Finally: men’s lifespans are catching up

In 140 years, the average lifespan for men could be 100


Finally: men’s lifespans are catching upFor more than 100 years, Canadian women have outlived men. But according to the recently released “Canada Pension Plan Mortality Study,” men are about to start catching up in a big way. Over the next 65 years, it’s predicted that while women will add five years to their life expectancy at birth, Canadian men will top that with an additional seven. Today, women live approximately five years longer than men, but by the year 2075, that gap will have narrowed to three years.

“Mortality rates have been going down for a century and a half now, but up to the 1980s progress has been greater for women than for men,” says Bertrand Desjardins, a researcher in the demography department at Université de Montréal. The reasons are easy to see: more men, for example, smoked than women. Men also had poorer diets and worked in less safe environments.

But according to Desjardins, that gap began to shrink in the 1980s as women’s lifestyles became increasingly similar to men’s—and men began living healthier lives. Men’s mortality rates due to car accidents have also decreased in recent years.

The study even suggests that the Canada Pension Plan itself might have something to do with narrowing the gap. At age 60, male CPP recipients with a maximum pension are likely to live three years longer than male recipients with a lower pension, the study found, while a two-year gain was observed for female beneficiaries.

Will men eventually catch up? It depends. Over the last 100 years, our life expectancy has seen a huge 30-year leap, with much of that gain coming from improvements in longevity among those ages 65 and over. But the study suggests that it’s going to get harder and harder to add years to our lives going forward.
“If mortality was to improve at the current rate observed over the last 15 years it would take 140 years before male life expectancy at birth would reach 100 years,” the study concluded. But there was good news for women: they could be living for a century in only 121 years.


Finally: men’s lifespans are catching up

  1. Yes, but to accomplish this we have to live more like women.

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    • With the pertrochemical industry and everything else going on that affect the testosterone levels of males, this won't be that difficult Gaunilon. In fact, there will be less males (there already are), so they may be happier overall. Even the less attractive ones will have women vying for their attention.

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      • No more cigars, whiskey, or steak and eggs, less dudes to hang out with, and all the women desperate enough to date Keith Olbermann? I'm not sure I want to live longer.

  2. actually, to live longer, we need to avoid living with western women. Most women in this culture will drive you into an early grave.

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  3. Maybe in 65 years men will be equal and no longer discriminated against in Canadian Family Law and domestic violence treatment.

    The male suicide rate is four times that of women. Why doesn't anybody care about this?

  4. the only way lifespan will be increased at present, unless some magic pills are discovered, is by living a healthier lifestyle! on the other hand, living longer may present its own set of problems, economic, psychological, social and physical! be carefull what you wish for.

  5. Dennis, the reason no one cares what's happening to men in our gynocentric culture is because a) feminists and their male handmaidens dominate the levers of the state and b) men are internalizers and not insufferable whiners like women. Women bitch about everything and men do not – which has really hurt us in the realm of politics. Also, there is real ANTIPATHY directed at anyone who notes how boys are falling behind in our socialist paradise up here in the provinces: I guaran-damn-tee you that any man who dares breathe a word of criticism about the feminist agenda will have rent-a-cops knocking at his door and human rights commissions assailing him in short order. Frankly, I now understand why men shoot their wives or loathe women in this culture; I just don't understand why elite males are so cowardly addressing the anti-male streak in our perverted dominion.

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    • I agree with you…Misandry (hatred of males…its a new term for me) is very common in our print and television media….its time to start fighting back…the female superiority movement has gone far enough…I will never vote for any politician who I feel is antimale (and that includes many male polticicians).