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Updated: Canadian soldier charged with murder


OTTAWA – Police say a Canadian soldier has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of his wife.

Fifty-year-old Howard Richmond appeared at the Ontario Court of Justice in Ottawa this morning to face the charge.

Military sources say police detained and questioned the warrant officer on Friday.

The body of Richmond’s wife, Melissa Kelly Richmond, 28, was found near a suburban Ottawa shopping centre this week.

The cause of death has not been released but media reports indicate she was stabbed several times.

Her funeral will be held today in Petawawa.

Richmond did three tours with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan.

Richmond reported his wife missing after she went for a late-night drive on July 24 and never returned.

Her vehicle, with the distinctive license plate RPGGIRL, was recovered two days later in the parking lot of the shopping centre.

Her body was found in a nearby ravine.

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Updated: Canadian soldier charged with murder

  1. Canadian Soldier do that ? i don t believe it

    proxy gratuit

    • And you’d say that why?

      • because i know canadian soldiers

        • Like Russell Williams?

          • Williams was Air Force and so out of all the murders in Canada in the last four years you’ve found two committed by service members?

        • So you were in the Canadian Army? That’s why you know the Army so well?

    • You think being a soldier makes you a saint? the army breeds militants above all… of course disciple, manners, work ethic etc. come along with it but first and for most, the army trains people to kill. If i’d done a few years over seas fighting a ridiculous, absolutely shameful war… I might’ve be driven a little insane like many post-war soldiers are. Given the training/reason for occupation and an unstable mental state after witnessing the senseless violence and poverty that is the result of extended colonization of the middle east, its not exactly surprising. I talked to a canadian soldier whose done time in Afghan recently and I dont expect him to go kill his wife but just cause he’s a soldier doesn’t mean he’s exempt and incapable of murder.