Campaign worker in Guelph faces first charge in 2011 election robocalls affair -

Campaign worker in Guelph faces first charge in 2011 election robocalls affair


OTTAWA – A junior Conservative campaign worker in Guelph, Ont., has been charged under the Elections Act for fraudulent robocalls made during the 2011 election campaign.

The charge was confirmed by the lawyer for Michael Sona, a young employee on the campaign of local Conservative candidate Marty Burke.

Elections Canada has been investigating hundreds of fraudulent robocalls in Guelph and dozens of other ridings across Canada that purported to be from the elections regulator.

Voters were told their polling stations had been moved, part of an alleged scam to suppress the vote. The fraudulent calls appeared to target identified non-Conservative voters.

Sona, now 24, was initially fingered by sources in the Conservative party but has loudly and repeatedly asserted that he was being made a scapegoat by party brass.

His lawyer, Norm Boxall, repeated that allegation in a statement Tuesday.

“Although the charge is disappointing, it represents an opportunity for Mr. Sona to finally address the allegations in a court as oppose to in the media and resolve it permanently,” Boxall said in an email.

“If the government was interested in the public being fully informed and the issue of robocalls being properly addressed, a full public inquiry would be called, rather than a charge laid against a single individual who held a junior position on a single campaign and who clearly lacked the resources and access to the data required to make the robocalls.”

Neither Elections Canada nor the public prosecutors’ office would comment on the nature of the charge.

The Guelph courthouse also could not confirm the charges because Sona has not been served, an court employee said.

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Campaign worker in Guelph faces first charge in 2011 election robocalls affair

  1. Sorry. But this is one this is one sacrificial lamb that’s not going to be led to the slaughter without a fight. He’s not guilty. Let the Conservatives, who know full well who Pierre Poutine is, come forward and fess up to what he’s responsible for instead of letting Michael Sona take the fall.
    Crooks, cowards, and conspirators.

    • The cons must run the risk of having Sona sing all the notes he learned working for them. I don’t believe for a minute that one lowly worker could orchestrate this fraud. His lawyer is asking for a full public inquiry.

      • He’ll sing like a canary and they won’t be able to shut him up.

        • Well, maybe. But all he has to do is maintain a judicious
          silence ( talk to my lawyer) and he can find a nice soft landing
          at one of the conservative-income-support sinecures … CTF,
          NCC, one of the several “Institutes” or “Foundations” … out
          there to rehab not-quite-failed-but-still-loyal acolytes.
          Or they could farm him out to one of the mother ships in
          the USA. Hard to pass up.

          • After what they’ve’ done to him l predict that he’ll be singing in the key of C.

    • It’s fascinating because, having some new staff of 20’somethings, they are much more mercenary than Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers — but also won’t take any sh**, and have a more finely tuned sense of hypocrisy. In other words, a 20something would totally do something illegal for a cause, but if scapegoated he will not go down without naming ALL the names. This should be interesting!

  2. I don’t think any charges will be laid against Sona in the end, I think it’s obvious that if you take him down you will also take down the people from the “war room” during the election, ie. Harper and his main cabinet. I do think Sona is guilty, but he played the “driver’ roll in this theft of our democracy. The main players, like seasoned cult leaders, are far to wise to be implicated directly.

  3. Well, I am shocked. Just… shocked. Who would have guessed this would happen… a staffer thrown under the bus. The world has just gone insane. Next thing you know, the sun will rise in the East tomorrow morning, and scientists will discover that water is wet.

    Actually, I can’t wait for the trial. I can just imagine the testimony of all the CPC MPs:

    “Your Honour, it was terrible! ‘No, Mr. Sona!’ I cried. ‘We can’t do that! It’s illegal, and voters have the right to vote for whoever they want!’

    ‘Tough luck, Harper!’ he roared, twisting his mustache and adjusting his black top hat. ‘I want to win this election at any costs! Now shut your pie hole and pose with this kitten while I write and produce a slew of misleading and dishonest attack ads! Mwa-ha-ha!’

    The evil in his eyes… it haunts me still.”