Chris Hadfield’s Earth Day? Out of this world. (Check out the photo evidence.)

Noted in space: ‘One touch of nature makes the whole world kin’


Chris Hadfield’s Earth Day? Out of this world. (We have photo evidence.)

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Good Morning, World, and Happy Earth Day from orbit! One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.Chris Hadfield
I have never had more love and respect for our planet than I do now, seeing it this way. pic.twitter.com/Ew78vEI7XvChris Hadfield
Looking out the windows of ISS, every day is Earth Day. pic.twitter.com/hgpbWZTLT2Chris Hadfield
One quick look at our planet reminds me of the importance of Earth Day. pic.twitter.com/0DZpI26cCvChris Hadfield
Happy Earth Day! @Cmdr_Hadfield explains how he takes his incredible photos of our planet from #space: youtu.be/yFp9pndbSKMCanadianSpaceAgency
The face at the mouth of James Bay acts as a symbol today, showing humanity’s rock-solid connection to the Earth. pic.twitter.com/iJIVMO9UyGChris Hadfield
A glance out the Space Station window is worth taking. pic.twitter.com/4Aiq4NwA7cChris Hadfield
Tonight’s Finale: In proportion, our atmosphere is no thicker than the varnish on a globe. Deceptively fragile. pic.twitter.com/8NI3ZkX7yyChris Hadfield

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