CityNews wants your messages for Mayor Rob Ford

As Toronto approaches the one-year anniversary of Ford’s election victory, CityNews wants to know what year 2 should look like


What a wild first year it’s been under Mayor Rob Ford.

Not since amalgamation have municipal politics been so front and centre in Toronto, with headlines almost too numerous to count—from the killing of Transit City to all-night public meetings to the controversial KPMG Core Services review to Ford’s famous “stop the gravy train” mantra.

As Toronto approaches the one-year anniversary of Ford’s election victory—Oct. 25, 2011—CityNews want to know what messages you have for the mayor heading into year No. 2.

Here’s how it’ll work:

1. Similar to the example above, take a photo of yourself holding up a sign with a message for Rob Ford. (If you want, you can also send us a bite-sized video clip with your message).

2. Send it to CityNews via our “Submit Your Stories” tool on the right side of this page or email it to them at torontoweb@citynews.ca.

3. On Oct. 25, they’ll assemble as many as they can into a photo gallery for CityNews.ca, CityNews Channel and CityNews programs on Citytv.

4. Of course, they’ll also pass along the link to the mayor’s office.

Here are the rules:

– Keep it clean (family-friendly language)
– Keep it on topic (local politics & issues)
– Keep it friendly (no personal attacks)

So get creative—and tell your friends; the more submissions the better.

Deadline for submitting your photo or video is noon on Oct. 25.

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CityNews wants your messages for Mayor Rob Ford

  1. That’s nice. Macleans pimping for City. Every day, in every way, you’re becoming more and more like Quebecor…

  2. Dear Mr. Ford
    Thank you for a great job during very difficult time.
    Please keep up good work. 

  3. Congratulations, Rob Ford! You know you’re doing a great job when many oppose you!

  4. Thanking Rob Ford? “Keep up the good work”? What good work has he done? Please let us all know what you are talking about. Wow! ??? Rob Ford is the worse Mayor that Toronto has ever had…The man does not even show that he cares for Toronto or more does he show he even likes us people of Toronto…Clearly you must not be from here or you are very rich, to make that comment$$$$ LOL Give your head a shake.

  5. Mayor Ford;
    please keep up the good work.
    You are doing the right thing with the (necessary) budget cuts.
    Keep our taxes down and keep privatizing the city’s services.
    The city’s union’s have made no effort to compromise any of their service/labour expenses.
    They continue to advertise their fear-mongoring spots on the radio and other media.
    If they have so much money, they should give it back to their members…..but oh wait…they’ll just strike; demanding more $$ for the members while the rest of us struggle in these difficult times.

  6. Three cheers for one of the best mayors Toronto has ever had
    Hip Hip Hurrah!
    Hip Hip Hurrah!
    Hip Hip Hurrah!

    What is with the relentless put down by the media of Rob Ford
    Maybe there is something going on that the public including myself don’t know .

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