Former CBC directors raise alarm over recent cuts

Former CBC directors raise alarm over recent cuts

Former prez Robert Rabinovitch among the signatories


Nine former members of the CBC board of directors have written to the public broadcaster’s current chairman to express alarm at recent cuts to the corporation.

Former CBC president Robert Rabinovitch and Guylaine Saucier, who served as chairwoman, are among those who signed the letter to current chairman Remi Racine.

The CBC is trying to absorb a $130-million budget shortfall due to federal cuts, declining advertising revenues and the loss of hockey rights.

The broadcaster announced last month it is slashing some 20 per cent of its workforce over the next five years, while cutting back evening newscasts and in-house production and raising the possibility of selling its flagship headquarters in Toronto.

It also signalled an intention to shift the CBC’s priorities from radio and television to digital and mobile services.

Clarence LeBreton, one of the signatories, says he’s concerned about diminished production capacity at the broadcaster as a result of the cuts.

Sometimes cosmetic cuts must be made to meet a budget, he says, but recent reductions amount to gutting the venerable broadcaster.

The board of directors is like the “guardian of the temple” and if somebody is dismantling it, “you should at least voice some concern,” he said Tuesday in an interview.

“We think this time it’s going too far.”

Racine said in an email that he would discuss the letter at the next board meeting.

By 2020, CBC plans to cut 1,000 to 1,500 positions from its roster of 7,500 employees. It says that goal will in part be fulfilled by retirements and attrition and that roughly 500 of these jobs will be eliminated over the next 12 to 15 months.

The new job losses are in addition to the 657 the broadcaster announced in April.

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Former CBC directors raise alarm over recent cuts

  1. If the CBC wants to stay sovent, then perhaps their “managers” should start producing shows people actually want to watch. Instead, we get crap like “Little Mosque on the Prairie”……..and if anyone knows anyone who’s ever watched it….let me know.

    the CBC is a waste of money. Ditch it, or privatize it. I’m tired of paying for that biased, anti-semitic corporation in any event.

    Good riddance.

    • Wikipedia on Little Mosque: “The series premiere drew an audience of 2.1 million,[21] an exceptionally strong rating for domestic programming in the Canadian television market, and on par with Canadian ratings for popular American series. It was, in fact, the largest audience the CBC had achieved in a decade for an entertainment program.”

      So apparently 2.1M people wanted to watch it, with a long-term average of 1.2M viewers per episode.

      And really, the CBC is anti-semitic? Just how do you justify that slur?