't go baying for blood and try to kill every German who participated in that war — very few of them were even prosecuted. Most of those soldiers laid down their arms and were happy to go back to a civilian life in their rebuilt nation.

    In -most- modern wars, the warring parties did not prosecute (or persecute (very much, at least)) the soldiers of the opposite side, in part because of the Geneva convention. There is also the recognition that most of those soldiers were only following the (lawful) orders of their commanders.

    So how is the Taliban so different? Why is Khadr so different? Why are we prosecuting, and persecuting, the soldiers in this war?

    • I fought against the Germans in WW2 .They were soldiers.Don't compare them to terrorists who hide behind masks.

      • GREAT , then don't compare a FIFTEEN year old boy to an animal or beast.. duh..

        • Agreed he is not an animal or a beast, they Kill mainly to eat, and feed there young.. this piece of vermon is a terrrorist "" fighting "" for the Taliban…so please dont compare him with an animal,,animals deserve better than that!!!

          • I see xenophobic fear is alive and well in Canada. One man's terrorist is another man's patriot . Perspective please. If the West did not covet the fossil fuels of the middle east this discussion would not be. However if the rule of law is not respected , torture is allowed , illegal invasions , accusations without proof , and disregard for due process you have become what we are supposed to be fighting against.

          • we are talking about a Taliban fighter here,not oil.. this is the after math of Sept. 11th.rememember he lived and trained with Osam Bin Laden, a self admitted loyal member of el-Qeada,, a terrorist, period…this paticular fight is not about oil..its about Jihad. the only reason Kahdr is using the guise of"" child soldier '' is because he got caught!! it is just to bad that the bullet missed its mark….

        • You're exactly like the Pacifist opponent to the death penalty. You're against capital punishment until your own family members are murdered, than you'll change position and will want justice. Whether he was 15 or not, he's indoctrinated in a cult that intends to harm us all. You sound like a very left wing fellow Jason, who wants to fight the man by any means necessary!

          The funny part is when they do try and take over, you and the other leftists will be the first one's shot, ironic isn't it ?

      • My father fought in Europe in WW 2 .
        He fought Nazis , and their armies .
        Some did not even speak German .
        Some were soldiers , but others were not .
        The Waffen SS were not soldiers .
        They were terrorists .
        Murderers .
        As for hiding behind masks , did you ever see any Desert Rats' or Afrikacorps' photos .
        By the way , even the Hitler Youth were older than Omar Khadr was when he was shot in the back , twice .

    • The difference is that the Taliban is not a legitimate government.

    • because the soldiers in this war made a choice to fight against us unlike in world war 2. german civilians didn't have a choice on weather they should fight or not. but here you have guys coming from other parts of the world to go to afghanistan or iraq and fight against us. thats there choice. they should pay for it.

      • Well said, also the Taliban play by el-Qeada rules, which means there are no rules, no geneva Convention, no rules of ingagement, nothing….Remember 911?? Just let the U.S. keep him locked up untill his life expires!!

  22. hey forum moderator, you might want to fix your computer clock – it’s off by 3 hrs (or 3 time zones) !!!

  23. Good

    Liberalism is finally being challenged. But is it too late? Canada is infertile in part due to our abortion rights-in Quebec for every 100 children who see the light of day, 40 are sucked out by the abortionists high tech device. This explains why we are being replaced and replaced quickly.

    Soon there will be sufficient numbers of islamists, who are against the barbaric practice of infanticide, to end the genocidal policy, which was a concession to the Jack-Boot Feminist.

    • Idiot!

  24. he killed an american soldier,the average american is as crazy as he is but at least they'll stucj a needle in his arm

  25. What's with this "citizen of convenience" rubbish? Khadr was born in Canada. Regarding him being guilty of killing an American, he hasn't even been tried yet. Why are you people condemning him without trial? There is a name for this behaviour, and it's not nice. From the tiny pieces of leaked information about the evidence against him, I am pretty well convinced that he is innocent – he was NOT the only person alive in that compound, it turns out, and the other person was an adult. Khadr was practically buried in rubble, shot several times, with his back towards the incoming medic. Either Canada is a country that stands for fair and impartial justice or it isn't. If it isn't, and to listen to some of the appalling rants in these comments and watching the Harper government, I'm beginning to think it isn't, then we are as bad or worse than those that we fight against. I don't like the Khadr family much either … but for the sake of God, give a kid a chance. This is nothing to do with Liberal Emos, but with simple (not so simple, it turns out) human justice. If we let either the Canadian or American governments get away with the travesty illustrated in Khadr's case, then we might as well pack it in and go home, because we have no moral authority in any fight against the evil of terrorism because we will be no better than them – just a pack of animals fighting and tearing each other apart.

  26. I'm glad this is happening. I can't believe how racist conservative hacks can be but fascist colors eventually show through in matters like this…and then there's Nicholson who JUST HAD TO get the, "terrorist", word in there…cowards all.
    " Precisely how the government will respond remains unclear. In a statement issued this afternoon, Rob Nicholson, the Conservative Justice Minister, said he is “pleased” that “the government is not required to ask for accused terrorist Omar Khadr's return to Canada…The government will carefully review the Supreme Court's ruling and determine what further action is required.”""

    • Actually, it's you who is discriminatory connemesis, and displaying your irrational hatred of fellow Canadians because of political affiliation, not to mention you being in denial, or have you forgotten that it was the Liberals themselves who refused to repatriate Khadr when they were in power, under TWO DIFFERENT LIBERAL GOVERNMENTS.

      It was the Liberals who were the ones in power when Khadr's rights were allegedly abused, not the Conservatives. So if anyone is 'racist' or 'facist' it would be the Liberal gov't that didn't even try to protect his rights.

      • The Liberals are irrelevant to the story James. Currently the Supreme court is requiring the government in power now to compensate for the breach of Omar Khadr's rights. Notice the sentence above, they plan to "determine what further action is required" – not whether or if it is required.

        I would be unsurprised if (as they have done on the environment, and security) they will let the US government make the decision for them.

  27. Just leave the freak where he is, As a Canadian I feel better now than if he was walking the streets of Toronto

  28. try him somewhere. get a verdict, yea or nay. set him free or put him in jail. so simple, except, given what he's been through, the 'set him free' part. i fear that the US policy may have made him a bit, um, resentful of the rest of us here in north america? so, what do we do? allow US policy to take over our Charter, as it has our minds, hearts, children, TV, etc. Ah, probably yes. After all, it's the polite thing to do fellow Canucks. But I fear they won't do it unless we say, "Sorry" and "Pretty please."

    Get the issues clear, puckheads – there's a lot of grey wrong in this story. Kadhr, yes, USA, yes, Harper, yes, and most of the thinking, so-called, on this website.

  29. Yankee go home and shut up . The 101st are well known criminals .

  30. Keep him locked up.

  31. Crap happens in war. By actively participating in it ,you accept whatever outcome happens. Had the he had been killed we would not be having this idiotic discussion .So yes he deserves what hes getting and no we should no intervene . Also ,how American law applies in another country and not vice versa is a lot odd … but they have a bigger stick .

    • So when the Nazis caught soldiers it was ok for them to torture and kill them..?? I mean, they THOUGHT they were in the right too.

      • Interesting point of view but..
        Don't ask for help when things don't go your way especially after you knowingly kill someone. Having a Canadian passport doesn't entitle you to immunity. There are better places to spend my tax dollars on.
        When you consciously take someones life what rights should you have .Since your out of ammo or in a bad situation and surrender they should you like royalty and forgive you? What about the rights of that medic to live ?
        If you don't have the stomach for war then don't go. If I were the parents or family of the the dead medic I would pay a visit to this person . He is safer where he is and its not costing the Canadian people anything.

  32. Terrorists always claim to have been "mistreated" or "tortured". He should face the music of American justice. Case closed. Meanwhile, his family should be stripped of Canadian citizenship and deported back to Pakistan.

  33. Fact: The United States invaded a sovereign nation.
    Fact: Khadr was acting in response to said invasion.
    Fact: Afganistan, the sovereign nation, had it's own goverment.
    Fact: The government, the Taliban, was overthrown.
    Fact: Khadr was shot and detained by the invading, United States soldiers.

    Where is Khadr's crime?
    Since when is defending a country considered a crime?
    How did Khadr break United States law?
    If someone comitted a crime in the United States and came to Canada would the Americans invade us too and call us terrorists if we defended ourselves?
    This whole thing is a farce. The American government levies their control around the globe and everyone is supposed to bend over and take it.

    I am against terrorism as much as anyone but lets not distort the truth here. If you want to go to war in a sovereign nation accept the consequences of your soldiers being killed in battle!

    • But his skin is a different color,, and he worships a different god,, I think he must be evil and should be killed, but first lets torture him first,, cause we are the civilized ones,,

      Note sarcasm.

    • He fought for his country which is Afghanistan so just send him there and don't bring him to Canada.

  34. Islam bashing …………that is all the west knows!!!!!!

  35. He is not a beast,, but men who torture and kill are, and unfortunately is sounds like some of the men are/were American and Canadian soldiers and guards. Pigs.

  36. Yes he was born in Canada but there is not even an ounce of Canadian values in him. He is no different from the 18 would be terrorists most of them born here that were conspiring spread death and mayhem in Canada. His buddies are blowing up Canadian Soldiers that are trying to free Afghani children and women from the terror of ideology that he espouses. We have enough jihadi terrorists that sneaked into our country and can not be deported because they may be mistreated in their country of origin. Canada became a haven for terrorists and we don't need to import another one whether he was born here or not. He is not a child and was not a child when he participated in war along the Alqueda. They train 12-year-old children to become savage executioners cutting off of head of their captives with a dull knife. By age of 15 there are master executioners.
    Harper does the right thing not asking for his return and I believe he has the support of majority of true Canadians in doing so.

    • Have you been smoking crack,, how on earth do you come up with this crap.

  37. This Khadr guy was fighting alongside the Taliban against the US and NATO. If he were American, he could have been charged with treason and executed. He's lucky that his family chose to come to Canada and milk our easy immigration process to establish their Canadian-grown terrorist network. Thankfully, the family's progress has been disrupted recently. Good riddance.

    • agreed..why do you think his family chose Canada..because our laws are so lax..if he ever comes back to Canada he will probably awarded a10 million dollar settelment because his feelings got hurt because the big bad goverment and most Canadians dont like him… The states can keep him!!!

  38. Why don't we just go and hug the Taliban, maybe they would not try to kill us anymore. Folks the kid was fighting for the Taliban, he killed an american soldier (which this author obviously leaves out), and a medic not an attacker. Let the US government deal with him. But calling him tortured when he has had "intense interrogation" or having to stand with his hands cuffed to the top of the cell, is hardly torture. I think torture is wrong, bottom line, but when people's lives are at stake because of what the perpetrator knows I think you do everything you can to save people's lives. I have more concern for future victims than this person who has already killed and has been trained to kill. You people don't get it. He is a radical Muslim, very little chance of him not sympathizing again. We let him free and he will sue Canada and probably win. The the money will be used to support the Taliban.

  39. No one witnessed him shooting, and he was shot twice in the back. What happened to the presumption of innocence?

  40. Mr. Friscolanti

    Your quote above

    “That the government request Mr. Khadr's return to Canada is not an appropriate remedy,”

    seems quite clear and straightforward… some other remedy will have to be sought.

    The actual quote

    "However, we conclude that the order made by the lower courts that the government request Mr. Khadr's return to Canada is not an appropriate remedy for that breach under s. 24(1) of the Charter"

    is even more clear… it simply says that the lower court order is not appropriate and is completely silent on the issue of whether a request made by the government would be an appropriate remedy.

    Frankly I do not know which is more offensive, that you would butcher a quote from a Supreme Court to fabricate a lie. In this case, a lie you must have felt was necessary to bolster a thesis which is obvious. (We all know Khadr is in US custody) Or that you would not think that equipped with an earlier link to the actual document that the readers of this blog would have read the actual quote.

    • You are correct. I inadvertently took that quote out of context. The story has been changed accordingly.

      • Thank you, sorry about the snarky tone above… was having a bad day.

  41. Khadr deserves a fair trial, with the presumption of innocence and appropriate legal representation. Regardless of who he is and what he has allegedly done, he is a Canadian citizen, and is entitled to all of the rights and protections that other Canadians are entitled to receive in a court of law.

    If he is as horrible as some people say, and if the evidence against him is clear, it will be easy to convict him, no?

    If even a monster such as Paul Bernardo is entitled to a fair trial, surely Khadr deserves the same.

  42. I have no sympathy for him or his family. I don't know anyone that wants him back. When he does come back (hopefully not for a long time), I hope one of you bleeding hearts take him into your home to watch over him and rehabilitate him since his mother the terrorist should not look after him. It will cost lots of money to watch him all the time waiting for him to do something else. So I suggest that he be sent to Afghanistan so he can finish his battle with the Taliban and the military can finish their battle.
    I will guess any settlement given would go to supporting terrorists because he would generously donate his money to his cause.

  43. Its amazing how people have written in coments such as an eye for an eye, or keep him locked up for ever. You should go to this link on the internet people htttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omar_Khadr and it will give you the background on him. If you are still not convinced after reading this profile on him, you should get some help mentally.

    • Wikipedia is an open source document anyone can post a story. I did not bother to read it but if it poses him in favorable light or as an innocent angel tortured by barbarian Americans you can be rest assured that it was written by his mother

    • Anyone can post in Wikipedia maybe the post that you are referring to was posted by his mother.

    • Since when was Wiki a credible source for anything? The first thing every university professor tells students is don't cite Wiki!

  44. Bill Miner. Does the video of him smiling while planting landmines not convice you that Omar is not worthy of our protection?

  45. It is a disgrace to call Kahdr a Canadian, he has gained citizenship through his parents who were liars and opportunists using Canada to get free health care, welfare and a base from which to support Islamic terrorism. Calling Kahdr a Canadian insults all or out troops and their families. He and his family should have their citizenship revoked and be returned to wherever they came from.
    Does he even have legal citizenship? Until he is of legal age he is a dependent and only has citizenship by virtue of his parents.

    • Mr. Kahdr is a Canadian citizen born in Toronto, He is the youngest prisoner held in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp by the United States and has been frequently referred to as a child soldier. The only Western citizen remaining in Guantanamo, Khadr is unique in that Canada has refused to seek extradition or repatriation despite the urgings of Amnesty International, UNICEF, the Canadian Bar Association and other prominent organisations. In 2009, it was revealed that the government had spent over $1.3 million to ensure Khadr remained in Guantanamo. Harper`s obvious disregard for international law and convention lies in his sycophantic desire to please his brethren the neo cons in the U.S. Look this is a kid who no one witnessed him do any of alledged acts and was shot in the back when he was not armed. There are so many things wrong with Harper`s head in the sand approach it makes one ashamed of our government.

  46. I can see you have become what we are supposed to be fighting against.

  47. It gives me some solace to note that the majority of those entering comments are on the side of Omar Khadr. As for those of you speaking about 'Canadian values', what exactly are they? That a foreign power has the right to invade a sovereign country but the citizens of that country have no right to defend it? Is that a Canadian value? I have never bought the story sold to us that the 'Taliban' is a terrible organization that foreigners have a right to eliminate. I believe that a)there is an anti-occupation coalition in Afghanistan that is only partially made up of Taliban. This organization is attempting, quite rightly, to through foreign occupiers out. The American government had absolutley no problem with the Taliban, feteing them at the White House as late as April 2001. what the Americans want is access to all that oil in the Transcaucasus. Omar Khadr for his part did notmore criminal than defend his country against foreign invaders – the American armed forces. The American government for their part would never tolerate an armed invasion of their country. They continue on this path with their very recent invasiiin and occupation of the earthquake striken Haiti.

    • Susan you've hit the nail on the head when you repeatedly refer to Afghanistan as Omar's home country. What some of the folks are expressing here is that he is not in any meaningful way a Canadian. If as an Afghan he was captured by the US forces as an enemy combatant then let the issue be resolved by the US legal system.

      • Drew, Mr. Khadr is a Canadian citizen. That is not disputed as is the fact that he was at all material times a child soldier. The U S legal system is an international embarrassment as it relates to the so called war on terror. Kangaroo justice is not Canadian.

    • Thank you Susan. I really am appauled by those who believe we are in Afghanistan to ensure democracy. That this is an American strategic resource war is beyond doubt to anyone with an open mind . The propaganda spewed by Bush Cheny , the neo con alliance, and the Harper puppet insults any thinking individual.

  48. Khadr is a POW; as such it is against the Geneva Convention to tri a POW. He is supposed to be held in a POW camp until the end of the war. As well Canada's policy on POWs is to hand them back to the Afghan government, as per the Afghan government's wishes. If we let Khadr get a trial we will be breaking the Geneva Convention.

    • and we do not want that,so lets send him back to his Homeland.. at least there they now how to deal with this type of individual.. over here we Reward them and apoligize to them , and give him very large sums money!! at least in his homeland Justice will be served,, Quickly and Permenantly!!!

  49. Wed.Feb.3 2010 cbc news announces Govt. has NO plans to bring Khadr back to Canada..thank God.. let the states take care of him and put this to rest once and for all.. (1. go to trial (2. found guilty. (3.execute him. (4.dispose of the remains….done case closed!!clean and simple..next case…….

  50. True North – I do not believe in trials for treason .
    You want to abandon the rule of law , and that is what traitors want .
    Please post your home address.
    See you soon !

    • Mr. patriot. Khadr is""facing"" charges of Murder, attempted murder and providing material support for terrorism.."NOT '' treason, so maybe if you are going to respond in the future you should get you facts straight before making a fool of yourself in a publc forum, also when making threats(covered under the criminal code) one should be cautious about who they say them to and how many witnesses are around!!! i.e readers of this site,, but then again you wouldn`t threaten anyone would you Sir???

      • I did not say Khadr is facing charges of treason .
        I said you betray your country's basic values .
        Please learn to read .
        As for making criminal threats , in front of witnesses , no less …
        Please learn to think .
        " in a publc forum " ?
        Please learn to spell .
        I offered a thought experiment – what if lots of us had your attitudes ?
        You threaten civilization , and want to call the cops because you can't understand what you read .

        Fool ? Takes one to know one !

        P.S. How about just posting your postal code ? A typical Canadian compromise , don't you think ?

        • correct, you did not say he was on trial for treason,you said you do not believe in trials for treason, and thats not what he is on trial for…as far as what if lots of us had my attitude??Well better take a,look around, i dont think the majority of people will sympathize with a terrorist, but then again there are a lot of mentaly fragile people out there. As far as me threatening civilization? well you kinda lost me on that one!! Bottom line the Canadian Govt. is not going to ask for him back.. and we care because?????? p.s sorry about my spelling…

          • I do not sympathize with terrorists .
            Not Khadr.
            Nor you .

          • Well said Canadian "Patriot', well said, I am glad that you have admitted that you are not a Terrorist sympathizer, i bet you feel better already dont you?? you have taken the first step,,the rest will come easier…now if you can learn to control your anger……… let the healing begin!!

          • I have not " admitted " anything .

            You , however , have confessed that

            you are a , as Gen. Newf put it ,

            a treasonous bag of …

            I will not bother to reply to your pathetic nonsense ,

            until you admit that you are back on your meds .

            This is serious business , and you want to get good people killed because … ?

          • You stated above'' I do not sympathize with terrorists " sounds like admission to me,,not denial!!! And thankyou for not responding to my comments anymore,,it will be refreshing to be able to comment and get responses back that are on an adult level, not someone who,, when challenged has to resort to childish responses, name calling etc..also check your spelling in your above comment '' you are a , as Gen .Newf put it. …your really on a roll here arent you??? First on Expat82 `s comment,, now mine, you 2 for 2..maybe its time you took a break from this, its obvious it is taking a toll on you mentally………

  51. In my humble opinion, if you are a citizen of a country that is a war with another country, in this case afganistan and you go fight against your adopted country in the other country for a terrorist organization, that is called treason, I don't really look at the fact that he killed an American soldier but he willingly fought against his country, Canada, therefore he can be tried for treason. It's just to bad we did away with the death penalty because this is a perfect example of where the death penalty could be used.

    • hmmm..that is very interesting, if the states ever let him go (doubtful) then he should be charged with treason then?, Sounds good to me, but lets not charge him with it now,, the states just might say great ''here you can have him back''…and Idont think we want that do we ???

  52. The entire Khadr family are terrorists and would kill Canadians,americans etc to satisfy their hate.Who allowed this rubbish into Canada in the first place??

    • well you could start with immigration services, they really need to tighten up the current bleeding heart system,, there are a lot of wonderful people that want to come to our great Country,, but it seems whoever has the biggest Sob story(and wallet) takes priority………

  53. Omar Khadr does not deserve to be even considered for repatriation. He went to fight against his adopted country for a terrorist organization, I can`t believe Canadians would want this peice of s..t back. I hope the Americans show him no mercy and fry him real good and tender. And Stephen, please send the rest of his family back to Afganistan.

    • M. LeBlanc – you have a right to your opinions , but it is wrong to lie .
      Or , it is ignorant to comment when you don't know what you are talking about .

      " He went to fight " is not what happened . He was a boy . He was taken there by his father .
      " against his adopted country " is an interesting claim .
      He was taken there before 9/11 – no Nato forces were there .

      Born in Toronto , with parents who are citizens – that's his " adopted country " ?
      You want the Americans to kill him .
      No credible evidence . No real trial .
      It takes some nerve to write " this peice of s..t " ,
      when there is a mirror in your home .
      ( Also – why do right wing haters have so much trouble spelling ? )

    • bottom line he is a terrorist, plain and simple! You want to play with Osama and the gang,fine but you will pay the price.I dont know about putting him to death because that would make him a Martyr … how about life imprisonment?? then let him out in the general population and let the other inmates take care of him!! Prison Justice…p.s Mr. LeBlanc could you check your spelling next time please? It really sets Canadian ''Patriot'' off ,so much that he starts his childish nitpicking….(see some of his responses to my comments below..spooky.)

  54. People wonder why Khadr is considered or treated differently than a soldier who fought against our side for the Nazis, who were held humanely as enemy prisoners of war until the war was over, according to rules similar to the Geneva Conventions which codified such traditions later, so far as we know or like to believe.

    Actually, he's being treated like the Nazis who ran the death camps, except he might be better off under the Nuremberg system than the Guantanamo system.

    At least it's not generally believed that they either physically or mentally abused 15 year old captured fighters for years on end, and blamed them for having been raised to do something everybody around them thought was right.

  55. We seem to be missing the point. The point here is not whether Khadr is guilty, but what rights he has as not only a Canadian but a human being. It's absurd that the Supreme Court of Canada can claim that it is a violation to human rights and not offer a remedy.


  56. Mr Don would you like it if soldiers attacked your country,try to kill your family,rape your wife/kids what would you do? THINKKKK he is innocent the american/british government are currupt hiding the truth… tell me somethin u seem to act and type cleverly but are u really? i dont think so…. Did America find the WMD????

  57. Execute the little prick and strip his family of citizenship then deport them.

  58. canada is no longer canada
    canada soon will be owned my muslims look to toronto city full of pakis indians

    t hats why canada loves refugees and accepts them all in canada
    and deport all the hard workers to there lands

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