Calgary Flames, Stampeders announce plans for $900M arena and stadium

Plan calls for a 20,000-seat arena that would replace the Scotiabank Saddledome


CALGARY — The group that owns the Calgary Flames hockey club and Stampeders football team has revealed plans for a $900-million project to build a new home for the two teams.

The plan calls for a 20,000-seat arena that would replace the Scotiabank Saddledome where the NHL Flames currently play.

It also includes a 30,000-seat indoor football stadium for the CFL Stampeders that would also serve as a fieldhouse.

The facilities would be built on the western edge of Calgary’s downtown along the Bow River, where the city’s Greyhound bus depot and some car dealerships now sit.

The land would have to be decontaminated as it was the site of a creosote wood-treatment plant until the 1960s.

The plan calls for the project to be funded through a $250-million ticket tax, a $240-million community levy, $200 million from team ownership and $200 million from city taxpayers for the fieldhouse.

It’s expected planning and decontamination would take up to two years, with another three years of construction after that.

The City of Calgary would be the owner of the facility once it were built.


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Calgary Flames, Stampeders announce plans for $900M arena and stadium

  1. What the purpose to have a indoor stadium, instead to be outdoor stadium. Track and field, soccer ,cfl are mainly a summer sport and it should be outdoors where it has been for a long time. Calgary has an average of 300 sunshine days per year, most sunshine than any other cities in Canada. Summer are short and cfl season normally from June to November. Height of summer June to September and it a good time of year to be outdoors enjoy the sunshine and outdoor fresh air and a better atmosphere with scenery in background. At Mc Mahoon Stadium Crowchild Trail side, Great view of Canadian Rockies in background and University Avenue side great view sky rise of downtown Calgary and Nose Hill in a background. I know November get cold solving the problem is to dress warmly in a snow suit, Snow suit the warmest clothing of all especially to spend least 3 hours sitting in the stand without feeling the cold. cfl played outdoors in Winnipeg, Regina and Edmonton and it way colder than Calgary in month of November. The athletic season from April to September through the height of summer and it way nicer to be outdoors to enjoy the summer where it only comes and go. Being indoors to watch Stampeders playing, and it should be warm and sunny outside unfortunately not advantage of summer to make enjoy of it, and it can be too cabin feverish. Toronto and Vancouver is half indoor and outdoor on weather pending, rest of cfl cities are mainly outdoors. I used to compete in athletic event long time ago and it always been outdoors regarding the weather. Now I do cycling , mountaineer and skiing.

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