Could the Japanese tsunami reach Canadian shores?

A tsunami advisory remains in effect in B.C., but the waves appear to have petered out


A tsunami advisory for parts of the B.C. coast remains in effect following Japan’s devastating earthquake last night, but early indications are the waves had petered out before reaching Canada’s shores. The first waves of the tsunami were expected to reach the north tip of the Queen Charlotte Islands roughly half an hour ago, but gauges that measure water levels registered no fluctuations, Kelli Kryzanowski, B.C.’s manager of catastrophic disaster planning and recovery told CBC Radio.

Even so the province is still advising residents of the following regions to be on alert: the north coast and the Haida Gwaii Islands, the central coast including Bella Bella, Bella Coola and Shearwater and the outer west coast of Vancouver Island from Cape Scott to Port Renfrew. The advisory warns that strong and dangerous currents could impact harbours and isolated coastal areas.

Kryzanowski also warned B.C. residents to be on alert for the next 72 hours in case the Japanese earthquake triggers quakes here. “This is a real wake up call to remind us in British Columbia that we are on the Pacific Ring of Fire, so it’s very important for us to be prepared,” she said. “If you do feel shaking, drop, cover under a desk or sturdy table, and hold on until the shaking stops.” After that, immediately get to higher ground as a tsunami could rapidly follow.


Could the Japanese tsunami reach Canadian shores?

  1. Not going to help. Have you seen what the tsunami did to the boats in Japan? If it's bad enough to need a boat, the boat isn't going to help.

  2. So, Oleg, is now a good time to buy a home?

  3. Unless there is a tsunami!

    • Duh.

      • Thank you for such a thoughtful useful comment. It really added to the discussion.


    • No, everything is down ….electricity etc. All we can do at this point is watch on the web…and servers are being overloaded too.

  5. Tsunami sweeps docks away in Cresent City Ca.
    Source: live abc coverage Santa Barabara station

    Reported a few minutes ago that Ca. Highway Patrol reports houses damaged, all docks were swept away by tsunami in Cresent City Ca.

    Read more: http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/livenow?id=8007618

  6. This is crazy stuff, I hope all my relatives in BC will be okay and I send my regards to those in Japan.


  8. Watching the earthquake and Tsunami as they happened in Japan last night, was jaw opening. I can't imagine how government and people, no matter how ready, would really be prepared for that. We have been warned of a big subduction earthquake which will happen at anytime here in BC, and I can't bring my head to anticipate and be prepared for something that may even be bigger than what Japan has been experiencing. My sympathy goes to all the people of Japan and those who friends, family, and relatives there. I wonder whether the Canadian government has established a drive to match donations intended for the people of Japan.

  9. Poor bastards. New Zealand, Japan—what or who is next.
    The power of mother nature makes a body feel pretty small.

  10. Anybody anywhere in the world could find him- or herself in an earthquake. The Mississippi River is known for its flooding, but seismologists have long predicted that there will be one day be a major earthquake like the one that hit Haiti– which normally suffers hurricanes– last year.

    We take Terra Firma for granted, but when the ground under us starts to shift…

  11. ok

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