Canada rejects UN rights panel call for review of violence on aboriginal women


OTTAWA – Canada will formally reject calls from a United Nations rights review body to develop a comprehensive national review to end violence against Aboriginal women.

That will be part of its response today to the UN Human Rights Council, which is conducting its Universal Period Review of Canada’s rights record.

Countries have their rights records reviewed every four years by the Geneva-based UN forum, but the Harper government has been skeptical of it in part because it allows countries with dubious rights records to criticize Canada.

Recommendations from Iran, Sri Lanka and Cuba were among the 40 out of 162 that Canada chose to reject.

That also included a rejection of a series of resolutions calling on Canada to undertake sweeping national reviews of violence against aboriginal women.

Other countries calling for such reviews included Switzerland, Norway, Slovenia, Slovakia and New Zealand.

Other countries with poor rights records, including Iran, Cuba and Belarus, also supported the call for an investigation into the disappearances, murder and sexual abuse of aboriginal women in Canada.

In a response to be formally tabled Thursday in Geneva, Canada says it is “strongly committed to taking action with aboriginal and non-aboriginal groups to prevent and stop violence against aboriginal women” through a series of federal and provincial initiatives.

“There have been a number of inquiries and resulting proposals for improvements over the years,” says the reply.

“In addition, race-based statistics are not recorded in a systematic manner across Canada’s criminal justice system due to operational, methodological, legal and privacy concerns.”

Canada faced similar calls to better address the concerns of its aboriginal population in 2009, when it faced its last review by the UN body.

“Such comments were made by a range of states, some of them close allies, some not. For example, the United Kingdom, Norway and the Netherlands, as well as Cuba and Iran, recommended that Canada better address Aboriginal Peoples’ concerns,” said an April 2013 Library of Parliament review of the UN review process.

The issue reared its head again in February when the New York-based group Human Rights Watch issued a highly critical report alleging police abuse of aboriginal women in British Columbia.

It too urged the Harper government to strike a national commission of inquiry along with the B.C. provincial government, a measure that was endorsed by the NDP, Liberals, the Green party and the Assembly of First Nations.

James Anaya, the UN special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, is scheduled to visit Canada in October to conduct his own inquiry.

The federal government will get a chance to respond to Anaya’s findings before a final report is circulated and presented to the UN rights council.

The Harper government has butted heads in the past with previous UN special rapporteurs.

Conservative cabinet ministers have blasted the UN’s right-to-food envoy Olivier De Schutter for saying too many Canadian citizens are going hungry.

It is all part of a periodic war of words between the Harper government and various UN bodies. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has criticized a Quebec law on demonstrations, prompting a quick response from Ottawa.

The UN Committee Against Torture has also accused Ottawa of being “complicit” in human rights violations committed against three Arab-Canadian men held in Syria after 9-11.

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Canada rejects UN rights panel call for review of violence on aboriginal women

  1. Most of the issues occur in areas where the RCMP is the police force of jurisdiction (and CPC ridings). The data exists in the RCMP contract policing databases, it just needs to be mined. If the CPC party is so smart, why don’t they know this? Or is it that they are smart, and already do.

    • FOIP restrictions mean that whatever limited information the RCMP have on indigent women in their jurisdictions is not available to be data mined.

      • No one wants to hear the truth. Too much of other peoples money in it to change the system.

        Hint: Too much idle time begets hate, self pity, anger and belligerence. The entire FN governance and funding needs to be replaced with workfare and they tax their own.

    • Are you nuts? FN usually votes NDP or Liberal. Reality is FN women disappear and locals don’t cooperate. Makes it a FN cultural problem. Until FN can change its own culture, no progress will be made. And FN men need to treat the women better so they don’t run off reserve to save themselves the abuse.

      How many FN people come forward about abuse by local bullies, drugs and drunks? Maybe FN aught to change their culture of self pity and get out of the rut.

  2. Real research, and not Politically Correct theorizing, needs to be done as to why so many aboriginal women grow up not having learned enough useful skills to be able to make their living in less dangerous ways.

    • Or drug and booze rampages by men. I think governemtn pulled the stats but some reserve in Yukon had 500 men and no women as they all moved to the city for safety reasons.

      I know, spilling the facts isn’t politically correct/corrupt appeasement but no one is going to solve the issues by ignoring reality.

  3. Amazing that Canada is always so keen to criticize other countries and cultures…..but insists that no one can ever criticize ours.

    It’s time we stopped being such self-righteous hypocrites.

    • You’re right, we could learn so much about improving our human rights record from Iran and Belarus if we could just stop being so self-righteous.

      • Or we could just fix our own messes, and stop preaching to everyone else.

        • The indians need to start looking at how to fix their own messes. For one thing quit throwing so much educational effort into ‘being indian’ and more into being a productive, self sufficient, and prosperous citizen.

          • Well if you can’t be decent, then FN will ensure there are no pipelines.

          • It’s nothing to do with me being ‘decent’ (whatever that means) or not.

            I cannot force the indian education system to improve, to seek outcomes-oriented results.

            I cannot force indian parents to care enough about educating their children, or about contributing to society.

            And the pipelines are one of the best ways for indians to attain sustainable self sufficiency, since they can obtain training and skills in a preferential system that favours them.

          • Push to settle the land claims. It’s been 3 centuries.

            No justice, no peace…as they say

          • Land claims will have no discernable effect on people’s attitudes toward education and child rearing.

            They’re not going to be a panacea that fixes up all of the social ills so prevalent on many ‘first nations’.

            Look how the oil money that went to Hobbema over the years has failed to lead to progress.

          • We don’t know that….they’ve never been settled.

            But if you expect they’ll turn into you….they won’t.

          • Most land claims were settled before the end of the 19th century.

            There’s just a few dragging on.

          • More than a few.

          • Why would you think about people ‘turning into me’?

            You’re just being silly.

          • You…cranky ole white guy miser? No

            But they won’t turn into white culture either.

          • Culture is secondary.

            Self sufficient and sustainable prosperity is what’s important.

          • Well, they had it before we Europeans arrived.

          • “it”? What, prosperity?

            That sort of ‘prosperity’ is what trying to exploit the traditional way of living results in today.

            But instead, unsurprisingly, most indians aspire to a more modern standard of living than the old time technology and culture provided.

            It requires, though, a recognition that the traditional way of living does not generate the wealth necessary to support the modern standard of living.

          • Yup…prosperity. They liked it.

            Maybe eventually they’d have moved to something else, but we’ll never know now because our arrival short-circuited everything for them.

            However don’t assume they want what you have. They’d have had it long ago if that’s all they wanted.

          • The keep complaining that they lack ‘what I have’, namely a modern standard of living.

            If they wanted to live as many of the Sami people do, then that would be fine for everybody.

            But it does no good for someone to whine that they don’t have something and then make no effort to create the wealth necessary to obtain it.

            Of course many of the indian leadership do not want the people under their tutelage to gain sustainable self sufficiency, since they would thus no longer be beholden to the leadership and would not be part of their political power base.

          • Really? I’ve never heard a FN covet my dishwasher.

            Maybe they’d like to start with something more basic….like with a piece of property they own.

            Of course you’d know different being a white man and all

          • I would think it a good thing for indians to be allowed to own property on their first nations, but that’s something the leadership seems reluctant to accept.

            And the reality remains that there is persistent complaining about living conditions, housing (be it with or without dishwashers, or the flat screen TV seen in the Attawapiskat photos) and other socioeconomic indicators of well being.

          • They need to own the entire area of land, before they own houses.

            And when they can do so, and open businesses and so on….they can buy dishwashers if they want.

            First, the treaty land.

          • Treaty claims are relevant only to the ‘first nations’ and not to the indians who live on them.

            The indians need to be able to own land, but just adding more and more crown land or private land to the ‘first nations’ will do nothing as long as the indians themselves are kept in thrall.

          • Chiefs can’t give away or sell land they don’t own

            FN don’t own their own land. The crown does.

          • Actually that’s not always the case.

            And indians do not need to buy just first nation lands, though that would be a good start.

            Chretien tried to reform the Indian Act back in the 1970s, but the idea of letting indians out from under the tutelage of the chiefs was greeted with horror by those same chiefs.

          • When you own a home, you can raise money to start a business….on or off a reserve.

            And all reserves are run differently….depends on the nation they are.

          • Just so, which is why there is a need to break the power of the chiefs and councils over the indians, and free the people from their dependency.

          • You’re real keen on running other people’s lives arncha….

            How be we just honour our contracts with them and settle the land claims and let them decide on their own lives, hmmm?

          • Well, no, actually they wouldn’t have. Victimizing people has consequences to them. Tearing up their communities makes a difference. The parents of half of today’s First Nations teens and twentysomethings went through the Residential Schools.
            Sticking them on tiny pieces of bad land a thousand miles from nowhere and not letting them do anything with it has impacts. Holding back education, housing, drinkable water, have impacts. Those people do not actually have the option to become comfortable middle class; they’re broke and badly educated and come from backgrounds of traumatic abuse and have bad housing and terrible plumbing in places where there’s no bleedin’ jobs. Whether they want what I have or not, it has not been made available to them.

          • We don’t know what they would have developed into if the European invasion had not occurred.

            Yes, massive damage has been done to them, and it’s taking a long time to correct….but they are doing so.

            Their education levels are rising, in spite of all the barriers.

            9.8% of FN people now have a university degree.

          • They died early.

            They starved.

            They froze.

            They warred upon each other to the point some tribes were completely obliterated and went the way of the DoDo bird. Yup – indian genocide.

            They were / are as bad as the Euros you like to blame for allthe problems – when in fact those same problems ran amuck in the tribes even before the Euros came to North America.

            So much for the “noble” indian – seems they were just like the remainder of humanity.

            So, do not lie to us emilyone – you are simply living on the dole and drinking too much koolaide

          • You just like making stuff up or what?

            Because I’m not interested in your racist fantasies.

          • Actually I am not making this up

            I am a relatively wealthy – by Canadian standards – none white and legal immigrant to Canada who did indeed serve in the Canadian military for twenty years.

            Racist does not apply to me as I am not white.

            In Canada you need to be white to be declared a racist – all other skin colours in Canada are encouraged to declare victim status and cry to the weak kneed and liberal human rights board at any and all opportunity rather than make their own way in the world.

            Canada is a door mat and people like you help it remain that way.

            What I wrote about indians is actual and historical fact – I do not need to prove it to anyone – if you are truly interested you will do your own study – but I truly suspect you are simply another lazy azzed Canucklehead with an agenda – which means you will do no work and continue to believe people who are not being truthful.

            In fact I suspect you to be so cowardly that you will make no effort in case I am right and you would not be able to stand that.

            Now run away and think about another smart sound byte that you can print up rather than actually do some serious research and see for yourself;

            One would be work and the other is easy – which road will you take?

            I think I already know.

            Have a nice day

          • LOL ‘by Canadian standards’ eh? That means you’re not on a soup line at the moment.

            Non-whites are just as racist as whites.

            If you don’t like Canada….there are 200 other countries in the world. Choose one, and depart.

            I, OTOH, am 67 with 7 generations in Canada….and know more about the situation that you ever will.

            I see it didn’t take you long to pick up the ‘smart-mouth’ Canadian style BS

            Ciao, hoser

          • If you know so much why do you deny the truth?

            You were the one to throw the word racist – not me – and I stand by my comments on it.

            I never said I do not like Canada – that is your added comment to divert from the original discussion. In fact my big house and tended yards are very pretty to look at. My wife enjoys someone else doing the house cleaning. So – yeah, we are well off.

            Here is one small excerpt from a book I once helped research.

            “Indian wars were commonplace between the nations. In western Oregon, these wars usually consisted of raids by the men of one village on the people of another village. Although some of the raids were to get slaves, the majority of the raids were because of petty disputes.

            In eastern Oregon, warfare was more constant and more dangerous. The Paiutes and Bannocks pressed against the Nez Perce, Cayuse, Umatillas, Klamaths, Modocs and Warm Springs Indians. There was constant conflict in the territory as the tribes competed for hunting grounds, and additional wealth in the form of horses and slaves.

            Note the indian was also a slaver – something I forgot to mention before. They all were.

            Not as nice a group of people as you (and many others) would have the public think.

            Hoser? Name calling as well?


            So much for seven generations – if someone not only disagrees with you but also proves you to be wrong you resort to insults.

            At your age your folks are probably dead, but if your Mom was alive she would be real proud of that, wouldn’t she? LOL

            I am much younger than you and obviously have more manners than you do – and also have now done YOUR research in a small way to absolutely prove to you that you were wrong – apology from you perhaps?

            Have a nice day.

          • Since you haven’t understood one word said here….I’ll leave to others to judge your lack of manners, and illiteracy.

          • Emily – you are such a poor loser at heart – I proved you wrong and yet you continue to sling the arrows of outrageous fortune.

            I have not displayed a lack of manners and it is quite obvious to me that I am not illiterate despite your claim.

            If you want, I will dig up some more references to prove my points – or do you think you might do it for yourself this time?

            The world is not a kind place Em – I wish it was – even your own ancestors robbed and killed to survive – maybe not yesterday – but some where back in time they did. They all did – there were winners and losers and that was just the way it was – eat or be eaten – do anything to survive.

            Unfortunately your parents raised you to become one of the touchy feelies that could not survive in this world without people like me and my “ilk”.

            Relax – I will continue to pay my taxes so you can collect your welfare from the feds.

            The same welfare that you will claim you paid for – however, if you live long enough, you will take out far, far more than you will ever put in – making you one of the people who is a drain on the economy rather than a person who builds this economy.

            You will claim that as your right – making you one of the “entitled”.

            I do wish you all the best – and perhaps if the country is lucky you might even have learned a little bit about life and reality from what I showed and referenced for you – and you will pass it on to others – in a nice way if you can see fit to be kind about it.

            Have a nice day Em

          • Like I said, you have’t understood one word of what is being discussed here.

            You are far too busy telling everyone what a tough guy you are. How rich you are. How smart you are. How right you are.

            Sorry….I’m not into cavemen. And all that chest-pounding is just going to do yourself a mischief. Ciao.

          • LOL

            Not a fighter – am a lover

            What is being discussed is your elitist approach to the natives and your disbelief and denial that they were a cruel and warlike nation – you started it – not me

            If you have forgotten that, then perhaps I will let you drop the topic in event it is too difficult for you to follow.

            The indians were slavers.

            The indians committed genocide.

            The indians warred for many reasons – some quite petty – just like us.

            And you accused me of making it up. When in fact it was truth

            I proved it to you

            I understand it completely – you live in a fairy tale world.

            Are you perhaps a resident of Orchard View Living? Bored? Following me? Loving this discourse?

            Tell me Em – don’t you love me and love this argument because you are a lonely woman? I actually do have compassion for you.

            If you are really lonely, I will be happy to talk with you – I am not all that bad a guy – in fact my neighbours tell me I am a really good person – no one goes hungry or homeless or without the necessities in my neighbourhood – I am a person who quietly provides for many.

            But I do not tolerate closed minds like the one you have displayed – and I am quite prepared to bring that person up short if needed – and you needed it.

            You are simply a senior citizen who has lost the spice of life and become very crotchety in your entitled old age. I am glad you have found me – It allows you the chance to stretch yourself again – opening your mind to other things you have either forgotten or never experienced when you were young and vibrant.

            As for the money – I worked hard for it and made others very well off as well – in fact I still provide employment for many – and all are paid well above the average wage in the areas they live in. So much so that it would be hard to hire them away. And I treat them pretty good as well – sent 5 families to the Cook Islands – all expenses paid for their outstanding work last year. I intend to take 6 families to Jasper this year – all expenses paid of course.

            As for being a cave man – well, believe it or not I even know what all the glasses are when you go to a formal dinner – LOL – so you have me wrong there. I even have a tux custom made for me just a few years ago in Damascus before the war broke out.

            And yet when you see me on the street I am usually wearing some old set of sweat pants and a T-shirt – you would never know – which makes my life all that much better.

            I am happy Em

            I wish you were as well – but I think it is sad you are so perfect and self centred – if you want to continue – please contact me via this thread – I will check it every now and then to be sure you are not alone.

            Have a nice day Em

          • You are neither fighter nor lover….you are just being silly. I said nothing about what FN were like….that is entirely your idea

            You are fighting a straw man argument here

            Also your own demons by the sound of it.

            Now go watch hockey or whatever.

          • Em – you are lonely and love me for paying attention to you – you know it – admit it – and remember – the indian did not even know what a wheel was when the white man came – he dragged everything on two sticks behind his women and his dogs because he did not even have a horse.

            I have no demons – but I do have compassion – for people like you.

            Quite curious to see your response to the above.I believe you search the responses specifically looking for mine – because you cannot get enough of me! LOL

          • Em – you love me and you love the attention

            You started this mess and I continually prove you wrong – what next?

            Dueling coffees at Timmies? LOL

            Actually you accused me of making up stuff – so I proved it – making you – yet again – wrong in your idealistic world.

            One other thing – violence against indian women – in the old days when they could not keep up to the tribes as they moved – they were left alone in the wilderness to die. Just the way it was.

            Not really changing from today in some ways.

            I look forward to your response – because I KNOW you just have to make one. LOL

          • I suppose one way to force the “indian” education system to improve would be to spend the same amount per student as the rest of Canada instead of 60% as much. Just a thought.

          • Just put the various indian education systems under the jurisdiction of the provincial governments.

            They’re the level of government with the infrastructure and bureaucracy set up to deal with education.

          • FN? You mean the indians? I will use that term because even the indians use it – so why can’t I?

            FN? You mean the indians? Irrelevant tax sucking, corrupt leadership and Chief Theresa “Spendsalot” is the perfect example. Heck she got even fatter during her so called and very fake hunger strike.

            FN? You mean the indians? You know those people who are not smart enough to even realize their own leadership loves them being down trodden? They could have it all if they would drop the persecution complex.

            FN? You mean the indians? You know, those people who could have everything and anything they wanted – provided they actually stood up to the ….. whiteman? ……Nope…..Their own corrupt leadership – who love keeping their own people down – makes it easier to stir them up when it comes time to block a train in Kingston.

            FN? You mean the indians? The people who do not realize that they are so welcome into modern society – but refuse to come because their own leadership has them convinced their present ways of unemployment, drug abuse, homelessness, criminal activity and more – are all because of the whitemen – and it is not their own personal responsibility.

            FN? You mean the indians? Those people who could have it all – if only they truly wanted it.

            Well, they can try to block it – but there are tens of thousands of existing miles of pipeline already in the ground so that will be tough to follow through on.

          • Actually the only letters that work for you are KKK.

        • I don’t know Emily, but judging from what I see from reading your stuff, if you’re hoping to fix the mixed up mess you’re in, it’s going to be an uphill battle. Woof!

          • John m’dear….either speak English or go watch TV.

          • Hoch jar chovnatlh chu’ wImuch Emily IlaD yIqeq. Tugh bIpo’EmilychoH

          • Sorry John….not me.

          • И почему бы вам не моя мало коммунистической тарелку?

          • Farrago fatigans! Go to bed!

          • Why Emily what am I to do? Vladimir Putin himself advised me to whisper those sweet words.

            “Vladi,” I said, “how do I win the heart of this little Marxist poppet?”

      • They weren’t the only ones to criticize the reviews, Switzerland and Norway were there too.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • LIke I said…we have no moral leg to stand on in criticizing other countrie’s cultures and problems.

        • Countrie’s Emily?

          The lernin ya picked up from some overpaid old OISE tinker is startin to show through.

          I had a feeling you were illiterate.

          • LOL considering your spelling…you also have no leg to stand on

        • Moral equivalence. All cultures are not equal. The UN has already been exposed as a corrupt and ineffective organization.

          • No it hasn’t. Stop being silly.

          • Why of course it has. It’s full of African dictators, every one of them on the take.

          • It’s every country in the world….some with good leaders, some with bad….all of them current.

            The UN’s mission is to prevent WWIII….which it has done.

            Stop with the rightwing nonsense.

          • Is that right? Well I’m just going to call up my old fuzzy bearded history professor (he used to belong to the Waffle Party) and I’m going to ask him why he neglected to fill me up with that load.

            The reason we haven’t had WWIII has nothing to do with the UN.

            The only reason we haven’t had WWIII is because the great United States has been standing out there for 70 years prepared to thrash the daylights out of any monster prima donna ready to try something.

          • Love your fantasy name….pity your thoughts match it.

            The US hasn’t won a war since WWII….and they even showed up late to that one when all the heavy lifting was done.

            Hell Canada beat the US 5X….and we were only tiny then.

          • We, who is we? Not you that’s for sure, you couldn’t beat a friggin egg.

            The soldiers from Canada who went off as teenagers to fight for freedom under STINK leadership deserve my never ceasing respect. They came back and built a great country that lasted until April 1968 when an ugly, fish-face jackass was elected Prime Minister.

            But that UN collection of African dictators and freeloaders is a joke. And you need a history lesson from something other than a big NDP fatso from OISE.

          • We….Canada, Canadians. Cons have such trouble speaking English…..!

            The soldiers who were involved in a European civil war were ordinary human beings…..and they came back and elected all the PMs we’ve had.

            Now try learning about the world you live in.


          • How come you’re now calling it a “European civil war.” A few minutes ago you were calling it WWII.

            And don’t give me Wikipedia. It’s nothing but a social engineering tool for left wing flakes.

            How much do you weigh Emily?

          • WWI and WWII were both European civil wars. One led to the other.

            Wikipedia is as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica….you just don’t like facts. However, if you look at the bottom of each article, you’ll see the original source material

            I weigh 110lbs. I’d use metric, but I’m sure someone as outdated as you wouldn’t understand it.

          • Your terminology is way off.

            Civil wars operate within a country and generally involve unorganised or informal combatants.

          • I said European civil war and meant it.

            Sorry it doesn’t suit your dictionary.

          • Put more concisely, wars between countries are not “civil wars”.

            You are, as is so often the case, full of BS.

          • Apparently you can’t see the word ‘European’.

            Do I have to sound it out for you….or just explain it like you’re 5?

          • Europe is a continent, not a country.

            Apparently you have extended difficulties with terminology.

          • “… historical argumentation…”

            From your own link we can find that it’s a sort of argument, and not a real thing.

            Whether you invent your own BS or borrow it from strange argumenters it remains BS.

            There is no significant difference between, for example, the Franco Prussian War, the Seven Years War, the War of the Spanish Succession, or the Austrian one, the Napoleonic Wars, or any of the other myriad wars fought prior to 1870 and afterward.

          • Everything is always being argued about….in every subject.

            They even still argue about Relativity.

            So I’m sorry….but it’s quite real. And you’re wrong.

            Mutter about it on your way to bed….LOL….Nite

          • Haw haw haw… Europe is not even today a real country, despite al lthe efforts to make it resemble one.

            It was certainly nothing of the sort before the second half of the 20th century, and nothing changed in 1870 to make it so.

            Just because you can find something on a Wiki doesn’t give it substance.

          • Haw haw haw….yuk yuk yuk…..there was no reason for Canada to get involved in two European civil wars. Sorry.

            Off you go now.

          • Some Canadians got involved in one civil war, in 1936, and most (if not all of them) fought on the wrong side.

          • That’s nice. Wear a sweater.

          • A European civil war would make sense if Europe was, you know, a country. Except, you know, it’s not.

            Try learning about the world you live in.

          • It’s ….you know….a way of discussing what happened in what we call….Europe.

            It’s ….you know….the name used.

            Get over it.

          • It’s not the name used, and never has been. In fact, all my British and French friends and colleagues, of which there are many, have never heard the term before. It just demonstrates a lack of understanding of the various nations and cultures in a different area in the world than you are familiar with.

          • Gosh, you and your buddies haven’t heard the term before….so therefore it doesn’t exist.

            Get over yourselves.

          • No, it has no meaning. If you’re describing a war in which their granparents participated, and the term in no way describes what actually happened, the term is erroneous.

            Get over yourself.

          • Obviously not to you.

            However, you are not the world.

          • Not to me, nor the Europeans. You don’t know what you are talking about.

            Dunning-Kruger effect in operation here.

          • Arguing against reality is a waste of time.

          • No, arguing non-existent wars is.

          • Okay, be stupid. Your problem.

          • When your argument fails, retreating to ad-homs merely reinforces the fact that you never had one to begin with.

          • Read the sentences starting with the words ‘there is no consensus’ that repeat again, and again, and again.

            Civil wars are internal conflicts within a sovereign state. As Europe hasn’t been a sovereign state since Rome, and the conflicts in question happened after the collapse of Rome, the term does not apply. QED.

          • Consensus isn’t required. Especially from you.

            Like I said….Ciao

          • You seem to be confused. The non-consent is from the proponents you cite from that Ivory Tower, Wikipedia.

          • Emily your magic number is 8,293 so this wasting time business is just more crazed Liberal Party BS

            But tell me this, what in the devil is a “gandi”

            It’s not another word for your Atheists gang I hope because that will really make your delusional chit chat confusing

          • The majority of nations in the UN are dictatorships. Who are they to tell us what we’re doing wrong?

          • Mmm no, they are ALL the countries in the world….dictatorships, democracies, theocracies etc. They represent close to 8B people.

            Why do YOU think you get to tell THEM what to do?

            The UN deals with global problems….and while each country has it’s own ideas on how to handle something…..we work together and try to find a concensus and go with that.

            And when a solution is found….or an agreement….it doesn’t matter if it came from a dictator, an elected leader, an iman or whatever.

            Democracy isn’t a state of grace you know….it’s a method of governing. It isn’t the ultimate in human governance either. Just one way to do things on a long list of ways. A leader from a democracy isn’t ‘sacred’…..just a leader from a democracy. The world is a very big place, and things aren’t always done like they are in your home town.

          • Why do I think I get to tell dictators what to do? Who said I did? I think the UN is nigh irrelevant when it issues proclamations about human rights due to the simple fact the average member is a thuggish dictator.

            The UN ‘deals’ with global problems? Such as? I have a few very close friends who work in Den Hague at the ICJ and STL. They all laugh at the idea that the UN ‘deals’ with issues, unless you mean pay special rapporteurs and spokesmen to do nothing.

            Democracy is the least bad of several worse options. Republics are better.

            You’re right, where I live in Abu Dhabi isn’t like my hometown at all. What I have learned is that they believe their Sheikh is ‘sacred’, who was put in his position by Allah, which excuses his mistakes or vices, and allows them to pronounce human rights complaints to the UN about Aboriginal women whilst turning a blind eye to domestic abuse in their villas.

            ‘The world is a very big place.’

            I bet that line sounded so good in your head.

          • Well, you know nothing about the UN…which is the entire world…so that makes the rest of your post pointless.

            I guess you never heard of the west’s ‘divine right of kings’

            Democracy is better than various other things we westerners have tried….but it also has problems and drawbacks…and doesn’t appeal to everyone.

            Travel is supposed to be broadening….in your case it probably refers to your butt.

          • Hahaha, you make me laugh. The UN is a group of un-elected dictators like Syria, who recently were in charge of the UN Human Rights Commission. That was, you know, before they massacred their own populace.

            I have heard of the DROK, and also heard it went out centuries ago.

            You’d be wrong, the gym facilities here are quite good. Gym memberships can be expensive, especially in Abu Dhabi, but when you’re an expat you’re not the one footing the bill.

          • We all operate on different time lines. The west thinks it has the only one that counts, but we all have our turn at the wheel.

            Syria for example had civilization 5000 years ago….so they’ve been up an down a few times and yet are still around.

            Canada is still in diapers.

          • When I was last in Damascus, just before the civil war (an actual civil war, not a global conflict involving many countries) I saw dig sites of the place dating back 10,000 years. Apparently it’s a contender for the oldest continually inhabited city in the world.

            I don’t agree that the age of a country determines it’s right to slaughter it’s citizens for being homosexual and then lecture other countries about human rights.

            This is the result of your relativism – absurdity.

          • No one said it did….I said it’s been through the cycle many times, unlike us.

            If you can’t follow the argument………..

          • When you say “we” westerners are you referring to all westerners or just the atheist westerners like yourself.

            It’s a pompous, arrogant way of operating because almost no one would want to be associated with a filthy thing like you.

        • Way to go Emily, I’m finally catching on to this.

          So when you say “we have no moral leg to stand on” you’re not talking about me or about Glynn Mhor, you’re talking about you and your fellow Atheists not having a moral leg to stand on.

          It’s now very clear, thank you.

  4. Good that Canada rejects it. A lot of far worse countries to go after than Canda, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, India and others come to mind. 300,000,000 women and child abuses per year, and Canada is a disproportionately low number of them.

    What UN is really after in Ottawa is money, UN will hush up if they get more of our money. When in fact, tell them to find a shield, Imam, or rich non-tax paying Saudi that doesn’t even let women drive and if slaves want to leave, then they disapear or lose their heads. Or how about rampant and often deadly assault/rape/torture going in in India.

    Oh, and let us not forget Kt Moons promise of justice for the Bosnian women abused by UN sex trade. See the movie Whistle blower. A year ago Moon promised justice, but no progress yet. Guess UN doesn’t take its own words seriously.

    And don’t get me started on Canadian isolated to the very people UN is pandering to.

  5. Funny how this isn’t a problem in Europe with Sami. Sami being the European version of FN. But lets look how they deal with it.

    Sami need to have jobs, can vote, pay taxes and are in essense the same as any other equal human being. No FN tax’em worker slaves mentality, as they pay taxes like anyone else. The Sami are productive, raise deer meat for sale, operate fisheries, work pretty much like everyone else. No sulking or self pity with booze and drugs in the woods.

    We need solutions that are not wholly based on other peoples money for waste. As part of the problem is they don’t have to work so they don’t. Far too much “Idle” time.