Canadian Olympians march for tolerance at Vancouver Pride Parade -

Canadian Olympians march for tolerance at Vancouver Pride Parade


VANCOUVER – Two Olympians representing Canada’s Olympic Team marched in Vancouver’s Pride Parade today.

Canadian Olympic officials say it was an effort to spread a message of tolerance, acceptance and diversity in light of Russia’s anti-gay laws and the upcoming 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.

Alpine skier and 2010 Olympian Mike Janyk and two-time Olympian snowboarder Mercedes Nicoll joined Pride participants as they marched through Vancouver’s downtown and the West End.

Canadian Olympic Committee president Marcel Aubut says the coming together of COC and Pride is a reminder that sport is open to everyone, regardless of race, religion, creed or sexual orientation.

Anti-gay laws in Russia have provoked strong protest from Canada’s gay community, and anti-Russian sentiment was visible throughout Sunday’s Parade.

At least one marcher wore a T-shirt and hoisted a sign featuring a photoshopped image of Russian President Vladimir Putin wearing blue eye shadow and blush.

This is the first time the COC has participated in Pride festivals across the country — Olympians have already marched in Toronto and will also be present in the upcoming Pride celebrations in Ottawa, Calgary and Montreal.


Canadian Olympians march for tolerance at Vancouver Pride Parade

  1. Good for them

    • well well isn’t this a surprise , do the Calgarians know you support gay’s and Lesbians ?

      • Most thinking people support the athletes that would exclude you

        • Marx once said give the people a sport to cheer and they won’t care about politics . They got you

          • This about Human Rights not sports stupidity got you

  2. The Olympic movement really died decades ago and has no rationale anymore — world championships, run by sports disciplines, are staged regularly, and it’s those that are official. Olympic ™ results are irrelevant.
    Olympic Games are a private consortium of developers who happen to own the brand — nothing more. Boycott it.