Frank Meyers holds out hope, even as demolition crews prepare to level farm

Newfound recruits in farmer’s battle arrived far too late for the fight

Up against the forces of progress

Colin O’Connor

Frank Meyers’s farmhouse—the one he built with his own hands—has no Internet connection. The 85-year-old doesn’t use email or YouTube or Instagram, and although his name has been tweeted thousands of times in recent weeks, he leaves the hashtags to his grandchildren. (Meyers does have a cell phone, though, just so his wife, Marjorie, can call to make sure he comes in for lunch.)

Yet ironically enough, it’s the power of the Internet that has finally given Meyers what he so badly needed: a dash of public outrage. After waging a lonely battle for seven long years—vowing, again and again, to fight the federal government’s plan to transform his beloved land into a new training ground for the Canadian military’s elite Special Forces—Meyers suddenly boasts an army of his own, fuelled by a Facebook page that has ballooned, at last count, to 22,000 followers. A few dozen of those staunch supporters are now camped on Meyers’s property in Quinte West, Ont., vowing to stay put as demolition crews prepare to rip down his old barns and sheds. “I appreciate everything they’ve done to support me,” Meyers says, speaking into his cell phone from the seat of his John Deere tractor. “There is always hope. There is always hope.”

Sadly, there really isn’t. Despite the best of intentions—and all the hope in the world—Meyers’s newfound friends have arrived far too late to the fight. It’s over, and has been for a while.

All the recent Facebook buzz has certainly angered many Canadians, and rightfully so; even if the farm was not a historic piece of property (which it is), booting an elderly man off his ancestral land makes for awful optics. But for Meyers—who has already endured so many cruel, unwelcome twists—the eleventh-hour support may be the cruelest development of all. Because it won’t change a thing, no matter how many screaming protesters throw themselves in front of bulldozers.

If only Canadians were so outraged back in 2012, when the family still had a slim chance of keeping their land.

Maclean’s first introduced the country to Frank Meyers five years ago, when an Access to Information request revealed the darker side of Ottawa’s much-heralded plan to expand CFB Trenton: 12 neighbouring landowners would lose their property, whether they wanted to leave or not. Although many Canadians don’t realize it, expropriation laws allow governments to acquire any private property if it’s required for the public good (a highway, for example, or a hospital.) Owners have no real legal recourse. They can sell now or be expropriated later.

Some of the owners, Meyers included, insisted they would never leave, no matter the selling price. But by 2012, he was the last man standing—the final chunk of land, 90 hectares, needed to complete the new training facility. By then, the feds couldn’t wait any longer; with no hope of negotiating a deal, Ottawa took the drastic step of filing a notice of expropriation. “It’s stress on me,” Meyers said at the time. “Does the government care? They don’t care.”

Few others did, either. In April 2012, when Meyers made a tearful appeal in front of an independent hearings officer, barely a dozen people showed up to the proceedings. Later that summer, when his land was officially expropriated, the news generated just as few headlines.

Meyers, of course, vowed to fight on. When Maclean’s visited his farm again last September, he and his son, John, were still working the land, having signed a temporary lease agreement with the feds that allowed them to stay on the property while they removed the last of their belongings. (The family home, across a set of train tracks, was not expropriated.) By that point, the government had owned the farm for more than a year, but Meyers still refused to negotiate a final selling price. He honestly believed that the Harper government might change its mind and give everything back. “It’s an awful stress on me,” he said, dressed in his trademark jeans and blue shirt. “They’re waiting for me to drop dead. That’s what they want.”

Only in October—amid news that the lease agreement had expired, and Meyers would be granted one final harvest—did the story suddenly explode on social media. The Facebook campaign was born, determined to “save” the farm that was no longer his.

A few weeks later, Meyers actually settled on a selling price and signed the last bits of paperwork. “I’m thankful for all the people that supported me, but it just got to the point where I can’t control it,” he said at the time. “I’ll be in the hospital, or I’ll be in the ground.” But Meyers now says he was pressured to surrender and signed under duress, making the deal null and void. “I had no rest for three days, and I just broke down,” he says, sitting in the tractor. “They broke me. All they’ve been doing is harassing me since 2006.”

Bolstered by his ever-growing legion of supporters—and a national media that is finally paying attention—the feisty Frank Meyers is back, vowing to battle on. This morning, with news cameras rolling, he phoned the office of CFB Trenton’s commander, demanding proof that DND really owns his land. “I’m still here,” he tells Maclean’s. “Still talking.”

Asked if he plans to stand between his former barns and the backhoes, Meyers refuses to divulge his strategy. “I don’t know yet what I’m going to do,” he says. “I have no idea. They’re egging me to do something wrong so they can put me in jail. That’s what they want.”

It’s impossible not to feel sorry Frank Meyers. He was born and raised on his farm, and like so many of his forefathers, hoped to die there. He is a decent, intelligent man, the type who returns favours with a fresh turkey or a batch of corn. “I’m honest,” he once said. “I wouldn’t screw you out of a nickel.”

But despite all the attention now focused on his farm—the drama of impending demolition—this story will not end well for Frank Meyers. Sympathize with him. Support him. Chain yourself to a barn. Just don’t expect victory. The federal government took his land a long time ago, and at this point, no amount of noise will get it back.

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Frank Meyers holds out hope, even as demolition crews prepare to level farm

  1. Was it a horse farm? Because Macleans sure is beating this story like it’s a dead one.

    • Maybe some day you’ll get lucky and the Hapocrites will expropriate you for pennies on the pound!

      • Land expropriation has occurred under governments all over the world of every political affiliation. There will always be a situation where someone doesn’t want to sell. Just because the person being expropriated from is likeable it doesn’t change the legalities of the situation or the underlying need for governments to have the ability to build infrastructure. If an oil company owned this land nobody would care. The problem is in the path of every highway, hospital, rail line etc. there will always be a Frank Meyers who has a connection to the land. Do I sympathize with him? Of course. Do I think it’s ok to make an exception to every public works project on the grounds of sympathy. No.

        • Very good argument.

          • Counter argument is why do special forces need that land when properties left over from WW II training in Alberta would be ideal? Including arctic training in the winter months?

            Its also about fair compensation. As I doubt his comp for the move is adequate.

          • Do any of those bases have easy access to air transport capabilities like Trenton does? They can go anywhere they want to do winter training.

          • It has to do with being close to the main transport base in Canada, and proximity to the units it needs to train with.

            Not to mention being near the largest population concentration in Canada.

        • yeah….we need franks land for the army…..most people don’t realize how little land Canada has….sadly, in this small nation, the Canadian Army really had no other options available to build their base. If only Canada had a bigger land mass like Russia and the US.

          • You could make the same argument for Franks farm. Cost to move Franks farm- 2 million. Cost to move the training facility for JTF2- ??? gotta be hundreds of millions. Sorry Frank, gonna have to scrape by with the 2 million.

          • I am sure CRA will roll him over for a good part of that. On sell move he would owe capital gains.

            Big government is about screwing the people.

          • There are other options in the immediate area. The govt has refused to look at them and are focused on wearing down and bullying Mr Meyers. I think now it’s more about the govt not backing down because this govt is a bullys dream team.

        • Your name is appropriate. Yes land expropriation has occurred under every government ever. Every single time it has been evil. There is no justification regardless of the likability of the victim. If you or I did what the state is doing, it would be illegal.

          • The government must have the ability to expropriate land or else public works projects would be impossible. Roads, railways, pipelines, electrical distribution are all utilities that we all use and need to have a functioning society. The Trans Canada highway expropriated land so was that an evil thing too? Fair compensation should be received but reality dictates that there are going to be some people that will never be happy with that compensation no matter what the price. We can’t allow land owners to hold the interests of the country hostage. Running a country means you have to always piss someone off.

          • What is fair compensation? The only way fair compensation can be determined is on the market place. That means that the buyer and seller agree on what fair compensation is. If there is no agreement, there is no transaction. If someone does not want to sell their land to the state, there is no such thing as fair compensation. If this is a free society like the government likes to claim, then people have a right to their property. The concept and act of land expropriation reveals this as a lie. We are nothing but slaves or serfs who rent and hold the land for the true owner, the state.

      • As you were probably not at the negotiating table (though I can’t imagine why they never asked you to attend given the display here of your vast knowledge and way with words) why don’t you try making a factual comment rather than some supposed, idiotic presumption about a process you more than likely have no experience with. IOW….shut up shutting up.

    • Government loves your attitude. Just wait, someday you will wish you had some support. Government loves the divide and conquer. They get more out of us that way.

    • actually no, but apparently the Feds now wanna “expropriate” your families farm junior?. oh wait, u don’t have one.
      Either way, maybe if you’d actually read the true “content” of this article, instead of being so “cocky” with your lame post, you’d understand what Mr. Meyers went through. ?

  2. The perfect solution is to let him live out his life…he’s 85. They wont have to wait long.
    I’m sure there were others willing to sell… but they saw him as the cheapest.

    • As I understand it, they needed a much larger patch of land and have already expropriated much of the surrounding area.

      • The facility will be much bigger than just the land in question. Depending on how it’s laid out it might just be possible to fire heavy weapons on narrow arcs. If not then it’s off the Petawawa for some ranges- just like now. It will also be too small for a lot of field training- navigation, long distance movement etc. so once again they’ll have to travel. Travel will also be involved if cooperation with CSOR is planned. Overall it’d be cheaper to simply give CSOR all the “green”- role under the army and a smaller JTF-2 to stay in Ottawa and have the “black”- domestic counter-terrorism role role. Of course that would bring up the messy question of why does CANSOFCOM HQ exist.

        • Why not do it in the old WW II training areas in AB ad SK?

          No need to pollute more land with expelled munitions.

          • It’s not about training areas. They want to be at the largest air base. Currently they’re across town from Ottawa International which still has DND property left over from when Uplands was a separate base.. They claim that’s too far to go. I doubt it.

          • It’s a 40 minute drive (depending on traffic of course) according to maps. In Trenton it will be five.

          • Fred, fred, fred…..

            I don’t doubt, that you know nothing about military matters.

            Or geography, for that matter.

          • “expelled munitions”?

            How is a munition ‘expelled’?

            What’s wrong with it?

            Using this land has to do with being close to the required air transport assets, amongst other things.

        • Freddie, freddie, freddie….

          Quit posting like you know anything about the military.

          What was your experience in the CF?

    • His land is adjacent to CFB Trenton, Canada’s largest RCAF base. It’s been there since 1929. This was inevitable and the word is he was paid $2 million for the land (or rather will be, he claims he hasn’t yet been paid). With that kind of money he can go 10 miles north and buy a 5X larger farm with a new house. When the Grand Trunk Railroad was put through in the 1850s (now the CNR mainline) Meyers’ ancestors willing sold them land for the railroad (GTR was a private company until 1921 when it became part of the new CNR). So if selling part of the property was good enough for his ancestors his excuses today ring hollow. Go to Google maps and see the land immediately north of the air base with the barns and house divided by the railway tracks. This is not a quiet rural setting. A mile further norther is Hwy 401. CF18s are not quiet on take-off or landing. Ditto C-17s. The land being added to CFB Trenton will allow relocation of DART and JTF personnel for training and preparation. It’s a consolidation that makes sense. The DART personnel are now mostly at CFB Kingston 65 miles east while their equipment is in Trenton.

      During WWI and WWII much land near Trenton was expropriated. Airfields were built at nearby Mountainview in Prince Edward County (still there, mostly used to store reserve or retired aircraft), on Tyendinaga Indian reserve in Hastings County (now operating as Mohawk Airport), in Picton at Camp Picton, in North Fredericksburgh (now part of Greater Napanee and location of the Lennox Generating Station and the coming gas-powered power plant moved from Oakville), etc. These airfields were used to train pilots from Canada, Norway, Holland, France and other countries over-run by the Nazis. There wasn’t seven years of whining by the farm owners and then more whining from people who don’t have a clue. This just shows there are people with too much time on their hands.

      • My point is CF planning has been a complete load of crap for 25 years.
        Personally, I would nt have JTF2 training anywhere the press could see.
        Operational security has always been an issue with the CF. Airbourne reg and even JTF2 recently have had problems.

        I agree with most of what you say. But, the CF haven’t recovered from the 70’s yet. Still hoping.

        • My guess is they are worse today. Recommending $19 million dollar a copy sand and sun buses? Total costs of $2 billion!!! ( I know it was canceled but hey, if you got $2 billion budget for American companies military welfare for amoured dune buggies and buses, whats the hold up in giving this man a fair shake?

          But it is government, and over sized government is about rolling over the people.

          • You guessed wrong.

            We have C-17’s, M777’s, Leopard 2’s, CH-47F’s, MRAP’s….

        • You think the press will see them in this place? Not likely. Read up on the people who have tried to take pictures of the current facility only to have a meeting with the military police at Dwyer Hill.

        • You are making things up.

          “Airbourne reg and even JTF2 recently have had problems.”?


          This ought to be good for a laugh, since the Airborne Regiment hasn’t existed for decades….

          • cbc “Mysterious military exercise leads to gruff encounter”

          • Great. So one exercise had a bad moment. S**t happens. How many other exercises do you think they do in areas like that with no encounters or problems?

          • want another ? there’s a court martial being avoided. and theres David Pugliese wrote “JTF2: Canada’s Secret Commandos: The Unauthorized Story of Joint Task Force Two”.
            You telling me this is all new to you? been smouldering for years.

          • Are they perfect? I don’t think anyone is trying to claim they are. Every unit has stuff go down.

            Who knows just how true those stories are? I know you don’t. Just because some author (who’s primary goal is to make money off it) put’s it in a book doesn’t make it true.

          • Answer my question.

          • understand my first post yet – operational security.?
            If you can’t maintain it during training… there are issues.
            You should read more news.

          • Answer my question.

            Op sec?
            During training…..

            You missed 50% of the concept.

            OPERATIONAL security.

            Training isn’t an Op. per se.

            You should take an ESL class.

          • hehe you didnt like my explanation and decided to attack the messenger..
            What are you trying to hide?
            Why the ad hominem attack? Is your case that weak?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Learn English.

            Learn how to use the ‘edit’ function.

            Learn how to use punctuation.

            I know, I’m asking a lot.

          • not going to answer my questions?..I’m still waiting.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • well tell me why OP sec is not a concern as you argue?

          • Why would I waste my time with a trolling hypocrite?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Look at all your deleted comments….

            Take the hint.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • You are quite, DELETED.

          • nope…not until you admit op sec needs some serious consideration when training.

          • Deleted, deleted, deleted….

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Did you say something?

          • heres an example of the repercussions…

            . “When I left Kandahar this month [June 2009],
            more than one high-ranking officer had just received a tongue lashing from superiors and government officials in Ottawa for being too frank.”

            Sharon Hobson

          • Here’s an example of you not knowing what’s going on.

            One example, is TRAINING.
            The other example, is OPERATIONAL.

      • Two problems. First is his land is likely undervalued. Who is going to pay $5M for it? But if it was the same land, same access to market, same soil quality, same rainfall et al somewhere else I bet he would get more.

        Second issue is in a forced sale it triggers capital gains taxes and leaves less money to buy a replacement. It forces the seller into triggering capital gains without the ability to buy a like property with a loan.

        An example, $2M sale and likely 99% gain as gains are really inflation tax, is say $400k in taxes at least. So with $1.6M how does he buy a like property for $2M?

        He (and his estate) is clearly being screwed. He is forced out, devalued price and taxed before his time.

    • Yep, so they can screw your estate without a voice?

    • And what about his sons and their families that will be out of a job let alone losing local food? What about the land that is non arable that would do just as easily?

  3. I agree entirely that DND has a lot ~ in fact a surplus ~ of property around the country. It has been trying for decades to either sell off property or to close bases. But is usually prohibited by either aboriginal land claims, and/or local or provincial politics.

    That however is not the case in this instance. There is no comparable property, suitable for this use, anywhere else in the country. The reason being is that it is for the Special Forces. The unique requirement is for their immediately availability, on 24/7 standby, to go anywhere either domestically or internationally. And this dictates the Trenton area, specifically the Trenton airbase. Period. Full stop.

    There are implied comments posted here that why not use, for example, the golf course? This just simply is not the case, and the training requirement for JTF2 and the other components of our Special Forces are unique. There is no other comparable requirement for any other agency or component in the country, including civil police forces. On two grounds: 1) the primary is ‘opsec’ where there cannot be any ready visibility or access to the public (or others) of their training; and 2) not least, it is the nature of their training with extensive use of live-fire and demolitions, both of which entail a very significant ‘template’ from surrounding persons or property.

    The primary grounds however remain the unique nature of the Trenton airbase. I rather doubt there would be much (ie none at all) public support if this base were to be closed. Or to be re-located, at absolutely massive expensive, somewhere else in the country.

    Lastly, I cannot avoid a footnote comment: does anyone seriously believe that the farmer did not (I quote him) receive so much as a nickel?

    • How has the JTF ever survived until now? Are you saying that Canada has had no speclal forces – and will only get them when their training facility at Trenton is complete? Period. full stop? Where were these special requirements ten years ago?
      The golf course could certainly be used – it’s directly adjacent to the runway for crying out loud. Your unique special forces will have to cross *over* the golf course to get to their planes!? Is that smart?
      Look the guy should have sold, and he will. But your excuses are paper thin at best.

      • Military requirements change over time Jon. 30 years ago militaries of the west were formed to fight ground wars in Europe which was the need at the time when the Cold War was at its height. Now counter terrorism is the main motivator and thrashing entire middle eastern cities with tanks and artillery is not an option. Surgical strikes (hence the F-35) and special op (JTF2) are the portion of the military that is being called upon. A facility exists to train JTF2 but with the increasing demand in the last decade it stands to reason it would no longer be sufficient. With the hundreds of millions already invested in a training facility it makes no sense to uproot them at a huge expense. Expanding the facility is the correct financial option. God help the Harper government if they spent a billion dollars of taxpayer money to relocate the facility. Therefore this mans land needs to be expropriated. There should be a fair process to assess a value to his land and I would be in favor of them paying a premium for it given the situation but when you have to make big boy decisions Jon sometimes people get hurt.

        • I’m willing to go with the government’s view that they needed the land, but at the same time I’m skeptical that Canada’s military fortunes have ever hinged or ever will hinge on special forces being a few additional hours away from Trenton. Strongly suspect it’s a “what if this happens” rather than a practical reality.

          • Yes the JTF2 would survive if the base was moved but as a taxpayer if they relocated the base at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars just so Frank could keep his Farm I would come unglued. If the relocation cost 300 million thats 10 dollars from every man woman and child in Canada so ol’ Frank can stay put. Is Franks connection to the land worth something? Absolutely! Is it worth a couple hundred million dollars. Not even close.

          • You’ve got it backwards. The base hasn’t been built yet. The $300 million is what it’ll cost to move the people in Ottawa to Trenton.

          • CFB Trenton does exist. This is an addition to the base.

          • Yes that’s right. We’re discussing the new JTF-2 facility not the existing air base. It’s an addition that hasn’t been built yet. The savings are in not building it.

          • In order to have a quick response to crisis situations all over the world it makes sense to have tham at an air base. A dedicated stand alone training facility would cost much more than adjoinin an exisitng base. They would need to build new right of ways roads electrical infrastrucure utilities blah blah blah. Anyways im sure someone with much more experience and knowledge in building a armed forces base has looked into this and it makes sense to them. The topic anyways is ol Frank. Remember him? You don’t even care about Frank, your just a proffesional whiner.

          • You were doing OK trying to explain your position until the end. Why must the pro-defence types always fall back to insults?

            I don’t care much about Frank. I’d still be against this if he was the first in line to sell.

          • Fred, fred, fred….You haven’t even reached mediocre yet.

            Why must you keep posting uninformed comments?

          • They already have a dedicated facility at an air base. They are abandoning that and building a brand new one in Trenton.

          • Freddie, freddie, freddie….

            You still can’t get the simple facts straight.

          • Fred, fred, fred…..

            Wrong again.

          • That is exactly what they are doing, relocating (from petawawa I believe) for no particular reason….did you hit the roof yet?

          • US asks, Ottawa jumps. They might ask how high.

            No need for Canda to be a US puppet nation and subsidies $2 billion of General Dynamics, $6.5 billion of Boeing or $60 billion in defective F35s for Lockheed Martian.

            Candian taxpayers are overloaded with taxes driving up costs and devaluing money.

            Did you know the $60 billion (total cost, all in from spare parts to refits) jsut went up 9.9% in terms of CAD because Ottawa provinces debt devaluation of currency?

            A conservative might as well vote socialist as some of our depreciated money might come back to us. Nothing conservative about Conservatives.

          • What ‘subsidies to G.D. and Boeing?
            What is ‘defective’ with the F-35’s?

        • The hundreds of millions invested were invested at a different air base, the one where JTF is currently stationed.

          They are throwing that away and rebuilding – from scratch – a new facility at Trenton. There is nothing related to JTF training at Trenton today. The people hurting the most here are the taxpayers thanks to ‘big boy ‘ decisions.

      • You simply don’t understand. Look at the map. The golf course is tiny and squeezed into an odd-shaped parcel of land. The amount of land to be dedicated to DART and JTF is quite huge and will be fully inaccessible to the public, as it should be. DART personnel are now in Kingston while their equipment is in Trenton. Makes no sense and adds to costs. The Kingston base can also be down-sized and land sold off when this transition is completed. Much of downtown Kingston properties used during WWII were sold off decades ago. Fort Henry, used for POWs in WWII, is an outstanding national historic site and tourist attraction. Things change. CFB Kingston will remain along with its PMQs along the St. Lawrence, but DART will go west 65 miles and be consolidated. JTF was located for years in Petawawa, a minimum 4-hour drive from Trenton. Locating it onsite will again make a lot of sense. Military needs are changing. Rapid reaction is critical. DART and JTF can be used in major search and rescue operations across Canada when minutes count. Being located as part of Canada’s largest RCAF airbase with all its top transport planes makes total sense, and it’s a plan that pre-dates Harper’s election, so this is in no way political.

        • ” JTF was located for years in Petawawa, a minimum 4-hour drive from Trenton.”

          It’s always been in Ottawa in the same facilities as the RCMP SERT that preceded it.

          ” DART and JTF can be used in major search and rescue operations across Canada when minutes count.”

          No chance. SAR “where minutes count” is done by aircraft and SAR techs.

          • Fred, fred, fred….

            Again, you prove your minimal grasp on all things military.

            Ever heard of GSAR?
            I’m shocked to see that.
            You being a self-declared expert in all things military, and such.

      • Which is the real reason, golf courses, cottages, politicians for hob knobing and easy access for lobbiests selling over priced gear. $B of $19 million a copy sand buses for example.

        6,615 mi from Trenton to Afghanistan.

        5,700 miles from Gander to Afghanistan

        5,575 miles from NWT to Afghanistan

        5,535 miles form Yukon to Afghanistan

        Fact is Trenton is a lousy place for train and be positioned for the quickest response. But good place to hob nob with the politicians, lobbiests, and vendors….and golf, cottages et al. Maybe free dinners…and envelopes.

        Did you know most countries have ditched plans to by defective F35s including the US Navy itself?

        • You know no facts, and haven’t posted any.

          What are “sand buses”?

          Are they like “skyhooks”?

          “Did you know most countries have ditched plans to by defective F35s including the US Navy itself?”


          Where did you dig that BS up from?

          The F-35C has NOT been cancelled.

          Which countries have officially cancelled their F-35 purchases?

          I need a laugh.

      • Yea because they couldn’t possibly put new access roads into the base from the new spot.

    • bull s**t their is another place in the whole wide world for the JTF2 and Special Forces let’s try Winnipeg as it is central .

      • Brilliant! Then what happens when Ol’ Jim the farmer in Winnipeg doesnt want to sell?

        • Just sayin there is elsewhere not just Trenton lol why in gods name do we need STF2 anyway DART yes

          • Trenton is the main air transport hub.

            You missed that….

      • CFB Trenton is the hub of air transport.


    • 1) Since JTF-2 hasn’t been at Trenton since it’s formation it must have unable to meet it’s “unique requirements”. Yes or no?
      2) CSOR is the lead HQ for international operations and it’s still in Pet.
      3) The JTF-2 land in Trenton will be too small for most heavy weapons and most complex field firing.
      4) What notice to move is JTF-2 on? It can’t be “immediate” or it would have planes dedicated on standby and loaded. The administrative burden to have 40-60 people on immediate standby for international operations would be immense. So there is already a delay assumed in any JTF-2 response that requires airlift.
      5) Please give an example of a special forces operation that worked without lengthy intelligence gathering, planning and rehearsal. If there are any list the ones launched from thousands of miles away. The answer is zero which pretty much rules out the immediate launch on an international mission rationale.

      • You keep claiming CSOR is the lead HQ for whatever. Prove it. Show us where it’s 100% set in stone that CSOR will always be lead. Fact is the people in charge decide who does what. Not you.

        • Freddie is a poser.

          Watch his reply. It’s funny, as always.

          • Oh I know. It’s not my first time coming back at him.

            I can’t wait for a reply.

          • I should feel sad for him, but since he keeps coming back for the ridicule and mocking, I don’t.

      • “1) Since JTF-2 hasn’t been at Trenton since it’s formation it must have unable to meet it’s “unique requirements”.”

        Requirements change, improvements can be made. Yes or no?

        “2) CSOR is the lead HQ for international operations and it’s still in Pet.”

        CSOR is a different unit. Yes or no?

        “3) The JTF-2 land in Trenton will be too small for most heavy weapons and most complex field firing.”

        Where does it say they are using “heavy weapons”?
        Do you know what a ‘heavy weapon’ is?

        What is “complex field firing”?

        “4) What notice to move is JTF-2 on? It can’t be “immediate” or it would have planes dedicated on standby and loaded. The administrative burden to have 40-60 people on immediate standby for international operations would be immense. So there is already a delay assumed in any JTF-2 response that requires airlift.”

        You don’t know what their status is.
        Much like you don’t know anything military related.

        “5) Please give an example of a special forces operation that worked without lengthy intelligence gathering, planning and rehearsal. If there are any list the ones launched from thousands of miles away. The answer is zero which pretty much rules out the immediate launch on an international mission rationale.”

        You are asking for an example?
        This, from the wannabe that has NEVER posted examples or facts!

        Operation Thunderbolt
        Operation Magic Fire

        Schooled, yet again freddie.

    • Or, to be of faster services, why not on the north shores of the arctic/NWT? This way they are closer to the middle east. Ditto Comox or Newfoundland. That statement that Ontario is closer to the rest of the world is total hogwash.

      Here is the real reason. Military brass don’t give a damn about logistics, they don’t want to leave cottage country and a nice area to live. This takes precedence over logistics and over benefits of deployment.

      Reality is government is going to roll him over or roll over his estate.

      And no one asked me for my approval to spend so much of our money to train up to kill people in other countries. I am not a Muslim, not a Islam follower, but I see no sense in blowing up taxpayers money and people for the NWO.

      • CFB Trenton:

        Home of the C-17, C-130J & CC-150.

        Let’s see of you can figure out the rest.

    • If this land is SOOOO special. Then it must be worth far more than what the government is offering him. Instead of giving him what it is worth, or figuring out an alternative, like any private entity would have to do, the government is playing the FORCE card. They are more than willing to go in there with guns drawn and throw poor Frank Meyers in a cage. The state is nothing more than a organized group of armed robbers.

  4. We need to change to a Direct Democracy to finally get rid and charge the elites for their crimes against the People.

    • Then we would be the product of the decisions of the lowest common denominator. Public opinion seldom makes for good policy.

    • Trolls need to be outed. By your 4 followers on twitter we can see you are a dynamic leader. Not.

  5. I feel for the guy, but I notice there was no mention of how much he got. I’d bet it’s substantial, not a slap in the face as the story implies.

    • $2 million is quoted in other media. He wasted some of it on lawyers.

    • You don’t get the point…. Prime Farmland is a finite resource, once it is poisoned, it will not be available for centuries if at all. So many factors make good farmland and it cannot just be instantly “made” by saying here is a good piece of property. Where will the military get their food if they do not have a secure national food source. National security starts with a local, safe food source

      • Perspective man, perspective.

    • He hasn’t received any monies to date.

  6. to bad this poor old guy put in more work in his life than the entire staff of the airforce base ever will combined, bunch of useless lazy military sluggards. I live on a military base and know just how much these people actually do which is basically nothing and all end up trying to get disability and pensions for being useless there whole working life.

    • You should go to the legion and tell that to the veterans there. Nice knowing ya.

      • im not talking about the old school military that actually did something in its day im talking about the lazy tax sucking hole we have now. and who should I be scared of the 300 pound overweight fattys that cant walk 10 feet without tiring?

        • As devil said, go to a Legion and beak off.

          So long.

      • That’s the response of the military to criticism? An assault or murder. Nice.

        • Yup the military is violent. Next revelation, the sky is blue and cowboys sing sad sad songs.

          • They’re supposed to be sufficiently disciplined not to act like you gleefully suggest, however. It’s supposed to be the difference between them and common thugs,

          • And Rick should have more tact and RESPECT than to rail on against people who have commited to and fought for this country. So like I said if he wants to go down to the Legion and say it to their face then he takes his chances. You don’t give repesct then don’t count on them excersing discipline.

          • Nope. Soldiers can act all puffy chested and swan around like they make any difference in our country’s direction, FT Ward is allowed to be untactful. The beauty of Canada is that both sides are allowed to engage in their foolishness. Harming their fellow citizens is where it stops for all of us.

          • You’re right but rick wrote the unkind things about the air force.

          • quite right, my apologies.

          • Fred, your posts are unkind examples of the human race’s supposed intelligence.

          • Well when he gets his nose broken he can file a complaint.

          • and likely we’ll see some jail time that could have been avoided if people were willing to keep cool and not act like children. while being impolite is never justified, the one who throws the punch is far more in the wrong.

          • And I’m allowed to point out fred’s tragic shortcomings and lies.

        • Fred, just quit making a fool of yourself already.

  7. THANK YOU Macleans for following this story! Over 23,000 people have rallied online already (!

    You all can help Frank by phoning the only two government officials who can stop this. Saving Frank’s livelihood and home is worth the long-distance charges!

    1. Diane Finley (MP for Haldimand/ Norfolk): 519-426-3400
    2. Stephen Harper (Prime Minister): 613-992-4211

    Petition in protest you can sign too:

    • I’d love to know when all these band wagon jumpers were for the past 5 or 6 years while all this was going on? None of them cared about it. Now all the big media is on it they seem to come out of the wood works.

  8. Wish I could afford to be there to stand with Frank and his wife against this injustice.

  9. I guess I don’t understand the emotional attachment to place. Did they offer him fair market value? If they at least offered him that just move (it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a premium involved though). He does paint a good character though. Just imagine your own poor old grandpa being bullied by the state.

    • I don’t accept the expropriation of anyone’s land. Poor planning by governments is not the landowners fault. There are some that would be willing to sell at the right price and if the government wants the land bad enough, they should have to pay it. Those that have strong attachments to their land should also have strong protection against anyone, any government, or anything else that attempts to take it. It is the people that make up a country. It’s about time the government remembers that!

  10. Ignoring the legal side of this why would DND push ahead with a project that will cost well over $200 million when it’s budget is being cut, training reduced and there is talk about the need to cut personnel by thousands? All the bits and pieces of CANSOFCOM have operated successfully from their present locations for years. It appears that this is a nice to have that was dreamed up during the “money is no option days” following 9/11. It should be noted that CSOR- the biggest part of SOF, and the lead for international emergencies, is and will continue to be based in Petawawa.

    • “It should be noted that CSOR- the biggest part of SOF, and the lead for
      international emergencies, is and will continue to be based in Petawawa.”

      Prove it. I won’t hold my breath though because we all know you don’t actually know that for a fact. How do you know CSOR is the biggest part of SOF? Unless you know every unit’s numbers (which we know you don’t) then it’s just another claim that you can’t prove.

      • Don’t wait for an intelligent reply.

        He’ll just call you a bully.

    • Freddie, freddie, freddie…..

      As if you know a thing about their budgeting.

      Besides having no clue about all things CF, you have no grasp of the concept of improving matters and times changing.

      Let me guess.
      You still miss having biplanes and muzzle loading rifles?

      It should be noted that fred here, has no idea about the different tasks that JTF2 and CSOR do.

  11. Why are they exproriating productive farmland? Surely, there is unproductive land in this country?

    • They don’t want the land for training. They want it for a base for JTF-2 next to Trenton air base. The argument is that JTF-2 needs to be able to get on planes without the delay driving to the airport in Ottawa might have. The new facility near Trenton will no doubt have advanced indoor ranges but it will be too small for a whole range of training. Travel to different training venues will still be required.

      1) Neither JTF-2 or it’s predecessor RCMP SERT (formed in ~ 1987) have ever ended a terrorist incident in Canada.
      2) Neither failed to end an incident because they arrived late.
      3) JTF-2 is a fourth responder for domestic terrorism.
      4) Police1st, 2nd and 3rd responders (patrol cops, designated riflemen and ERTs) are much better equipped and trained than when JTF-2 or SERT were formed.
      5) Moving some of JTF-2 to Petawawa where CSOR already is based might bring up the question of why do we have two SOF combat units that are supposed to work together and CANSOFCOM HQ.
      6) Successful special operations are always well planned and rehearsed. Hostage situations always take time. There is no practical advantage to saving an hour or so on departure.

      • ” Police1st, 2nd and 3rd responders (patrol cops, designated riflemen
        and ERTs) are much better equipped and trained than when JTF-2 or SERT
        were formed.”

        I’d love to see the proof for that one. That’s just a claim you make because you don’t actually know the training levels of every police force or JTF2.

        • We’ll be waiting a while.

          Ask fred where he served as a cop or serviceman.

          Good fun!

      • Fred, fred, fred….

        “1) Neither JTF-2 or it’s predecessor RCMP SERT (formed in ~ 1987) have ever ended a terrorist incident in Canada.”

        How would you know? Their operations are classified, for the most part.

        “2) Neither failed to end an incident because they arrived late.”

        Again, how would you know?

        You’re against improving their efficiency?

        Go back to using an abacus, and leave the computer alone, if you don’t like improving things.

        “3) JTF-2 is a fourth responder for domestic terrorism.”

        Really? Explain that. I need a laugh.

        “4) Police1st, 2nd and 3rd responders (patrol cops, designated riflemen and ERTs) are much better equipped and trained than when JTF-2 or SERT were formed.”

        Prove it.

        Where did you get that information?

        I need a good laugh.

        “5) Moving some of JTF-2 to Petawawa where CSOR already is based might bring up the question of why do we have two SOF combat units that are supposed to work together and CANSOFCOM HQ.”

        Not too familiar with logistics and training efficiency I see.

        Then again, you aren’t familiar, at all, with anything to do with the military.

        Where did you serve?

        “6) Successful special operations are always well planned and rehearsed. Hostage situations always take time. There is no practical advantage to saving an hour or so on departure.”

        Wrong again.
        Israel’s Operation Thunderbolt.
        GSG9’s Operation Feuerzauber.

        For starters.

  12. Thanks Dick-tator Harper….for crushing an productive old farmer…far more productive than the CON-servative government….

  13. While discussing this land acquisition perhaps we should step back and ask why DND even has a separate special operations command (commanded by a BGen) that has two combat units- JTF-2 and CSOR? They total about 650 people and since they are supposed to work together it would seem more sensible for there to be only one unit. If there is only one combat unit then the need for a separate command HQ doesn’t make much sense either. The whole business seems designed to create interesting jobs for gung-ho senior officers and it is very, very expensive even by CF standards.

    • “They total about 650 people and since they are supposed to work together
      it would seem more sensible for there to be only one unit.”

      You know their actual numbers now too? Oh wait. No you don’t. You just pulled a number of out thin air and claim it as a fact.

      • Fred’s here to serve as a warning to others, not to let dumb people breed…

    • The units have different missions, fred.

      Anyone that knows anything about the military, would know that.

      Oh, wait….

      “….since they are supposed to work together it would seem more sensible for there to be only one unit.”?

      Since when?

      Where, in their mission statements, does it say that?

  14. What are you going to do? Like George Carlin says, “Government has you by the balls”.

    We don’t run government, government runs us.

  15. I submit Trenton is obsolete and a waste of money. In 1812 it was ideal location as the threats were musket balls and knives, and the occasional arrow from foot soldiers.

    Today, NWT, Yukon, Gander and Comox are closer to other countries in air and air driven support. So I don’t buy Trenton as a modern day well positioned facility. I even bet the C130s stop off for fuel in Gander or Greenland as it is.

    And all for what? Killing people in other countries because a US president asks for Canadian taxpayers to subsidize US military complex and bomb other people?

    Biggest threat we have is corruption and incompetence within.

  16. Canadian history about the Meyer land is a curious question. Tales of a huge natural silver cave known by Meyers ancestor and Historical Aboriginals. Magnetic vortices now being studied as huge free energy generators for possible time travel and stargates like the one found in Iraq 10 yrs ago. Frank Meyers caught in the crosshairs between the past and the future. The human right of one Canadian is the right of us all, precious for reasons known and unknown valued and protected by Canadians Historically. What historical evidence will be destroyed by the bull dozers? Frank could auction every old barn board and rusty tractor seat to a value much more than a demolition. Frank’s ancestor wore shoes with a toe on both ends to fool the trackers…so the story goes.

  17. Let’s be fair here. Mr Meyers agreed to a sale, signed the papers and has been allowed to remain well beyond the agreed upon date and now says he changed his mind. Then and only then did DND resort to expropriation. Our tax dollars are tied up in millions of dollars worth of contracts waiting to build the new compound for our special forces.

    I feel for the old fellow but he was not forced to sell, he entered negotiations, agreed, signed of his own free will and is being paid. The sensational social media plea is misrepresenting events in a huge way.

  18. Well, I for one vote that, the next time CFB needs a “training” ground they simply look up whatever “properties” Harper owns, and just “expropriate” them, I mean why not?, it’s not like he actually bought them with “his” money anyway.

    On that note, I hope Mr. Meyers atleast doubled/tripled what he finally got from the gov’t. -That way he can atleast rub that into all those neighbours of his who obviously gave in, and “bailed-out” years ago.

  19. There has been some concerns raise about the Save Frank & Marjorie Meyers Farm Facebook page. They have repeatedly deleted post from the Meyers Family member and other concerned people who have tried to voice concerns about the movement. Members of the Meyers family have also been accused of being frauds and trolls.

    To allow the family members and others to voice their opinions without post being deleted another Facebook page has been created. This Facebook page Frank & Marjorie Meyer Farm allow for an open discussion regarding the expropriation of the farm and the current Facebook movement.

    Please join the conversation at

    Best Regards,

  20. It is a shame this article failed to mention frank has a land grant from the King GRANTING THE LAND FOREVER! Long before Canada was even a country. And if that grant is no longer valid than the Canadian Charter of Rights is an act of the British Parliament, so does this mean that is no longer valid as well?? As the head of state is the Queen, no Royal acts are valid anymore??? The military’s sole and only function was to protect the people and the government was put in place to protect what belongs to the people and their land. Knowing these things now… How can any of this be legal? What it is, is unlawful!! This land is our land!! I’m not sure when the military and government made themselves God.