Carbon price ‘disaster scenarios’ aren’t based on facts, says Trudeau

The premiers of Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia have criticized the federal government’s plan to charge $10 per tonne of carbon starting in 2018


MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is aiming to counter the “political torque and misinformation” on the federal government’s controversial carbon-pricing plan.

Trudeau said the government’s challenge is to ensure people understand that the money collected on carbon pollution will flow back to the provinces and territories.

“There are a lot of people that are trying scare tactics and divisive tactics to point out disaster scenarios that have no basis in fact,” he said Friday.

The prime minister made the comments in Medicine Hat, Alta., where he is stumping for Liberal candidate Stan Sakamoto before a byelection called for Oct. 24 following the death of former MP Jim Hillyer.

“What this measure will allow for is for citizens and trading partners and citizens around the world to understand that Canada gets that you don’t build a strong economy without being responsible on the environment,” he said.

Trudeau said lack of leadership on the environment by the previous Conservative government added to Alberta’s economic woes, and that adding a carbon tax will ensure clean-energy jobs for future generations.

The premiers of Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia have criticized the government’s plan to charge $10 per tonne of carbon starting in 2018.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has said she supports the idea of a national price on carbon in principle and that her province will bring in its own carbon tax based on the equivalent of $20 per tonne of carbon emissions on Jan. 1, with an increase to $30 a tonne in 2018.

Alberta’s carbon-tax plan was unveiled earlier this month as part of the provincial budget.

Notley has said she will oppose the federal carbon-tax plan until she sees serious progress on pipelines, which her province needs to gets its oil to tidewater.

On Friday, Trudeau said the federal government’s plan will “make it more possible than it was for the past 10 years to actually get our resources to market, to perhaps build a pipeline to tidewater.”


Carbon price ‘disaster scenarios’ aren’t based on facts, says Trudeau

  1. “political torque and misinformation”

    Yeah hat’s what we’ve had from the beginning…..I’m glad Justin is turning it around

  2. “the “political torque and misinformation” is on the government’s side. They are muzzling the scientists who know that governments like Justin’s are only using Climate Change as a tax grab. When in earth’s history has there NOT been climate change? There is a reason for this headline “Australia votes to repeal carbon tax – BBC News – the reason: “..the tax cost jobs and forced energy prices up.” but there are other headlines that Justin and McLeans would rather we not see. “Over 30,000 scientists say ‘Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming’ is a complete hoax and science lie –” “Apollo Astronaut: Climate Alarmism Is the ‘Biggest Fraud in the Field of Science’ – cnsnews. “German Professor: NASA Has Fiddled Climate Data On ‘Unbelievable’ Scale” “All Natural… Four New Peer-reviewed Scientific Publications Show No Detectable Sea Level Rise Signal | Climate Depot” |Spectacular NOAA Fraud In Australia | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog”

  3. The money will flow back into the provinces? Well ya, but it depends on what province you live in. Here in Ontario, Wynne and her corrupt Libs are salivating at the prospect of the tax revenues which we all know won’t have anything to do with reducing emissions. Nothing more than the government raping the people here, as usual. Way to go JT. You haven’t a clue.