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Elliot Lake to release 1,000 balloons on anniversary of Algo mall collapse


ELLIOT LAKE, Ont. – Residents of Elliot Lake, Ont., gather today to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly collapse of the town’s mall.

Shortly after 2 p.m., the exact time of the collapse last June 23, they will release up to 1,000 balloons with messages attached at the ceremony, called “Remembering Together.”

The site of the Algo Centre Mall is clear of rubble now, and work on building a new mall nearby has begun. Residents who were left without their main social hub say they can barely wait for its completion.

In the interim, a judicial inquiry into the disaster that killed Lucie Aylwin and Doris Perizzolo has heard from about 60 witnesses.

They have described a badly designed, constructed and maintained mall in which water and road salt penetrated joints in the concrete and rusted steel supports.

In a Special Report for Maclean’s, Senior Writer Michael Friscolanti tells the story of that tragic day. Follow this link to hear from the ones who got out: www.macleans.ca/onestepfromdeath

Find the feature at www.macleans.ca/onestepfromdeath

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Elliot Lake to release 1,000 balloons on anniversary of Algo mall collapse

    • The picture shows plastic and ribbon on the bird. Balloon releases should never include plastic or ribbon. Conducted correctly there is no harm to wildlife. Your getting balloon releases mixed up with someone who has let a balloon with ribbon go by accident.

  1. Were the balloons biodegradeable? I hope so for the birds and other animals.

    • Even if the balloons do biodegrade, that will take many months; they can kill in that time.

  2. remember death by causing death to animals! it may sound sound harsh, but dead people don’t care for ballon dying animals do… come on do something else

  3. Releasing all those balloons is plain stupidity. Anyone who thinks this is a fitting tribute should just think about it for minute.

    • Reminds of when Walkerton reelected a Tory MPP after Tory policies had murdered several of their citizens. Ontario is one demented province.

  4. What a strange dysfunctional little social community. Better to celebrate by putting the owners and corrupt safety inspectors in jail for the rest of their lives.

  5. balloons have been shown to be deadly to sea turtles who eat them mistaking them for food, …they block their ailementary system I think….anyway, hard to believe Canadians are still doing this…ugh!

  6. The green heads mainly from urban centres critical of a few balloons. Give it up. There`s more road kill in one month on the highway 108 north leading into the town that adverse wildlife in this region. Should we ban cars in this region also?

    • You appear to be making an argument based in a logical fallacy. People, too, are killed by cars every day; that doesn’t mean we should not try to save other people’s lives when we can.

  7. I agree, releasing balloons was what they did in the past. Apparently some people still need to be educated.

  8. Guess they do not care about the birds

  9. I cannot believe all you people are commenting about the harmful effects of releasing balloons into the environment versus the fact that 2 PEOPLE died in this tragedy as well as several dozen people injured, including my father, who barely escaped with his life. It sickens me that you decided to post about such an insignificant and trivial concern. Shame on all of you who care more for birds, turtles and other animals rather than your fellow human beings. Where is your compassion for the victims?? Where is you sorrow for the two people who lost their lives in the tragedy?? Shame, shame.

    • Who “cares more for birds, turtles and other animals rather than their fellow human beings”? Releasing balloons won’t unkill the unfortunate victims of this horrible tragedy, and it won’t mend your father.

  10. Hi…this was a silly damn idea. Light a candle and have a moment of silence…to think and never let these kind of warnings be let to go so long ever again.!!!!!

  11. If the correct code of conduct is followed using bio-degradeable balloons without any ribbon, you’ll be OK. There has been a lot of mis-reporting on the news around the last 2 or 3 years from non-experts. The code of conduct is freely available on balloon associations websites.

    • Yes. The code of conduct, written by a balloon industry employee, is available on balloon industry websites, to reassure you that it’s supposedly OK to give money to the balloon industry. That code of practice has never been subject to independent scientific peer review. It’s widely discredited, by real, impartial experts (including, in the UK, the RSPB, RSPCA and National Farmers Union).

      Oh, what a surprise, you’re a balloon seller.