Conrad Black's talk show — The Zoomer — set to air Oct. 7 -

Conrad Black’s talk show — The Zoomer — set to air Oct. 7


TORONTO – Conrad Black’s weekly current affairs show will begin airing next month.

The show, titled “The Zoomer — Television for Boomers With Zip,” was announced in May, but has yet to bring the former media executive into Canadian living rooms.

ZoomerMedia (TSXV:ZUM) now says the 60-minute talk show will begin airing on its Vision TV channel Oct. 7 at 9 p.m.

It will be co-hosted by former Citytv/MuchMusic journalist and CBC Radio executive Denise Donlon.

As part of each episode, Black will conduct a feature “Conversation With Conrad,” or participate in a panel discussion with “some of the world’s greats.” He will also tackle a slew of issues in an editorial segment.

Black served 37 months of a 42-month sentence in a Florida prison after he was convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice related to actions taken while he was head of Hollinger International. He has since had two of the three fraud convictions overturned on appeal, settled a civil case with the U.S. Securities Commission, and won a large libel settlement over some of the allegations initially levelled against him.

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Conrad Black’s talk show — The Zoomer — set to air Oct. 7

  1. Ongoing segment – ‘ How To Get By On Less’ .

  2. While Conrad Black is not the world’s most interesting man, he’s one of the most interesting personalities around right now. He is the product of good education and the kind of refinement what some of us would mock, and others would lament that these days it is in short supply.

    • He cheated on his exams at UCC, stole the pensions of 10s of 1,000s at Dominion’s and other corps., helped cook fabricated global news for the Bilderberg Group, spiraled the UK’s and Canada’s prime newspapers into wrack and ruin, finangled a British lordship and Order of Canada then turned his back on Canada calling it a quasi-communist banana state, then begged for Canadian citizenship back attempting to avoid prison in the U.S., — did I leave anything out ? Yea, great morality icon for the new and improved Znaimer’s Vision TV. Should be interestingly entertaining. I’ll be watching for sure, eh. :-)

      • Stevie, dear – Your credibility stinks. Get your facts straight before you go on a rant about someone…… If you don’t like Conrad Black that’s ok, but if you did some research you might find he is not as bad as you describe.

  3. I like the fact that Lord Black has chosen to name his show after a slang word meaning “Magic Mushroom”.

  4. Will he concentrate on interviewing other convicted felons? Has the Vision network ascertained whether or not there is a Canadian citizen who could perform the same task?

    • So I wonder if Selena60 recently retired from the Canadian civil service, or is she still an active felon?

  5. Having read “A matter of Principle”, and sincerely doubting whether 1% of Lord Black’s detractors know the correct spelling of “principle”, I nevertheless challenge them to (a) read the book; (b) understand the nature of the “pay per convict” US prosecutorial system; and/or (c) use the term “convicted felon” without blushing.

    • Well, silly me. Here I was thinking that a person who was convicted of a felony is a convicted felon. Pardon me.

      • You’re pardoned, as should Lord Black be.

      • And I forgive your blush too.

        By the way, speaking of convictions, don’t forget that Nelson Mandela was convicted of crimes against the state, and Margaret Thatcher referred to him as a terrorist. So please check your frame of reference before making a complete fool of yourself :)))

        • In another aside, I have come to refer to the otherwise seemingly intelligent people who squawk the term “convicted felon” like so many cockatiels trained by the US Department of Justice as “erroneous felonious”. Not terribly witty, but it pleases me, and appropriately describes my fine feathered friends.

  6. Should have called the new series: “Convictions”.