Canada won’t announce targets at climate summit, minister suggests

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says actual targets for reducing emissions won’t be set until months after gathering in Paris


OTTAWA – Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says no one should expect Canada to announce greenhouse gas emission reduction targets at a Paris summit later this month.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is scheduled to attend the COP21 international climate summit, and has invited the premiers to join him.

McKenna says Canada hopes to reach a framework agreement with other nations at the gathering, but the actual targets for reducing emissions that cause climate change won’t be set until months later, when federal, provincial and territorial leaders sit down to figure out what can reasonably be achieved, and how the goals can be met.

The minister made the comments today after meeting with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, where they spoke about possible investments in so-called green infrastructure as part of a plan for reducing emissions.

The prime minister has asked provincial and territorial leaders to join him in Ottawa Nov. 23 to discuss Canada’s climate change plans prior to attending the UN-sponsored summit, which begins a week later.

Trudeau flies to Turkey today for a meeting of the G20, where climate change is also on the agenda.


Canada won’t announce targets at climate summit, minister suggests

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