Canada welcomed record number of new citizens in 2014 -

Canada welcomed record number of new citizens in 2014

More than 260,000 people became new Canadians this year, according to citizenship and immigration minister

Stan Behal/Toronto Sun/QMI Agency

Stan Behal/Toronto Sun/QMI Agency

TORONTO – The federal government says Canada welcomed a record number of new citizens in 2014.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander says more than 260,000 people became new Canadians during 2014.

Alexander says in a release that’s more new Canadians than in any year in Canada’s history and more than double the number from last year.

Alexander cites recent changes to the Citizenship Act for improving the citizenship application process, and says applicants are already seeing results.

A new citizenship decision-making process came into force Aug. 1 and streamlined the process from three steps to one.

Officials say since implementing the new process, more than 115,000 people have become Canadian citizens — a 90 per cent increase from the same period in 2013.

Canada’s citizenship application backlog has been reduced by 17 per cent since June, and is at its lowest level in almost three years, Alexander said.

“With more than 260,000 new citizens embracing Canadian values and traditions in 2014, we are fulfilling our commitment to reducing backlogs and, improving processing times,” he said.

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Canada welcomed record number of new citizens in 2014

  1. Have to have more. So taxed are domestic Canadians, we are having ever fewer kids as to support govmint kids. Its about taxpayers….

    Welcome to Canada.

  2. One only has to look around whenever they are anywhere that people in general gather, to see that Canada is already overrun with immigrants, and it will be very little time, if not already obvious that natural born Canadians are the minority! Thank God that natural christian Canadians are returning to traditional Christmas greetings,carols, and their Canadian traditions. Be aware Canadians!

    • a) 90% of Canada is empty. We have plenty of room.

      b) Christmas isn’t christian… fact it’s forbidden to christians. Jeremiah 10 2-4.

  3. I can’t help but think that this is all part of Harper’s plan to get re-elected in 2015. With record number of new Canadians they may feel beholding to the Conservatives and they haven’t lived here long enough to know what a real Canadian government is like.