Canada’s current approach to marijuana failing: Liberal MP Bill Blair


OTTAWA — Former Toronto police chief Bill Blair, now an MP, says the current approach to marijuana is failing and the government will need to eye public health implications as it moves to give pot the legal green light.

Blair, parliamentary secretary to the Justice minister, is among a group speaking today at an open Senate Liberal caucus meeting focused on the legalization of marijuana.

He has been tapped by the Trudeau government to take a leading role on the file, working closely with the departments of Justice, Public Safety and Health.

Clive Weighill, president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, is also speaking at the forum.

He says legalization will change the world of enforcement on marijuana and front line police will need new training.

The first step in the path to legalization will be establishing a provincial, territorial and federal task force to hear from public health, substance abuse and public safety experts.

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Canada’s current approach to marijuana failing: Liberal MP Bill Blair

  1. Forget using persuasion– or the judiciary– to fight a trillion dollar illegal drug industry that has a lock on the minds of stoner citizens, stoner politicians, stoner judges and the stoner media. Case in point would be last weeks pathetic decision in the Allard case. When Pres. Donald Trump appoints Chris Christy as his U.S. Attorney General, they will immediately start enforcing US federal drug laws and put an end to the massive marijuana industry that Obama’s AGs have enabled to promote, produce and distribute nuclear-strength pot throughout the entire nation. Yes, we parents are the “David” who can use the “sling” of our votes to kill the “Goliath” of drugs that have killed and maimed so many of our loved ones. The USA is on the verge of electing individuals willing to take on the drug war – with moxy. Canada’s will come to demand their own elected officials get tough on those that sell kids on drugs and “smarten up” the liberal intelligencia who have dampened down the perception of risk and normalized the use of this
    psychotropic drug – especially within the youth sector. The recreational user, willing to finance the black market, must at some point take responsibility for the fact that Canada has the highest rate of use by youth in the industrialized world. The damage being to the minds of our country’s grade twelve students has the potential to cripple an entire generation of young Canadians. Own up to your role in this public health problem. A single message to the elite group of recreational users – stop pot and do your country a favour.

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