Follow the money

An MP inquiry into anti-Semitism vowed to be open and independent. Its shadowy funding says otherwise.

Follow the money

Sean Kilpatrick/CP

When a group of Conservative, Liberal and NDP MPs formed the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism in 2009, they decided to work outside of the normal structures of Parliament and raise their own money to hold a conference and conduct an inquiry. But transparency would be crucial, they said, pledging on their website to “voluntarily disclose all sources of funding” and remain independent of the Conservative government, advocacy groups and “Jewish community organizations.” By the time they released their report this month, however—warning that anti-Semitism is on the rise in Canada—that vow of full disclosure seemed to be forgotten, and the coalition appeared closely tied to the government.

Conservative MP Scott Reid, chairman of the coalition’s inquiry steering committee, said the CPCCA promised anonymity to private donors, who contributed a total of $127,078. As for their relationship with the government, the coalition accepted $451,280 from the department of Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who sat on the CPCCA’s inquiry steering committee as an ex officio member. The coalition’s key conclusion that a “new anti-Semitism” tends to focus on criticism of Israel echoes Kenney’s long-standing position.

Perhaps surprisingly, the MPs’ ethics code appears not to oblige them to reveal the names of their backers. The Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner didn’t comment specifically on the CPCCA, but told Maclean’s the “Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons” requires only that individual MPs disclose money they receive—not MPs acting as a group. “There is no mechanism within the code for a group of MPs to disclose a collective gift,” the commissioner’s office said. The coalition knows the rules. “The ethics commissioner doesn’t cover [the CPCCA] because the donations went to an entity, not to an MP,” said Mike Firth, Reid’s executive assistant.

If the CPCCA’s private backers remain unnamed, the government’s support is a matter of record. Still, the arrangement between Kenney’s department and the coalition isn’t straightforward. The grant was paid to a third party, a non-governmental organization called the Parliamentary Centre, a not-for-profit group that helps legislatures around the world, mainly in developing countries, to build their capacity. The centre took on a narrowly limited role for the CPCCA, acting as the recipient of both the Citizenship and Immigration grant and private contributions. As a registered charity, it was able to issue tax receipts to those anonymous donors.

Citizenship and Immigration refused to release its full agreement with the centre. A summary description says the grant was provided to the centre to “host the Ottawa Conference for Combating Anti-Semitism.” That three-day conference was put on last fall by the CPCCA; the centre played, at most, a supporting role. “There was government funding that was earmarked for this particular conference, and we were approached because we had NGO status, and charitable status, and had the systems in place to manage donor funding,” said centre spokeswoman Petra Andersson-Charest. “We were not involved in designing or managing the subject matter that was discussed,” added Ivo Balinov, senior expert in parliamentary development at the centre.

Firth said most of the grant money went to pay expenses of conference participants, including visiting parliamentarians and experts. The coalition also held 10 days of hearings in 2009 and 2010 on Parliament Hill, gathering testimony from dozens of witnesses concerned about anti-Semitism. The CPCCA did not invite outspoken critics of Israel’s stance toward the Palestinians to testify. Its final conclusions were faulted by some for blurring the distinction between anti-Semitism and legitimate criticism of Israeli government policy.

If the coalition’s findings were controversial, its funding mostly escaped attention. But it’s far from typical. MPs normally work within their own office budgets, or through official House committees, which are of course paid for by Parliament. The CPCCA’s broad membership largely insulated it from partisan scrutiny. Along with well-known Conservatives like Reid and Manitoba MP Candice Hoeppner, the MPs who joined included prominent Liberals such as interim party leader Bob Rae, and veteran New Democrats like Peter Stoffer and Pat Martin. That opposition support, and close compatibility with Kenney, made it unlikely the coalition’s financing, however unusual, would be criticized from within political circles. It seems any questions about this shadowy new model for MPs to tackle a policy issue will have to come from outside.


Follow the money

  1. whoa! Scandal, Scandal – big game changer here! MacLean’s needs to get a life. It’s becoming more irrelevant all the time. BTW tell folks about your taxpayer funding.

    • I don’t recall seeing the word “scandal” anywhere in the article, or is your regular job trying to sell Rupert Murdoch tabloids on street corners? Nonetheless, thanks for the advice.

      A few others need to get a life too.  That would include you, Watachie, and all the other Israel-can-do-no-wrong posters who seem to have nothing better to do than stink up the comments section on every news article that questions the motives of this sham parliamentary committee.

  2. Excellent work exposing the games our politicians play with taxpayer dollars. How is it that the “Parliamentary Centre” a not for profit, with charitable status has its top three advisers working for the Parliament of Canada? 

    While we agree with fighting Jew Hatred, it appears that the government is acting like the Liberals when they were in charge of taxpayer dollars. Shame on Kenney – the former president of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation for playing such games.

  3. To be against Israel is to be ant- Semitic. Some Hasidic Jews will be really surprised at that. Some very loyal Jewish people are against Zionism because they believe only the Messiah will restore the true Jewish state.

    • If the definition of anti-Semitism become so broad that it includes criticism of Israel, then to be called “anti-Semitic” will become very shallow and practically meaningless.  If someone accuses me of being “anti-Semitic” because I chose to criticize Israel, I will reply, “OK, so what?  Everyone else seems to be in the same category.”

  4. Well put Mr. Geddes.
    You are a brave man in today’s world.
    Go Leafs Go

  5. This really doesn’t look like a scandal. The money can be accounted for. The biggest issue is that this group promised transparency when they started. That was probably the biggest mistake.

    First of all, who do you think would fund something like this?
    Secondly, would all the people who did fund it want that public?

    They never should have promised to reveal all backers at the onset – it was silly.

    • Uh, and yet you maintain that knowing Jack Layton has cancer and is receiving treatment isn’t enough information and is contrary to the interests of Canadians?

      Somehow I think knowing who donated to this highly political inquiry resulting in conclusions that being appalled by Israel’s politics can be equated with anti-semitism is far more important.

      • The only other info I would like about Jack is if he is on any drugs that would affect his abilities, and what % (odds) he has. Basically, can we expect him back, and if so, with what capacity. He has cancer, and is fighting it – it is nothing to be ashamed of.

        I also would like to know who donated to this group. What I said was it was stupid to expect people to donate, without offering anonymity. That being said, with the majority of the funding coming from the gov’t, I would expect that the individuals who donated to this had little, if any, say in the outcome. Basically, I don’t smell scandal.

        You assume a bit:

        “Its final conclusions were faulted by some for blurring the distinction
        between anti-Semitism and legitimate criticism of Israeli government

        – “faulted by some” does not equate to “highly political inquiry resulting in conclusions that being appalled by Israel’s politics can be equated with anti-semitism”.

        When it comes to Israel, there will always be people fighting on both sides – it seems that it will never end. I have learned to take both sides with a grain of salt.

        • Well hey, fair enough.

          I just got through reading the report, and while I can obviously agree with a lot of it, some of their conclusions are just crackers.

          For example they say that the “new” antisemitism is “left wing” and go on at some length about “the left” and yet all their examples of actual anti-semitism seem to originate from rightwing religious nutjobs.

          Go figure.

          • Also fair.

            I have seen that antisemitism comes from all sides. Could they be alluding to antisemitism from the left being a newer thing? The right wing ones are well documented, so maybe they were taken for granted.

            Again, going from what I have seen in the media, some of the ‘criticism’ of Israel policy is nothing more than antisemitism. I am a little skeptical when I hear someone arguing against a group like this, as the first thing that comes to my mind is that they are antisemitic. (Wrong, I know, but it is where my mind jumps first.)

            Bottom line – antisemitism is real. Some folks hate the Jews no matter what. I personally find it the weirdest thing in the world, and would love to know if it is somehow rooted in people needing a scapegoat. The Jews fit the bill nicely, and some people will blame them for everything.

          • For the record, though, I think anything like this is a waste of taxpayers money. . .

          • Spend some time reading comments at Aljazeera when Israel vs Palestine is the topic.

            If things ever get settled between those two, don’t know what the activists are going to do for a new “scapegoat” or where their next floatilla should head for.

  6. Jason Kenney’s Ministry dispenses funds for these types of things al the time, and it’s completely within the mandate of the Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism to address issues surrounding anti-Semitism. This article makes me think the competent editors left a day early for the Civic Holiday weekend and put an intern in charge over the holidays.

    • Total cost  = $451,280 + $127,078
      The report was a year late, after the election.
      The committee only heard from those it wanted to hear from.
      They promised to disclose funding, then reneged.

      Private donations were tax deductible – add another 40% that $127K to the real taxpayer bill for this total political sham.

      The title of the article was Follow the money.  Did you miss that, Voltaire’s Ghost?

      Look, a squirrel! Maybe you should stop away from the keyboard for awhile. Enjoy the weekend. ;-)

  7. Anti-Jews has been with mankind for many a long year. It is like a never ending plague.  I pray that those suffering from this will be cured.  Macleans would do a better service to mankind by adopting a pro-rational philosophy.

    • Macleans would do a better service to mankind by adopting a pro-rational philosophy.

      Wow, that has really inspired me AghaAliArkhan. Can you tell me more about pro-rational philosophy and adopting it?  I too, would like to be of better service to mankind.

      BTW – are you a trekkie? Just guessin’ by the name.

    • Inane comment.

  8. Anti-Semitism is as Canadian as maple syrup. Remember None is Too Many,which documents the shocking way attempts were made to exclude Jews from Canada before and after WW2 ? While Nazi war criminals were allowed in after 1945. 

    The combination of the loony left and Muslim fundamentalists (what a pairing !) will ensure that this problem is going to get worse. Jews are leaving Norway and Sweden because of attacks on them by Muslims; attacks which the governments of those countries ignore. It’s already starting in Canada,where Jewish students are harassed on campus at some of our universities. 

    It seems we never learn the lessons of history. 

    Shame on Canada !

  9. My opinion of every one of the MP’s that participated in this sham is probably unfit for publication.

    I applaud the Bloc Québécois members who pulled out when they recognized this for what it was.

    A good bit of reporting here, nothing wrong with that at all.  A great follow-up would be to tabulate how many of these committee clowns have accepted a junket to Israel, courtesy of the Canada-Israel Committee.

  10. I want to criticize Egypt for lts rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and that organization’s desire to make Egypt into an Islamic state.  However, if I only criticize Egypt, that would make me anti-Egyptian and anti-Muslim.  If I also criticize Egypt’s neighbouring states while I make comments against Egypt, then that would be fair based on the logic of the unofficial committee looking into anti-Semetism.  If I choose to criticize Egypt, then I must also choose at least one of its neighbours.  Shall I choose Israel, the apartheid state?

    • The very fact that you say anything anti-Muslim might get your ass hauled in front of a human rights commission in Canada, accused of being – of all things inexplicable – racist. But Muslims will now have plenty of opportunity to talk about the horrors of Israel or the hideousness of Christians and Jews in the prayer rooms and mosquetarias in Ontario public schools created – just for them. Just as they’ve been using prayer rooms in universities for some time now.

      • passerby
        You’re just another ignorant Islamophobe and apologist for well documented racist/expansionist/occupier/oppressor Israel.

        • I’m not even Jewish, Misterioso. I’m a Canadian who is sick to death of Muslims and what they’ve brought to Canada.

          Now, here’s something I think CANADIANS should be discussing:

          ISLAMISTS DECLARE SHARIA ZONES IN LONDON: “Islamists across Britain have launched a poster campaign, setting up zones where the Sharia Law would be enforced, a media report said on Thursday.” ____ “The bright yellow posters put up at bus stops and on street lamp posts read, “You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced.”” http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/uk/Islamists-mark-sharia-zones-across-Britain/articleshow/9415194.cms http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2020382/You-entering-Sharia-law-Britain-As-Islamic-extremists-declare-Sharia-law-zone-London-suburb-worrying-social-moral-implications.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

          • Whether or not you’re Jewish is irrelevant.  In fact, an ever-increasing number of enlightened Jews around the world are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Palestinians.

            Obviously, however, you are a hatemongering Islamophobe.

          • And you, Mister, are an Islamist. The very people Canada has to fear and should stop allowing entry into this country. I want in inquiry into the Islamization of Canada and the fact that Islamists are using the public schools and public institutions to spread their religion and their hatred and misogyny.

            I want in inquiry into what’s going on in Europe regarding Muslim immigration and how we can stop it from happening here.


          • passerby1969

            You only further demonstrate your ignorance, Islamophobia and lack of intelligence/reasoning.  In fact, I am an atheist of Irish Catholic heritage.   I am also a firm believer in hard-won international human rights law, much of which came about as a consequence of the monstrous crimes committed by the Nazis, including the systematic slaughter of six million Jews.

            Your irrational, obsessive and pathological hatred of Muslims is pathetic.  You obviously have some deep seated personality problems to deal with.  Better have them checked out.
            I remind you that in 20-25 years there will be 3 billion Muslims worldwide (1.75 billion now). 

            I now consider this exchange at an end.  I do not suffer fools.

          • I’m well aware of the growing number of Muslims in the world. and that women in Islam are treated like breeding machines. Are Canadians aware? 

          • “I’m a Canadian who is sick to death of Muslims and what they’ve brought to Canada.”
            I doubt you have ever knowingly encountered a Muslim in your entire myopic life

  11. Calling Israel an apartheid state diminishes the horrendous regime that existed in SA. In the same way that calling Gaza a concentration camp diminishes the Holocaust. But that’s how the left and anti-Semites seek to demonise Israel.

    IN democratic Israel the Arabs have the same rights as Israeli Jews. Israeli Arabs have more rights than Arabs anywhere else in the ME,especially the women and gays.

    • Apart from illegally/­belligeren­tly and brutally occupying Palestinia­n
      and other Arab lands and oppressing­/disposses­sing the native inhabitant­s,
      Israel itself is an apartheid state.

      Baruch Kimmerling­, formerly George S. Wise Professor of Sociology, Hebrew
      University­, Jerusalem: “The laws of Israel have become the laws of a master people and
      the morality that of lords of the land.” (“Politici­de: The real legacy of
      Ariel Sharon”)

      The U.S. State Department­’s report on Internatio­nal Religious Freedom:
      “Arabs in Israel…a­re subject to various forms of discrimina­tion [and
      the government­] does not provide Israeli Arabs…wi­th the same quality of
      education, housing, employment opportunit­ies as Jews.”

      Ronnie Kasrils, a key player in the struggle against apartheid, minister for
      intelligen­ce in the current South African government and a devout Jew:
      “The Palestinia­n minority in Israel has for decades been denied basic
      equality in health, education, housing and land possession­, solely because it
      is not Jewish. The fact that this minority is allowed to vote hardly redresses
      the rampant injustice in all other basic human rights. They are excluded from
      the very definition of the ‘Jewish state’, and have virtually no influence on
      the laws, or political, social and economic policies. Hence, their similarity
      to the black South Africans [under apartheid]­.” (The Guardian, 25 May

      One example of
      apartheid within Israel

      Ha’aretz, Dec. 14/09: “Jewish town won’t let Arab build home on his own
      land ”

      “Aadel Suad first came to the planning and construction committee of the
      Misgav Local Council in 1997. Suad, an educator, was seeking a construction
      permit to build a home on a plot of land he owns in the community of Mitzpeh
      Kamon. The reply he got, from a senior official on the committee, was a
      memorable one. ‘Don’t waste your time,’ he reportedly told Suad. ‘We’ll keep
      you waiting for 30 years.’ “

      • Millions of Muslims are starving in Somalia because their beloved Muslim brotherhood won’t let Western aid in. Millions of Somali women are giving birth to babies they can’t afford to feed because Islam offers women no rights regarding their own reproductive freedom. 

        Muslim indignation in Canada is misplaced. Take care of the much worse problems your brethren create – all over the world.

        • Classic Hasbara:  Change the subject, deflect, avoid the subject on the table. Doesn’t work!!

          • No, not deflecting, but pointing out that Muslims are so obsessed with Israel, they’ll let their brethren starve and suffer injustice at the hands of other Muslims without comment. Why do Muslims expect so little of each other when it comes to fairness, equality, and compassion? Canadians are sick of the Muslim preoccupation with Israel and see through the ruse. 

          • Another inane Hasbara Handbook response. 
            In fact, the world is sick and tired and disgusted with  Israel’s belligerent, illegal and brutal occuption of Palestinian and other Arab lands and its ongoing/accelerating dispossession and oppression of the native peoples. 

  12. This sounds alot like the method which was used to make homosexuality legal. In 1973 an ‘orchestrated criminal act’ was committed which released homosexuals from the mental health act. In the group of psychiatrists who voted to have the ‘disorder’ of homosexuality removed from the mental health act were a group of closeted homosexuals. In 1973 homosexuals were not ALLOWED BY LAW to be psychiatrists so they kept their homosexuality quiet / closeted homosexuals. These closeted homosexuals had the disorder of homosexuality removed from the DSM. The vote was against the law DUE TO the FACT they were not ALLOWED BY LAW TO VOTE. The disorder of homosexuality MUST again be placed into the DSM because **the vote was illegal**. There MUST be a full investigation of this situation and it can be remedied when the DSM is reworked in two years. This ‘reworking’ MUST be undertaken by ALL doctors and EVERY doctor to have a ‘vote’. One doctors’ license one vote. The reworking of the DSM is NOT to be undertaken by those in the ‘tainted’ groups such as the American Psychiatric Association. In 1973 it was subverted by a group of closeted homosexuals who reworked the DSM to remove THEMSELVES from the mental health act.

    “Fryer was not alone in the APA. Because homosexuals were not allowed to practice psychiatry, Fryer and others like him had to hide their sexual preference, but they began to meet informally at APA conventions, calling themselves the Gay PA.”

    “81 Words ”

    • i’ve got a 1500+ page manifesto kicking around that you might enjoy leafing through… i think i saw some of your points in there!  except “Canada” was replaced by “Norway”

      • Yes, that’s right. I said something against Muslims so I must be a terrorist. If I was in the middle east somewhere I’d be beheaded for blasphemy. If I’m in Canada I’ll be fined by a Human Rights Council. How typically leftist/Muslim of you to want to silence debate about the content of my words.

        • Who wants to silence debate?  I encouraged debate by replying to you.  You are misinterpreting my post.  It’s not that you said “something against Muslims” that I replied to you, it’s that you said something stupid, simplistic, and emotionally rather than logically charged to try and make a point.  The content of your words is significantly weaker than you believe it to be, trust me.

          You’re not a terrorist, just a jackass, but don’t worry–it’s not a crime.  You can actually make GREAT money from it!

          • No, it’s very logical. More Muslims in Canada = More anti-semitism in Canada. Muslims are raised to hate Jews and there are now more Muslims in Canada.

          • Your ignorance is only surpassed by your sickening racism.

            Rabbi Sassoon
            Kehdouri, Iraq’s
            Chief Rabbi for 48 years, speaking before the 1946 Anglo-American Committee of
            Enquiry on Palestine:
            “Iraqi Jews will be forever against Zionism.  Jews and Arabs have enjoyed the same rights
            and privileges for a thousand years and do not regard themselves as a
            distinctive separate part of this nation.”

             Chaim Weizmann, Israel’s first president, also
            addressing the 1946 Anglo-American Committee of Enquiry: “I would not like to do any injustice.
            The Muslim world has treated the Jews with considerable tolerance. The Ottoman Empire [of which the Arabs were a major part]
            received the Jews with open arms
            when they were driven out of Spain
            and Europe, and the Jews should never forget

          • Since the reply doesn’t seem to work below Misterioso’s reply, I’ll add it here. 

            Anti-Jew sentiment from Muslims goes all the way back to the Koran, Mis. Jews were mistreated for centuries in Islamic lands before the creation of Israel.

        • Passerby – for your edification:

          Uri Avnery, an Israeli Jewish
          writer, former member of the Knesset, and a peace activist with Gush Shalom, regarding
          Arab/Muslim treatment of Jews throughout history:

          “Whatever inanities may be
          voiced by certain ‘experts’, there never was any widespread Muslim
          anti-Semitism, such as existed in Christian Europe. In the course of his fight
          for power, the prophet Muhammad fought against neighboring Jewish tribes, and
          therefore there are some negative passages about the Jews in the Kor’an. But they
          cannot be compared to the anti-Jewish passages in the New Testament story about
          the crucifixion of Christ that have poisoned the Christian world and caused
          endless suffering. Muslim Spain was a paradise for the Jews, and there has
          never been a Jewish Holocaust in the Muslim world.

          ”Muhammad decreed that the ‘Peoples of the Book’ (Jews and Christians) be
          treated tolerantly, subject to conditions that were incomparably more liberal
          than those in contemporary Europe. The Muslims
          never imposed their religion by force on Jews and Christians, as shown by the
          fact that almost all the Jews expelled from Catholic Spain settled in the
          Muslim countries and flourished there. After centuries of Muslim rule, Greeks
          and Serbs remained thoroughly Christian.”

          Dr. Ella Habiba Shohat, Professor of Cultural Studies and Women’s Studies at the
          City University of New York (CUNY), a self described “Arab Jew” born
          in Israel of Iraqi ancestry now living in the U.S: 

          “When my grandmother
          first encountered Israeli society in the ’50s, she was convinced that the people,
          who looked, spoke and ate so differently–the European Jews–were actually
          European Christians.  Jewishness for her
          generation was inextricably associated with Middle Easterness. My grandmother,
          who still lives in Israel and still communicates largely in Arabic, had to be
          taught to speak of ‘us’ as Jews and ‘them’ as Arabs. For Middle Easterners, the
          operating distinction had always been ‘Muslim,’ ‘Jew,’ and ‘Christian, not Arab
          versus Jew. The assumption was that ‘Arabness’ referred to a common shared
          culture and language, albeit with religious differences.”

          discourse in the West highlights a Judeo-Christian tradition, yet rarely
          acknowledges the Judeo-Muslim culture of the Middle East, of North Africa, or
          of pre-Expulsion Spain(1492) and of the European parts of the Ottoman Empire.

          “Our history simply
          cannot be discussed in European Jewish terminology. As Iraqi Jews, while
          retaining a communal identity, we were generally well integrated and indigenous
          to the country, forming an inseparable part of its social and cultural life.
          Thoroughly Arabized, we used Arabic even in hymns and religious ceremonies. The
          liberal and secular trends of the 20th century engendered an even stronger
          association of Iraqi Jews and Arab culture, which brought Jews into an
          extremely active arena in public and cultural life. Prominent Jewish writers,
          poets and scholars played a vital role in Arab culture, distinguishing
          themselves in Arabic speaking theatre, in music, as singers, composers, and
          players of traditional instruments.

          “In Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Tunisia, Jews became members
          of legislatures, of municipal councils, of the judiciary, and even occupied
          high economic positions. (The finance minister of Iraq in the ’40s was Ishak
          Sasson, and in Egypt, Jamas Sanua–higher positions, ironically, than those our
          community had generally achieved within the Jewish state until the

    • Inane comment.

  13. All coverage of the Coalition suggest that private contributions to this project should be considered political, not charitable. An audit is therefore in order for the purpose of reclassifying the donations. This may also make the donors’ names public. If this happens, I bet that it would consist of Jewish and the much more numerous Christian Zionists.  

  14. The wise words of Uri Anvery, respected Israeli Jewish journalist and former member of the Knesset come to mind: “Many good people, who feel no hatred at all towards the Jews, but who detest the persecution of the Palestinians, are now called anti-Semites. Thus the sting is taken out of this word, giving it something approaching respectability… Not only does Israel not protect Jews from anti-Semitism, but quite to the contrary – Israel manufactures and exports it around the world.”

  15. Define antisemitism first.  In Canada’s main stream media, the slightest critique of Israel is labeled antisemitism.   ALL religions are worthy of disdain and the Jewish people are not special. 

  16. There is nothing wrong in criticising Israel,and it is not anti-Semitic to do so. It becomes anti-Semitic when it is always Israel that is wrong,and terms like apartheid.ethnic cleansing,Nazi,ghetto and concentration camp are used about the situation in Gaza. A further favourite tactic is to use the word Zionist instead of Jew. It seems acceptable to say the most vile thing if using the term Zionist rather than Jew.

    If you are criticising Israel you are not critcisng a religion,it is a country. Many Jews are atheists,and Muslims and Christians can live in harmony in Israel.

    I notice none of those who oppose Israel mention the terrible lack of human and political rights in all the other ME countries. Of further note is that Canadian Muslims and the left don’t seem to be too concerned with the slaughter in Syria. Non-Arab Iran also seems to enjoy very little criticism in Canada,in spite of it being a  Muslim theocratic terror state.

    Finally,remember Israel was created by the UN as part of a two state solution to the problems of the British. The Palestinians preferred to listen to their neighbours and left in order that Israel,and the Israelis,could be destroyed. 60+ years on,Israel has survived and prospered. The Palestinians,who are not welcome in Arab countries,prefer to whine instead of finally accepting the right of Israel to exist and live in harmony with them.

  17. Can we also have an inquiry into the number of forced marriages of young girls, honour killings, polygamous marriages, and female genital mutilations occurring RIGHT NOW in Canada without prosecution?

    Can we have an inquiry into women being forced to wear moveable prisons in English Canada and nobody is saying this is NOT okay? At least, nobody influential, even though women like Irshad Manji and other Muslim women who know the culture intimately risk death to say otherwise? Even though Europe is already doing this and they have more Muslims than us!!!

    Can we have an inquiry into how women’s rights are devolving in Canada due to the presence of Muslims in Canada? Let’s start with asking the question about how the director of Canada’s largest school board can say that the equal treatment of girls is not his concern while they are under his care in a public institution. 

    Can we have in inquiry into how gays are being labeled as “generation killlers” by Muslim imams within Canada who advocate their death under sharia law?

    Can we have an inquiry into how Irshad Manji – a gay, female Muslim – in Canada needs police protection and bullet proof windows because she wrote a book criticizing Islam and its treatment of women? 

    Connect the dots here people. Jews aren’t the only people suffering from Muslims!!!! And I have no doubt they are! I can see the bullying of Jews going on in university discussions. They can’t even speak! 

    We need an inquiry about the Islamization of Canada – not merely anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is part of a bigger picture.

    And now, let me ask the bigger question. Why doesn’t Canada have an inquiry? Who would not permit such an inquiry?

    • Someone better call the RCMP before this nutjob shoots up an NDP caucus meeting.

  18. Fascism is alive and well under Harper’s inner sanctumoniousum.  And the bonus is he gets to hide behind anonimity, AKA un-accountability.
    And Contrary to opinion expressed below, Macleans is one of two voices in Canada not committed to slobbering on Conservative boots.

  19. When will Canadians wake up to the fact that the CONs are out to divide Canada?

  20. “…An MP inquiry into anti-Semitism vowed to be open and independent. Its shadowy funding says otherwise….”
     This stunk, and always will stink, just like the gun money going to ireland decades ago, (under a different “polly” name),…, or whatever.
     Harper and the Cons are absolutely disgusting in their “no-end FUD” scandals of raising money just to hide it (and later steal it) from Canadians’ interests.
     immorally wrong.

  21. the coalition accepted $451,280 from the department of Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who sat on the CPCCA’s inquiry steering committee as an ex officio member. >>>
    The government in power has cheated in our elections to get where they are and they in my opinion have no right to be spending our tax dollars on their pet projects or changing any of our laws or institutions to fir their crimes.  Anyone concerned about a free and democratic country should be up in arms about the illegal Harper party in our government.

  22. Flame away all you Harper dingleberries, I’ve got better things to do today than hang out here!

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