Canada’s funniest place names

From Butts Pond to Beavertail Point, our interactive map reveals some place names that will make you chuckle



Canada’s funniest place names

  1. Maybe I’m just not getting it, but what’s so funny about a bunch of place names that reference coffee, Tim, Canada and beer?

    • Your response is much funnier than this abysmal essay!

      I cannot believe the writer actually thought these place names to be humourous.

  2. Elbow Mountain, B.C.: “Does it really look like an elbow?”
    Shag Rock Point, N.S.: “Is that intentionally dirty, or just a hairy situation?”
    Canada Island, O.N.: “Just making sure — this really is in Canada, right?”

  3. Is this some sort of bozo eruption or a OKWI (operate keyboard while impaired)? Ever heard of Eyebrow, Saskatchewan or Joe Bat’s Arm Newfoundland? How about Ball’s Creek, Nova Scotia or St. Louis du Ha Ha, Quebec. The optimistic me says this was an IT glitch. Let’s see the real article.

  4. No wonder the REBEL.MEDIA is more popular than MaCleans with crap “stories” like this.

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