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#BecauseIts2016: Share your thoughts on what’s next for Canada

We’re asking Canadians to use the hashtag #becauseits2016 to share what Canada should accomplish next year. It’s your turn.


Justin Trudeau struck a chord with Canadians when he was asked why gender parity in his cabinet was important, and he replied: “Because it’s 2015.” Inspired by that quip, we’re compiling Canadians’ thoughts on what our country should accomplish next year for our 2016 Year Ahead issue.

Responses can be funny, political, insightful, whatever you like — and it only needs to be one sentence and include the hashtag #becauseits2016.

Add your contribution by commenting below, tweeting us at @MacleansMag using the hashtag #BecauseIts2016, or emailing zane.schwartz@macleans.rogers.com. Shorter is always better!

The best contributions will be featured in our 2016 Year Ahead issue along with the musings of some notable Canadians who’ve already sent in their thoughts about what Canada should be striving for. Here’s a sample of what we’ve received so far:

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#BecauseIts2016: Share your thoughts on what’s next for Canada

  1. No child in this country should die of strep throat. #becauseits2016 #firstnations #northernontario #healthservices #nan

  2. Some people may be saying, ‘The question states 2016, and some things are less important’.
    But, in fact, there are things to be done now that will not appear effective until later.
    For example; It is essential that Canada displays ownership of the Northwest Passage before others claim ownership by usage. Therefore, a few more coastguard vessels could be worthwhile.