Did Rob Ford’s sobriety coach kick a protester?

Video shot by CityNews shows police officer confronting Ford’s sobriety coach


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s sobriety coach is under question today after reports that he may have kicked a protester at a speech delivered by the mayor earlier in the day.

Bob Marier, who has been near the mayor’s side since he returned to City Hall on June 30, has been identified as a recovering alcoholic and drug addict from Montreal who is helping the mayor remain on the straight and narrow. CBC reports that Ford is paying Marier for his time.

On Tuesday morning, Ford made a speech about a proposed light-rail transit project he is opposed to. A group of protesters, many shirtless, attended the speech and heckled Ford. Here, in a video shot by CityNews, a Toronto police officer clearly accuses Marier of kicking one of the protesters.

Both Rob Ford and his brother and campaign manager, Coun. Doug Ford, avoided reporters at City Hall who asked about the incident.

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Did Rob Ford’s sobriety coach kick a protester?

  1. It’s obvious John Furr was hoping to be manhandled. He kept telling people not to touch him, even when he was disrupting the speech no one *was* touching him. The tape shows a police officer accusing Marier of doing it, but we don’t see it happening and, tellingly, Furr says nothing. Don’t you think he’d cry out “don’t kick me?” But he doesn’t. This is about manufacturing a conflict. http://goo.gl/gKTWeR

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