Conservatives claim fundraising supremacy at end of 2013

Despite renewed efforts by the Liberals, the Tories took in historic $5.2-million in the year’s final quarter


OTTAWA – The Conservatives easily defended their position as top political fundraisers last year, taking in $5.2 million in the final quarter of 2013.

Party president John Walsh told supporters in an e-mail Sunday that the party had its best fourth quarter ever in a non-election year.

The Liberals had hoped to overtake the Tories during that last three-month stretch, but came in at $4.3 million.

Still, the Liberals have significantly increased their fundraising numbers since Justin Trudeau took over the leadership in April.

Walsh’s e-mail said the party raked in the most money despite attacks by Trudeau and the media.

The latest Conservative campaign is urging supporters to get as many friends and relatives on the Tory e-mail lists as possible, with a goal of signing up 20,000 new names in a week.

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Conservatives claim fundraising supremacy at end of 2013

  1. What?

    No stupid comment from the resident leftard.

    • Give it time.

  2. Yep, lots of lobby money to keep the people taxed like slaves. Give out enough inflated contracts and bailouts, gets lots of lobby money.

    No options on my ballot for less bailouts, less inflated contracts, less union pension top ups, less corporate welfare that taxes us so much.

    Maybe that is why Chinese view lobby money as corruption?

  3. Here’s another knee-slapper:
    Why does Harper luv Elevators: ?
    “… Lobby Please…”