Economy trumps climate change actions, PM says

Economy trumps climate change actions, PM says

“No country is going to undertake actions on climate change, no matter what they say … that is going to deliberately destroy jobs and growth.”


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper says there’s not a country in the world that would take action on climate change at the expense of its own economy — no matter what it might say.

Canada wants to deal with climate change without crippling the economy, he said Monday at a news conference with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

“And, frankly, every single country in the world, this is their position,” Harper said.

“No country is going to undertake actions on climate change, no matter what they say … that is going to deliberately destroy jobs and growth in their country.

“We are just a little more frank about that, but that is the approach that every country is seeking.”

Abbott, who is in Ottawa on an official visit, said every country should do what it thinks is best to deal with climate change.

“We think that climate change is a significant problem. It’s not the only or even the most important that the world faces, but it is a significant problem,” he said.

“It’s important that every country should take the action that it thinks is best to reduce emissions, because we should rest lightly on the planet.”

Abbott added he is “encouraged” by regulations introduced in the United States last week to chop carbon emissions from U.S. power plants by 30 per cent by 2030.

Harper says Canada has actually done more to lower carbon emissions in its electricity sector than the U.S.

“The measures outlined by President Obama, as important as they are, do not go nearly as far in the electricity sector as the actions Canada has already taken ahead of the United States in that particular sector,” he said.

American approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, designed to move Alberta crude to the Gulf Coast, has been stalled in the U.S. while the Obama administration drops hints that Canada must do more on the environment.

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Economy trumps climate change actions, PM says

  1. Again with the binary thinking….either we have an environment OR an economy. 50’s stuff.

    Well, not only did we get tired of setting rivers on fire, but much of our manufacturing has disappeared anyway.

    Of course now we expect China to clean it up.

    • Once again Harper set up a false narrative to justify his lack of action on regulating the gas and oil industry. Rather than concentrating on making Canada energy independent as the US is doing, with a combination of renewable and natural resources, his only concern is attracting foreign investors, including the government of China with sweetheart deals to exploit the tar sands for exportation. He saqys he’s doing things to mitigate the environmental impact by claiming he’s responsible for the drop in CO2 emissions, However the reduction came from the change from coal-fired to gas plants in Ontario.

      Apparently Harper’s unaware that potable water is the most previous commodity on earth. Not only are our rivers and ground water being poisoned by mining the tar sands but, we’re contributing to worldwide climate change. In addition to the mining of bitumen the refinement, transportation to other countries and the use of it also contribute to CO2 emissions and climate change.

      Leaders like Harper have some nerve pointing fingers at China and India for the pollution they create while allowing corporations to export jobs to them for the cheap labour and increased corporate profits which they stuff in untaxed offshore accounts. These corporations, aided and abetted by our government, will gut our natural resources, pack up and leave the environmental damage for Canadians to clean up. At the same time we’ll be coping with the severe weather events that are inevitable as we ignore the damage to the planet they’re causing.

      To paraphrase William Congreve: ‘Hell hath no fury, like Mother Nature’s scorn’, Harper will be long gone from politics, the 1% will have amassed an even greater share of the world’s wealth and the rest will be left to pay for it.

    • These two peas are more interested in spreading their warped ideology then they are in governing in the interests of their citizens.

  2. Glo-Bull Warming is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in human history.

    • So, does Harper say it’s a “significant problem” because he’s part of the global conspiracy, or does he know it’s a fraud and is just too gutless to lead the fight against it (and indeed so afraid of the conspirators that he plays along)?

  3. Even if you don’t include Climate, tell me what he’s done for this Ecomony, other than dismantle it (except for the 0.5% Uber-rich?)
    It’ been over a decade with this 2nd Largest Oil Patch on the planet rhetoric, …, and for what ?!
    We are STILL paying more at the pumps,…, than even the Americans, how could this be ?
    (anyone notice how, we have NO problems, selling our OIL,…, cheap to China, …, though?, but the minute it ever comes to Canadians’ benefits, Harper does the disappearing act of blame.???)

    When you finally remove, by process of elimination, all the factors, you’ll only come up with yet another “lobbyist-advised” Lie/excuse By Harper. – namely, He’s going to “blame” Climate restrictions/issues for the problems in our Economy, …, for the ridiculously high gas/oil, .., prices canadians pay.

    However, I guarantee you, those uber-rich 1% will not only NOT suffer, but THEY will prosper, at our Taxpaying dollars’ expense.
    It’s ALL a living lie, and that’s the ONLY “Glo-Bull” that can be seen, behind all the political smoke-n-mirrors, by those paid schills’ -the CON’s.
    comon’ already, get a grip ppl.