Define ‘nous’

So much for inclusion. The Parti Québécois version of ‘us’ is white, with Catholic roots


Slippery word, that nous.

It means “us,” but in Quebec it is arguably the most loaded of terms, its meaning dependent on who is uttering it.

Exhibit one: In 2007, former journalist and future PQ MNA Jean-François Lisé wrote Nous, a navel-gazing treatise on identity and belonging within Quebec’s Francophone majority. The book’s cover, a Benetton-worthy illustration of smiling multicoloured faces, pretty much says it all: in Quebec, everyone can be a Nous—provided they learn French.

Fast forward five years. In the run-up to September 2012’s election, the Parti Québécois unveils its campaign slogan, “C’est à nous de choisir” (It’s for us to choose).  Taken on its own, it might have been as innocuous as one of those Benetton-worthy drawings on the cover of Lisée’s book. Except you couldn’t help but notice how the 2012 campaign was less Benetton ad than Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue, version française: smiling, happy and entirely fleur-de-lis white from front to back.

Here, for example, is the campaign’s official video. Over stirring strings and choral voices, we hear Pauline Marois say, “Like all people of the world, we have the right to be ourselves,” with a cut to a handsome white woman. “We have the right to be proud of who we are,” she says, as the video cuts to a (white) father and son. “Proud of our values,” Marois says, with a shot of the building-sized crucifix atop Mont-Royal. “Proud of our language, proud of our youth.” Cue more white people, and then a few more to bring the whole thing to a roiling crescendo. Essentially, it’s a two-minute repudiation of Lisée’s charming notion of inclusion.

I bring this up as context to the “Quebec values charter,” the crisis du jour perpetuated by the PQ. The other day, Pauline Marois said a charter banning the wearing of religious symbols would be a “strong uniting force for all Quebecers.” The commentariat, both English and French, went into spleen-venting mode. What unity could possibly arise from singling out those by what they wear around their neck or over their hair?

Yet Marois was right, at least according to the blinkered logic dominating the present-day Parti Québécois. Along with being a perfect diversion from the government’s own mediocre-at-best record, as I wrote last week, the “Quebec values charter” is also a handy way to unite the disenchanted PQ voting base.

Despite being mostly well ensconced in their Baby Boomer years, the prototypical Parti Québécois supporter is at once frustrated with his party, his less-than-fervent neighbours and at still being part of the vast, multi-culti assimilation machine that is Canada. For the PQ, scapegoating religious types—and, in keeping the crucifix bolted to the National Assembly wall, protecting the boomer’s profoundly odd Catho-secular identity—is an electoral no-brainer.

So, yes, this “Quebec values charter” is uniting project—to any Quebecer who sees him or herself in the above video. The party spent years distancing itself from Jacques Parizeau’s post-referendal “money and the ethnic vote” bon mots in 1995; Lisée’s book was a warm and fuzzy attempt to redefine Nous to include the occasional non-Francophone in the mix. Time heals all wounds, I guess, because in pushing ahead with this “Quebec values charter,” the PQ is showing how the Parizeau strain of ethnic nationalism has once again come to the fore within the party.

As columnist Martin Bisaillon wrote recently, “Péquiste Boomers can be error-prone and harmful for our society when we let them have the monopoly on Quebec’s identity.” In this case, it’s the messy part of the PQ’s Nous equation: inevitably, there must be a Them.

In Montreal, there are Thems everywhere. Allophones, those whose first language is neither French nor English, make up nearly 25 per cent of the city’s population. Swelled by immigration from North Africa, the city’s Muslim population has nearly doubled since 2001, to roughly 220,000. Like the immigrant waves of yore, the recent arrivals to Quebec are comparatively young, religious and far better at making babies than les Québécois de souche. Many of them go to church, mosque or temple. Some wear pieces of cloth or jewelry attesting to that fact on their body.

As far as manufactured threats go, these “thems” are an easy target. Much was made this week of Le Journal de Montréal poll suggesting a sizeable majority of Quebecers support some sort of Quebec values charter—57 per cent, in fact, including 65 per cent of Francophones. Good numbers for the PQ, to be sure, except the poll didn’t provide any context of the importance of such a charter to, say, the economy.

Thankfully, the good people at L’Actualité weighed in this week with a poll of its own on the subject (not yet online, sadly). To wit: with just 7 per cent, the adoption of a Quebec values charter ranked second to last on a list of 11 suggested priorities for the government, behind the meat-and-potatoes trio of government spending, income tax reduction and the fight against corruption.

Perhaps the real threat to Quebec values isn’t the veiled woman, the yarmulke’d man, or the guy with the NDP-orange turban who cackles at my kid and tries to cajole me into his temple. The real threat, it seems, will be from the crushing indifference of Quebecers themselves.


Define ‘nous’

  1. ‘Nous’ means the mind, or reason. Marois. has none.

    • It’s all Greek to you.

      • Good morning to you as well. Sorry that someone pissed in your cornflakes.

        On edit: Ahhh sorry….I should never answer posts before I have my coffee. Actually that’s very good.

        • Thanks. Apology accepted.

          • Marios is racist. Period. Her backwards, totalitarian, anti-religious rhetoric will not be tolerated by the people. GO back to hating people who are different than you, Logician.

  2. Early in his ’95 referendum speech Parizeau said “On va parler de nous : à 60 pour cent, on a voté pour.” Even without the money and ethnics line that followed, the world-view was rotten.

    • How do you define the Québécois nation? With accents in the English text.

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • I wonder about dreadlocks . . . if the wearer is Rastafarian then it would be a no-go but if only worn as a fashion statement then its OK?

      If this ‘charter’ is adopted with the provisions that are being reported, I would hope to see coworkers of those affected take to wearing the offending articles themselves, like this kids soccer team did over the summer:

  4. I am a perfectly bilingual Anglophone, the only child of Scotch immigrants to Montreal (1926), born and raised in Montreal, Quebec; a recently retired social worker who worked mostly (80%) in French for forty years who studied and earned my degrees from Concordia, McGill and Université Laval . My daughter, mostly educated in French, now works for the French language school board in Montreal. I thought I was doing alright in Québec. I listen equally to both English and French television, and I remember watching this particular election campaign “pub” (as they say in French) and I cried; suddenly realizing that the “NOUS” (avec un grand ‘N’) that “Pauline” was referring to, did not include me. I continue to feel more and more excluded from “le (fameux) “Nous” Québecois”. I can only hope that the next elections will allow me to feel “at home” again as It is too late for me to go elsewhere.

    • It is NEVER too late to move out of the racist Quebecois tribe. I did it and I will NEVER look back. I continue to live a bilingual life in freedom-loving T.O.R.O.N.T.O. Don’t you want to be happy from now on ?!
      Formerly from Verdun, Quebec

      • I believe, and hope Maureen thinks as I do, that fighting for our home is a worthy endeavor, and stays to have Montreal, and Quebec, remain her home.

    • Leaving is not the answer – ousting this racist pig is.

  5. I am so tired of hearing about the Charter of “Québec” values. Whoever you are, what ever your religion and how ever you choose to dress; just let me see in your eyes and hear in your voice, your respect, compassion, tolerance and fairness towards me when your are doing (whatever) your job. These are all just basic values that most people (and religions) strive for all over the world (not just les Québecois). Short French translation: L’habit ne fait pas le moine

  6. When a French-speaking Quebecois says ” nous ” ( we ) it refers to just that….French-speaking Quebecois born and bred in Quebec. Period. I grew up in Montreal and I am bilingual. My wife is French, from France. She worked in French in Montreal. The moment her fellow workers found out she married an English-speaking Canadian, they refused to have anything to do with her. She was insulted for being European French by French-speaking shopkeepers and also by a French-speaking policeman. She and I are NOT considered to be part of the “nous ” in Quebec. The “nous ” refers to the collective identity of the TRIBE mentality in racist Quebecois society. It would shock most Canadians living in other regions of Canada. If your name is NOT French like Belanger or Lapierre, forget ever being accepted in Quebecois society. Even if you speak perfect French, you will not be admitted into the TRIBE. French-speaking Quebecois look down on anyone from another language group who marries a French Quebecois and they label them ( the Francophone ) as being ” assimilated “. This is a grave insult indeed. We moved to freedom-loving TORONTO to continue our bilingual lifestyle in peace.
    Formerly from Verdun, Quebec

  7. The music speaks for itself – a (very cheap) take on the Salve Regina from Les dialogues des Carmélites. Maybe these Quebecers are jealous that they didn’t have the great privilege of being part of the French Revolution. Religious persecutions with a little bit of rive-gauche chic.

    You would never guess from watching the video that Jews have been living in Quebec for more than two centuries. Or that there were black people in the old Canada of New France. Black men and women and children are not part of the nous. Not even Maka Kotto, though it is very bcbg to have a black minister who was born in Cameroun, but when it’s time to talk about nous, to be entre nous, to decide notre avenir even Maka Kotto is out of the picture. Le noir de service. A very telling video. Thank you.

    • Do they say bcbg in Montreal?? It’s so Parisian that I was wondering…
      By the way, while watching, did you think of Lenni Reifenstahl? I did…

      • bcbg is definitely France, not Quebec. Maybe for some on the Plateau. I did’n think of Riefenstahl because her work, her camera, montage and use of music, were much better than this. One can think a lot of bad things about Riefenstahl as a person, one should, but not about her artistic talent. Same goes for Wagner’s music.

        • Well she helped define the propaganda genre. However, to be fair, authorship has to be attributed to Eisenstein.

          • Riefenstahl had a extraordinary sense of visual aesthetics and was an innovator of filming techniques – camera on tracks to follow the movement of the 1936 Olympics, multiple cameras and cranes to capture large crowds at Nuremberg. Her films and this ‘thing’ produced by the PQ are both propaganda pieces. Riefenstahl’s are masterpieces of the genre; this PQ propaganda is cheap, amateurish video.

          • I wasn’t comparing the technique and technical quality. Only the atmosphere and how it’s constructed as a narrative.

            In Triumph of the Will (I’m working from memory, a bit hazy), the narrative begins with the Hitler speech and the shot techniques take Hitler’s narrative around Germany. That’s more or less what the PQ propaganda video does.

  8. Not to be pedantic, but

    “it’s the messy part of the PQ’s Nous equation: inevitably, there must be a Them.”

    Actually there must inevitably be either an Eux or and Eux / Elles or (if we’re being clever) a They.

    • en bon joual québecois it would be “eux-autres” For example: Eux-autres sont pas comme Nous autres……y faudrait passer une Loi, estie!!! ;-)

      • .

  9. Google “nous” and you get the philosophical term meaning “common sense” or the human ability of understanding. Strange eh?

  10. « Nous » are not those who deported the Acadiens, killing most of them in the process.

    « Nous » are not those who massacred the Natives, infected and starved them to death and keeps the survivors in concentration camps for more than two hundred years now.

    « Nous » are not those who used >100 years of language apartheid to eradicate French from non-Qc kk-nada.

    « Nous » are not those who had the federal police putting bombs in Montréal to fabricate the belief of terrorist separatists, declare War Measures in peace time, had Montréal invaded by the army and put hundreds of innocents in jail for months.

    « Nous » are not those building their nation on ethnic cleansing and hateful systematic and continuous propaganda.


    • How is your one-man campaign of hate and propaganda going there Libre? Don’t worry, we’re all well aware of your incredibly one-sided perspective and bias at this point. Happy thanksgiving there bud, keep preaching those conspiracy theories.

      • When you have nothing valid to say you attack the person.

        When you attack the person you have nothing valid to say.

        Of course ! ..

    • Blah, blah, blah… Completely off topic, and irrelevant and factually incorrect, but thank you for trying. It makes it more evident in your argument that the PQ charter is anything but making Quebec more tolerant, and inclusive. It shows that your beliefs are full of resentment. There is irony in your statement as what is being done in Quebec to minorities via the PQ, is justified by what has been done to French-Canadians through out history. “Do unto others what has been done unto you?”

      • One more ethno supremacist giving lessons of respect to others ..

        • You’re referring to yourself, right?

          • If you had anything smart to say we’d know it by now. You are free to prove me wrong and you CAN’T.

          • A first grader can prove you wrong, stupid. BTW – Are you getting paid double time – at the OLF for working on a holiday? Better save your pennies – kiddo – that piece of BILE – will be closing sooner than you think !

          • « A first grader can prove you wrong »
            And YOU can’t.
            Go get a first grader, quick !!

        • Given you have no clue what the definition of respect is…… coupled with your zombie like parroting of ridiculous – infantile ‘buzz words’ – that you also have no clue about… you’re not qualified to to talk – unless you enjoy making a fool of yourself – let alone tell anyone anything about respect. Hint: Tyrants, Bigots, Ethnic Cleansers – are not and never will be respected anywhere in the SANE world.

          • Is there anythere there you can prove it isn’t true ? :

            What anglos have brought to Acadiens, Métis, Canadiens and Natives :

            – **Deportation** of the Acadians

            – **Massacres** of the Natives and Metis, parking of the survivors in **concentration camps** (reservations), **internment** of their children in **forced assimilation** institutions, etc.

            – Each and every peace treaties broken.

            – Natives** starved to death** for medical experimentations

            – Imposed **federation** of all territories and provinces under one centralized power.

            – Anti-French **apartheid** all over the non-Québec Canada to eradicate French speaking majority populations.

            – Real Canadians (the French) forced into the status of “white ne88ers” – their main living condition indicators under anglo-imperialist domination equal or worse than those of the blacks in USA -.

            – Two thirds of the real Canadiens forced into **permanent exile** in order to survive while the governments were heavily sponsoring targeted immigration from Western Europe.

            – Imposed charter of rights and constitutions to make it impossible for the real Canadiens to protect their language and their culture.

            – **State terrorism** to fake separatist terrorism (FLQ) ; federal police bombs in Montréal, false communiqués, anglo-army occupation, hundreds of people jailed without charge against them, etc. to destroy the peaceful and democratic Québec independence movements.

            – **Criminal activities** against Québec regulations to win the referendum votes on Québec sovereignty.

            – Instrumentalization of the ethnics, obligation to move to Montréal to get citizenship, threat of losing it if they voted YES (Parizeau was right ! )

            – Corruption, bribery, acquaintance with organized crime

            – Permanent anti-Québec, anti-Québécois and anti-French propaganda

            – Etc.

          • Well there you go folks: A perfect example of Quebecois rewrite of history and the insane filth our children are and have been taught these past 40 YEARS! These politicos should be arrested for hate crimes and tried at the HAGUE !!
            A perfect example of how to create Nazi and Taliban clones. Teach em young…

          • Nothing but usual anglo ethnocentric denigration against the real Canadien people. And you think you are smart ? …

      • Newsflash, MicoB: You’ve been brainwashed to believe a pile of hateful fiction – that is so easy to prove wrong – it’s pathetic. What’s the matter – are you NOT ALLOWED to read anything other than your, ‘ PQ version ‘ of pure race history? Or what you’re going to use the 300 year old ‘PQ’ – Acadian myth? Or the PQ hero – Louis Riel – the murderer being hung for his crime – as an example of Quebecois fiction filled justification for ETHNIC CLEANSING? BTW – NOTHING was done to French Canadians in Quebec – by the Anglos or anyone else – EXCEPT being embraced by them – you stupid idiot!! The ONLY ones discriminated against (including the true owners of this land the natives) throughout Quebec’s history were and are the English and immigrants. What say you go learn the truth or learn to tell the truth. It’ll stop your nose growing any longer than it already is !

        • All he has to do is read Mein Kamph and he will learn how his “leaders” think and where their movement is headed. Pick up the book Canada Libre and find out where your destination is.

          • They are NOT allowed to read Mein Kamf – nor are they ALLOWED to learn any world history -. All removed from Quebec’s education curriculum – including spelling! Marois – I remember it well, my son was in fourth grade at the time – removed spelling claiming.. ‘ forcing a child to learn how to spell blunted their creativity..’ paraphrasing — but that still stands to this day! Keeping them totally ignorant and blind to the truth – just like Hitler did – with his ‘Youth movement’ of filth, sigh. Brainwash em early and consistently – and of course they become robotic parrots – who chant the same ‘Don’t think mantras’ over and over and over again. Like the Moonies. Very sad, very, very sad indeed.

        • Umm, I hope you’re confusing me with someone else.

        • Umm, I hope you’re confusing me with someone else.

        • Umm, I hope you’re confusing me with someone else.

    • Another pile of trash – boy you separatists are the most blind people on the face of the earth. Now the federal police put bombs in Montreal? Wow the things you people make up. War measures Act was a necessity to keeping your crazy FLQ people from killing innocent victims of a stupid language complaint. Partition this place and let your areas leave Canada that want to leave – that way we will be rid of you and you will be rid of us to live in your dream world.

        • Didi is right – you’re totally insane. I’m going to read some of idiocy that you suggest – lol – I think not! You’d better sign yourself into some cult breaking institution soon – you’re not fit to walk the streets by yourself without your knuckles dragging.

          • Love your descriptive and ‘spot on’ style , Cutie003 :)

          • These brain washed separatists drive me to distraction! Where and what in the name of God are they thinking? Part of the best most prosperous country of the world and they still bitch and make up garbage every day all the time about how hard they are done by! Sickening! Send them off to Bangladesh for a few weeks and then we’ll see how bitchy they are. Damn spoiled bunch of idiots but we can’t afford to let them drag all of us down with them to their fallen new country. Partition is the answer and let them go to hell on their own. The sane areas of Quebec will vote to remain with Canada.

          • I hear you – but – why on earth should we give these madmen/women one inch of OUR CANADIAN OWNED PROVINCE? They don’t like it here – let’s help them pack and get the hell out of OUR CANADA. Period :) And of course we’ll be putting our tax dollars into escrow – until we’re well rid of them. :)

          • That suits me fine also but if they insist on having some of the land I can live with it as long as we don’t have to live with them any longer. 45 years of this misery, watching our taxes go sky high, our standard of living falling daily, watching the misery they create on a daily basis in the name of their “pur laine francophones”, making every one of our lives much harder than it has to be has pushed me past the point of understanding anything that they do or attempt to do any longer. Enough of this BS – I want them out of my life permanently.

          • Canada is Québec and Québec is Canada. We are not going anywhere and you have to let go on imperialistic imposed control over those who never wanted you here.

          • You think you own us like you own the Natives. You want nothing but to exterminate those who don’t agree with your ethno supremacist ideology.

          • The last thing I want is to “own” anyone fool. I just expect people to work like I did and make their own way in life like I did and like all “normal” people do. Get a damn job and support yourself and take care of your own family and friends and let everyone else do the same instead of sitting back licking your wounds over a war that was fought 200 years ago – that you lost by the way – whether you like it or not. Get the hell out of the past and live your life instead of sitting back revisiting history. What a pain in the ass.

          • Poor victim .. ;)

          • They’re NOT reliving history. They’re babbling disgusting hateful fiction. Just like the Nazi’s and Taliban did and do! Mindless robots – created and conditioned to parrot horse manure. Oh excuse me – don’t mean to insult horses.

          • My cult is not the Guild of Orange, me. My cult is not the KKK, me.

            I am not an anglo-imperialist who’s perfectly comfortable with ethnic cleansing against everyone who was in Canada before anglos invaded it.

            Let the Natives out of the concentration camps and give their land and dignity back before you try to give lessons to others.

          • Hey Einstein: Newsflash – your maitre chez nous have been RULING the Province – these past 400 years… Why HAVEN’T YOU let them out of the ‘concentration camps’ YOU AND YOURS locked them into? I repeat: you et al are an uneducated – tyrannical – pile of Nazi clones – who clearly have never had a true history lesson in your brainwashed lives. And you bet your ‘cult is the KKK & Nazi’s combined. The ugliest examples of mans inhumanity to man. Period.

        • Hey kiddo — I and many others were THERE during the FLQ bombs in mailboxes – window smashing terrorism. The same terrorism that KILLED 21 people and CRIPPLED a two year old for life!! Keep talking though – the world needs to see – what kind of lunatics and lunacy we’ve been forced to endure these past 40 years!!

      • « .. trash .. separatists .. blind people .. crazy FLQ .. stupid language ..
        Partition .. rid of you .. »
        The usual anglo-imperialist hatred ..

        • Yep – you separatists have kept this province from thriving for 45 years now and it’s time you left Canada. When we partition with Montreal, the Eastern Townships the Outaouais and the Pontiac we will be well rid of the lot of you. We will go on with a bilingual province where we will respect one another and live as friends and neighbours with our francophone sane people that know when it’s best to kick your asses to the curb!

          • Believe it or not Quebec is still a LEGALLY BILINGUAL PROVINCE. It’s the politicos that have committed these discriminatory criminal acts and it’s high time they were removed from OUR OFFICES and charged for their ‘human rights crimes” !! High time !!

          • Québec is Canada and Canada is Québec. We have been the Canadiens for four hundred and five years now.

            Find a name for your nation instead of stealing other’s.

          • I personally don’t give a shit what you call yourselves but as a nation, Canada will retain it’s identity and you can call yourselves whatever the hell you like. No one will care anyway because you will be nothing in North America unlike now where you get way too much attention and way too too much money to keep your miserable asses happy. Time to cut you off without a penny and we’ll see how well you do on your maple syrup and Labatt’s 50

          • « Canada will retain it’s identity ..»
            If anglo-imperialists had an identity not to be ashamed of then they would not need to steal another nation’s name. Évidemment.

          • Who cares about such shit? Only you brain-washed separatists care about a stupid name. Call yourselves “Bankrupt” because that’s where we are now with all your stupidity. God, we so have to get rid of you people.

          • « you get way .. too too much money ..»
            Are you stupid enough to believe your leaders stupid enough to loose money over a territory and a people that are under their control ?

            Mmmh …

          • The rest of Canada has had enough of you miscreants and can’t wait to kick you to the curb. You have ruined this country and are costing us too much money and self respect. If you can’t get your act together, and it’s apparent you can’t, we want you out as badly as you want to go. You used to garner some sympathy for your language and culture but no longer. You have abused us (the minorities in this province) for far too long and have proven to be unfit to live in a civilized modern society.

          • You demonstrate my point : Anglo-canada is about hatred and reject. Merci beaucoup.

            If your nation had self respect it would apologize and repair the evil done to all those who were in Canada before it.

            Three hundred centuries of ethnic cleansing does no go away with more hatred, denial and projection.

          • Toi la, t’es vraiment malade — vraiment malade..

          • Je t’emmerde. Parce que j’ai raison.

          • BRAVO Cutie !!!!!!!! Couple that with OUR Anglo/Allo & Greater MOntreal 69% of QC’s tax revenue… removed from their disgusting racist paws… About time we make them “Make it on their own’ !! Can’t wait to see them go !!

        • Anglo Imperialist ??? Good grief – how old are you – 12??

          • Imperialism

            « Imperialism, as defined by the Dictionary of Human Geography, is “an unequal human and territorial relationship, .., based on ideas of superiority and practices of dominance, and involving the extension of authority and control of one state or people over another »


            That is exactly what anglo-keneda is about.

    • You Canada Libre – are totally insane. Period.

  11. I believe it is also important to note that the Charter is far from uniting the PQ base, or sovereignists, for that matter. Many sovereignists have been very critical of the Charter, and some, such as Parizeau himself, have stated that the Charter project will hurt the sovereignty movement by alienating minorities. Independentist parties (QS and ON) recognize the need to bring on board Anglophones, Allophones, and groups from all ethnic backgrounds to make Quebec a successful and independent country –not to mention getting the Yes vote in an eventual referendum. Something this Charter of Quebec Values completely fails at accomplishing.

    • After 40 years of MISERY – and disgusting illegal language loi’s and Nazi clone – goose stepping Anglo HATE Language POLICE – insane – hate filled discrimination – forced upon us – non pure laine (pure race francophone- yech) Anglo/Allo (a term invented by these bigots – rest assured we will NEVER ‘get on board’ – with any of you!!

      • What the hell are you talking about? For your information, I am an anglophone federalist, that has been against Bill 14 and the Charter since their inception. Re-read my comments properly before blathering on like you’ve done up to this point.

        • I’m sure she meant that response to Canada Libre and not you – just a mistake.

        • Absolutely meant it for Canada Libre, Mico B. Please accept my heartfelt apology :)

      • What the hell are you talking about? For your information, I am an anglophone federalist, that has been against Bill 14 and the Charter since their inception. Re-read my comments properly before blathering on like you’ve done up to this point.

      • What the hell are you talking about? For your information, I am an anglophone federalist, that has been against Bill 14 and the Charter since their inception. Re-read my comments properly before blathering on like you’ve done up to this point.

  12. For those anglos who think they can give lessons of respect to others :

    «« Canada gets human rights failing grade from Amnesty International

    « By every measure, be it respect for treaty and land rights, levels of poverty, average life spans, violence against women and girls, dramatically disproportionate levels of arrest and incarceration or access to government services such as housing, health care, education, water and child protection, indigenous peoples across Canada continue to face a grave human rights crisis » »»

    • Yea and the PQ would be better for the natives? lol – they have made it clear they will not remain part of a separate Quebec because they know what the backstabbing PQs are all about. Discrimination, Nazism and communism – that’s it, that’s all folks! There’s no sense arguing with idiots.

      • Cutie003 : « Discrimination, Nazism and communism .. »

        Cutie003 : « There’s no sense arguing with idiots. »

        I agree with you ;) ;) ;)

  13. Another demonstration of anglo-kk-nadian ethnic cleansing : (

    Diamond Jenness and ‘useful anthropology’ in Canada 1930-1950

    Diamond Jenness ( 1886-1969) was a New Zealand Anthropologist who conducted research in Canada among Indians and Inuit.

    Drawing on extensive, first-hand knowledge of the Dominion’s Indians and Inuit as a National Museum of Canada ethnologist between 1913 and 1947, Jenness witnessed the effects of state administration on them ..

    .. in 1936 he became a special consultant to the Indian Affairs Branch .. In a series of official memoranda written in the thirties and again in the forties during testimony before a Senate-Commons Committee investigating the Indian Act, Jenness steadfastly advocated the urgent need for measures to insure Indians equal opportunities in education and economic life.

    Central to Jenness’s criticism of existing policy was the assertion that Indian reserves perpetuated a ‘system of permanent segregation’ .. In effect, the reserves robbed Indians of their morale, health, and sense of well being, making them a ‘dejected, prison-like population’ and the objects of Euro-Canadian prejudice .. likening Indian administration to apartheid, the legalities of wardship status its colour bar, reserves its ‘bantustans’

    Jenness .. likened the situation of Canadian Aboriginal peoples to that of the masses of European victims of Nazism – internees in concentration camps and camps for displaced persons, slave labourers – all of whom endured isolation from world currents … from the life and society all around them’, developing debilitating psychological dependencies on their warders and ‘warped mentalities’ in the process. Canada’s reserve system, he argued, has had a similar effect on Indians ..

    In the end, little of a practical nature came of Jenness’s proposals on policy reform …

    Source :

  14. What’s convenient with denigrating Québec and Québécois is that, while they do that, anglo-supremacists detract the attention from their own sins.

  15. It’s quite funny that I just need to raise the fact of anglo-imperialist keneda and then anglo-imperialists immediately come in herd to prove me right ;)

    Merci beaucoup !!

  16. Vivre dans la province de Québec n’en fait pas un québécois. Peut être un bon canadien vivant dans cette province. La nation québécoise qui a développée sa culture en Amérique du nord n’en fait pas une nation amérindienne. Tout est dans la volonté à s’intégrer à la nation. Créer un monde parallèle dans la province de Québec, ça débouche sur le marché du travail beaucoup plus qu’à une recherche de cohésion sociale. Faire compliquer c’est plus payant que faire simple mais ça s’apparente plus à de l’acharnement à refuser l’existence sur le plan international de la nation québécoise. Comme dirait l’autre, continuez à vous acheter une vie sur le dos de la nation québécoise mais n’oubliez jamais que, qui lutte avec le glaive, périra par le glaive.