Chief Perry Bellegarde urges First Nations to vote

Bellegarde says First Nations voters need to make a point of making themselves heard


Perry Bellegarde in conversation with Maclean’s

MONTREAL — National Chief Perry Bellegarde wants First Nations and other Canadians alike to get involved in the federal election campaign and push for reconciliation.

In his Montreal address to the Assembly of First Nations annual meeting, Bellegarde says First Nations voters need to make a point of making themselves heard in polling booths across the country.

The time is right, he says, because the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recent report has captured the attention of Canadians with its description of the residential school legacy as “cultural genocide.”

This is Bellegarde’s first annual meeting as national chief.

He is also calling on the government to respect traditional territories and honour its legal duty to accommodate First Nations people.

Opposition leaders are set to address the AFN meeting this afternoon, but federal Minister Bernard Valcourt will not be there.

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Chief Perry Bellegarde urges First Nations to vote

  1. No mystery what will happen at the FN meeting today. It can be summed us as follows:

    1. Harper bad. Vote him out.
    2. We need more money.
    3. vote for whomever promises the most goodies.
    4. Justin trudeau will promise the moon and stars to First Nations who vote for him to get himself elected PM. There is NO AMOUNT of other peoples’ money Trudeau won’t spend to get this done.
    5. Thomas Mulcair will also promise the moon and stars…and for the same reason as Trudeau.

    Basically, nothing has changed. Aboriginals will vote for whichever politician promises to take away the most money from taxpayers. And they will fight tooth and nail to see that the Government doesn’t try and track the money and see where it goes.

    • FN usually don’t vote

      Stop crying….your robe is getting wet.

    • Right … because Harper doesn’t spend ANY of our money in his desperate attempts to hold onto power…

      • I have no patience for people who whine and complain about a problem, but do nothing to fix it.

        • Buhaaahhaaa!!!

          Emily, you must really despise yourself. All you ever do is come to this site and bitch and moan about anything that crosses your mind.

          If you want to live to the standard you yourself demand….try this. Sign over the title to any property you may own to the nearest Indian band. I’m sure they will appreciate it.

          If you aren’t willing to do this…then thou art a hypocrite.

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