CPC, NDP and Green parties accept Maclean’s debate proposal

‘We believe the diversity and innovation inherent in different debate sponsors and approaches is valuable,’ Conservative spokesman says


OTTAWA — The Conservative Party wants to increase the number of election debates, but also expand who gets to host them.

The consortium of Canadian broadcasters who traditionally host the leaders’ debates had proposed four such meetings ahead of the October 19 vote, but the Conservatives prefer to explore other options, the party said in a statement Tuesday.

“We believe the diversity and innovation inherent in different debate sponsors and approaches is valuable,” party spokesman Kory Teneycke said in the statement.

“Therefore we have decided to decline the proposal from the broadcast consortium for four debates, which for practical purposes would effectively exclude other media and organizations capable of hosting debates of this nature.”

The party has already accepted an offer from TVA for a French language debate and one from Macleans/Rogers for an English language debate.

The Conservatives are willing to take part in another French debate and up to two more English ones, for a total of five debates, the statement said.

The statement did not specifically rule out participating in a debate organized by the consortium, which has been meeting with the federal political parties in recent weeks to try and set the terms of the events.

At least one other media organization, The Globe and Mail, has said publicly it has submitted a proposal to host a debate.

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CPC, NDP and Green parties accept Maclean’s debate proposal

  1. This sounds like damage control from the Conservatives. I doubt they want to expose Harper to
    the public, on TV, where the other leaders can hammer him about his failure in handling the economy, stealing money from EI funds and further failures on aid to veterans.

  2. The CBC and its talking heads have gone apoplectic. They claim Macleans’ are Stephen Harper’s stooges.

    How dare anyone but the big Toronto based TV anchors question our national party leaders? They are even threatening not to cover any debate where somebody other than Peter Mansbridge is not asking the questions.

  3. Will MacLeans journos be asking the questions or will they be issued a directive by Rogers?

    • The former.

  4. Evan Solomon wouldn’t commit CBC to covering a leaders debate sponsored by a non-consortium reputable news agency or university.

    This is what is called journalistic integrity at CBC. Doesn’t Peter Mansbridge’s commercial they incessantly run say that CBC doesn’t make the news, they cover the news?

  5. Where can we find the debate format?

  6. Trudeau would be insane to accept a Maclean’s debate especially if Wells is an active participant.
    At the Post they have the Murphy/ Ivison and more attacking him on an almost daily basis. Same with Sun. Running out of options here.
    Maybe the Globe could put together a fairly objective panel.
    Harper would and rightly so reject the Star.

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