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‘Bow your head, Canada. #RIP Elijah’

Canadians remember Cree politician who blocked Meech Lake accord


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‘Bow your head, Canada. #RIP Elijah’

  1. RIP Elijah Harper. Canada owes you one. Your courage will long be remembered by those who value the virtue.

  2. So what did he actually achieve in the end? That’s right- nothing!!!!!! First Nations are no better off than they were 3o years ago.

    • For the 1992 Charlottetown Accord, aboriginal leaders were in the room and endorsed the deal.

      That’s what Elijah Harper achieved — politically, they can’t be left out.

      That said, it’s a tragedy Meech Lake didn’t pass. Charlottetown had to be defeated, but the most controversial provisions of Meech Lake (“distinct society”, etc.) aren’t anything that the federal government hasn’t already conceded since then.