Gaffe gallery: Seven memorable photos of Rob Ford

Plus an alleged, and now notorious, one


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is shown in a video still first published on the U.S. website Gawker on May 16, 2013. The website reported on a video its editor viewed that is alleged to show Ford smoking crack cocaine. Ford called the allegation ridiculous. (Gawker/CP)

Rob Ford is seen in this mug shot taken following his 1999 arrest by the Miami-Dade Police Department. (CP/Miami-Dade Police Department)

Weight challenge image: No thanks: Ford ignored offers of vegan food from PETA during his weight-loss publicity stunt in 2012. (Pawel Dwulit/Toronto Star via Getty)

Mayor Rob Ford returns to university court house after lunch break accompanied by court officers on Sept. 5, 2012. (Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty)

Rob Ford has a phone conversation while putting magnets on cars outside the Church on the Queensway on May 14, 2013. (Daniel Dale/Toronto Star/Getty)

Ford was accused of groping former Toronto mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson in March 2013. (Daniel Dale/Toronto Star/Getty)

Ford hot-rodding it down the Gardiner: Ford was photographed reading while driving on Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway; he eschews a driver.

Falling, Fumbling Ford: Not so nimble: Football coach Ford takes a tumble during a Grey Cup photo op. (Daniel Dale/Toronto Star/Getty)

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Gaffe gallery: Seven memorable photos of Rob Ford

  1. It would all be real funny if the joke was only Rob Ford, thing is the joke is on Toronto.

    • The joke has always been Toronto. This didn’t start with Ford. TO has always had bad mayors.

      • I would not call them bad mayors…lets just say colorful mayors..lol Mel Lastman was funny

  2. A pity there is no picture of him giving the finger to a lady and her daughter when she told him he was texting and driving

  3. I think the Ford family’s wealth is being used to purchase the video—which will disappear from view. Ford just has to stay silent until the negotiations are complete and the deal is done.

    • yes… the video will disappear.. from the internet

    • that is the evidence. they purchased the video as the sale person was asking just about 100K, Ford must have offer 3 to 4 times that amount to get rid of the situation. That is why he disappeared for days. He just think that as he plays golf with the big guy, nobody can’t reach him. You know who the big guy is.

  4. I was wondering can the media be a bully.When I was a kid i saw others called names and accused of things without any tangible evidence and they eventually turned out to be innocent. Oh no this could now happen in our country with Freedom of the Press they are always so fair and middle of the road especially when polling

  5. Chris Farley never died. He just decided to change his name and get into politics.

  6. Editor @johnjcook: “Hey, Rob Ford Crack Tape Owner, if you’re reading this: Please get in touch… you risk leaving a lot of money”
    — robyndoolittle (@robyndoolittle) May 23, 2013

    Hay Robyn, what was your plan B? No offense but what in the world were you thinking? Didn’t it ever occur to anyone at the Toronto Star that every half respecting drug dealer in Canada might start looking for this turncoat?

    I am no genius, Robyn, but one could safely say that illegal drug trade business in Canada generates tens of Billions of dollars. That is Billions with a BIG B. If you still think their “business” would allow this kind of “very bad publicity” you might be delusional, but who am I to judge you.

    If this Somali drug dealer and a video tape really exist, the best you and I can hope for is that he is somewhere safe and sound. As for that “video”, if you didn’t get my point by now I don’t think anybody can help you.

  7. Does a “Serbian Jew Double Bluff” ring a bell?
    – South Park Season 7 Episode 13 Butt Out

  8. Gawker at Canadian border speaking to a customs officer.

    Gawker: I’m importing $200K.
    Customs: For what purpose, sir?
    Gawker: To pay off a blackmailing gang of Toronto’s finest Somali drug dealers.
    Customs: Welcome to Canada sir and enjoy your stay.

  9. A couple years ago, Ford was just different, today – Ford is a side show…it is really too bad the City of Toronto is an ON LINE TV Laugh – watch you-tube, see for yourself!

  10. Why in the world would Rob Ford need protection by officers wearing bullet-proof vests? I thought Ford always wore several bullet-proof vests as a matter of course? Oh, wait…what? His bulky appearance IS NOT due to him wearing multiple bullet-proof vests? I stand corrected.

  11. Toronto gets the leadership it deserves. A world class dump.

  12. The truth will emerge as surely as cream rises to the top.
    Give it time and sooner than later all will become apparent,
    visible and understandable.

  13. The Fords will be vindicated and all accusers will be put to shame in this world,
    and forever in the world to come (eternity). Every idle word men speak shall be
    given account of … in the G W T Judgement.

  14. I wish Rob Ford was never born. He has been an insult to all Canadians.

  15. For should just step aside and leave rather than creating new controversies .

  16. Well, I guess Olivia Chow will run in 2014,the spending will triple and everything will be back to normal for the left.

  17. What a Bozo! This is getting to be the standard for most politicians, no matter where!

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