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Dallaire apologizes for car accident: ‘I simply ran out of steam and fell asleep’


OTTAWA – Sen. Romeo Dallaire says he nodded off at the wheel of his car and crashed into a traffic barrier on Parliament Hill today.

The retired general says the news last week of three suicides of Canadian soldiers, coupled with the coming 20th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide, have left him unable to sleep, even with medication.

He says he simply did not monitor his fatigue level and fell asleep at the wheel.

Dallaire commanded the ill-fated United Nations peacekeeping mission in Rwanda which could not stave off the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people in 1994.

He suffered debilitating psychological problems afterward and eventually retired from the military.

He was named to the Senate by Paul Martin in 2005.

Dallaire apologized to his fellow senators for his car accident, saying he was grateful no one was injured.

“I simply ran out of steam and fell asleep and crashed my car,” he said.

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Dallaire apologizes for car accident: ‘I simply ran out of steam and fell asleep’

  1. He’s a Canadian hero. One that I’m most proud of. I hope this incident doesn’t cause him any more stress than I’m sure he’s already feeling.

  2. I have nothing but sympathy for Dallaire. PTSD is incredibly difficult to deal with.

  3. Ask the Belgians what they think about Dallaire, are the police charging him with undue care and attention or driving while doped up? Oh that’s right he’s a Lieberal never mind….

    • Yes, if he was a Con you wouldn’t have lied about him.

      ‘In January 2004, Dallaire appeared at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to testify against Colonel Théoneste Bagosora.
      (The testimony was critical to the outcome of the trial and in December
      2008 Bagosora was convicted of genocide and for the command
      responsibility of the murders of the 10 Belgian Peacekeepers.”

      “Dallaire suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder
      and in 2000, attempted suicide by combining alcohol with his
      anti-depressant medication, a near fatal combination which left him
      comatose.[8] Dallaire is an outspoken supporter of raising awareness for veterans’ mental health.”

      • Oh I forgot Boo Hoo another victim..

        • No, you are a victim….of a bad upbringing.

        • This isn’t about Lib and Con Joe. It’s a story about a guy who served his country’s armed forces courageously, who has been very candid about how messed up it made him. There’s a lot of his kind around Edm Joe, and they all deserve our compassion, not the snide comments you’re dishing out behind the safety of your computer. I’m going to assume you never stood the post yourself or you wouldn’t have made such an ignorant comment.

          • How many years did you serve BBeNN ?? I did 32 yrs WITHOUT Whinnying

          • So what’s made you such an angry man?

          • Dallaire claims he’s victim give me a break he’s in the senate getting a lot more money then you or me. What he should have done is what he did a couple of years ago go swimming in the canal then you bleeding hearts would have something to really feel sorry for him……

    • I guess you had him mistaken with the right honourable Rob Ford.