Duelling petitions spar over naming Calgary airport after Harper

At issue: Whether the Calgary International Airport should be renamed for outgoing prime minister Stephen J. Harper

(Ryan Remiorz/CP)

(Ryan Remiorz/CP)

CALGARY – There are three petitions generating a heated debate on whether the Calgary International Airport should be renamed for outgoing prime minister Stephen J. Harper.

R. Curtis Mullen, a transplanted Canadian now living in the United States, set off the debate by creating the original petition on Sunday.

“As Prime Minister Harper was the longest serving prime minister from Western Canada, let us honour his accomplishments by renaming the Calgary airport in his honour,” wrote Mullen.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Mullen’s petition had 3,148 signatures out of his goal of 15,000.

“Best prime minister Canada or the world has ever seen. If Montreal and Toronto can name their airport after a Liberal, then Calgary should be able to choose Harper,” writes Matthew Rattray from Ontario.

Not everyone was taking the petition seriously.

“I fully support renaming the Calgary landfill and\or sewage treatment plant after the greatest leader since Monica Lewinsky was president,” added someone identifying as Pierre Poutine from Saskatchewan.

The Harper airport naming was also adopted by conservative political pundit Ezra Levant, who launched a second petition calling for the Calgary airport to be renamed for Stephen Harper.

“Let’s rename the Calgary International Airport the Stephen Harper International Airport. It wouldn’t be Harper’s style — he’s not a show-off, he’s not about selfies, and an airport named after you is the ultimate selfie,” Levant said on a website, which had over 10,000 names on Tuesday.

The Harper love-in spawned a counter-petition called Prevent Renaming the Calgary International Airport.

“There is a park in Edmonton named for the only city mayor to be found guilty of gross misconduct while in office. The excuse for naming the park after him was that he was Edmonton’s longest-serving mayor,” said petition creator Alison Cowan.

“The excuse for renaming the airport is that Harper is the longest-serving prime minister from Western Canada. Please, let’s not make rewarding political criminals an Alberta tradition, OK?”

Cowan’s anti-Harper airport petition was sitting at 5,755 as of Tuesday afternoon.


Duelling petitions spar over naming Calgary airport after Harper

  1. Alberta is full of Conservatives who will vote that way even if it is detrimental to their way of life. They don’t want to be confused with the facts or the truth. I predict they will rename the Calgary Airport after Harper. Thats the way the people of Alberta do things. And so, they will always get what they deserve.

    • What’s your point Dick? Toronto is full of Liberals and the airport is named after a Liberal. Same with Montreal. Fair is fair, no? The truth is a POV; you read the Star and they have one truth. You read the Post and they have another. I’ve voted for every party over the years, so I’m not ideological, and my vote on this issue that Mr. Harper indeed deserves to have an airport named after him.

      Give this current gov’t a year or so; they won’t be looking so shiny. They WAY overpromised. A fabulous new site is trudeaumetre.ca Everyone seems to be flocking to it. Every gov’t should have something like that site set up. The site is a bit partisan [Liberal] at this point, but the viewers are holding them accountable.

      • Oh you mean Pearson….the Nobel prize winner.

  2. Name a big tailing pond after him. One with dead birds in it.

    • As it says – the perfect compromise!

  3. I’m no fan of Harper, but if the people of Calgary want to name the airport after him, then go right ahead.

  4. The airports I immediately think of that were named after politicians, Pearson Trudeau, Diefenbaker, Stanfield, were named after the death of the politicians. There is a good reason to let the ‘dust’ settle. This would be be a good thing for the next Reform government to do, after the death of Mr. Harper.

    i read somewhere that they could name the control tower at Calgary airport in Mr. Harper’s honour!

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