Four stories in Canada we're watching -

Four stories in Canada we’re watching

In today’s news: A new study on housing prices across the country



Julie Gordon/Reuters

Julie Gordon/Reuters

RBC on housing costs

A report by RBC Economics says housing affordability continued to decline in Toronto and Vancouver, while conditions for homebuyers improved in Alberta during the first quarter as lower oil prices caused the real estate market to soften. RBC says mortgage rate cuts improved the affordability of homes in many Canadian markets. And that offset rapid price growth in Toronto and Vancouver, leaving national affordability levels relatively flat.

A new study on biphasic anaphylaxis

A new study led by researchers from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario suggests about 15 per cent of children who have a severe allergic reaction that involves anaphylaxis can actually have a second reaction hours after the first. The researchers warn that doctors and parents should be on the lookout for this type of two-stage or biphasic anaphylactic reaction. The study is the largest ever to look at biphasic anaphylaxis.

Ed Sheeran rules the MMVAs

Quite a night for Ed Sheeran at the Much Music Video Awards as he hosted the show, ad-libbing raunchy one-liners, verbally sparring with presenters, performing songs and also hauling in two awards for himself. But the Weeknd was the weekend’s big winner, with the crooner picking up a leading four awards, including video of the year and most buzzworthy Canadian.

Don Meredith hires a lawyer

Senator Don Meredith has hired an Ottawa lawyer as he faces published allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl. Meredith quit the Conservative caucus last week after the Toronto Star reported that a woman said she had a sexual relationship with him that began shortly after she turned 16. The allegations have been referred to the Senate Ethics officer and a Senate committee.


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Four stories in Canada we’re watching

  1. Debt, currency corruption is only increasing the divide and eliminating many from the middle class. Hazards of a morally and financially bankrupt nation that is unsustainable.

    But hey, we have 80 cent dollars!!! Investing in USD has had a better return than the TSX and Canadian jobs for over 2 years now. Do you think economics should be normal with this massive pyrmid debt scheme imbalance and tax inflated tax greedy economy? Think again.

    Ottawa will devalue CAD money to 10 cent dollars if need be to keep the “dollar” value low as prices hyper-inflate. As if housing in major markets go under, so does CHMC, Ottawa and provinces, even cites.

    But the two best things to have in a bubble and fraud economy? Real-estate you live in so inflation taxes don’t kill ya, and hidden unregistered in hand GOLD. Sorry, gold certificates are fraud too, you want in your hand bullion.