Col. Russell Williams’ double life?

Top officer facing murder charges commanded Canada’s largest air base, flew top diplomats


The commander of one of Canada’s largest military bases is in a prison cell today, accused of murdering two Ontario women—including a fellow service member—and sexually assaulting two others.

Col. Russell Williams, a career air force officer, was the top man at CFB Trenton, the same Ontario base that has welcomed home the flag-draped caskets of every Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan. But on Sunday night, police slapped him with another label: serial predator.
Investigators are hesitant to reveal specifics, but the charge sheet speaks for itself, accusing the once-impeccable colonel of leading a secret double life of rape and murder. In September, police say he broke into a pair of homes and attacked two women (both victims lived near Tweed, the same Ontario hamlet where Williams resided). His next alleged victim was Marie-France Comeau, a 38-year-old corporal who was also stationed at CFB Trenton. She was killed inside her home in late-November, her lifeless body discovered by her boyfriend. And this morning, detectives discovered the remains of a second slain woman: 27-year-old Jessica Lloyd of Belleville, Ont., who was missing since Jan. 28. Arrested in Ottawa Sunday night, Williams now faces two counts each of first-degree murder, forcible confinement, break and enter, and sexual assault.

Police are not saying whether the murders were random, or if the colonel, who is married with no children, had a previous relationship with either of the women. Speaking at a press conference today, Detective-Inspector Chris Nicholas of the Ontario Provincial Police also refused to reveal what specific evidence led them to Williams—a man whose 23-year career included a stint flying the VIP Challenger jets used by prime ministers and other dignitaries. Nicholas would only say that Williams came first came to their attention Feb. 4, when officers were questioning motorists on the same rural highway where Lloyd lived. There was “a singularity” in all the incidents, Nicholas said, without providing details. He did say this, however: “We are certainly tracking the movements of where this man has been over the past several years, and we’re continuing on with our investigation.”

Dressed in a blue prison jumpsuit, Williams made a brief appearance today in a Belleville courtroom. He stated his full name, said he understood the charges, and was remanded in custody until another hearing scheduled for Feb. 18.

Needless to say, news of his arrest sent shockwaves through the Department of National Defence, where Williams seemed destined for an eventual promotion to general. As commander of 8 Wing Trenton, he was already in charge of the country’s busiest airbase, a sprawling facility between Ottawa and Toronto that houses transport planes, search and rescue aircraft, and Canada’s Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART). He took over the top job in July. “These are exciting times for the air force,” he said at the time. “I am confident that the team here is up to the task and I look forward to getting right into that work.”

Today, Lieutenant-General André Deschamps, Chief of the Air Staff, issued a far more somber statement. “This situation affects us all and I wish to extend my deepest sympathies to the families of those affected by these tragic events,” he said. “Although one is considered innocent until proven guilty, in light of the seriousness of the charges, and in consideration of the high level of responsibilities attached to the position of Wing Commander, an interim Wing Commander for 8 Wing Trenton will soon be appointed…The Canadian Forces hold their members to a very high standard of conduct and performance, in Canada or abroad, on or off military duty. I confirm that the Air Force is fully supporting civilian authorities in the conduct of the current matter.”

A self-described “avid golfer, keen photographer, fisherman and runner,” Williams enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1987 after earning an economics and political science degree from the University of Toronto. He received his flying wings in 1990 and two years later was posted to 434 (Combat Support) Squadron in Shearwater, where he flew the CC144 Challenger in the electronic warfare/coastal patrol role. He was subsequently posted to 412 (Transport) Squadron in Ottawa, where he continued to fly the Challenger, this time hauling VIPs. Promoted to major in 1999 and lieutenant-colonel in 2004, he also served as commanding officer at Camp Mirage, the ultra-secretive forward logistics base that the government has never officially acknowledged, but is widely reported to be in Dubai. In January 2009, he was posted to the Canadian Forces Language School in Gatineau, Que., for a six-month period of French training, his last step before Trenton.


Col. Russell Williams’ double life?

  1. This is a terrifying story. Williams was only here in the Trenton area since July of last year, but already he had prominence, playing a key role as the Olympic torch came through. And yes he was at every repatriation ceremony.

    Stark contrast to today's reports, which have him using duty counsel at the local court house. At they are saying there is a publication ban now in effect, which is surprising in the sense that the internet really has been breaking down those walls.

    BTW, Williams was supposed to make an appearance tomorrow at the opening of a pizza joint.

    • ojimmy
      your statement about him being here only since July of last year is not accurate. He was here years before that as he was the Commanding Officer of 437 Sqn here in Trenton in 2005.

      • You are absolutely correct! I should have been more specific in stating that he was here in the Trenton area as WING COMMANDER since July of last year. I appreciate you bringing that matter to my attention, proud airman.

    • The only disgusting thing is the obvious discriminatory attitude that you are displaying against honourable members of the military, of which I proudly count myself. I am dismayed at these events and hold myself secure in the knowledge that this is a complete aberration of character.

    • I too, am proud of you and our other Canadian soldiers!!! My fiance is a firefighter in the Canadian Air Force and has been down in Haiti since the earthquake, with many other troops, and will be leaving for Afghanistan before the year is over. Surely the world will see the misguided, inexcusable actions of one, serial killer, are certainly not representative of the Canadian Forces as a whole. Look at all these troop down in Haiti, helping to make a difference… Can those people who are generalizing, not flip the news channel and see this too, and realize that the Canadian Forces is full of honest, hardworking soldiers who take pride in their work, and deserve the utmost respect?

  2. Chickenroosting….. Please, get your facts straight before starting up a smear campaign against the rest of us who wear the uniform. For starters, NO soldier raped Shidane Arone in Somalia. A couple soldiers tortured and murdered him. These soldiers were NOT promoted and left undisciplined. Sgt Boland was demoted to Private, MCpl. Matchee tried killing himself and only succeeded in making himself a vegetable for life and Tpr. Brown was court martialed, imprisoned, then kicked out of the Army when his sentence was up. Their actions sicken me and I curse them for tarnishing our reputation, but don't blow smoke about being promoted and not punished.

    I personally am an Afghan war vet, and in 10 years of service, I have NEVER been trained to murder and rape, nor has any other soldier I serve with. These actions are the actions of a demented and twisted man for sure, but don't you dare blame the Military or imply that I or the rest of my comrades are of his stripe simply because we wear a CF uniform.

  3. Our soldiers are as professional as they come. After a firefight and seeing fellow Canadians KILLED and WOUNDED, our soldiers have taken surrendering Taliban insurgents into custody when the urge to avenge dead and wounded comrades was pumping through their veins….. but their professionalism and discipline restrained them from resorting to that and the right thing was done by accepting the surrendering insurgents as POW's. Just because one man committed some horrible crimes does NOT mean the rest of us should have to pay the price. If a butcher kills 2 women, does this mean all butchers are inclined to kill? After all, they are acclimitized to seeing blood, they're handy with knives and such….. you see how ludicrous this line of thinking is? Give me and the rest of us serving our Country a break.

    • I salute your service and I have argued against the liberal party trying to tie you in with Afghan violence on Afghan.

      They too, as this numskull did here, (have done) a disservice to many honourable persons in our military ….. I can tell you that I do not like you being in this brutal foreign country who has never developed a civil social society respecting anything of individual rights but I respect much less people here in high office in Canada who press to find out "what you knew" and nothing about what it was which they expected you to do about it!

      Ujjal Dosanjh, MP for Vancouver South was an NDP Justice Minister in 2000 who allowed the police in Canada to use electrical weapons on Canadians – a torture device not allowed to you in theater and 26 Canadians (or people in Canada) have died.

      This left wing bugger thinks it's okay to torture Canadians in Canada – but he so disrespects the service of people like you, that he would blame you for something you did not do and could not do anything about.

      I went a got an ounce of scotch in a glass and I have just drank it in a toast to the memory of those we have lost and those we will still lose …. God Speed, Thank you for fulfilling your duty.

      Lawrence A. Oshanek
      Calgary, Alberta

  4. For everyone else – I, for the record am a serving Canadian soldier. I do not condone, nor excuse the actions of Col. Williams. I think he deserves the very worst kind of punishment imaginable. This was murder and rape, pure and simple. We as soldier's should be held to a higher standard as we are expected to be professional and disciplined. Please remember though, we are just humans and a cross section of Canadians. There are bound to be a few nutjobs among our ranks. 89,000 people wearing the uniform….. Take a city of 90,000 and tell me there are no sociopaths in that City and I'll call you foolish for believing that. Please don't turn on us for this one bastard's heinous crimes.

    • Canadian Soldier, pay no attention to the idiots on blogging boards. Any rational person would understand that Williams' military uniform would have no connection to his crimes. This isn't a one-off crime. If he is guilty, we are talking about a bona fide serial killer. Those psychopaths kill regardless of their environment.

      • Hear hear!

    • You are absolutely right. As a soldier, much like a police officer, you serve the Canadian public and must as you put it uphold a high level of professionalism and discipline. A Canadian soldier gives up his/her personal freedoms in order to serve the Canadian people and so to violate this trust is the worst of all possible crimes a soldier can commit. It is therefor of utmost importance that the leaders of both the Canadian government and Canadian military protect this sacred trust by ensuring individuals placed in such a high level of command are closely scrutinized. We need more soldiers like you!

    • Agreed 100%.

    • Just as there are bound to be a few nutjobs in any group of thousands of people, so there are bound to be a few nutjobs among the many people who post comments on the internet. But the majority of Canadians (if I may presume to speak for them) are proud of the men and women of the Canadian Forces and appreciate the sacrifices they make so the rest of us don't have to. The heinous actions of one bastard won't change that.

    • Yes I think we all agree with your comments. However, I think it is important that the military look carefully at their screening processes and psychological testing for their upper officers. Clearly Williams was about to become one of the most powerful Canadians and I think that is what is particularly bothersome.

      • It is important to scrutinize people in these kinds of positions and i'm sure his every advancement in the military was "considered" by his superiours before it was authorized. How much time and resources do superiors have to consider these decisions. Likely not enough. The canadian military is, like the RCMP a very financially constrained organization. Constrained by us…the taxpayers. Maybe this is another case of getting what we pay for?????

        • I don't believe that Jessica Lloyd, Marie-France Comeau, the single mom in Tweed, and the second woman in Tweed got what they/we 'paid for'.

          What is particularly scary, for me, is that I recognize this man about town in Trenton, Ontario, where I live……if he had knocked at my door….in uniform or out of uniform….I would have opened the door for him…..

    • I doubt very much that the average Canadian would instantly assume that every member of the Armed Forces is now a rapist and/or murderer. Though, as you noted yourself, in a large population, there are those that don't fit the average mold. There will inevitably be some backlash by those who don't take the time to fully educate themselves on a subject, as there always is.
      I read a story on this website a while back pertaining to Catholic priests, (I am not Catholic or a member of any parish, clergy, synagogue or what have you). The article was basically about the reputation that Catholic priests have garnered for themselves over the past 200 or so years. Anyway, the odds of being a child molester actually go down by about half, if you are a Catholic priest, as compared to the average Canadian. But, it's because the priests are a uniform group that the average person will automatically associate them with child molesters.

    • You are right to assume that because you wear the same uniform as this cretin that theree will be people that may associate you with this sort of conduct, however those people are ignorant and their opinions shouldn't matter much to you all. Also, the Catholic priests have done more to gain their reputation than the military has. So there shouldn't be too much for you all to worry about. An educated person will know that the average soldier is disciplined and professional and is not a higher risk of becoming a sex pervert simply because of the uniform they wear. It takes all kinds.
      Keep up the good work soldiers.

    • I too, am proud of you and our other Canadian soldiers!!! My fiance is a firefighter in the Canadian Air Force and has been down in Haiti since the earthquake, with many other troops, and will be leaving for Afghanistan before the year is over. Surely the world will see the misguided, inexcusable actions of one, serial killer, are certainly not representative of the Canadian Forces as a whole. Look at all these troop down in Haiti, helping to make a difference… Can those people who are generalizing, not flip the news channel and see this too, and realize that the Canadian Forces is full of honest, hardworking soldiers who take pride in their work, and deserve the utmost respect?

    • I certainly feel the same way in that there are bound to be a few loose ends in a force of 90,000 strong. I really hope that Canadians will see that the actions of this one individual is a pure freak occurance, and could have been a medical doctor, lawyer, etc.

      I thank you for all that you do for us, and feel sorry for what this does to our troops morale. I am sure justice will be served in the end, and would never turn on any of you or think anything less of any soldier because of the actions of this scumbag.

    • Please do not convict the man until he has been proven guily beyond any doubt. I, too; was a member of the forces in 74-77.

      • I am a serving mbr of the CF and am shocked and utterly disgraced by the actions of Russell Williams. I am thankful to see the positive response towards the CF from so many people on this blog. I must comment on what you said " do not convict the man until he has been proven guily beyond any doubt" – I agree with this in most cases;however, in this particular case Russell Williams has taken the police to the body of one of his victims and apparantly been very candid in his testimonies with the police. In consideration of this, it's very difficult for me to be objective and assume that he may be innocent.

        • hippyatheart…you couldn't have said it better! I too am a CF mbr and absolutely agree with you. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck…it must be a duck. He admitted to it! He did it! How can someone say he might be innocent? As a BComd, to admit something that you didn't do….he had so much to lose. So obviously he admitted to the truth.

    • Interesting reference, a city of 90,000, but all with access to handguns and assault rifles.

      And of the 90,000 what percentage are sociopaths who filled the application to join in order to access heavy artillery , explosives, and combat training?

      In Col. Williams' case he was shooting for all the way to the top. His promotion in the CF was described as a 'rapid ascent'. Of the $$$billions alloted by the Canadian government for the CF, would it not be prudent to spend some of that budgeted money towards introspection?

      • Promotions to Flag Officer positions ARE heavily scrutinized. However, there is no way you can possibly determine if a man being promoted has this type of a dark side, they are masters of deception who have spent a lifetime keeping that side under the radar.

      • we actually DON'T all have access to handguns and assault rifles. Weapons are controlled and locked up….not like they are in all of our homes or handbags.
        Obviously in Williams' case, he didn't use his training and weapon "access" in his murders and assaults. Pretty trivial means of executing his "style". If you profile these idiots, they are smart and not obvious….very unlike to the public what they really are in their minds. Psychologists would not pick up these idiots unless they were caught, after the fact. So it would be wasted money to even try the unattainable.

        Introspection: dictionary definition: observation or examination of one's own mental and emotional state, mental processes, etc.; the act of looking within oneself.

        I doubt the military would spend some budget so Col Williams can do some soul-searching…I doubt that is the word you meant to use.

    • you people are the best! intelligent people will know better, but there's always the stupied ones, my husband served the reserved for 18 yrs, which he is no longer practices now, my brother in law just retired from montreal. I have alot of respect for you all out there serving our country! COL.Williams will pay big time, justice will be served.


    • agreed , god bless all the good soliders

    • So, a known, top-ranked military Colonel rapes, tortures, and murders several women, and B&E's houses of countless victims, stealing underwear belonging to girls as young as 12 years old. Yet, we must NOT blame the entire "outfit". What happened when, [as the story goes;] Several unknown "Muslims" run into the twin towers, killing less than150 people, and immediately, they all became the enemy, and suddenly "we" are given some "right" to intervene with the way they live, in hopes of preventing another attack.. AS IF. I'm not trying to call you out, you just gave me the ammo I needed. I hope you get where I'm coming from..

      in other words, You made the bed, now sleep in it!

      • first of all it's impossible to be able to detect a person with that type of evil in him when he's that good and No You can't blame the entire outfit as you call it! second of all two muslim pilots hit the twin towers killing thousands of ppl only 5 survived so i'd get your facts straight if you're going to post that type of news. We are talking about Col Williams in this instance not about the Muslims that's another story and yes your are calling them out ! Ammo??? you don't make sense in your ramblings!!! It's a blow to our Canadian Forces to find a monster such as Williams in their ranks and they Did something about it in which i applaud them for it!!! GOD BLESS OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN OUR CANADIAN FORCES AND DON"T LISTEN TO OTHERS SUCH AS TOM !!!!

      • Give them a break they are putting there lives at risk for,me, you and country and all you can do is down grade them,COL.Williams did the crime no one else.

    • There are monsters everywhere, I for one don't think any less of the military and our soldiers.

    • We know you guys are not like that bastard

    • i worked as a civ'y on a military base and there are many more like him. who are you kidding?

    • NEVER! One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch.I have family memebers in the Military and have lost family who were on mission,we are also friends with the Lloyds and helped with Jessica's search.My heart goes out to each and everyone of you,hats off to you all!
      You all take pride in what you represent………more than what we can say for him.

  5. I grew up on Air Force bases across Canada, and they were the best, safest, neighbourhoods a kid could live in. The idiots who are making sweeping generalizations about the military have absolutely no idea what most military people are like.

    Instead of focusing on this one alleged psychopath (note: he isn't convicted yet), we should be thankful that no one is above the law in Canada, and if the evidence points towards you, you will be arrested. Many countries don't have that luxury.

    • I agree. Here are these men are protecting us and some people feel the need to bad mouth them. Like the saying goes "If you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them"

    • I agree with R Keller, I too grew up on military bases and everyone kept a watch on us and we were a unique family. This can happen in any career sector and just serves to remind people that the "bad people" are not the stereotyped tattoo adorned thugs but come from all walks of life. Don't knock the military for this. This has been a huge shock to all of us who grew up in secure neighbourhoods on military bases. I am employed in the criminal justice system and it has it's problems but compared to other countries our system at least holds people responsible if found guilty no matter who they are. Living in the military family was the best life a kid could have.

      • Yes, S.A. The only times as a kid I felt lonely was when we weren't on PMQs and had to live among that rootless and chaotic bunch of individuals known as civilians.

        • I was pretty proud to be an 'army brat' like they liked to call us. It wasnt said in a bad way. Theses were the safest years I had.

          I compare with my children today, and never would I let them out once the sun has fallen. Growing up we could stay out until 9-10pm and if ever we got lost in the base you just knocked on one door and the MP's would bring you home.

  6. Please don't paint all of us with the same brush. There are good and bad people in uniform, just like there are good and bad people out of uniform. He's one man, this isn't what the military "taught him to do". He's obviously very sick, it doesn't mean the rest of us are. I am just thankful he was caught and will now have to pay the consequences. I sat at a dinner table with this man not long ago, and being a young female in uniform, it makes me sick.

    Please don't lose support for the rest of us. Some of us are heading within a few short weeks back to Afghanistan to try and make lives there better for people. We need your support now more than ever.

    • I don't think our Canadian military should have anything to worry about; almost ALL Canadians fully appreciate that you are decent, committed individuals working to improve the world for all of us to live in. Thank you for your valiant efforts!

    • You've got my support.

      Saying all Military personnel are taught the same, or trying to paint them with the same brush, would be akin to saying all those that studied Accounting, were like Paul Bernardo.

    • I definately do not paint you or any other soldiers with the same brush. My Dad was in the Air Force and although I have not had any contact with the Armed Forces since 1972 when he retired, I have only wonderful memories of the soldiers under him. We regularly had men and women under his command to our home for a meal. They were lonely without their family and enjoyed being a part of ours. I still feel that I am a memeber of the Air Force (even by proxy) and respect our men and women in service. God bless and keep you as you return overseas.

    • and you and yours have my gratitude,I wish you godspeed and a safe return

    • Not only do you have my support… you have my gratitude for serving our country in what are often dangerous and difficult situations. One or two nuts will never change that.

    • We don't, we are very proud of our soldiers and wish all of them a safe return. There are "bad apples" everywhere unfortunately, that is life.

    • You and all of our service men and women have my complete and total support, respect and prayers. God Bless I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifice and bravery on behalf of all Canadians. Sadly there are nut cases/monsters in all walks of life. This deviant's evil deeds do not and should not reflect upon our heroes in uniform.

    • I agree with what you said. God bless you and the rest of the troops on your journey back to Afghanistan… come home safely.

    • This was just a bad incident that happened in our Canadian military. This guy is just SICK. May god help him.
      There is no paint brush to paint . All of you soldiers have done wonderful work in around the world. War torn countries have such a lot of respect for our Canadian soldiers. Keep up the good work.
      God Bless you.

    • My gratitude and prayers will always continue for our brave men and women who continue to protect this great Nation of ours we call Canada. The case with "Williams" should not have us prejudice against all those who serve in our "Army",
      Please, let us not focus on the negative, but rather let's bath in all the positive we have to enjoy and we are blessed to live in a great Nation. May God Bless. RIP MJ Comeau and J. Lloyd.

  7. for our military and our rcmp and police-it only takes 1/10 or so to cause issues that are unacceptable by todays standards but as citizens we are no better among us walk pedophiles,murderers,rapists,serial killers, physiopaths and ongoing /does not mean all of us are like that once in a while a bad turn happens , it is us to us as a country and citizens to take responsibilty as well /

    • pedophiles,murderers,rapists,serial killers, physiopaths….Don't forget to mention the most heinous of our society, the politicians!

  8. You need help buddy!!!

  9. I’m an immigrant to Canada from the States and ‘served’ in the Peace Corps, two years of my life doing community development, peace advocacy, and english teaching in the former USSR. I then got a job as a ‘humanitarian liaison’ in Kosovo before the NATO bombing, working with a joint-forces US-Canadian military group. I got to do things like interviewing gang rape victims associated with the conflict and going on observation patrols to verify the Serbian miltary and the Kosovar militias were separated and villages were relatively safe. My boss was Canadian Forces, a Major in the engineering corps, and this was his third job like that one.

    Chickenroosting, comments like yours even if they’re trolling, are deranged. After working with both some of the best of the pacifist and the best of the military, I wish I’d been young enough to join and serve again. I wish half of us had the strength and discipline to do a tour of duty. I certainly hope the trial judge is more fair than you are, for all of our sakes.

  10. He is worst than a Dexter…………………….He has fooled all of us!

    Many thanks to the good work of our police forces! … in the capture of this monster.

    • Including the MP. This is just staggering, and I know the MP's must be reeling as much as anyone.

    • As evidence was gathering, I can imagine the police had trouble getting their heads around this suspect getting to the top of their list.

      Mike: it is alleged monster.

    • "Many thanks to the good work of our police forces! … in the capture of this monster."

      Innocent until proven guilty, remember?

      • Innocent til proven guilty,but we must remember hes already,the monster already admitted to it.REMEMBER

    • I admire the police but the politicians need to do their job so that these monsters are never let back out on the street to harm others. I believe in eliminating these preditors not recycling them.

    • Hey Mike,
      To date your the only one who has summed it up for those who wish to make is sound a bit lighter than the horrific subj it really is. I "had", a friend in the Cadanian Military, "John Sassville". He was heavy into alot of very bad stuff, and in 2006 they found his body in a back alley in BC. This was kept very hush, hush, maybe because he was a low rank NCM not an officer. I bet he was as bad as Willams, can't bring myself to look or refer to his rank anymore.

      Thank you for keeping it real.


  11. There will always be those who distrust and despise authority figures of any type. It should come as no surprise that they will be eager to jump on this case in order to justify their hatred of the military. For the CF members who have already commented, and those who are thinking of commenting, I ask that you take a moment and reflect on whether there is any benefit in debating such individuals.

    Our fellow Canadians are quite capable of distinguishing between the actions of an individual and the policies of a large organization. Instead of wasting your time on pointless arguments, take the time to offer your condolences to the families of the victims. Express some sympathy for the family of the accused. Speak about your own feelings, and how this incident has affected you personally. There are many ways to positively contribute to the discussion; arguing with those who are opposed to our very existence is certainly not one of them.

    • I say one way to honour the victims is to STOP paying this animal!!! You dont arrest such a high ranking official if you dont have some pretty solid EVIDENCE ! Im alll for innocent until proven guilty , but when such hanious allegations are made against a person THEY should not be paid a cent of money !!!! That makes me sick !!! If it was some Joe blow who was nothing, thats exactly what he/ she would get nothing!!!

      • Im alll for innocent until proven guilty , but when such hanious allegations are made against a person THEY should not be paid a cent of money

        You can't be all for it in one breath and against it in the next. This course of action has been followed for years and is the only way to honour our contract with those who are accused. You may not like it, but if we didn't follow it, we might just as well give up on the judicial process and jail anyone the police decide is guilty. How could that go wrong?

      • When a Service Member is taken into custody, they lose their pay and allowances. If memory serves, he will be entitled to $1 per day as well as some toiletries.

        I wish all of the victims some peace.

    • I so so much agree with your positive attitude. One should stop generalizing and look at the individual, if/when convicted as the problem.

  12. Regardless if he wore a soldiers uniform, or a McDonalds uniform… the "man" is a MONSTER. I hope and pray our justice system nails him, and while rotting in some club Fed, he gets Dahmerized.
    Rot in hell!

    • He hasn't been found guilty yet. Calm down, for God's sale.

      • Don't be a blind idiot. He led them to the body. Of course he's guilty. DUH!

      • Jan hes guilty he said he did it,the monster should rot in hell,how can you say calm down

  13. WOW ignorant……..%# anyway, how dare you disgrace our veterans. Don't forget why you can freely write your opinion here, because of our veterans and their sacrifices. You might thank our WWI, WWII, Korean, Allied, all military personnel….they are not rapist and murders. pick your battles, get your facts straight, equip yourself with education and knowledge before you spill out such hurtful and undeserving words….shame on you !!!!!!!

  14. i know a few friends who presently serve in the military at 8 wing one is a chopper pilot for search and rescue there.and one of the others was just sent to Haiti to help them ..this col williams had the whole world in his hands and simply threw it away and who knows what kind of hell his wife is now forced to go through trying to understand what kind of animal she shared her life with.i tried to get mcvicker from the intelligencer to send me posters to put on our vehicles and he ignored my emails.we were and are saddened by the news of Jess gone missing and hoped for her return but not in this terrible way..we feel for the families of these poor souls and my only wish would be that this animal be sent to the usa where theres a justice system who give a real life sentence to murders not a slap on the wrist like canada.i will never look at 8 wing the same way ever again..there had to be someone there who knew something and chose not to say a word.a life for a life and so far theres 2 and counting this piece of crap should never see the light of day EVER ..these poor women wont because of(( IT )) as he doesnt deserve a name hes a nobody..worse than dirt..

    • "…there had to be someone there who knew something and chose not to say a word."
      Not necessarily so. Anyone who's familiar with socio- and psychopaths know that to the outer world, they are the picture of normalcy. How many times have we read stories about serial killers and rapists finally exposed in which the neighbours and coworkers express sincere shock, that he was "the nicest guy in the world." Think Green River Killer. Think Ted Bundy. Think John Wayne Gacy. If Col. Williams is indeed guilty — and that has yet to be determined — his friends and loved ones need not beat themselves up with guilt about not spotting the evidence. These guys spend a lifetime perfecting an outer persona that allows their inner monsters to operate largely unfettered. These are not one-shot lucky wonders.

      • Can't tell me that the paper sheared wasn't the busiest it has ever been the Monday after the arrest. Army look out for each other no matter what! I agree someone or someones knew. Oh wait or are they the ones that turned up dead too.

    • Don't blame all military people. We have dirty dogs everywhere, not just the military! I am a women and I should be more pissed then you, we can't go for a walk at night, you can! I am also not in the military, but I take my hat off to them. Why should you not look at them the same, they all didn't do this. Use your brain and not your mouth, make you sound like an unintelligent person. I behind the men in Trenton.


    • I think before you beak of to everyone in society, try to be less illiterate. Reading this hurt my brain.

  15. This is a well-written article, kudos to the Maclean's journalist for tying together the various strings and themes of this case in a coherent whole which lets us fully understand the monster involved. It seems the "singularity" in the cases were tire tread marks which is why the police stopped the vehicles on Hwy 37 on Thursday, to narrow down the suspect pool. I found other insightful info at links at the news website referenced above by O'Jimmy. It's hard to ignore the trolls here, given the vileness of their comments, but no one with a brain can see this case as anything but Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, not GI Joe. BellevilleMom is right, the perp is a MONSTER and deserves what he gets. Ironically, he's likely in the Quinte Detention Centre in Napanee right now, under protection from other inmates, not far from where Ms Lloyd had worked.

  16. God bless the brave men and women fighting for our freedom lets not one bad apple ruin the whole barrel

    • Well said!!!

  17. CF and all Canadians should be proud of themselves today more than ever. Only so grown up military is capable to respond on such a professional and effective way. Just ask yourself how many other nations still hiding their murderers, rapists, psychopaths..

  18. My first comment isn't a dig at people who have been (or currently are) in the Canadian Forces, by the way. It's just that it's pretty obvious that some bad apples fall through the cracks, and maybe the CF needs to seriously consider overhauling the way they "profile" (not sure if that's the correct term to use) potential recruits.

    Oh, the other thing I forgot to add was that when I tried to get in, I had several years of experience in forestry fieldwork. But I guess they didn't need really physically fit guys with excellent map-reading and navigation skills in the infantry… :D

    • The CF application process is always open to review and modification. However, if you are seriously unable to understand why the Canadian Forces isn't interested in giving weapons to people who have experimented with hallucinogenic drugs, it's unlikely that you have any useful ideas on how to restructure that process.

      In any event, CF recruiting standards are irrelevant here. If an individual can serve for 20+ years without arousing suspicion, it's ludicrous to think that any kind of testing could have weeded him out ahead of time. I'm sorry that you feel wronged by the CF, but your complaints have nothing to do with this case.

      • Why aren't the Canadian Forces interested in giving weapons to people who have experimented with hallucinogenic drugs?

    • As a serving member of the CF since 1986, I am disgusted after reading your comments. You are a prime example of a bitter person that was turned down by the CF. I highly doubt that you were refused by the recruiting office because of your past drug usage. I for one dabbled extensively with social drugs before joining, and when asked about it during my recruitment I told the truth. There were no repercussions of this, infact I told them I had smoked pot the previous night before giving blood and doing my final medical exam. What I was told was this: that life is now behind you, it is not tollerated in the CF and if caught I would be persecuted and harshly delt with and more than likely ending in release from the CF. You are grasping at straws. You obviously had issues that were far worse than your drug usage that caused them to think you were not fit to wear a uniform.
      You MNM should keep your narrow minded point of veiw to yourself or at least to a crowd with the same twisted uninformed views as yours.

  19. I hear he photographed at least one of the women whom he bound. What kind of dullard would do that and then say they are an avid photographer.
    Does that mean they have photographs of his victims in his home?

    • or on his computer or somewhere else. How would we be able to tell you where Williams kept his photos or if there are in fact any pictures of the victims.

  20. Of course there are the same psychos in the military as in the general population. Most of the people there are doing great work, but so are a lot of other people. I can't help but hope that this puts a stop to the "sanctify the soldier" movement for a couple of hours, anyway.

    • Besides the RCMP, how many other professions put themselves in harmsway like this:
      "The number of Canadian Forces' fatalities resulting from Canadian military activities in Afghanistan is the largest for any single Canadian military mission since the 25th Canadian Brigade suffered 309 combat-related deaths (and approximately 145 non-combat deaths in-theatre) in the Korean War between 1950 and 1953. A total of 139 Canadian Forces personnel have been killed since the mission began in 2002.[1]"
      Yes, it is a choice to join the CF or RCMP and most do not join in order to be "sanctified" , but I believe that the soldiers and the families still deserve our respect for their losses.

    • So not surprised at this at all. I remember all the rapes happening on Borden/Kingston and no one would do anything about it. When I mean anything, you were supposed to go to your course instructors on anything, They told you too. Not the MPS. When girls did, the course instructors would do nothing cos it would draw attention to the school(s). Some guys ended up RTU'd, some had nothing done to them and in the end, the girl(s) who reported was the one who got the harrassment . They got away (the rapists), the girls who reported got disciplined. Made into a administration problem, harrassed, kicked out. I'm just saying what a lot of ppls already know. Including myself.

  21. Tim said:
    "I hear he photographed at least one of the women whom he bound. What kind of dullard would do that and then say they are an avid photographer.
    Does that mean they have photographs of his victims in his home?"

    He was so arrogant and sure of himself that I bet he did keep pictures. After all, he must have thought, "who could suspect me?" And if he is a serial criminal, as the charges seem to bear out, his arrogance no doubt only grew over time. But publicly proclaiming himself as an "avid photographer" is also a way to hide out in the open. Then the camera isn't suspicious. But what does he do with the pictures? Did he send them to some sick S&M website? Does he collect such sickness? I'm sure those going through the picture collections on his computer will be revulsed. Apparently, the Ottawa house has been secured as well and forensics are full speed ahead in both.And, again based on what the OPP said today, who knows what other crimes he committed at his various postings, all the while unsuspected due to his day job… And perhaps even long-unsolved crimes in Toronto when he was at the University of Toronto back in the 1980s…. DNA matching could be a goldmine of crime solutions.

    • Why do you think the OPP are searching his home(s) in Trenton and Ottawa? They are looking at his computer and searching for photos as well as "keepsakes" from the victims.
      Think about it…
      How do you think crimes get solved?

  22. Somewhere, a Canadian is blaming America for this whole mess.

    No really.

    Really, really.

    • An explanation of this statement would be appreciated, I wuold love to know why any Canadian would blame any country for the act of an individual.

    • It's always all about you, isn't it, America?

    • Well, that may be so …. but the US has taken to "Blame it on Canada" with great enthusiasm! So bugger off yankee, your little hurt feeling do not belong here!

      Follow the link below …… I think you have your own problems with lunatics in your ranks ….. we will look after this ourselves.

      Oh …. byr the bye ….. everything is not about your egocentric terrorist nation!

    • Are you an American Uncle Sammy? Can we blame the USA. Your a funny funny guys.

    • I can't speak for all 34 million of us, but nobody I know (I live about10 miles from CFB Trenton) blames the USA, or even the Canadian Forces, for this.

      • Talk about an exagerated ego…….must have taken you hours to come up with the possible link a murder/rape case has with the USA.Is this some sort of hidden guilt thing? Maybe you need psychiatric help? And well as you asked for it.,….its your training of soldiers that causes violent pychopathic personalities…not a trait in the training of Canadain at all. Oh I get it……….your a soldier arent you……..maybe looking to vent some of your hostility on Canada……….if you want to get angry, why dont you suck up the fact that we totally wiped your ass with gold medals in the Olympics this year!

    • what does the us have to do wuth this, you're an idiot.

  23. i wonder if his job had any environmental effect on his well being?

    • Give me a break!!! alot of people have stressfull jobs …many more so than that …hes a deviant whos probably been working towards this end for many many yrs…he was only posted to this position ….months ago ?? The Police are looking into his actions for the past couple of yrs !!! That tells you all you need to know …I say brace yourself I m thinking this wont be his last charge!!!

      • I agree with you, Brooklyn, this type of criminal behaviour cannot be blamed on his job. Russell Williams is a sick man and I believe it can be traced back into the core of who he was, not what his job made him.

        • I also agrfee with Brooklyn and ValleyGirl. This job has not caused other Wing Commanders to perform such horrific acts. There are stressful parts of a military career, but for instance, 6 months being paid a six figure salary to learn a second language? That is one of the many perks of the career path he was on. He had several homes, a boat, etc from what I read. There are "stress tests" also in the military. He could take "stress leave" if he felt stressed. He could simply take a year of leave without pay if he wanted. The military offers so much support to their members to be healthy, that there is little excuse for his career contributing to his horrific actions!

    • if you paid any attention to the media, a person with these types of crimes did not just start this yesterday. And no, his job would not have effect….it's not like he fought in Afghanistan under attack, or has PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) His only deployment was Camp Mirage….picture a beautiful resort! No PTSD from there! And most of his career you question, was spend in education! ….don't be so naiive!

  24. What kind of a security screening process do we have? If true, how can a monster like this get top-level security clearance?

    • he was recruited years ago…..and maybe before his tendencies showed up

      • for that kind of clearance it should be mandatory for re-screening every five years at the very least!!!! This is a very evil/sick person and I believe that you can feel evil around you someone must have witnessed something at sometime/somewhere…my heartaches for the families of these victims…

        • I was listening to a profiler talking about this case. He said if someone had a sexual perversion and wanted to hide it, there are no tests to show it exists. My point is, the government didn't screw up in their screening process.

          • Exactly, you can lie you way through anything if you want..Ever tell someone (wife for example) you don't look or haven't looked at pornography ? Same thing.

          • Yes but the truth usually comes out in the end. No point in decieving a mate on important issues. Find someone you're compatible with instead!

          • I agree with you, Curious. Russell Williams probably made a career out of hiding secrets and covering up his sick perversions. I don't think there's any way that the gov't could have found out about this perversions unless there had been previous charges. If they had done psychological testing on him, I think Williams would have been deviant enough to conseal the peverted characteristics.

        • That level of clearance is, in fact, re-screened every five years.

    • Hey buddy …. shit happens.

      There is no way to totally protect us all.

      It is reasonable to assume, had this man not been in the military, he would have killed a great many more people over the years because he would have had much fewer people to notice him!

      Consider that!

    • I highly doubt that the screeners would have been able to find anything if he had really wanted to hide it. Still it is something that needs to be looked into, which it probably will.

    • Whatever process they have now should be revamped . Top level security clearance, now that is downright scary. Scarier than the thought of this guy wearing the fancy underwear under his uniform… what a deviant, hopefully he will never ever be released from prison. Bless the victims and their families, and I mean all of the victims… hopefully they will search out crimes that happened wherever he was stationed way back…

  25. It is unabelievable that this soldier slipped thru the cracks without noticing there was something wrong and to have gone on this long.
    However dont judge him as a soldier judge him as a person as there are a great many respected soldiers defending you and I at home and I have the deepest respect for them.
    Something should be done about the medical aspect of soldiers. They are under most trying conditions that you and I have no idea of and some are serving too long of stints. If the soldier is willing to fight for his country the the country should be willing to give each and everyone of them a phsychological test after their stint is finished and before they arrive home and this should be mandatory at least once a year while in service.
    To the civilians I say if you have a friend who sticks to himself and doesnt socialize report him to the police station and let him get help.
    Parents dont always want to recognize that their child needs help.

    • Hello Maggie. Sticking to yourself and not socilaizing is not a crime. Not everyone needs to be popular or social to validate their existance. If you don't have the fortitude to make your own life maybe you are the one who needs help.

    • Hi Maggie:
      I agree with Allen regardng people who are not exactly popular should not automatically be suspect in crimes like these. Somebody had made a comment that even people who seem to be the most normal socially turn out to be serial killers. ie. green river killer. Psychological tests are part of routine medicals after combat for debriefing. These people are often intelligent enough to evade this kind of screening or test.
      I don't think we can always know what is really in someone's heart and soul. People serving in the military and law enforcement are exposed to stresses that are uniquely their own. They are expected to be reslient and be 'tough'. That doesn't exuse this guy's actions. What I am saying that there is more than one type of personality that commits crimes like these.
      My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

    • Allen has it right.

      I would add that the majority of Psychos & Sociopaths never commit murder, they may commit soft crimes or no crimes at all & some will go to their graves with everyone saying what a nice person they were. Some of the bad guys in the finance sector are sociopaths.

      Don't tar all <insert group here> with the same brush.

    • I support everything you said except for the last part where antisocial people should be reported to the police. I myself don't really socialize with other people, there's a reason for that, they annoy me. That doesn't mean I should be reported to the police just because I don't like most people and I'm not comfortable being around people. Sure I can socialize over the internet but that's different when you're not face to face and you can just close the chat window or whatever and not respond when you've had enough.
      I don't know about you but I'd be traumatized if I was accused of being a murder, or thought that I needed help, and reported to the police all because I don't care for people much. I'm a person who sticks to themself because I don't want the whole world knowing what thought goes through my brain every 2 seconds because frankly it's no ones business but my own. I know you're trying to support a point here and I can kind of see it as a way of catching suspects but it's not the way to go about it, maybe if they suddenly stopped talking to you and others and cut off all contacts quite rapidly then it would be a good idea to at least get him into a phsyciatrist or a police station or confront them and ask if they have anything worrying them lately.

    • Its amazing because he looks like that bitch Homolka.

  26. While your insulting generalizations are what might be expected from someone who can't even get Shidane Arone's name right, the idea that a man whose military specialty is flying transport aircraft is trained to "kill, rape and murder" is completely ludicrous.

  27. I am aghast, as everyone here, it seems.

    This thread seems to be driven by thoughtful people. I enjoy it.

    I wonder about the promotion rules they use in the army. What types people get promoted? Seems their model is broken. Amazing.

    • 1. Col Williams is an Air Force Colonel he is not in the Army.
      2. Serial killers/rapists are masters at desception. I am not surprised that he was able to keep a double life for so long.
      3. Like society in general, sick people fall through the cracks. He will be delt with by the courts and that will be it.

    • promotion rules………do you know everything about the guy next to you? your boss? bad people can hide their ways and smart people do do bad things…….his superiors are probably wondering about it too……..but you cannot see all!

    • For one thing he was Air Force not Army and the process of getting promoted does not work how you think if you are thinking at all. You should check into your facts before making accusations on how the military works. If a person has never been convicted of a crime before how do you think Military or Police Service would know what it is they do in their spare time. Uneducated people will be the downfall of society!!!

    • for those of you thinking wow, how did this person get to be so high up in the air force………………….well, if this guy did what he is accused of……………………..he likely didnt wheel around the base wearing a "im a serial rapist/killer" shirt. thats what these predators do. live a double life. a serial offender could be from any walk of life.

      so lighten up on the CF. this guy could have been from any profession.

      • Well said, BL1!

    • Yes. Take the recent acceptance of Capt Hansen for NASA, and the four other Captains/CF18 pilots that made the final six during their screening. Seems to me that Capt Hansen is now the most under-ranked individual ever to have been recruited by NASA. The point being that by all accounts Capt Hansen was only progressing "normally" within his career. And yet those evaluating his potential had far less (right up to the highest ranks I might add)! So how is it that the military needs an outside agency to identify their best and seperate the weat from the chaff. Capt Hansen (and the other performers) should have been identified for their abilities/potential much sooner. Seems to me that the CF can miss their best and select some quesitonable ones…

    • You know how the news footage always goes to the neighbours saying "He was quiet. Seemed like a nice guy."

      Unfortunately, villains in our society are not so considerate as to run around with large top-hats and twirling their long, thin mustaches. If they were, we'd have a much easier time identifying them. I mean, I'm fairly sure that if he did do these acts, he didn't exactly chat about it with his colleagues on base.

    • the rules are the same for bankers, lawyers , c.e.o's etc. anyone that breaks our trust should rot in jail.

  28. What needs to be brought to the attention of people in Canada is the fact that there exists a huge disrepency when it comes to investigating military personnel in Canada, even low ranking military personnel.
    I would not turn a "different eye" on military per se, but i would add that just as above has mentioned, there are all kinds of people in the military and so it is only just that the crimes reported to police and outside civilian authorities actually get investigated.
    This case reached national headlines, because of work by her family and friends; and later facebook networking site, this reached millions of people. Every newspaper in Canada was running her picture and the details of her dissapearance. It is not to say they wouldn;t of investigated and found her killer BUT there are many cases that do not recieve this sort of public awareness and get pushed aside, or as is the case in this rural small town, other innocent civilians were interrogated in the assaults and previous murder, however noone even thought or would question military even though Trenton is the largest base in Canada.
    God bless her and I hope the angels are with her and her family and Marie Compeaus as well as the previous victims.

  29. You bassically say do not paint all with one brush … agreed !! but then you turn around and generalize that people who stick to themselves need to be reported to the Police !!!! Rediculous !!!

  30. What doesnt make sense to me is how fast after her body was found they arrested him???? Did they know ??? and if they did it must have been for a substantial amount of time!! You cant arrest and charge someone with a crime unless they have proof of fact and issues of the crime !!

    • Brooklyn, he was picked up on Sunday, her body was not found until Monday, must have had real good evidence.

    • Actually you are incorrect. He was arrested Sunday and her body was found Monday. I believe from what I have read that they have been watching him since Feb 3rd and after his arrest Sunday they either serched his property and found her or perhaps he confessed and told them where she was…
      Sorry if my assumptions turn out to be wrong this is only my opion coupled with some facts.

    • He was arrested and then her body was found.

    • ah, he confessed and showed them where to find the body! slam dunk as far as i'm concerned.

  31. WOW ! This is almost unbelievable. The most senior officer in charge of Trenton AFB has been charged with Serial murder and serial rape! WOW ! The news must have hit Trenton like a series of bombshells. His colleagues must be walking around shell shocked. Imagine what his family must be going through? They must be in a total state of shock over this. And what must he be going through right now? Is he under a suicide watch? If true it seems like he was a total Jekyll and Hyde type character. I read where they think that he may be responsible for the deaths of other women so this story has the potential to get even bigger!

  32. Jessica Lloyd's brother Andy put it best….

    “Ought to shoot the f—-ing pervert,” muttered Andy Lloyd as Williams was led away moments later. (from court…shackled)

    • I am pretty sure Andy was not at the court house……..could you imagine the press all over him if he was.

    • The Belleville Intelligencer published an apology to Andy Lloyd as these were not his comments. These comments were made by someone else, unnamed.

  33. This is such a terrible story. I am from the town of Brighton where Marie Comeau was murdered. Obviously being a small town, word travels fast and people get scared. People live in small towns such as mine to get away from things like this. Thats a generalization yes, and I know this type of thing can happen anywhere. The thing that bothers me most is when the murder happened in Brighton, the Police issued comments addressing the community saying there was nothing to worry about. It was a clearly a murder…how do they expect a small close-knit community not to worry? And now look whats come of it…Thumbs up for finally catching this guy though. It really has to open peoples eyes and a lot of people will be sleeping with one eye open. My prayers are with the victims and their families and Col. Russell Williams should never see the light of day again!

    • I feel sorry for William's wife…
      She's going to need a lot of therapy to move on. She's bound to question her own judgment, her feelings and her ability to make decisions in her own best interest.
      Not to mention the horrific financial position she is facing.
      NO pension from the CF. (National Defence Act requires Officers to serve a minimum of 25 years before any pension is payable.)
      No benefits, like medical/dental insurance.
      She works for a charity…got a fancy title but her cheque is likely very light.
      A almost new home in Ottawa's Westboro, likely mortgaged to the hilt, or will soon be, to cover the cost of hubby's criminal defence fees.
      This woman's life is about to drastically change and not for the better.
      She has done nothing wrong except to marry the wrong person.
      She too is a "victim" of Russ Williams.

      • She needs a good (family law) lawyer almost as much as he needs good criminal council. She ought to divorce him as soon as possible and get her 50% of whatever assets they, as a couple, have managed to accumulate.
        She needs to start protecting herself. Clearly, she wasn't exactly uppermost in his mind when he was out raping, murdering, confining, threatening, and otherwise terrorizing women.
        It's time that she started "looking out for number one".

      • The way his wife is a victim of Russ Williams,i think she should be aloud to have his pension,plus full benefits,why victimize her again,shes going through enough and alot more.

  34. Maggie, you said: "To the civilians I say if you have a friend who sticks to himself and doesnt socialize report him to the police station and let him get help. "

    You do realize, don't you, what a sick statement you've made?!?! You're telling the public that if their neighbour doesn't socialize or if he (she?) prefers his own company, they are to be reported to the police. Maggie, with all due respect, I suggest that you're the one in need of help.

    • Agreed!

  35. Sorrow and Perspective. I grieve for the loss and pain of the victims of this tragedy and at the same time agree that we should not be surprised that EVIL people live in our midst and can occupy any profession of life. I pray that justice will be done for the families of the victims and that the truth be revealed to the benefit of us all. This is not a "military" problem, it is a problem of evil people and their henious deeds, and they live anywhere and work anywhere.

  36. I can't help but think that this SOB was in Kingston when RMC student Joe Grozelle went missing in the fall of 2003. His death looked suspicious from the very beginning but nothing ever came of it. At the time, there were some that suspected some kind of a cover-up???
    Let's keep digging into this pshyco's past and we may find the answers to many more atrocities.

    • Exactly what I thought Dude but I do believe the Kingston Police have already said that it's not in their jurisdiction. Not sure if it's in O.P.P.'s either. It was probably under the investigation of Nation Defence since Joe was in the services. They (National Defence) have stated that they will co-operate in the present case – they'd look pretty damn stupid if they didn't – but I don't believe I have heard them say anything about this so – called co-operation as far as any "cold" files go.

      I do believe we will need to band together to help Joe's family finally getting some honest answers and honest investigating. Not sure though as to how much of Joe's case is hidden in C.N.D. files. The National Defence should in no way be investigating themselves. I would have more faith in the O.P.P. handling the investigations than I would National Defence. Strange thought to think that we need to defend ourselves against the DEFENCE . Almost kind of funny if it wasn't so sick!

      I'm fearful that they are only out to DEFEND themselves.

  37. For any who are getting on the bash the Forces bandwagon, consider this; The Canadian Federal legal system is a joke, he is going to get nailed to the cross TWICE because of the fact that he wears our uniform. This means if found guilty of double murder one, he will then be court martialled by the CF and get more jail time on top of whatever the civvy courts give him. As it's a murder, he will get the max and end up having to serve 2 years less a day at Canadian Forces Detention Barracks in Edmonton….. 2 years less a day, THEN off to a Federal Penn because the Government has decreed more than 2 years in our Military Prison is "cruel and unusual" punishment. At least while the military is punishing him, the bastard will wish he was dead….. when he hits civvy jail, his luxurious jail stint will begin.

    • He's a Colonel, not a private. They'll whitewash and protect him if they can, if for no other reason than to be able to say 'our hands are clean'

      I don't expect anything decent from a military court. They're the ones defending poppy fields and denying it afterall.

    • Here here…I couldnt have said it any better. Well done. If convicted, this man will serve 2 years less a day in a jail system that would make Alcatraz seem like club med. Its too bad that his life sentence couldnt be served there…but hey as you sated "we are cruel" when it comes to punishing our own.

      • He has been charged by civilian police not the military. He will go through civilian court and if convicted civilian jail. The military can not charge someone again for something the civilian system has charged them for.

        • Soldier 1, your wrong. Well, your partially right. Yes, double jeopardy would kick in if they charged him with the same crimes as civilian court, HOWEVER…. they certainly can charge him with a large number of offenses in the NDA and hammer him with jail time. Read the QR&O's more closely and you'll see how many things he can be charged with, without the double jeopardy clause kicking in.

          Donny, give your head a shake….. this is a NEW Army we have. We learned our lessons from Somalia, and believe me, the CF (Particularly our CDS) is NOT going to throw away all our positive gains in the past decade to try and protect this Officer. He's going down hard.

  38. This is just crazy and imagine all the other crimes he has committed. I am sure there is lots. U don't become a killer in a few days, it is always in there somewhere just waiting to happen. He was moving around so much in defferente positions around the country that he knew he could commit crimes and get away with it until NOW. There is sickos in every working place, it is just that sometimes they are smarter than us until they screw up.

  39. As a former Royal Roads (military college) officer cadet, I have my own perspective which I would like to share. First of all, heads should roll in the upper chain of command, for hiring and promoting this man. It was common knowledge among officer cadets that non-military college officers were unfit for higher level command. In military college you experience 4 years of intense pressure and scrutiny which weeds out those who are unwilling or unfit for command. Secondly, pilots are not the type of people to seek out Economics or Political Science degrees! Pilots with 'right stuff' are usually interested in science, aerodynamics, etc.. Finally, the Canadian military recruiters suck for both lieing to recruits and allowing psychopaths in, just so they can pad their numbers. I remember several officer cadets in Basic Officer training who spent their Friday and Saturday evenings sharpening their bayonets and talking about how cool it would be to kill somebody someday! And they suppossedly passed the basic psychology test! Yah right!

    • Dude,
      Your wacked in your assessment. You give all ring knockers a bad name by those comments.

      • Just stating the facts… If you wish to blindly support Col. Williams, or bad policies, be my guest…

    • As a non-ring knocker you can take your comments and shove it. You sir have earned the name Cadiot!

      • Sorry if my comments personally offended you D Mitchell. But my comments are not directed at individual military officers. These are policy issues. And unless they are addressed, we can expect more such incidents in the future.

        • You wrote "It was common knowledge among officer cadets that non-military college officers were unfit for higher level command."
          So you and the rest of you spagetti striped admirals had the experience and leadership knowledge to make this assessment? Good grief WTF did they teach there? It was that kind of thinking that causes the C&PO's and Warrants and Sgt's to despise officers of your type.
          All sorts of freaks fall through the cracks, in every type of profession. Paint brush comments like yours do not help anyone.

          • "Unfit" was a poor choice in words. The common knowledge I was referring to, was not created by cadets. This "knowledge" came via recruiters, commanding officers, Warrant Officers (drill sgt's) and fathers who worked at DND headquarters. The Federal Government originally created these colleges to train future senior officers. I'm not trying to insult anyone here, just stating the history and facts. Information that much of the public is perhaps unaware of. The purpose of these schools is to create future leaders. While you can certainly find leaders elsewhere, you won't know as much about them. Maj. Gen. Blondin even admitted this in his statement, yesterday.

            By the way, I am a civilian.

          • You're a tool and troll.

          • btw I am a WO in the Air Force.

            I can guarantee, the only people that thought as you seem to do are some that attended RRMC/RMC/CMR.

            There is no place for elitists in the CF. Please stick to something you know.

          • Well said WO…but please know that the sentiments expressed by exroyalroads are NOT indicative of how MOST RRMC/RMC/CMR grads feel. He is a baffoon – glad to hear he is no longer serving.

            An RMC Grad

      • please dont call the Cadet sir….he never earned a commission and should not be addressed as such

    • 1. Our Ex-CDS, General Rick Hillier, was not an RMC graduate, so right off the bat you have no idea what you're talking about.

      2. Pilots study all sorts of subjects. Your silly generalizations are completely worthless.

      3. Military psychological testing is cursory at best.. There is no test in existence which can detect successful sociopaths with any degree of accuracy or consistency.

      4. Your allegations about the behavior of CF recruiters, as well as your made-up stories about the conduct of RMC cadets, are baseless and offensive. It's quite clear that you know nothing of the Canadian military. I would be very surprised to find that you had actually attended RMC, and am quite certain that you never graduated from it.

      • It appears you don't know what you are talking about. I didn't mention RMC, nor did I say the cadets we witnessed sharpening bayonets were from RMC. Either you are still in diapers or not a member of the armed forces. Either way, you have a lot of learning to do…

        Say hi to your Dad the recruiter ;)

    • RMC cadets and future officers often show all the worst traits of leadership I have seen. With 14 years in the military I would easily say that the 2 worst senior officers I can think of were ring knockers, with several others just as poor. Going to RMC right out of highschool and never experiencing any other workplace or other social experiences does not make you the best leaders. The brainwashing to make you think that you are superior beings seems to have been effective thou.

      • Great, let's close RMC (since the other 2 are already closed) and just hire a bunch of guys from the local gun club. Maybe Col. Williams can recommend a few?

    • I sympathize with your position, I too have met reservists and regular army personnel that demonstrated the same zealousness when the topic of killing humans are worked into a conversation. Since I haven't a penchant for murder and mayhem, you may asume the direction to which these fantasies were expressed. Naturally, the purpose was to horrify and disgust. My immediate reaction was a blank stare and total silence.

      These are the wack-jobs who are drawn to the army. Their enthusiasm is palpable. I understand that there is a program in place to weed out the wanna-B's and the sociopaths. However, in light of Col. Williams "rapid ascent" I don't think it presumptuous to suppose there are still a number of these wack-jobs employed by the CF.

      Of the 60,000+ members there could be hundreds if not thousands of these powder kegs. Their maniac zeal for an adrenalin rush tempered by rules of the CF.

  40. Did this alleged murderer spring from a cabbage patch? Where's he from? Who are his parents? Siblings? Did he come from a broken home? There appears to be nothing about him pre his earning his degree from Univ. of Toronto. Strange.

  41. Your own experience when trying to enlist appears to have turned you against the military, although obviously the fact you wanted to join tells that you didn't always feel that way. I don't know if such mind-altering drugs could have a lasting affect, but it's very possible that their reason for rejecting you was based on reasons other than drug use. There will always be bad apples, but overall our military is outstanding, and we shouldn't let those few taint our view of all the rest who are keeping us safe.

  42. viva la vida, r. williams.

    I feel badly for the familiies of the deceased, assaulted and his wife/family. they didn't deserve any of this.

  43. Our screening process is obviously effective.

  44. The deepest condolences to the families of the slain women and to all the victims in this sickening crime wave. I do question the government on their distancing themselves from this issue. Why are the Defense Minister Peter McKay and Prime Minister Stephen Harper so silent on this matter? Where is their tough on crime rhetoric? These two characters do not hesitate to use the military to score brownie points with the Canadian voters and yet have now developed laryngitis.

    • They are on holidays, remember?

    • I think it would be most inappropriate for either McKay or Harper to make comments on this very specific case. Someone has been arrested for horrific crimes. The case will go to court. There really is not scope for political interferance.

  45. He's going to be tried in a Civilian Court. This is NOT a Military matter, ergo, NO soldiers will be defending him. He will be responsible for retaining and paying his own civilian legal defense. Don't think the CF is going to try shielding him. Unfortunately, you are correct that this will stain us for many years. We as an entire CF often pay the price for the mistakes of one or a few.

  46. First of all: remember, we supposedly live in a democracy under the rule of law where people accused of crimes are deemed innocent until proven guilty.

    Second: if convicted, I propose that the colonel serve his life sentence without parole in an Afghani prison.

    • If this were a democracy, we wouldn't be getting the HST. The country voted over 70% against the HST and we're getting it in July. We also voted against the GST and we got it. We do not live in a democracy.

  47. This is a great example of when conservatives say you should always listen to a cop, military, etc… tell those conservatives to shove it up their rears, that a uniform is no reason to lie down like a sheep and get cooked. Cop at your door? Make them prove who they are before opening. Never trust someone who says he's undercover. If someone uses his military credentials as backup, laugh in his face.

    • What are you talking about? I am a conservative person and I certainly don't think that people should do whatever a uniformed person tells you to? Clearly one needs to think for themselves and make a proper assessment of what is right or wrong. No on should accept blind authority. Colonel Williams, if guilty of these crimes, was obviously very clever in concealing his darkside from everyone , includung his wife , family and the military. He had an unblemished rrecoed in the military. do you think military recruiters and evaluators have magical ways of detecting psycho paths ?

      Give your head a shake.

  48. wow

    well, if he is guilty, he must be punished accordingly. If he is not guilty, however, then he is entitled to a sincere apology from all concerned. However, as incompetent as the police can be in such matters, I have to believe that they have compelling evidence against this man; one does not lay a charge of this nature against a "rising star" in the canadian military without having the so-called "goods".

    • Agreed

  49. Wow! Wow !
    Déshonneur pour les Forces armées.
    Je connais cette race de monde ! Pas tous malhonnêtes, mais lorsqu’ils arrivent à un rang supérieur, ils perdent la carte.
    Des gens qui font leurs études avec notre argent et qui tuent.

    Mon conjoint est dans l’aviation et je vous dis qu’ils ont la vie facile les gens dans les escadrons.
    J’en sais quelque-chose !

    Déshonneur ! Là, les gérants de carrière se sont trompés sur leur colonel !

  50. castrate the bastard!

  51. castrate the bastard!

  52. Regardless of Russ Williams achievements, he should be put in the same cell as Paul Bernado and left to rot. He is the poorest excuse for a human being, next to Bernardo

    • yes, apparently they went to sshool and partied together,birds of a feather!

  53. I hope the cops get down on their hands and knees and apologize to Larry Jones, the neighbour of low-life Russ Williams. They put him through hell….dumb cops!

  54. The Canadian Forces is good, it's the odd moron that tarnishes their reputation

  55. Ontario is a pretty weird place in my opinion where higlhy educated accountants, colonels are rapists and politicians hit and kill homeless people and then run….

    • yeah, it's all about Ontario being weird…

  56. As this unique Canadian drama slowly unfolds I'll bet that the writers of the Law and Order series are totally inspired and already having a field day writing a future TV episode …….should be a good one !!!!!

    • you're an idiot!

  57. Robert:

    The promotion system is not broken, albeit it can be used to excel people who under normal circumstances would have more time to mature. The system is called a PER or personal evaluation report covering a wide range of skills and attributes with only the lowest and highest requiring written examples of support. Each Commanding Officer has the final written assessment and recommendation and he/she does so for all under their command. This is just a start then they are all sent to Ottawa for further review and recommendations.

  58. and your freedom to dish our military was won with whos blood? Nothing is ever that simple fool

  59. It is a true tragedy, and my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. PLEASE do not let this act of a monster destroy the hard work and dedication thousands of men and women in the military do each day. This is the act of one accused person, not the military as a whole!

  60. seemingly good people can hide who they really are… a member of the CF i read with disgust how we are being branded as armed serial killers…there are far more dangerous people in society then we care to know about….because one was a member does not make us all that way couldn't get in because you took drugs your fault not ours people doing drugs in the CF? yes it happens we are all still members of this society and people can go wrong….did Paul Benanrdo wear a uniform….NO….but you forget him! We in the CF are held to a higher standard than most, and so one in our midst stands out and everyone judges us by that person people wishing to kill? royal roads "scholar" get real!

    'A soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him!"

    • Why are people stating comments about how the public views everyone in the armed forces as bad people now? I have not read one article or comment stating that all people in the forces are serial rapists or killers. So give it up…. the story is about the deaths of innocent women not the military.

  61. He must have kept this very very dark side of him, a secret for awhile

  62. I don't think anybody here in the Quinte area is chalking up this terrible tragedy to a connection with the Airbase, other than that the man worked there. Overwhelmingly, people is this neck of the woods strongly support our armed forces, as is witnessed with each and every repatriation ceremony.

    But we are all devastated. Mayor John Williams (no relation to the Commander) was told to "sit down" before being told the news. At last night's Belleville council meeting, our Mayor Neil Ellis appeared as if he had be beaten up himself. This was an honorary member of the Trenton Rotary, for pete's sake. An everyday guy.

    I can substantiate the story about Jessica lloyd's brother exclaiming "they should shoot the f…ing pervert" because I was there. Mr Lloyd was sitting right behind Belleville Inspector Mike Graham, and I was about 4 rows behind them.

    Some of the more bizarre elements of the story are now coming to light, because this is such a small and tight community. For example, it has been said that DNA may have been collected at the scene of one of the assaults.

    What led police to Williams was, apparently, unique tire treads which they were searching for on February 4.

    • "I don't think anybody here in the Quinte area is chalking up this terrible tragedy to a connection with the Airbase, other than that the man worked there"

      Actually, there have already been cases of CF members being insulted and, in one case, spit on, in the Quinte area.

      You can't use the word "anybody" since there will always be idiots waiting to exploit any situation. However, the general response from the community has been quite understanding and supportive. I think most people understand that this incident has affected the serving members in CFB Trenton just as much as it has the civilian population. We're all angry, we're all outraged, and we're all hurting, regardless of what clothes we wear to work.

  63. What has happened to all of the victims, known and unknown is a tragedy and he will be punished. One of the after effects that I foresee is that some of us will never be able to look at the senior rank levels, our Commanding Officers and leaders, the same ever again. It will always be in the back of our minds that they are in fact, just people and as a normal person is capable of anything. I understand that it would be painting all senior officers with the same brush, however we are also normal people doing an abnormal job and the thought will always be there. What the effect of that is going to be on operations in the Canadian Forces is anyone's guess.

  64. It just amazes me how so many people in the civilian population can flip from being so involved and supportive of the CF only to turn on us as a whole because one individual has brought shame and disgust onto himself.

    Persons whom are capable of performing such vile, heinous acts are sick. They are not like the rest of us and obviously have almost perfected the demented skill of not only hiding this alter ego, but performing everyday life with no remorse or empathy for their actions. This is not what the CF is about nor is it what the majority – OVER 99.99% – of our members represent.

    Every body of persons en mass will without doubt contain a bad apple, it is inevitable, however, no one would hold that entire group responsible or accountable for that one Bad Apple’s actions or behaviours.

    It is highly unjust and juvenille for any one of you, who is associating this man with the rest of our Armed Forces, to be spewing this rhetoric across these forums. The actions of the CF over the years in our response to all humanitarian, peacekeeping, domestic, and now wartime environments speaks volumes to our integrity, morals, values and principles. Shame on every one of you for grouping us in the same category as this disgraced individual.

    Stop and think about what you are saying and use some intelligence before you start opening your mouth and allowing your need to be in the spotlight on these forums make you look like an idiot.

    Regardless of the outcome of this incident, I am proud to wear this uniform, proud to say I am a member of the Air Force, proud of all my colleagues, and realize that this individual is not in the same class or category as the rest of the outstanding men and women of the CF.


    • Most people haven't changed their opinion of the CF. There are always idiots who like to post inflammatory comments on these discussion boards, no matter what the subject. These people make up a miniscule part of the population so don't let them give you the impression they speak for the majority. Aberrant behaviour occurs in every group. Little is known about the reasons why that it's almost never possible to tell in advance or to weed out potential killers through testing or other means. You guys have a lot to be proud of and the vast majority of Canadians are proud of you.

  65. I'm wondering how so many of you have concluded that this guy is actually guilty? When you consider the poor track record we have in Canada of wrongful convictions as well as inept prosecutors busting the wrong person, I wouldn't be so quick to pass judgment at this stage. Yes, these are terrible crimes and whoever committed them should be brought to justice. But at this early stage, how can we be so sure of his guilt?

    • I am pretty sure that DNA and other things were a factor……….and i think he knew of the where abouts of Jessicas body…….and that is how she was found. He was arrested on Sunday and she was found on Monday.

    • The fact that Williams led the police to the body of one his victims is a pretty big clue that he's guilty don't you think?!

  66. …did he admit to the murder(s) to the police & then tell them where the body was located. We may never know…….

  67. you may be high and mighty in your choosen field,but if your a monster ,sooner or later you will be caught.thanks again for a competent canadian police force

  68. A couple of comments:

    1. If he is guilty I hope he finds it in himself to let police know of any other women who he has attacked or murdered just so others can find some peace.

    2. I never realized you got rich working in the Armed Forces. He seems to have 3 houses, including a recent one he bought in Ottawa for $700K. There was a BWM in the driveway. Seems to be an investigation of his finances should also be done.

    • He was a Colonel, responsible for a high-tech operation involving thousands of people. On civie street he would be making big bucks, so it's not unreasonable that the military would have to pay well to keep him. Also his wife, from the sounds of it, has a fairly responsible job, and they apparently have no kids. Put it all together and they can afford an above-average life style.

    • His wife has a very successful and prominent career in Ottawa as a Director with the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

    • A Major Pilot in the CF makes $8704 monthly( A Col is two ranks above that, so I would imagine $10000 monthly might not be far off. Pretty good wages, coupled with what his wife made, and one of his houses was a Military provided house, which is most likely fairly well subsidized. It doesn't sound too far fetched to me.

  69. People who commit this sort of crime often have the ability to keep their activities pretty much undetected for a long time. This is by no means an unusual crime and the fact that the perpetrator comes from a professional background isn't unusual either.

    The perpetrators are intelligent, well educated and usually behave just about any other professionals in their workplace. The dark side is only revealed when they become careless and make a mistake or such as in this case where police mount an aggressive campaign using old fashioned foot work . The accused was stopped by police who were looking for a specific detail which is reported to be unusual tire tread patterns that were found at a crime scene.
    There is no practical way to screen a whole segment of the population to discover those who are likely to commit various types of crimes. Even screening can be fooled by someone with a profile that would arouse suspicion.

  70. This has nothing to do with the CF. This man, if guilty, is a chameleon shaped by very dark obsessions locked in his mind that we cannot understand.

    To me, there is a shift in these hubris individuals from Bernie Madoff ruining thousands of lives to a man that brutally took the lives of these women. Theirs is arrogance and a true lack of moral compass.

    Please people, this guy if convicted is not a product of the CF but a product of the dark side of mental illness in the extreme

  71. re: the comments by exRoyalRoads
    I am not surprised that it was common "knowledge" among military college grads that non-military college grads were "unfit for higher command." That is the bias taught, and learned, in military colleges. The historical record does not confirm this, however.

    More importantly though, his necessary inference that somehow none of this would have happened if Col. Williams had been a military college grad, is illogical to the point of professional negligence and worse, it is deeply offensive.

  72. Good idea about the guns! Just look at how safe American cities are due to the free availability of guns… as well as their low murder rates. Also, you never hear of serial killers in the U.S., do you??? Right on man…. where's my uzi?

  73. Reply to Melanie who wrote (Intense debate is not letting me log on)

    “As this unique canadian drama slowly unfolds I’ll bet the writers of the Law and Order series are totally inspired and already are having a field day writing a future TV episode…. should be a good one!!!!”

    Melanie, Law and Order episode!! You are one sick person…

    2 woman were murder and assaulted, have some respect and compassion, they are gone in a horrible way, left families, dreams and hopes behind…

    Who in their right mind would be thinking about this being a good TV show???

  74. I am a woman living in Belleville. The events described in the article have terrified all of us who hoped it could never happen here. Initially, we were led to belive that the increasing number of horrifying incidents were not connected. In the last few days, however, city police cautioned women about staying alone and urged us to change our routines in order to preserve our safety. The news yesterday that one man, a trusted pillar of our community, is allegedly responsible for these crimes and potentially at least one other local unsolved murder of a young woman in 2001, has shaken us to the core.

    I can only hope that the familes affected by the horrible actions of this man will see justice done.

  75. It is kind of sensational and media has made it more. All said and done this (if proved) is an act of an individual and should not be confused with the institution. I highly commend the investigation agencies and officials involved who were able to get him so quick.

  76. to be fair, i live in tweed and have nothing but good things to say about the military, nor have i heard anyone in this town speakiing ill of the military either…however, people have been commmenting on how bizarre this situation is, considering who he is, and his position. in truth, the simple fact he IS a military commander lends itself to speaking of it in turn with his crimes, but that does not mean we are accussing every soldier of same or similar conduct…sheesh people, take a pill… hes a monster…anyone who has a brain in his or her head can see its not the norm, or it wouldnt be this sensational, right? get a grip, no ones saying that you guys are all crazy rapists and murderers, so relax:)

    • Amen. Couldn't agree more.

  77. It is disturbing that so many people are condemning Russell Williams before he faces trial in a courtroom (military or civilian). Canada has had many wrongful convictions in the past and has paid financial compensation for some of these. As a graduate of social-psychology, majoring in juvenile delinquency, I find it hard to believe that William's track record supports his committing such crimes. Police, hopefully will use DNA evidence, and social -psychological history and profiles during William's school years, marriage, and military service. Military police and CSIS need to get involved and study very closely the possibility of a "frame-up" by another party. If done properly, the investigation should reveal the truth. We must be careful not to be armchair judge and jury. Innocent until proven guilty?

    • Well Yuri . I would think an arest and seach of his homes and maybe a storage unit may turn up .A frame up sounds a little bit to movie like. I think you will see him linked to many murders and rapes . We may discovery he is linked to murders and rapes as a teen .You don't go from clean to killer rapist over night . On the OPP web site you may find some of his handy work .Kathleen Vicar is just one. He can be seen very happy at work slowly after sept 22 /2009 . Sorry guitly till proven innocent . Take a minute and view the News paper Trenton Focus .

  78. If he is guilty and time will tell, it is to bad that the military did away with the death sentence in 1998. Yes he is innocent until proven guilty. But if he is found guilty then he should be shot by a firing squad. Life in prison just doesnt cut it folks.

  79. What is being conveyed here, and on other posts, is the reality that what is unique to and defines an armed force is that they are trained to threaten,hurt and kill people. This does not occur in any other line of work. What is frightening in Col.Williams case, is that he must have embodied exceptional abilities in this regard, and was therefore continuously promoted for it. The extreme result is now making all of us question the validity of continuing to condone and support this kind of training as a legitimate "career" for anyone.

    • Yes Liane, we are trained to kill. That is what an Army exists for. We do not exist to do peacekeeping, fight forest fires, fill sandbags for floods, provide humanitarian assistance in natural disasters, shovel snowed in cities….. we CAN do all those subsidiary tasks, and we've done them very well in the past, but the bottom line is, an Army is a "Break open in case of emergency" force that taxpayers pay for to protect them in times of war. We train for war. I, nor have any of my friends in uniform EVER confused our job as soldiers trained to kill enemies of our Government for killing random Canadian citizens that I wear the uniform on behalf of. How about the countless stories of Cops turned bad, killed people on their own accord do I have to bring to you (And there are a fair amount) to make you form the opinion that all Police Forces should be disbanded? It's insane! I know I for one enjoy having armed police officers protecting and serving even if the occassional one turns out to be bad. Remember, your rights and freedoms are GUARENTEED by those of us in uniform willing to put OUR lives on the line so you can live your pacifist style life denouncing those who sacrifice so much on YOUR behalf.

  80. From what I have been able to gather from the stories that I have read is that his lifestyle allowed him to avoid detection. His home with his wife was in Ottawa but he worked in Trenton which is many hours away. In between his home and workplace was his cottage in Tweed – the perfect spot to bring his victims or to branch out and find other victims. Serial rapists/killers are always thought to be lonely losers but he was anything but. He WAS married and had THE TOP JOB in the Air Force with POWER over many people. He was a pilot who had all kinds of cool airplanes at his disposal to fly. This is a shocker!

  81. Liane. This officer was primarily a pilot who flew transport aircraft that moved VIPs and military passengers until such time that he was promoted to a rank and position where he managed projects. His exceptional abilities were in management.
    His bio is partially covered in the last paragraph of the article that you are commenting on and a more complete bio has been posted on other major media outlets.
    None of the training noted had anything to do with killing or violence and most of his career involved flying transport aircraft and management of transport and rescue aircraft acquisition projects. Obviously you have wrongly concluded that threatening, hurting and killing people is a function of management.
    There are unfortunately certain people in our world who regardless of their occupation or profession have an inclination to kill other people. Doctors and nurses have killed the very people that they were entrusted to care for. Mothers have killed the children that they gave birth to.
    Some of us are born with whatever flaw it is that causes such terrible acts and some of us develop the same thing as we live. It's nothing new as it's been going on since we have kept records of human nature and it isn't going to end so long as there are humans on this earth.

  82. While he was definately a deviant before he joined the service, is it not true that joining the military, or something similar like a ministry provides a cloak of respectability and authority for someone like this to hide behind?

  83. This only goes to further prove what a great country Canada is. the diligence and impartiality of police are evident. It that were a third-world country, then a scape-goat would have been provided conveniently to cover for the big shot who committed the crimes. In Egypt a slew of bizarre murders of whole families took place in a village called bani Mazaar and their internal organs were surgically removed. All in one night. Police caught a retarded man and accused him. He confessed under torture.

  84. As previously mentioned in this thread, the ripple effect has reared it's ugly head. 97.1 FM is reporting of civilians in Trenton spitting on CF personell, and shouting "murdered" comments. Ignorance at it's best. The military has always been under the proverbial "microscope" with the public, more so then any other organization. Haters are out there for sure and they love to be heard. As a serving member myself I have faced a couple "haters" while in my uniform. Comments such as "haven't you got anything better to do" shouted out by a "low-life" passenger driving by on highway 2 over a year ago. Not the end of the world, especially when you consider the source, but doing this during a repatriation? Classy. Like so many others my heart goes out to the victims and their families. Justice will be served, and when all is said and done the CF will press on continuing to make the majority of Canadians proud.

  85. I am appalled at how this guy got away with all his evil. Here is a link from the 680 News webpage that says that he has confessed to 4 dozen other 'break and enters' which they call 'lingerie breakins'.–

    I am sure all women were also sexually attacked. But the thing is, they were lucky because they survived. So why oh why, with their accounts etc… did they not pinpoint this guy before the two murders had a chance to happen. The police work was not up to par when it needed to be.

    • I don't think that anyone would say that these survivors of rape are lucky.
      They now have to live with the trauma and scars for the rest of their lives … that's not lucky.
      Who knows what details were in these women's accounts of their attack.
      I did hear though that one woman claimed that her attacker's voice was familiar to her. Maybe that is why the police narrowed their search to local residents of the area. And also why another male resident of Tweed was interrigated for hours.

  86. Was his wife deaf and dumb and blind? How could she not have seen a shred of all of this? I would really like to find out what went on in that household. There are a lot of questions unanswered.

    • He was adept at living a double life and fooled a number of people. I doubt that his parents know the evil that he has committed. As well, who knows what abuse she has suffered over the years. She may think that she was his only victim.

  87. Jey, this article isn't about bringing our armed forces mandate to the forefront. It's about a single man being charge with double murder, who just happens to be an airman. We are NOT a peacekeeping nation. Peacekeeping in it's warm and fuzzy concept that many Canadians like to look at it's soldier's as, is a dead concept. The days of peacekeeping operations such as UNEF, UNFICYP, UNPROFOR etc. are long gone. The world has changed and we've changed with it. Now, let's steer this topic back where it belongs rather than trying to make this man's actions a product of his occupation which has no reasons with his alleged actions.

    • Well said "A Canadian Soldier". I've met and served with Col Williams, his professional side did not reflect this "dark private side". I am still in shock and my heart goes out to the families of the victims. The truth will come and justice will be served…

  88. Wonder why nobody has reported on his early life, like childhood, where he was born, does he have sibblings, are his parents still alive. It would be interesting to see if he had a normal childhood.

    • Yes, I am sure that will be coming. What led up to this?

  89. And now this Breaking News"

    Shocked by officer's murder charges,
    Defence Minister pledges to support troops

    Hello and just what was he doing before? Over 150 suicides and 4000 wounded with most to all not receiving any Long Term Disability and were told if they do like it their case to court. And Harper & Co plan to close all DVA hospitals. So y'all see there is more to just raw raw shoot em up involved in the Winds of War and HNIC. Support the troops Mr. MacKay & Co ……..really

    • if you look at the globe and mail they have some information about his pre" UFT days

  90. As a military members I am shock about this story. It is very sad to see everything that happen, I’m happy that they catch him. There is sick people everywhere not only in the military. I hope justice will be doing their job and send him to life in prison. I just hope that the public will continue to support us and not looking at us like murderer it not because there is a bad apple in the bag that we trash the hole bag. It sad that people put all the military in the same boat… Canadian people ussally like our military when in need and it is to easy to put people down when bad thing happen. It is easier to attack people in uniform (police, milatary, mail man etc…) What if the killer was an ordinary Canadian or your neibour, his name will be on the news for a day or two and maybe the day of the trial. How many people get kill everyday during gang fight in our Country and we do not hear their story at the news.

  91. If when reading the propaganda in your news papers you stop to realize this man was first a man. He is presumed innocent until a judge & or jury find him guilty.

    The Military is a huge organization where many people are working as hard as possible to protect us in these times of terrorism, war, and uncertainty.

    Please refrain from pointing fingers at the whole group & see the harsh reality of the situation.

    Pray for his wife, his parents, siblings & others he effected with his acts of selfishness.

    This wasn't the actions of an honorable Soldier or even a human being. Having been involved with many, many Soldiers over the years as friends, I can honestly say you would never have anything but admiration for them.

    The action of this person should not be a reflection of the all of Canadian Forces as a whole.

    Mission, Buddy, Self, is the credo they live their lives by. He obviously was not a good Soldier, or good human being, since he put himself first, with no regard to decency.

    If he is found guilty, I hope his family moves on to find happiness & leaves him to rot in his own flith.

  92. OMG!!!! If he is the person that did this…what will they find in his past??? He represented this country how did he abuse his power while doing so??? Should he receive the death penalty for what he has done…this is horrifying??? There must be a way to protect us from people like this rising to power!!!!! We need to make an example of him for our soldiers sake…Canada is a peacekeeping nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. This guy was recognized as one the country's best soldiers. He admits to acts of murder and you call them acts of selfishness. Your selfish when you eat two pieces of pie and someone gets none.

    Mission, Buddy, Self is the credo is CF credo? What does that mean?

    The credo the Spanish Foreign Legion credo: Long Live Death.

    Military bullshit.


    Seditious, vicious, malicious,capricious, politically paranoid,dressed in camouflage, armed to the teeth, religiously rabid,conspiracy theorists.

    Other than that, they`re all good Christians and nice guys.

  94. This is a very sad story

  95. Maybe this is a serious wake-up call for the civilians to take a better look at who exactly is running the military. Maybe there should be an investigation by the government as to why this type of behavior falls through the cracks. It is hard to believe that no one knew that this guy had problems. The chain of command seem to have more power than our Prime Minister. Many women, through sexual abuse and many men through institutional bullying suffer everyday. They are mentally rapped and have to put up with it. There are good people in the military higher up, but there are many bad as well. Young soldiers suffer in silence due to mental abuse that they receive. The OSSIS, a new program for the military is trying to help soldiers who go through trauma in the army because they are not free to walk out like we do in a job when it is to much for us. This guy should be hang! For those wonderful men and women in high position who treat soldiers with respect you are the hero's.

  96. I can see the flavour of some comments that the CF should have been able to somehow know the existence of "problems" with this officer. As a former member of the CF, I can assure you that many factors are considered in annual PERs, but also that personal time and activities are normally beyond perview. As noted, there are alot of folks with alot of stress (!!) in the military, so it is not so much understandable as probable that mutts of Russ Williams' ilk sneak around the edges.

  97. This guy dealt regularly with mayors and high level politicians, not to mention business leaders, the public, and too many CF members to count. Regardless of your opinions, some of these were very intelligent people, and I have not heard of a single one who has pubicily admitted they had any clue this man was capable of such horrendous acts. That is why this outcome has been so shocking.
    Someone has posted on the 680news site that this man went to Upper Canada College? With a different last name? I have not seen this verifed? No news coverage speaks to his family or life prior to university.
    I do not blame the CFs, and definately commend law enforcement agencies in his capture.
    I live in the area, and have lost a lot of sleep since Jessica went missing. What these families have gone through, and will continue to go through, is complete hell.
    I would post what this monster deserves…but I know it would be deleted.

    • Go to Globe and Mail Website
      It said : He was originally from England, came to Ontario very young and lived first in Chalk River and then Toronto (Scarborough bluffs area on lake ontario),It said even growing up he travelled alot but scarborough was the families "base." His father and later stepfather were high up there in nuclear sciences and travelled accordingly. His mother it says works as a physiotherapist in Toronto. He has a brother, Harvey Williams who is a doctor. His father is believed to be in the United States. Later he lived in Ottawa in Orleans? And then I think they just moved recently into Westboro.
      He appears to come from educated and has affluent ties , where he went to school etc.
      He at one point went under his stepfathers name, He married his wife in Manitoba , it doesnt say when.

  98. What a scumbag! Another cowboy with a penchant for guns.
    He must have imagined himself out on a "SPECIAL OP" peeping through closed drapes and hunting and stalking his prey.

    This story, when it is completly uncovered will be great as a movie script.

    • and likely you are a narrowminded cowboy at best. These are terrible crimes, and humans reeling in pain anguish and agony, on both sides of this situation. the evidents will prove one way or the other, but to think this was a silly special ops war game, in the wake and severity of all this , is the most childish thing i have ever heard in my life. More over considering this as a good movie script, buddy get a grip and see a phsyciatrist, ya need help almost as bad as he does.

      • LOOKIT! – The guy is a sociopath. He feeds his disease by fulfilling fantasy. He drives to the crime scene in his large SUV equiped with large knobby tires ready to take it off road.(remind you of some other type of vehicles with big knobby tires?) bound and gags his victims, spreads a bedsheet across the floor as not to leave any DNA evidence. Sexually assaults his victims, and then poses them before taking photographs and their panties. He even compliments one of his victims before threatening her with death.

        Would it be a stretch of the imagination if he fantasized himself out on a SPECIAL OP if this wack-job was stalking women and peeping through their drapes at 3:00 AM? After all, this guy just spent the last 23 years playing the role as a clean cut dedicated soldier. So convincing was his act that he fooled an entire army.

        And lastly, as it turns out published in the Whig Standard, an article that announces a signed book deal with Globe and Mail author Timothy Appleby. Betrayal in Uniform: The Secret Life of Colonel Russell Williams will be released this fall.
        Several movie scripts to follow.

  99. It's a bitter lesson to learn. In order to be promoted as a senior commander, Mr.Williams' family life and previous personal relationships should be investigated.
    It is strange that in these last two days there were no responses from the women in his life: his university friends, his girlfriends if there were any…
    From his biography we know that as soon as he came to Trenton he began to attack and kill women. Something tells me that he simply continued to do the things he did before…

  100. Hopefully justice gets serverd hard.

  101. I feel for his wife and his family who must be horrified at these allegations and is now living this nightmare. They too must not have had any idea of the "other person" who existed with the person they loved and knew.

  102. How sad is this story. We tend to lapidate this man but have we thought to thank God that we are born with a sane mind.

  103. I was a serving soldier. The Operational Stress program was started to help those that suffered because there is such a thing as operational stress whether it is abroad or here. i knew some excellent officers who cared about their troops. I also knew some that couldn't lead themselves out of a paper bag. On the non-commissioned side, our NCMs in leader roles are the same. Some with obvious mental issues acting badly towards their junior members and as well the civilians working with them. I later returned to work as a civilian alongside with members I served with even twenty years ago. Here is the problem. I complained to mental health ON BASE of certain individuals and made them well aware of facts, incidents and such and that there was obvious abuse of power and position that they held. My emails, phone calls were somewhat achknowledged but in the end nothing was done…infact they more or less recommended I should get some mental health myself. Hmmm..,, well, anyone exposed to abuse would need to get help so I have no issue there but why are these fools that i complained about still in their position? You know how they dealt with it? They posted them OUT!!

    • This is very telling!

      • No it isn't. This is a story of old school Army BS that is over 20 years old. This is completely irrelevant in todays Forces. This poster is implying that their experiences 20 years ago is the same Army we have today which is BS. I've seen Officer's and senior NCO's career's RUINED in the past 10 years because of junior NCM's who got sick of various forms of treatment and let their voice be heard. When I joined the CF 10 years ago, the major changes were just coming into effect, but a Sergeant and Private could still go out back and throw hands to resolve an issue. Try it now and see where it gets you. Our mental health services have vastly improved and it's very common to go into the waiting room and see Sergeants, Warrant Officers, Captains and Majors alongside Privates and Corporals seeking help for various issues. This wasn't a telling comment by clmmacneil but merely 20 plus year old smoke being blown.

  104. As a CF Officer, what troubles me is that we expect our leaders to be human at a bare minimum. The question the leadership must ask is, how can a person be an exempary officer and an inhuman beast at the same time? Our leaders should make a list of William's characteristics, then they should strike 'alleged rapist/murderer' from the list, then they should see how well the remaining adverbs describe our leaders. You'd have words and phrases like: "loner", "careerist", "childless", "arrogant", "distant", "loveless" etc. The bottom line is, if we're going to continue to promote people who would rather spend time with their boss than with their kids, we're going to have problems. As long as these top jobs require an inhuman degree of dedication, they will be populated by inhumans.

    • Well said.

  105. I am touched and a little surprised at the appeals from other service people for society not to judge the Air Force or Canadian Armed Forces by the alleged crimes of Col. Williams. The fact is horrific behavior of this sort is aberrant, individual and (thank God) rare. People who commit these crimes come from all walks of life and backgrounds and people who knew them are nearly always shocked that they might be capable of such depravity. What makes this situation different than most is that if Col. Williams is proven to be a sadistic murderer and torturer, he has managed to fool us all by ascending to the top of our society's pyramid of trust. This fact alone bears extensive examination.

    As for the high esteem our brave men and women in uniform enjoy in the eyes of the Canadian public, it has seldom been higher. This episode will not reflect adversely on the Air Force any more than it will on photographers, fishermen or golfers.

    • The difference between a commander in a air force base and a photographer, fisherman or golfer is that he was in a position of authority and very likely abused his position to gain access to victims, or to maintain their silence.

      Serial rapists are not that rare, I'm afraid. This particular one became a murderer though.

  106. I am touched and a little surprised at the appeals from other service people for society not to judge the Air Force or Canadian Armed Forces by the alleged crimes of Col. Williams. The fact is horrific behavior of this sort is aberrant, individual and (thank God) rare. People who commit these crimes come from all walks of life and backgrounds and people who knew them are nearly always shocked that they might be capable of such depravity. What makes this situation different than most is that if Col. Williams is proven to be a sadistic murderer and torturer, he has managed to fool us all by ascending to the top of our society's pyramid of trust. This fact alone bears extensive examination.

  107. I would welcome the Minister of Defence to seriously take a look at these leaders in their roles.I know Chiefs who went up on charges of sexual harrassment and got posted away. The abuse still continues against the military and civilians who are on this base today but my position was terminated because I stood up against certain indivduals. I was supposed to be protected by the largest union there whom I paid my dues too faithfully as well. None of this happened, this protection. Not to me and not to those I stood up for. Infact, it got worse when it was reported. My position was TERMINATED, I was treated terribly, shunned like a leper. The people I were speaking for did not have the ability to stand against the abuse so I did it for them. Someone had to stand up for them. I know there are many good people there in the military but I know from experience on BOTH sides,,there are a lot of bad apples and they are getting away with their bs. When someone reports about someone's mental ability to lead…WAKE UP cos they might be RIGHT! It is these idiots that keep tarnishing the name and uniform of the CF, not the good ones serving.

    • Reminisent of the reactions of the catholic church to reports of abuse at the hands of their clergy.

    • Y a know i have been there i have felt that type of abuse, but this is not about that , he did not abuse his power in his military life. He chosse the other outlet, the dark silent sick side of his life, and it did not start in july when he moved to trenton i would sujest to you that about 12 years of age it started, these are not the first women to be victimized be that he is found to be guilty, I would be willing to bet there were tons more than he can count on his fingers and toes, and like other individuals ie jack the ripper, ted bundy, and all the rest of those people in our history it was hidden from everyone till the day they screwed up and got caugh. I would be willing to bet that his wife nor his family ever had a clue. This is not about you or the of the way you feel you were persicuted. It is about a sick individual that has pulled the wool over every ones eyes for a very very long time and has chosen to hurt both his victims and their families, but his family, and his military family that he was given the sacred trust to protect. a very very sick individual, so pull up your big boy boxers and get on with your life.

    • I have to agree with you. I know of incidents where subordinates are subjected to intimidation, verbal abuse and if they speak out about what's going on to the higher ups they are labeled and future promotion for them is out of the question. It's time for the higher ups to do their jobs and investigate any and all allegations whether real or imagined instead of siding with the superior whom an allegation is made against. Military personnel have no one to turn to and they are stuck in a contract they wished they never had made. People who get out DO tell their stories. A lot of military personnel are just biding their time so they can get out. Make no wonder Canada's military has a shortage of people. Words gets around.

  108. He is a control freak. How he got this far with out someone knowing something about him!!!!!!!
    How do those people feel now. There is alway some kind of a sign.

    Test Test Test

    • I disagree, there is seldom a sign they become so good at what they do, that no one ever know until the da they screw up and get caught or become suspect. what test would ya sugest, i can think of none. what do ya ask , whats your name are you a serial rapist and murderer ummmmmmmmmmm i highly doubt it.

      • His wife would have felt that somethings were not quite right. Their relationship would have been a little off…..
        Yes there are test they could have done before promoting him.. There are lots of psychi test to do….

  109. Oh yes, my complaints did hit the union straight to the top, as well as chains of command too. Not just mental health. Nothing happened though. I still got terminated. The person who terminated me was the one I reported to mental health..and everyone else..of course. The abuser. Last I heard he is being posted to Ottawa. Some things never change.

  110. I respect and support the military very strongly however I can't help but wonder if it was National Defence (only) investigating this case how much would the public ear even hear. The public has a right to many facts that are shielded under the unbrella of "confidentiality" and "national security." The public ALSO has the right to security.

    The danger in the structure of the military giant investigating itself is the fear of anyone saying a damn thing even if they do suspect or know something for fear of a superior's repercussions and possibly the end of the beginning of one's hopeful career or worse!

    I have a gut feeling that the death of Cpl. Marie France Comeau would have just turned into a military "cold" case if it were not for the family, friends and local police's involvement in the investigation of the disappearance of Jessica Lloyd.

    My heart goes out to all – those mourning their loved ones under such tragic conditions and to all the wonderful men and women in our military services who are feeling that this reflects on them – it doesn't !

  111. I can't help but wonder if Joe Grozelle saw or knew something about this commander. He was at R.M.C. at the time of Joe's death. Is there any chance of the truth ever coming out of the D.N.D. surrounding the so many unanswereable's of this cold case – oops perhaps the D.N.D. has it on there records as being solved ??????

    If it should be discovered that there was a link here, would they even let it be known. I doubt it and herein lies the problem with any adverse opinion or lack of trust the public may have with our great Defence department. The public also has the right to defence. No one or any one organization is above the law.

    It is time the D.N.D stops hiding under the unbrella of "confidentiality" and "national security" when prohibiting the public their right to "freedom of information".

  112. Will we come to learn that he was an avid fan of PORN as was his was his classmate PAUL B. ( This harmless hobby that's killing our civilization.) A very sad ending to heroic career.

  113. I grew up in Belleville and lived there for 30 years. We love the base and our military. I want to give all my condolescences to Canada and those in uniform. I am so thankful to God that he was caught. Even the military will haveill people. Thank you to all the active duty and sorry for all you are going through.
    Anne Marie

  114. I am first of all going to PLEAD with everyone, please do not, I REPEAT DO NOT give this THING a title, leave the ran alone, address it to one of our Military that deserves it. I am a past military wife of over 20 years, yes there are cracks to fall/slip thru as this "IT" did, IT was a smart a$$ and thought himself above the law.Prayers to ALL the families who are and will be affected because of IT, including IT'S wife.
    One last thing, IT had better not be collecting a pay from out tax dollars, surely this injustice would not occur??

  115. this guy is worse that the people he's supposed to protect us from

  116. Williams fooled so many people, I'm not surprised that a book/movie isn't already being planned for this. With regards to the connection with Bernardo – anyone who knew Bernardo – has a connection to him – doesn't make them all serial predators/killers. There should be no reason that people blame anyone else in the armed forces for teh actions of one person

  117. By no means what so ever, would or should any military personnel, be painted with the same brush as Col. Williams. I for one am very proud of anyone in the forces and what they represent and have to endure. Col. Williams is definately sick & twisted and it is absolutely horrid what he has done – lets just pray that there are no other victims out there.

    • Thank you….. but feel free to strip him of his Col rank…..we have.

    • Thank you….. but feel free to strip him of his Col rank…..we have.

  118. As retired miltary (airforce 10 years) and am married to retired military(airforce 35 years), I am truely blown away, by all that has taken place, in a community I call my family, and Trenton was my home for several years. i have read everynews article in every venue i can find, I need to be an informed person. I like most of the other military people that have commented here, in this case one rotten decaying apple does not make the whole barrell rotten. Like in most walks of life there are good and bad. This like most others is no different. The public needs to understand though here closure will come slow. so much that happpens in a 23 year carreer. Have faith when they get it all compiled, and when the case/cases come to trial the judicial system and the police and the families of the victims will have their day. These things have been going on for a long time, not just since September with the home invasions in Tweed. Serial type After all the evidence in these cases in the fore front are accumulated, there are many many more things that have to be looked at as well.

  119. continued:
    in 23 years of military careers all of the temporary duty trips, and the flights all the postings, all the movements, not to mention all the tirps from place to place in a vehicle. The years schooling and the time that he used his step fathers name, so so much to dig thru. It will require time and hard work for the police and time and patients for those waiting for the day of reconning for this man. But it will come. When it does i pray that the families of all the victims, how ever many there may be find saome clousre and a sence of peace.

  120. Lets not get caught by saying things that are unfounded, the courts are there to deal with such people and there are some folks who sneak through the cracks in any system rergardless what ever postion they hold or serve. But we have justice system who will prevail and serve our country well. God bless our soldiers,our army who fight for us daily.

  121. continued
    Remember those that serve this country all 89000 of then do so by their choosing, with dignity, not for the money for sure, and not for the thrill, not for the goverment, but for you for your freedom and the peace you have here at home. All are willing to lay down their lives for their fellow man if that is what it takes. They do so willingly and with out any reservation. We all knew that it may be an eventuality, when we chose to join the Canadian Armed Forces. If enjoy your rights and freedoms thank those that serve!

    • How do YOU know it's not for the money? I know lots of people that signed up to the military because they couldn't find a job.

      • because trust me they do not pay you enuf to endure the month away from your families, the stresses you are under. and the crap you go throught, and putting up with civillians that do not play the game, do not put their lives on the line daily, but want to make all the rules, they and the politicians that have never worn a uniform, that continually put us in harms way, that have cause women/men to be widowers, and childrent to be orphans. so trust me if you think the Canadian government pays every miltary member enough to cover all that your completely out of touch of reality

  122. I was just hoping it's one big mistake, but now he allegedly confessed. I'm floored like anybody else by this. One thing should be stated clearly though; he stained the Uniform and Honor of CF officer, but no men and women in CF uniform should be blamed or feel guilty for the actions of this sick individual. They have and will continue to have full support of all right-minded people of this great country.

  123. Sorry for the typo's, but I was in a hurry. I'm behind the military in Trenton.

  124. I am an officer in The Canadian Forces. Next week I will be flying out of Fredericton on the way to Victoria. On my way I will be stopping in Toronto and Vancouver. I will be following Gen Natyncyk example by doing so PROUDLY dressed in my DEUs. (Distinct environmental uniform) Should anyone wish to stop by and discuss whether the other 90000 plus members of The CF should be proud of the work that they all do around the globe everyday then I welcome you to stop by and we can speak. I believe it is the CDS intent that we continue to act as we always have and that the dark days are behind members of The CF. We should all remain focused on our mission despite the alleged actions of one individual. To be very clear the actions of Russ Williams are in no way indicative of the people that I have become very proud to enable and support. These men and women that the officers of your Canadian Forces support should never be subjected to being spit on or harassed.

    If someone wants to embarass our people you can attack through me first.

  125. Interesting. I read through these comments two days ago, so I know wha tthe contents of the 'deleted' threads were. Some of these weren't filled with hate or anything, they were simply critical of the Canadian Military.

    I'd like to point out that if you want an accurate representation of what the Canadian people really think, then you should not be going out of your way to censor all dissenting views.

    Not everyone in Canada worships the military and not everyone in Canada agrees with our troops to being used as pawns in the so called "War on Terror"

    Occupying a foreign country and "Going on the Offensive" as Harper stated in 2005 is a far cry from 'peacekeeping' as was Canada's supposed traditional role.

    Guarding poppy fields for Turkish heroin dealers doesn't sound too noble to me. I am not surprised one of their 'leaders' would be a phychopathic serial-killer. It takes a certain kind of someone to work with international drug dealers.

    Feel free to delete this post as it doesn't fit in with the fake response you're trying to manufacture.

    • No one ever said that we were peacekeepers in Afghanistan…..our job there is to close with and destroy terrorists. The overall intent of our mission is to prevent the attrocities from being perpetrated against our peaceful citizens around the world. Your comment line should be placed elsewhere ….why are my troops being attacked because of the actions of Russ Williams. This subject has nothing to do with my people this is a sick man that killed innocent people and he happened to wear our uniform at the time that he did it. We pay everyday do we really have to pay for what he did as well.

      • We were never peacekeepers, we were as were the rest soldiers fighting wars till L. B. Pearson, decided it would be Canada's role militarily that we be peacekeepers. Our mandate has since changed and we are the way we were and had always been soldiers. I to donot agree with this war, however i will support those individuals that in country trying to make a difference.

    • I disagree with your assessment. The first deleted post was FILLED with uninformed lies that the poster was using to smear the CF name. I have no issue with people being anti-CF, but if your going to smear us, do it with facts and truths. Not lies and half truths to try and twist other people's view who may be uninformed themselves and are seeking information with which to make their own opinions and beliefs. I never once guarded any poppy fields in Afghanistan buds. So where your getting this information from is interesting. As for the peacekeeping thing…. we NEVER were an Army of peacekeepers. We are soldiers who were repeatedly committed to peacekeeping assignments because the successive Governments after Pearson wanted to keep Canada's militray on the world stage at minimal cost. Peacekeeping is cheap. Bottom line.

  126. I am from Trenton. I have no direct connection to the air base. I do know this much…. The men and women who defend our rights and freedoms with such bravery and with the one concern that should always be at the forfront is their own lives. Yesterday men and women of the military got spat on in Petewawa and Trenton. Our troops are afraid to go out into civilian areas in uniform. These men and women did not committ this crime Russell Williams did. Please do not forget this. It is so easy to judge negatively as it is easier then to step up to the plate and make change. Today I step up to the plate and I will make change and every time I see a soldier I will thank them and smile and shake their hands. For if it were not for these men and women you would not have your freedom to stand here today and make such a quick judgement. Thank you to all who serve in the forces for making my life easier and thank you to all who have died for my freedom and thank you to all the families who have lost loved ones to this nasty war or any other war for if it was not for them I could not be here thanking them all. I send my condolences to all families who have had their lives affected by this animal.

  127. As an RCMP Officer in a city that has an Air Force Base, I know many great members of the Canadian Forces. It is always a sad day when one individual taints the reputation of an entire group. In WILLIAMS' case, he is an evil, demented, psychopath. Psychopaths are in all walks of society; in business, religion, health care, politics, police and the military. Anyone who thinks otherwise is naive. Anyone who would spit or yell obseneties at members of a group due to actions of one, should look in the mirror, they may need psychological help.

  128. To further expand and clarify, when you are committing your troops to peacekeeping, they need only be lightly armed and don't need big, heavy, expensive warfighting gear. This in turn means you can cut their budget to the bone because they don't need much money as a peacekeeping force compared to being a warfighting force.

  129. Its too bad that we in Canada do not have the death sentance , is there any politician with the hootzpa to suggest we bring it to a vote to the Canadian people ? My hat is off to all of you who serve in our military, you are doing a job most Canadians do not want to do…THANK YOU .

  130. Williams was married for how many years? he obviously "fooled" his spouse, too.
    I wouldn't put too much on the CF for "missing something" he clearly had a lot of experience in hiding.

  131. No words I write will convey to the families of the victims my sympathy my deepest regards for those who are left to bear this terrible cross.

    This event has destroyed so many lives, it is not a reflection of the men and women in uniform who would give their lives to serve their country.

    This is a reflection of one man, one man who deliberate and systematically destroyed lives, including his family and affected lives of those in uniform and out of uniform.

    To the families and community members, I heart goes out to you and hope the cross gets lighter as time passes and the healing process begins.

    To the men and women in uniform, you have given so much for this country and country's abroad, the shame and disgrace fell by all CF members, present and pass is not a reflection of how most Canadians feel.

    The system failed, now the military must review its recruiting process, the starting point of all of members, you own it to the families and the rest of us to ensure this NEVER happens again.

    Gerard Joe
    Miawpukek First Nation
    Retired service member, Canadian, First Nation person.

  132. As a retired sgt from the 041 combat engineering branch and a good outstanding person, every person entering the cf needs to be subject to an evaluation, beyond its current evaluation. Every trained person in the cf is trained beyond the avarage cdn, weapons, arm to arm combat, explosives, intellegence, sniping are only some of the training avalable to cf members of particular trades, it time to look at how we do business in the cf.

  133. This predator/maniac could have been anybody,priest/reverend teacher–you name it.Being a military oficer of a high rank does not rule out a serious killer psychopathic personality disorder!Please do not come down on the military due to this man's actions.This happened in Clinton Ontario,to Steven Truscott, a 14 yr old military man's son,and the town spit upon the military base population ,a very sad event. There are predatorial monsters in all walks of life,please do not dishonor our military men and women.(Former RCAF member)

  134. when people cant take care of themselves they join the army. these are not the strongest of us for sure. I am not shocked

  135. i live in tweed and i have seen williams around. there are some people puttin down other people on the armed forces becausse of williams actions. we can not blame the other army troops for one bad appe

  136. i hope he goes to hell he is a bastard if he ever did that to my sister he would pay,, i hope some one kills him in jail..

    • i hope someone kills him in there as well why should we even have to pay to keep this wate of skin alive (feed him 3 good meals in jail what the heck is that) i would not even let him eat my dogs food

  137. poor poor russell he wants every one to feel bad for him ,,i hope he gets life in prison he shouldnt get any less he is a moster the poor people he killed and raped shame on him 27 yr old girl never even got to enjoy her life he should have his life taking from him,,

  138. (Continued from previous post) Indeed, the fundamental integrity of the Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System continues to be eroded by separate, parallel and clearly biased so-called "Personnel Advisory Committees," which are little more than "star chambers" within which cronyism, personal favouritism, ethno-linguistic centrism, populism and outright corruption are now laregly practiced unabated. The results are obvious and the corresponding "attitude" has insidiously inculcated into the core culture of the Air Force. I can also tell you that some key members of the senior leadership have gone to great lengths to "cover up" or otherwise protect their favourites who have either fallen short in their performance generally, or comported themselves improperly (if not in outright violation) under the Code of Service Discipline. Long gone are the days of advancement as a means of assigning increased resonsibility in order to "serve more effectively," to "what's in it for me?" Dig a little deeper and you'll find that this isn't just a "rant." Rotten to the core? You bet!

  139. As a veteran with decades of service I can tell you that the Canadian Forces and in particular, the Air Force of today have effectively "perverted" traditional standards of merit to the point where they have become little more than flimsy rhetoric. True merit has been largely discarded in favour of political and personal expediency; that is to say, the time-honoured standards that sustained and progressed the Air Force for so many decades have lost ground in favour of more socially, politically and personally-expedient courses. (To be continued)

  140. Isn't it time to stop the feeding fenzy by ALL madia?
    ALL editors should recall the rule of law.
    ALL are considered Innocent unless proven.
    This is getting close to a media lynching.
    For what purpose?
    To sell ads on the media?

    • r carr: are you (retired) General Carr, by any chance?

    • Of course he's guilty. He led them to one of the bodies and has the victims' underwear. Enough evidence to lynch him 50 times over for real, not just in the media, you idiot!

  141. Colonel Williams only lived 6 blocks away from me in Ottawa. Too close for comfort I say! I never knew him thank goodness.

    We can never really know someone.

    I hope he spends the rest of his life in prison for his heinous crimes.

  142. I pray this is the same Asshole thah we can finally put McVicar to rest

  143. the thing that bothers me about a lot of the media is the conviction that has been given toward the military as a whole for one person's alleged crimes. I agree that the perpetrator of all crimes should be punished, but bashing the military or even attempting to do so seems to overshadow what happened. Yes, this man was in a position of authority, no noone seemed to "see it coming" or the signs that are typically associated with psychological profiling, but it isnt the military's fault that he allegedly did the things that are being said. I ask you this…if this man was a civillian…in a "normal" job like a plumber or electrician, would all plumbers and electricians be scrutinized afterward? Dont blame the job…blame the man!

  144. Rob:

    What we are realizing with this case and others, is that ALL military personnel receive training specifically to threaten,hurt and kill others in offensive operations and are paid and rewarded for it, including Russell Williams.This unique to a military and not the case for any other occupation,including doctors,mothers,police,firemen etc. Willimas must have excelled in this,as he did in other areas, as he was consistently promoted to the highest ranks. What is being questioned now,by both civilians and CF members, is the validity of adhering to unquestioning obedience and deference to so-called 'superiors" , unique to a military heirarchy, and whichis proving to be a false and dangerous edict.

  145. This situation is clearly a psychopath getting away with rape and murder. Re: screening, the obvious problem is that these types of people appear perfectly normal in society, don't show emotion and therefore appear stronger, more together. I have a degree in psychology and I don't think one needs such an education to realise that this type of screening is impossible. The very fact that these types of predators blend in to society is exactly the reason why they are able to continue unnoticed. My husband is not only a OPP officer, but also an MP officer. I don't think any of us normal people will ever understand this. I am very proud of the police and the work that they have all done to put this man behind bars!! He will never get out! Re: innocent until proven, yes that is true, but he admitted to it. He is guilty. He does not reflect in any way shape or form what our military stands for. He need to pay for ALL OF IT!! The military is NOT responsible for his actions, HE is!!!!!! I am proud of our military and our police officers who go out and fight for our freedom and safety. It is ironic that society is always wants to lay blame on those who make the ultimate sacrifice.

    • No, there were lots of big red flag reasons not to promote a person like this. I have training and experience in counselling, and if you had given me this man's file, just of his childhood, teenage and young adult years, I wouldn't have approved him as a manager at McDonald's or even a soccer coach for 10-year olds, much less an army commander.

      This man had a very disturbed childhood, was a loner and angry man with a serious obsessive-compulsive disorder who changed his name, cut himself off from family, pulled pranks that had no respect for people's private space and got pleasure out of scaring people half to death. That's just for starters.

      A deviant person is not half as difficult to spot as we think or have heard in the media. The problem is most of us don't WANT to see it, so we don't!

  146. Williams= idiot savant

  147. In the British common law one is innocent until proven guilty. The previous comments seem to be unaware of this rule.

    The media feeding frenzy will neccessitate trial being held elswhere. That's the only way this man will get a fair one.

  148. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one.

  149. We have not had any updates on this animal, I am wondering whats going on behind the scene. I am sure we will find he has killed more then we heard about. What a sad thing to have happened to two young women in their prime. We need to change our laws, we need to have harsher punishments i still am angry at the thought of karla holmolkia free. She was guilty and should have stayed behind bars for life.

  150. Trenton, that's in Ontario not in Quebec……. A scandal in Ontario, that can't be!!!

  151. The military has always been the best in my books. In this case, a bad apple does NOT spoil the bushel. Luckily, we are removing ths bad apple from the bushel ASAP.

  152. My sympathies go out to Mrs. Williams and the families of himself, and also to the families of all the victims of all ages! As far as the Col. himself, rank is excempted in the horrific crimes he committed!! My belief is simply this–take a life–lose your life!!!NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

  153. Oh my god, Im so scared now that I heard this story. What should I do to protect myself from pedophiles and psychos?

  154. First the airborne division scandal and now this Russell Williams' involvement in this horror. It seems the military must change its admission standards. Anyone in Canada who is under the age of 60 and in the military really has to be questioned. Canada went through an enlightenment during the 1960's and even though we live with this constant pressure in trying to make us into some sort of a subsiduary to the American military machine it will never happen. WW2 was the last time. More often than not the Canadian military does consist of dysfuntional men. What a tragedy that the emergence of feminism has now simultaneously put competent Canadian women in the military along sdide with so many dysfunctional men who are in the miltary. WE were supposed to be a nation of peace keepers and not killers.

  155. Soldiers obviously have no wife and children this is reason soldiers males work with female 's situation or ambition. they get together to working from govenment would command to the males soldier work with the female explain to solider male about ambition or situation of the what 's problems about people.

  156. I guess Russell William sued 2 women to disobey him commands. Russell is Bossy

  157. we should hold our leaders to a higher regard. it also means punishment should be of a higher standard. williams in jail and throw the key away, and all those we have trusted could join him.

  158. Part 1

    I am a soldier, I am a woman, I am a Mother, I was in Afghanistan when the news broke. Two young Cpl's came to see me that day to express concern for a comrade who's life had been taken. It hurt as bad as the day I carried a comrade to the aircraft after paying the ultimate sacrifice. There were five wonderful Canadians brought to that aircraft that day and I will tell you……..when the last boot carrying the last fallen Hero hit that final step more than more than 30 soldiers and some journalists cried for the sacrifices they had made. We make a choice to deploy and we accept that this may be the fate and our fallen are forever remembered because they are so worthy of just that. I will continue to serve and I will continue to remember them always passing to future generations little things that set them a part from each other. A personal connection you see is a lasting one.

    • So in this forum I ask respectfully that Cpl Comeau that very same thing. She served proudly, comrades loved and cared about her, she was a wonderful trade mentor, she will always be remembered because she has fallen in the most brutal of forms, she didn't know nor choose her fate, she was taken by someone in uniform, she begged him to tell her Mother she loved her, and he took her life. No one will ever forget her and all that she and her family has gone through, what those who wore uniform with her are going through……..I know because I served with two of them in Afghanistan. May we keep an open heart if and when they just need us.

  159. bring back the death penalty …. just my opinion!!!

  160. I know my words may be rejected by many. I followed all incidents, was touched by all sentences. We can never accuse any person of other's guilt, we can't charge physicans for specific physican's error, nor sons or daughters by their parents' guilt, nor air force members by Col. william's guilt….
    To Col. William, I know all people will get far of you, will deny knowing you, will run from you even if you need them extremely, most people you thought they love you will be the first who curse you, most people who you served them in past will close the door infront of you. May be you will be forgotten by all, but be sure that God Jesus loves you so much and forgave you the moment you repented, when He forgives He forgets, the sin is not existing anymore, be sure of that, and the ones whose hearts are filled really with Jesus will always pray and love you. on earth, when we make errors whatever are their levels (small or fetal), we have to pay for them and you are paying now very precious debits so we can not throw you by any stone. God be with you and enlight your soul to know the Truth

  161. If I were the wife of Russell Williams, I would immediately request to give interviews , sign book and movie deals and anything I could cash in on .In spite of her obvious disbelief, she is going to need all the money she can get and in so doing, turn something negative into a positive. I would move far away after the media circus lined my pockets. I would legally change my name and start over. She obviously has a lot to offer.She is very attractive and still young enough to move on. He is the criminal and is where he cannot hurt anyone else, including his wife. I wish her well.

  162. What goes round comes round!

  163. take the Col. off his name please!!

  164. Russell Williams should be in prison in the general population area along with Benardo. Why should they be in solitary when they should be with the other prisoners and dare to survive. Let the other prisoners judge them.

  165. When the sheepdog lays his hand on one of the sheep in anger or lust its so much worse than the same conduct from a wolf!