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CBC to use TV product placements

TD Canada Trust will be featured on network programming


CBC to use TV product placementsWho’s the biggest breakout star of CBC-TV’s lineup? Answer: TD Canada Trust. This fall, thanks to a new product-placement deal, the bank will appear in episodes of CBC’s Being Erica, Little Mosque on the Prairie and Heartland.

Long a staple of American broadcasting, product placement is still relatively rare in Canada, says Scott Moore, CBC’s general manager of media sales and marketing. As a trusted home of Canadian content, the network provides a “unique advantage” to advertisers.

Indeed, the CBC is relying on such deals more than ever: revenue from product integration has increased 10 times over the past two years, and should continue to grow. And so, this season on Little Mosque, expect to see the new reverend in town pay a visit to his local branch to see if he can afford to throw a party; on Being Erica, Anthony will be managing a TD bank.

Critics are lamenting the commercialization of Canada’s public broadcaster. Product placement threatens to undermine the CBC’s role, says Ryerson University’s Jeffrey Dvorkin. Ian Morrison, spokesperson for the independent watchdog Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, worries that product placement on the CBC could “discourage support for taxpayer funding of public broadcasting in Canada.”

But the broadcaster might just have to take that risk. Although it receives over $1 billion in government funding each year, “in real dollar terms, we’ve lagged behind inflation,” Moore says. “We can either believe in the tooth fairy, and that the government will give us more money, or we can find ways to support what we think is important cultural work in Canada,” he adds. “That means finding new funding streams.”

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CBC to use TV product placements

  1. Do we get to see Natalie Brown in the newest Le Chateau offerings? I wish the CBC could do more than hold up Being Erica as "important cultural work". It is an example of an effort to do commercial TV, executed poorly. This is a recurring pattern with the CBC. If the CBC focused more on quality, they wouldn't need billion dollars every year, but would happily receive it. Little Mosque is great, but not really any better than CTV's Corner Gas was, so why the billion dollar bill every year? They should focus more on public broadcasting, rather than commercial television, heavily subsidized, and done poorly.

  2. How much of the entire CBC budget does the $1B represent?

    • less than 40% across all CBC platforms – digital, radio 1-2-3, SCR (French) & CBC (English), Radio-Canada, etc.

  3. if we have to pay 1B per year for the cbc why is it not all canadian…..they can run reruns of the beachcombers and the king of kensington if they have to….. a while back i saw an ad campaign about how the cbc was going to show blockbuster hollywood movies..yeah thats what we need…..

  4. Those two old curmudgeonly fogies in black-and-white will now fill in for Rex's absences on Cross Country Checkup.

    CBC offices and studio tours will now be open until 8PM on Thursdays and Fridays, as well as open to the public for at least four hours on Saturdays. Unionized employees won't actually show up for work during these extra hours. No one will notice any drop in administrative output over these new hours.

    The Board of Directors of the CBC will now learn a lesson or two from the private sector partnership and will find ways to be a profitable venture or will close up shop (ah, perchance to dream…).

    Awkward silence on the episode of Little Mosque when TD has the gall to bring up the interest rate of the mortgage.

    David Suzuki was initially thrilled that all CBC branding is adopting the colour green. Then he was told it was evil-capitalist Toronto Dominion green…

    Mansbridge pulled a Rather and huffed off the set of The National moments before going to air in Atlantic Canada, protesting the installation of two Green Machine ATMs, one on either side of the anchor's chair.

  5. The integration of product with program constitutes an aggressive propaganda method not seen since the Nazis took over all media. The CBC has lost their moral compass and have become just other pro-consumerist / capitalist machine. I will now boycott these programs. Sneaking ads in the background of programs consitutes subliminal advertising and should be outlawed.

  6. This is the last straw for me. I watched Being Erica and Little Mosque this week and found the TD Canada Trust product placement intrusive and appalling. It's bad enough that CBC Radio One programming has gone to hell in a handbasket; now they are destroying the few shows I bother to watch on TV. I've had enough and I'm pulling the plug. I'll do my TV-watching in the form of carefully-selected DVDs. I happen to be a fan of the CBC and it saddens me to see this overall decline.

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