Fluoride safety fears rock Sarnia

Poison or dental saviour? The mayors can’t decide.


Fluoride safety fears rock SarniaFor 40 years, the six Ontario municipalities that share the Lambton Area Water Supply System have been debating whether it’s safe to add fluoride to their drinking water. This November, the issue may finally be put to rest.

Like many Canadian water supplies, Lambton began adding fluoride to its water four decades ago as an inexpensive way to ward off tooth decay. But for just as long, some have opposed the practice as unnecessary—and possibly dangerous. “It’s been an issue every year since fluoride was put in in the ’60s,” says Mike Bradley, the mayor of Sarnia, Ont., which shares the water supply. Then, last year, Health Canada poured fuel on the fire with a report saying that adding too much fluoride did have adverse effects, and recommended a decrease in allowed levels.

That’s one of the reasons Lambton Shores Mayor Gord Minielly is ready to see fluoride go. Fluoridization was invented during the war, he claims, when fluoride was being used as a component in the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “After the war, somebody came up with the idea that it was good for our teeth.” Minielly says he sees the effects of over-fluoridation—fluorosis, or, discolouration of tooth enamel—on his grandchildren. “This stuff is poison,” he warns.

But Bradley dismisses those claims as products of a ’60s “right wing conspiracy.” Fluoride is integral to good dental hygiene, he insists. “I grew up in Australia and came here with terrible teeth. I’m still paying the price. So I’m very sure personally that I’m protecting children and their dental health.”

Todd Case, the water supply chair, just wants to settle the matter. He says that Health Canada is supposed to issue a report on its policies regarding fluoride in drinking water this fall, and he plans to call a special meeting for November to resolve the debate.

But even that tentative proposal has the mayors squabbling yet again. Bradley says the board should hold a plebiscite on the issue in 2010 and let the voters decide. Minielly calls that suggestion “ridiculous.”


Fluoride safety fears rock Sarnia

  1. opposition to fluoridation is rampant withing the scientific unions at the EPA. Totally Hidden from the American public by the health departments and dentists who usually claim all the science supports. Total lie. Facts are the H2SiF6 is contaminated toxic waste from smokestack scrubbers at phosphate fertilizer factories. No government agency in any country has ever did a chronic safety or benefit study on this product ever. The 11 EPA unions mentioned this in asking congress to halt fluoridation in 2005 and to have a goal of ZERO just like other cumulative toxins arsenic and lead.
    20 plus researchers not document that any benefits are topical not ingested as once believed. Featherstone 2000 JADA is just one and the CDC in 1999 and 2001 also admitted topical is the primary effect.(Just not to the public)
    Most dentists are off in La La land not knowing their beloved fluoridation theory never was true. ingested fluorides only result in toxic overloads in kids far too often with 66.4% damaged in largest ever US study 1990. The dentists still attempt to claim only 13% on their site.

  2. http://www.waterloowatch.com has many scientist videos with one click. It is the most cogent presentation of the science I have seen. All of the government documents ignored by the fluoride promoters are linked for you to read or at http://www.fluoridealert.org with maybe a better search system for individual interests going way back.
    11 EPA unions asked congress in 2005 to halt fluoridation and a goal of zero just like other cumulative toxins arsenic and lead. No response yet. 19 as of 29 feb 2008. Most of the world does not fluoridate as it is just silly stupid.

  3. Fluoride causes hypothyroidism. This affects 6 – 10% of population and that's conservative. Diagnosed in 2007 I now avoid all fluoridated water and all products containing it which is practically all drinks/liquids from supermarkets, cafes, bars, clubs, social venues and at friends places. We installed a rain water tank with carbon filter which is our primary source of water for drinking and cooking. Primitive way of living in the heart of Melbourne, Australia but my thyroid is now functioning NORMALLY with NO medication what so ever. Now that I have my metabolism back I am no longer OVERWEIGHT.

  4. Selmer Tenn asked the health department and other agencies tough questions and got very poor answers, more policy statement the n answer. The Mayor has asked the governor to stop promotion of fluoridation until the 44 questions are answered.
    http://www.fluoride-class-action.com pro bono legal assistance on fluoride questions with your city. Read 22 page letter of intent

  5. In 1985 the Union president of EPA Robert Carton Phd discovered fraud at EPA in altered documents and ignored studies. In 1986 they sued EPA that fluoridation violated SDWA in 29 page Amicus Curiae Brief. Government ignored.
    They asked to halt fluoridation many times in 1997,2000 in congressional testimony at Ken Calvert Hearing. You can read all testimony at keepers of the well. In 2005 11 unions asked and also for goal of ZERO just like arsenic and lead also cumulative toxins.
    Max arsenic 19ppb, lead 15ppb , fluoride 4000ppb- lead is less toxic then fluoride and fluorides goal is same as Max . Illogical
    CDC and ADA say no fluoridated water for infant formula but do not tell public yet.

  6. We at UK Councils Against Fluoridation have studied the legal aspects of fluoridation and as part of the Eurpean Union British and Irish laws have to conform with EU law which takes precedence We, together with MEP Dr Caroline Lucas and the international organisation of doctors in the environment have challenged the EU.on the legality of fluorodation. The latest scientic presentations to the South Central Strategic Health Authority in Southampton has shown yet again that no notice is taken of the science.and damage to people's health. Figures from the York Review plus fluorosis statistics from Ireland show that one in eight children will develop fluorosis that will require expensive cosmetic dentistry for the rest of their lives A study of the legality of fluoridation which ever country you live will bring surprising results.The letters from the UK to Europe plus all the legal assessments are published on our website, http://www.ukcaf.org

  7. I love debates about fluoride. The only people who care about this are people who have a somewhat dubious research that it's going to kill them.

    Most people, including every dentist I know, think it's a hell of a lot better than having to get cavities filled every six months.

    I always wonder what exactly the anti-fluoride crowd uses to brush their teeth.

    • Kevin please just look up Sodium Fluoride in a chemistry book. It says right there in the chemistry book that says that Sodium Fluoride is in fact a deadly poison. 

    • Simple. Non flouridated toothpaste.   With “flouride” being introduced into the water during the second world war…..people are forgetting, that the act of brushing your teeth, didn’t fully take off till around the same time. The soldiers came home, brushing being a strict regiment in their routine, helped in making brushing popular. Please read up on the subject.  Communities being tested after a decade of no flouride have no more cavaties than a similar community with flouride.

    • Also, the so called “flouride or sodium flouride” people speak of…….that is not what is put in our water supply.  Hydrofluorosilicic Acid  is what is dumped in. Look that up.   try naturalnews.com   If that was simply dumped in our lakes, they would be charged with an act of treason, because of how toxic and poisonious it is. So, in stead of  them paying to legally dispose of it, they now filter it through us.  I ask you to do the research before giving damaging comments. You can phone your local water dept. and get the name of what is put in your water. search public records etc….. I did.

      • Shelly I asked a destist once about Sodium Flouride and he said he knew it was poison but his just rules as a dentist was to keep his mouth shut about that truth. He lost his job just because he told me the truth about  Sodium Flouride that is in our water supply being a deadly toxic poison. Sadly I don’t remember his name, but he took a great risk revealing that truth to me.

  8. Kevin- The ignorant masses along with the dentists really do not know ingested fluorides have no measurable benefit. Yoder K.M. 2007 on Pubmed.com ..Just read the ADA study which admits dentists very ignorant of current science. Most are not against topical fluorides like toothpaste as the current theory is it may have a beneficial effect beyond the negative ingested effect. For very young kids it damages far more then helps if you have any concern for forever damaged enamel porous, discolored. 48.42% had this toxic damage on multiple teeth in 2003-2004 CDC study.
    Informed consent should be required. They deceide for you.

  9. Fluoride in the drinking water has been a safe effective way of reducing dental disease for a long time. It is most often those who continue to supplement extra fluoride when there are already sufficient amounts in their drinking water that end up with results like fluorosis.
    If the general population has questions they should ask their Doctor, Dentist or Hygienist and not get their answers for activists!

    • Katherine Lawrie please just look up Sodium Fluoride in a chemistry book. It says right there in the chemistry book that says that Sodium Fluoride is in fact a deadly poison.

    • It’s a bi-product of making aluminum! do u really want that in your water? I live in a city that did not add it to there water and i brushed my teeth with fluoride free toothpaste my whole life, my teeth are fine!!! We don’t need it in our water so why put it in??? sounds like there just trying to get rid of toxic waste by feeding it to us, just like tartrazine. (yellow food food coloring). there doing the same thing, getting rid of there waste by feeding it to the people!!!!!!!! Vote “NO” to water fluorodation.

  10. “I grew up in Australia and came here with terrible teeth. I'm still paying the price. So I'm very sure personally that I'm protecting children and their dental health.”

    From the Queensland Child Dental Survey 2002 it appears that children in Townsville (40 years of water fluoridation) have worse teeth than children in Brisbane North (no fluoride in drinking water).

    Mt. Isa and Gladstone children (and adults) have the worst teeth in Queensland.

    An environmental pollution study that everyone can do through the NPI database, highlights that where there is environmental pollution by lead, hydrochloric acid and fluorides, people have bad teeth…

    Finally TGA's Record of Reasons February 2008 shows that high fluoride concentration toothpastes are as effective as low fluoride concentration toothpases but the industry would spend too much tomanufacture low concentration toothpastes…

    Basically, fluoride works only topically at bactericidal concentration but is totally ineffective if drunk. If drunk if causes only fluorosis, thyroid problemsand eventually cancer (see Katleen Thiessen Review 2009 for California EPA…).

    So we have busted another myth about fluoride…

    • Please check online, your community site and find that the chemical they call “Flouride ” being dumped in your water supply, is really Hydrofluorosilicic Acid, not flouride or sodium flouride…….  Now go look that up.

  11. it's good entertainment to read the freaks and crazy's spout their anti-flouride rant on every website they can find, posting bad research information and links.

    • I would suggest you take a water sample to your local lab and get it tested. This is what showed up in our fluoridated water supply in Australia. – lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, aluminium, etc,
      Why would you want to deliberately drink lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, aluminium, etc, on top of the hydrofluoric acid mixed with chlorine is beyond me.
      Anyway the joke is on you if you don't filter your drinking water. Your brain is getting dumber and your body is getting more damaged every drop you drink!

    • U must be a little slow eh! Did u read the top of the page?

  12. Sodium Fluoride is poison! Look it up in a chemistry book if you don’t believe me. A Quote: ”A small amount of poison is still poison and it builds up in the body over time and it will eventually kill you.” Sadly those who are dumbed down and unaware of this truth will eventually die from poisoning due to their ignorance and lack of knowledge of the truth.   Written and quoted by me Ryan Greene. A human and animal rights activist from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.