Boom: Reaction to Rob Ford's bombshell -

Boom: Reaction to Rob Ford’s bombshell

‘This is the end, my friend …’ and other responses to admission that Toronto mayor smoked crack


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Boom: Reaction to Rob Ford’s bombshell

  1. Well it was in ‘one of his drunken stupours’ so it’s perfectly understandable. LOL

    A rich man with no self-discipline of any kind…..should have been obvious when he first ran for office.

  2. And still, the only people who care are the ones who wanted Ford out of office long before ever came up. Though it should be fun watching the rabid leftists condemn Ford’s drug use while defending Justin Trudeau’s drug use at the same time.

    • Because pot and crack are virtually interchangeable and both JT and RF have lied for months about their usage?

    • You think Torontonians are okay with a crack-smoking, drunk-driving mayor?

  3. From one living due south, the Mayor was refreshingly honest. What he needs to add on though is that he will be seeking care for addiction. Hope we hear that soon and that he can rehabilitate himself because he does seem to have done a great deal for that City.

    But it beats hearing the lies we hear down here day in and day out.

    • I am unclear what positive thing he has done for the city. Please name one or two?

    • He only stopped lying when it became clear that the police had the tape. He was lying steadily, daily even, before that.