Amanda Lindhout. Rinelle Harper. Omar Khadr. Three well-known Canadians, united by an uncommon bond, this week in Maclean’s.



Rinelle Harper was left for dead on a Winnipeg riverbank, beaten and sexually assaulted. Omar Khadr was imprisoned in Guantanamo, captured in 2002 by American forces in Afghanistan and charged with war crimes. Amanda Lindhout was kidnapped by Somali criminals, and held hostage for 460 days.

The three Canadians have little in common, beyond the recognition of their names from the news. But they have each suffered immensely—more than most of us can understand. So in that way, it makes complete sense that Lindhout received a kind letter from Khadr two years ago. It makes sense that Rinelle’s mother reached out to Lindhout over Facebook.

The connection between the three remains, however, remarkable and utterly improbable. This week in Maclean’s, Lindhout writes about how this uncommon bond came to be, and how horrific personal tragedies drew these three into a close, unlikely friendship.

“Whether we like it or not, Omar, Rinelle and I all have a public stage—an opportunity, that is, for people to hear us,” writes Lindhout. “Is it a responsibility? To speak a message that can help people somehow, and potentially help us to derive meaning from our tragedy? Publishers, like movie directors, find us. It’s an old, tired game. The great temptation is to try to put our trauma behind us and live a ‘normal’ life, but all three of us know there is little normal in what has happened so far. Why should the future be normal, either?”

You can read their story in the newest issue of Maclean’s, available Wednesday night for tablet and mobile readers on TextureApple Newsstand and Google Play, and on macleans.ca later this week.

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  1. his is kinda cool. Very Canadian.

  2. MacLeans your a one sick puppy. Kahr is a convictied terrorist and murderer. You glorify this POS. Sucking up to your Liberal masters. You make me sick.

    • Coincidentally, people who are happy to pretend that the proceeds of torture and kangaroo courts are credible because those results confirm their preconceptions and biases and soothe their lizard brains, make me sick.

    • Open your mind and read the article – you might learn something.

  3. Two victims of rape/violence and one killer.

    • One convicted not in a court of law but in a made up tribunal created by zealots politicians.

  4. Imagine how Sgt Christopher Speer’s wife and children have suffered. Imagine how this cover will cause a world of hurt to them knowing how Khadr changed the course of their lives forever.

  5. Including a smiling terrorist and murderer on the cover? Never will buy another copy of this magazine.

    • Yeah those photos of Dubya were gag-worthy……but you’ll get over it

  6. Omar Kadr does not belong on the cover of any Canadian magazine. Besides killing one US soldier and bringing another, He was an instructor to fellow terrorists on building of IEDs which killed and maimed hundreds of Soldiers. He has never shown remorse for his or his well known terrorist fathers actions and is now so carefully coached by that Edmonton lawyer, that everything he says is filtered. Why would MacCleans publish such a controversial picture of a treasonist that happened to born in Canada. I for one will never buy this magazine ever again

    • I’m sure you’re all old enough to know what a plea bargain is.

      You’re also all old enough to know there is no such thing as murder on a battlefield

  7. Khadr on the cover…with a BIG a$$ smile?! Macleans give your head(s) a shake! Who’s idea was this one…the ‘perpetrator’ as a victim?!! As someone who survived a history of violent sexual and physical abuse, a similar situation mirroring the two women on the cover, (that was perpetrated on me through NO FAULT of my own), I ask again WHAT the h*ll is Omar Khadr doing on that cover/story?!!

    • Read the article – maybe you’ll find the answer to your questions.

      • Google Omar’s name and read all of his accomplishments in his involvements, you might re-think your answers..

  8. Omar Khadr is a murder terrorist. I cant believe you put him on the cover and glorified him. I will never buy or read any thing by macleans again. I have never been so pissed off as I am right now. Omar there will be zero forgivness from me and all your victims I wish the American soldiers would have ended you there. It makes me sick that they put a pos like you next to real victims. Maclean’s you guys are a disgrace Khadr go kill yourself.

    • Why don’t you read the article? You might learn something. Or are you so blinded by years of reformacon propaganda about Omar Khadr that your mind is permanently closed?

      • I am sure you would like to welcome him into your home to live as you seem blinded by years of soft hearted propaganda..

    • Well now, that’s a thoughtful well-articulated response. /sarcasm off

  9. I have canceled my subscription to Macleans due to this cover. I understand rehabilitating Khadr but celebrating him and pairing him with victims of rape is way beyond the line.

    What has Maclean’s done for the little girl who is still growing up without a father? Why are people fundraising for the the man that killed her dad, and not even mentioning her?

    So gross

  10. You put an al-Qaeda terrorist on your cover. Do you have idea what the unholy fk you are doing? He killed US Sgt. Christopher Speer.

  11. I am thoroughly disgusted at Mclean’s for this as a cover story, let alone any story that includes Omar Khadr in this light. This is a disgrace and a slap in the face especially in this month of remembrance for Veterans, yes I am a veteran of 24 years and can say how it feels. I will emphatically state that I will never purchase or subscribe to Mclean’s again as I find it truly offensive.

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