Defence minister says more homegrown jihadist terror attacks possible

Jason Kenney makes his maiden speech to Canada’s military establishment in his new portfolio


Jason Kenney

OTTAWA – Newly appointed Defence Minister Jason Kenney used his maiden speech to Canada’s military establishment Thursday to sing the praises of the federal government’s anti-terror bill.

The country is engaged in a long-term ideological struggle with radical Islam, Kenney told the annual Ottawa gathering hosted by the Conference of Defence Associations Institute.

“We need only to look to Copenhagen, to Paris, to Brussels and to Sydney,” Kenney said.

“We need only consider the Toronto 18, the ongoing trials in Vancouver in the plot to bomb for the B.C. legislature and in Toronto against the alleged Via Rail bombers, to know that there is a high probability of future jihadists attacks from within.”

The notion that western civilization and style of government are never going to be challenged is wrongheaded, he added.

“Some Canadians can be forgiven for indulging in that fantasy,” Kenney said.

Canada’s geographic remoteness, prosperity and pluralism “have given Canadians reason to think that we can avoid real threats to our peaceable dominion. Yet we face a global movement that quite literally defies reason.”

Kenney, who took over from Rob Nicholson earlier this month, says the country “shouldn’t overreact to this threat, nor should we underreact.”

He cast the threat of Islamic extremism as a global danger, and pointed to the rampage of the terrorist group Boko Haram across parts of central Africa, primarily in the country of Nigeria.

Bill C-51, which increases the powers of security agencies, notably the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, is being debated by the House of Commons.

New Democrats oppose the legislation. The Liberals have said they will support it, but promise to fix some of the flaws if they form government after this year’s election.

One of the biggest criticisms is that there is little additional oversight of intelligence services being planned to prevent possible excesses. The government says no new mechanisms or bodies are needed beyond what already exists.

The bill is the government’s response to last October’s attack on Parliament and the murder of two soldiers and is meant to counter the threat of homegrown radicalism.

After his speech, Kenney was asked why he feels there will be more attacks, even after C-51 is passed. The threat is constantly changing, he replied.

“The threat is going to keep mutating,” Kenney said. “We have to be flexible in addressing the needs of our police and security agencies to counter the threat.”

The speech left little doubt that the Harper government intends to extend the current combat mission against the Islamic State when it comes up for renewal later at the end of next month.

Kenney hinted as much in television interviews last week.

On Thursday, he said cabinet will soon consider proposals on the mission, as well as the question of whether the government has to go back to the House of Commons for approval.

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Defence minister says more homegrown jihadist terror attacks possible

  1. Wackos will always be with us….that’s not remotely jihadist.

  2. Mr. Kenney… You are the new DEFENSE MINISTER… so do something for the soldiers that your department has thrown under the proverbial bus… and quit talking nonsense about so called jihadist terror in our country… you people are making it worse by talking about it in the first place. Do your departments work and stop being an war on terror advocate like your leader is!!!

  3. To me, the one thing that strikes terror into my heart and threatens my country, is the Harper Government ™. They really seem to dislike Canada and Canadians. Canadians must be vigilant as we seem to be losing our country to a soft dictatorship. Get out and vote ABC this year (anything but conservative).

  4. I am sure many Canadians will disagree – however nearly every Euro country is in trouble. All one has to do is their due diligence and research this.

    There has never been a western country that has seen a net benefit from islamic immigration over time.

    This is exactly how it has gone in Europe and how it will play out in Canada over the next 20 years.

    STAGE ONE—When Muslims are completely outnumbered and can’t possibly win a physical confrontation with unbelievers, they are to live in peace with non-Muslims and preach a message of tolerance.

    STAGE TWO—When there are enough Muslims and resources to defend the Islamic community, Muslims are called to engage in defensive Jihad.

    STAGE THREE—When Muslims establish a majority and achieve political power in an area, they are commanded to engage in offensive Jihad.

    The best part is islamics are also told that it is quite acceptable to lie to a non-believer as long as it promotes the cause of islam – and nearly everything they do is to promote the cause of islam – so no negotiations or investigations can be completely trusted.

    If an islamic will renounce:

    1. Armed jihad.
    2. Female genital mutilation.
    3. Honour killings.
    4. Forced marriage of children to old men.
    5. Sharia law.
    6. Forcing western businesses to pay a halal fee on food they sell to the public – ie: Nestles, and many others – the money finances foreign jihad and terror. You help finance terror every time you buy food with a “halal approved” stamp on the package.
    7. The killing of those who would leave islam for either atheism or another religion.
    8. The killing of homosexuals.

    ……and more – much more – then they are not considered islamic and can be executed under their own sharia law.

    Not to worry – only a micro-percentage in Canada would renounce all of the above suggestions. The vast majority find nearly all on the list to be more than acceptable.

    And they are everywhere – I once had a secret cleared islamic – working for the Canadian military – tell me sharia law was the perfect law and Canada should adapt it as soon as possible.

    Wait for it – and watch Europe as it happens there first.

    Hence even the media created mythical “moderate” will support the so called radical by contributing – at a minimum – cash to the cause through mosque donations.

    So yes, there will be more and it will happen here in Canada – just as it happens in Europe now.

    And the entitled Canadians who do not believe this will simply tell me I am a racist pig – yet time will prove me right – all we have to do is look at Europe as the example and wait for it to get here.

    • You must have gone to gardening school instead of taking history. None of your post is true.

      In fact there is no excuse for your ignorance. Shame on you.

      • Emily – it is the entitled trash of your generation that will be the down fall of Canada – have you looked in the mirror lately?

        You should. You need to get out more

        You need to remember one thing – when you deny all of the things I have written about you also prove you know nothing about the realities of life.

        Time to either tale a close look at reality, or take a visit to:

        1. Norway which is expelling islamics to reduce crime
        2. Sweden which is now the rape capital of the west – with islamic males being the offender and now the largest imprisoned segment of Swedish society,
        3. Germany which is now still having anti islamic demonstrations,
        4. Spain which has now closed its borders to islamics traveling through to Europe
        5. France – remember them
        6. UK no go areas
        7. Belgium – where even the police and fire and ambulance fear to go
        8. Italy which fears invaders from the south because of the huge invader supportive population within its own borders.

        And more – should you care to do your due diligence – but you will not.

        All of my “renounce” list are primary islamic items – if you knew anything about islam you would know this – but you do not. If they will not renounce then you need to be aware that those are indeed potential terrorists.

        Or you can simply go here:

        http://canadianjihad.ca/#/ for a very small example of what lives in Canada and you can be sure this site will grow

        In the end you are an old woman and will not live to see it – that does not mean it will not happen – so do not attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of others simply because you are one of those Canadians who believes the entire world loves you – which it no longer does – you have invited the infection into the country and it is growing – mostly because people like you will not see what is happening elsewhere – and it will happen here as well.

        I will be around long after you are gone – it is people like me that will have to make up for the foolish mistakes and arrogant entitled Canuckleheads like you who not only ruined this country, but also refused to admit that you did just that.

        Enjoy your welfare and CPP cheques old lady – the world has moved on without you.

        And that means we need to pick up and clean up the mess you and your ilk made.

        • NONE of those things are true TOC….not one.

          And you’d know that if you used legitimate sources instead of bumper sticker web sites. LOL

          You’re a scared little boy with no education.

  5. I suggest Mr. Kenney give the Knights Templar a call and let them take care of it.

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