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Federal NDP tries to generate excitement after Notley’s Alberta win

Federal leader Tom Mulcair said doubters never thought the NDP could win in places like Alberta or Quebec


OTTAWA – The federal New Democrats are trying to get a boost from the flash of orange momentum in Alberta, where their provincial cousins have pulled off a stunning election victory.

The federal NDP invited news cameras into its caucus chamber this morning to film chanting, singing MPs in an attempt to signal that the Alberta win was in the name of all New Democrats.

In fact, Rachel Notley, Alberta’s new premier-designate, took pains during the campaign to distance herself from federal counterpart Tom Mulcair.

When PC rival Jim Prentice made mention of Mulcair’s opposition to pipelines, Notley insisted she had not spoken with him for months.

That didn’t stop Mulcair from trying to blur the lines that separate the two parties.

In a short speech to his caucus today, a grinning Mulcair said doubters never thought the NDP could win in places like Alberta or Quebec, where the federal party captured more than 50 seats in 2011.

Mulcair is also painting the Alberta victory as a sign that change is underway across Canada.

Nathan Cullen, the NDP House leader, said the Alberta election indicates the growing strength of the NDP “ground game” in the province.

“You watched the turnout: The young people coming out, the diverse group, people who voted Progressive Conservative, who voted for different parties over time, were showing up in huge numbers,” Cullen said.

“We’re still going through the data and we will for weeks to come, but it’s just an impressive turnout.”


Federal NDP tries to generate excitement after Notley’s Alberta win

  1. The NDP is just a way to vent steam….not a permanent solution.

  2. This win for the NDP provincially, compared to the federal NDP, is like the federal Liberals and the BC Liberals, we have the same colour, but we share a different ideology. Like Harper told Putin, he said ‘stay out of Ukraine’, which I find very suspicious to this day and if he did, it’s a good chance Harper wet his pant in doing so, well the Alberta NDP told Tom Mulcair to ‘stay out of Alberta during the election’. Just to add, like I’ve said about Harper and will say to the federal dippers, ‘stay out of the music business’, it make you people look like granola and rubber boot people.

    • Yeah, like the upswing in Quebec does not mean seats in the bank. A lot of people were impressed by Layton and were leaving the Bloc in blocks. While it will be interesting to see what the NDP do in Alberta I think it will be like when the NDP crashed into govt in BC in 1976. They really were so surprised that it happened that they just said ‘gimme’ to the cash pot. I was there then and when they were setting up govt unions the NDP sat on both sides of the bargaining table and said ‘what to you want; her, take it.’ They will have to step carefully with the oil industry though or you will see moving vans crossing the border.