Gilles Duceppe: Coming to a city near you -

Gilles Duceppe: Coming to a city near you

Sometimes, “it’d be way easier if Quebec wasn’t around”


Twenty years after the Meech Lake negotiations collapsed, leaving Quebec as the only province without its signature at the bottom of the Constitution, Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe is still looking for someone—anyone—in the rest of Canada who’s still interested in talking about Quebec’s plight.

“Canada hasn’t made any offers” that would entice Quebec to sign on to the Constitution, Duceppe said in an interview with, “and I don’t think any are coming.” And that’s true, he adds, no matter what the federal government looks like. “When there’s a majority government in Canada, they say ‘we have a mandate and it’s to not make any offers.’ When it’s a minority government, they say ‘we’re not in a position to make an offer.’ We’re forced to conclude, then, that Canada is a take-it-or-leave-it proposition.”

So why is Duceppe flying across the country, meeting with students, teachers, think-tanks and other groups if the only solution to Canada’s Constitutional woes is independence for Quebec? It isn’t entirely clear, though he does appear keen to wrap Quebec nationalism in kinder, gentler terms—terms that appeal to Canadians’ innate nationalism as much as much as that of Quebecers.

The Bloc leader readily admits Quebec plays a large role in the perpetual holding pattern in which Ottawa finds itself when it comes to sweeping institutional reforms. In fact, his Canadian tour, his first since 2005, is explicitly motivated by a desire to remind people of it. “Take Senate reform, for example,” he says. “It’d be way easier to do if Quebec wasn’t around.” And with the prospects of Canadians suddenly developing an appetite for the Constitutional reforms residing somewhere between slim and none, Duceppe says the Bloc’s role in Parliament will continue to be at least partly an obstructionist one. “We have to be there,” he says, “to fight the setbacks Quebec is subjected to in the Canadian federation.”

For what it’s worth, some Canadians appear to have come to the same conclusion as Duceppe—that Canada and Quebec would both be better off without each other—though it may not be for the relatively enlightened reasons Duceppe has in mind. According to an unusual poll by Léger Marketing for the Association for Canadian Studies that looked into Canadians’ attitudes toward Quebec’s sovereigntist aspirations, one in six English Canadians (15 per cent) is comfortable with the idea of waving the province goodbye. Support for Quebec’s departure was highest in Alberta (26 per cent) and Manitoba and Saskatchewan (22 per cent), the two areas (the poll treats Manitoba and Saskatchewan as one region) where official bilingualism is least popular, suggesting a hardening of attitudes against Ottawa’s languages policy rather than a new-found love for tiny nation-states.

Sovereigntists themselves have long had an uneven relationship with Francophone communities outside Quebec. During a speech in Windsor in 1969, PQ founder René Lévesque referred to the Francophone minority in English Canada as “dead ducks”; the stake was driven even further by Quebec novelist Yves Beauchemin in 1990, when he said Francophones outside Quebec were little more than “warm corpses.” Duceppe, however, says he’s made outreach to Francophone and Acadian groups a priority as Bloc leader and is quick to dismiss suggestions Quebec’s departure from Canada would have ill effects on either group. “People who say that are using Francophones and Acadians as cannon fodder,” he says.

With six consecutive electoral majorities in the province, the Bloc isn’t anywhere near the extinction that’s so often predicted for it. That said, as Duceppe himself points out, it’s been left in the lurch a bit by Canadians’ disinterest in addressing the issues so dear to sovereigntists. “I worked long enough as a union negotiator,” he says when asked what Quebec would want out of new Constitutional talks, “to know you don’t negotiate with yourself.” The Bloc leader may well find himself a rhetorical sparring partner by the time his six-city tour is done (stops in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver remain). But if the “warm” and “respectful” receptions he says he’s received so far are any indication, he probably shouldn’t get his hopes up.


Gilles Duceppe: Coming to a city near you

  1. Gilles
    you can show us your true intentions by moving the sitting BLOC
    members to their "proper place"; the Quebec "national assembly"!
    au revoir, don

  2. So the Quebec rat is running off at the mouth again and we are paying for his vacation so he can brag that he has seen Canada, and its really strange that the only places he goes is schools universities so he can spout all his criticism to kids, whats his real purpose to try and separate Canada and try to get other provinces to go the same rout that he hopes Quebec will go someday. All his group ever did is sprout discorde here in quebec and canada.

  3. M. Duceppe, try again and we will help you this time. No more love-ins in Montreal, be sure of that.

    • The majority in Quebec does not want separation. Mr. Duceppe's trip is an act of desparation.

      • It;s spelled 'desperation' – tea party member too?

        • You use an apostrophe ' not a semicolon ; It's not It;s

          You a member also ??

          • Haha, prescott tried to act smart and ended up looking like the fool he is, he must work for Duceppe.

          • It looks like a contests to see who has the sharpest angles on your square heads!!!

  4. Michael Iggnatiof accuses PM Harper of trying to divide Canada. Funny, I haven't heard the "professor" comment about Gilles Duceppe's cross country divisive journey. Leaving the coalition card open, are we, igoo?

  5. It's spelled "separate". Are you a member of the Tea party?

    • His argument is wrong because he misinterpreted a vowel! Good catch!

  6. majority of quebers want to live with canada so Duceppe's intention will not work anymore

    • that's a blatant lie or worse self delusional…the only reason why we quebecois are not warm to try again is the economy stupid !

      but it remains that the vast majority of French in Quebec hates the idea of living in monarchic Canada, period!

      • You will never separate, blackmailers, and never seriously planned.

  7. My opinion as a Quebecer, we don't need seperation, we need a true Canada-wide republican party who's agenda is a declaration of independance from the UK and the creation of a Canadian republic with a genuine bilingual constitution. That my friends would appeal to a very large proportion of Quebecers and would probably cause the end of the Bloc.

    And for the bilingualism issue in places like the prairies, it would be MUCH better to create smaller, specialized french offices proportional to the size of the local francophone communities that could offer QUALITY services rather than impozing bilingualism as a requirment for all government employees, this seems very obvious and much more effective to me…

    • Hey Sebastien… your ideas about bilingual services sound fairly reasonable to me.
      Canadians might warm up to bilingualism if Quebec did too…. you know what I mean…for example giving choice to
      parents to send children to Englidh schools instead of making it next to impossible…
      Also… a little bilingualness on road signs too…. we have bilingual road signs just about everywhere in this country
      except Quebec…. pourquoi ???

      • Every thing in Quebec is know offert in english, which is no in Canada.

        When I see all the comment, I know why Quebec want to protect his self from those racists geeks.

    • Sebastien: Here's a history lesson: Canada became a country in 1867, completely and utterly independant in 1931 with the passing of the Statute of Westminster, and with no attachment whatsoever to the British Parliament in 1982 with the patriation of the British North America Act, signed by the Queen OF CANADA (Elizabeth II was proclaimed as such by the Parliament OF CANADA in 1952). We don't need any constitutional change. We need people in Quebec to accept the fact that they are a part of this great country – and to behave like responsible citizens – not spoiled brats who always want more and more. Apprenez a parler anglais!!! PS: Your spelling is atrocious!!

      • Why dont you try retyping your entire post in french without a dictionary or online translator, we'll see if YOU have good spelling in another language. I don't agree at all with you, Canada is a loose federation with a botched constitution. It has a cumbersome bureucracy filled with people more concerned about protecting their own positions than making the country move foward. It is completely impossible for most Quebecers to feel any kind of patriotism for Canada with those conditions. It is pointless to bury your head in the sand. Sweeping constitutional changes are long overdue, either involving a Canadian republic, or Duceppe's option, a Québec republic. It will happen sooner or later whether snooby royalists like you like it or not.

        • Je suis sur que vous avez compris tout ce que j'ai deja ecrit en anglais. Ca suffit.

    • "it would be MUCH better to create smaller, specialized french offices proportional to the size of the local francophone communities that could offer QUALITY services rather than impozing bilingualism as a requirment for all government employees,"

      That's pretty much the way it works now.

      • I can attest to that but it has been a long time comming. Too many Canuck bashers who still cling to the old colonial flag. They are dieing off….

    • Great idea and when we form the declaration of independance insert the word " INDEVISIBLE" which would have solved a lot of problems had it been included in our original constitution

      • You could insert "indivisible" IF the Native people agree. Bonne chance to that….

    • Sebastien, maybe you should travel a bit. The Canada you want is pretty much the one we have. We've been fully independent from the UK for nearly a century, our Constitution is perfectly bilingual, and the official language requirements of public servants is pretty much reflects what you suggest – bilingual where necessary, and less so where not. Bilingualism is not a requirement for government employees, but it is usually required for senior positions in the capital, and for service positions in centres that warrant it (e.g. Sudbury, Moncton, Winnipeg, etc.)

      • "Bilingualism is not a requirement for government employees, but it is usually required for senior positions in the capital."

        This is such a blatant lie, and you are a liar, Richard. English essential positions are rarity in the capital. Almost all advertised positions are bilingual imperative.

    • I really think the relationship has been poisoned by politics and the solution is not more politics. Last year I spent some time in France and this inspired me to learn the French language and I am now planning to take classes. My reaction puzzled me at first however it is very clear that the constant ramping up of regional cultural tensions has in fact made it more difficult for Quebec and the ROC. Less govt more cultural exchange is my choice. I agree with some of your thoughts on a reformed republican Canada although there are old interests which would not. I am sad that I had to leave Canada to develop an interest in French and Quebec.

      • Is not Quebec in Canada? You should have gone to Quebec instead of France if you are so patriotic. But then, I guess, you would not get so enamoured with French language if you have experienced it first hand as anglophone in Quebec.

  8. as a francophone living in bc i can honestly say that we are far more hated than anybody else, but nobody has shot at me, i've had the tv shut off if i were to choose voltaire's language, people have asked me to leave if i spoke french on their phone
    there is a constant antagonism in the media, such as this article, to perpetuate the hate and distrust, the same mental midgets always seem to pop up and shout how québec did them wrong, all in english by the way
    forced bilingualism was a mistake, it's useless here on the coast and after thirty years and three daughters, i have rarely used my language, but my choice was to live in this gorgeous anglo province, they did not invite me and like any guest you should learn the customs before you marry the daughter and i'm glad i did

    • Have you ever travelled to the U.S ? French aren't very welcome there either.

      • If ignorance is bliss, then you would be the happiest person here.

    • Forced bilingualism was a mistake, but they are still forcing it with even more vigor, now armed with the 2005 OLA amendment that calls for segregation of francophones in the ROC. And you expect love???

      • What are you talking about? Come back to this planet!

        • I am on this planet. Where are you? On Mars?

          Building physical INFRASTRUCTURE of social institutions with services exclusive to francophones and services DENIED to Anglos calls SEGREGATION. In Ontario, this questionable in modern society practice is in full swing: French-only not only schools, but even school buses, hospitals, medical clinics, senior centres, arts centres, community centres. In Ottawa, francophones are planning their own sports complex and sports teams. According to the Ministry of Truth, “inclusiveness” means segregation.

          Ontario is building a parallel bureaucracy that is already taking its toll on the province's finances. Constantly raising taxes do not ease financial burden of running the province in 2 languages. It's simply TOO EXPENSIVE. Ontario is currently in $25 BILLION deficit hole, a part of which is doubling/tripling funding to everything French in the past five years.

  9. prescott is pretty good at english.

  10. gilles doucheppe is awesome

    • Yes "gilles doucheppe is awesome, Idiot, but a good one !"

  11. Line Duceppe and all his cronies against a brick wall! Put an end to them and to their nonsense! The only reason they still exist as a French "society" is due to the generosity of the British Crown – the very Crown they so disrespect. The Quebec Act of 1774 granted the colonists in Quebec the right to keep their language, religion, and civil law. Would that George III not had been so generous!

    • I think you should read that part of history in its entirety, and not from a western canadian history book either. I suggest a british history source perhaps which is much more accurate. The justified fear of having the "Canadiens" join forces with the american forces to chase all the "brittons" out of Canada was the reason behind that generous offer. Of course the orangemen had lots to do with the way history is tought in english canada, so very few english canadian history books actually tell the complete truth. However, I agree with you that the King should have played the hard line with Canadians, in which case you would now be reading this from the UK where you belong! – Ignorance is bliss… sorry to burst your bubble.

      • I was not about to use this forum to discuss at great length the fine points of The Quebec Act . I am well aware that there is much more to this than what I stated in my reply. Rest assured that I am not at all ignorant of Canadian history. You, "Truth Seeker", however seem to be offended by the truth. Your ignorant separatist biases clouding your thinking? It is you who should examine historical facts more carefully – and while you're learning them, perhaps you could also learn how to spell and write English sentences correctly.

        • Attacking the fact that english is not my mother tongue as I am fluently tri-lingual only underlines the weakness of your argument or lack thereof. What will be your next reply? Name calling?

          • We're done here! J'en ai assez! Trouve ton texte d'histoire du Canada et etudie fort, mon petit.

          • Je vois que erwin aime bien écrire en français. Je désire vous répondre, cher, que le Quebec Act stipulait que les colons québécois pouvaient conserver leur religion et non leur langue. Ce fut le gouverneur anglais de cette colonie qui refusa d'appliquer la loi car il avait peur d'un soulèvement populaire. La couronne n'a jamais été généreuse.

        • Erwin seems oblivious that almost 20% of Canadians have neither English nor French as their mother tongue. Or perhaps, he thinks that only "old stock" or "pur laine' Canadians have the right to participate in discussions on the state of affairs of their adopted country.

  12. What is with the media stirring up inter-ethnic/linguistic tensions in the last while?

    Are you guys bored? Angry that the rest of us won't pay for your tacky rags and useless twaddle anymore?

    • Don't blame the media. It's Duceppe's fault. Most of all, it's the feds' fault for continuing propping up the discredited bilingualism policy.

  13. We need Quebec. We don't need bigotry, the Bloc, the PQ, Duceppe (or anyone who, in most countries, would be branded a traitor), forced non-proportional bilingualism, the Quebec language police, bigotry (I know it's there twice – we have a lot of it) or people who rant senselessly about a francophone's spelling (do as well in French, there, erwin). One Canada for all Canadians regardless of language. And the Monarchy is ceremonial. It has NO power regardless of the fact that the Queen is the Queen of Canada. It's ceremonial. And it's meaningless, so let's all get over it..

    • We don't need all of this, but it is there, and Quebec is at the heart of the problem.

    • We need Quebec like a hole in the head. The majority are fascists and our country of Canada would be far better off without them. Come on down Gilles. I wish you the best success with your quest.

      • The majority are fascists…wow…that's not exaggerated, disrespectful, and bigoted at all. Seriously, I can bet you have never been to the Belle Province and you know nothing popular political ideologies. It's because of people like you that there is so much tension between Quebec and the RoC.

        • Good answers GavinRB and Daniel!
          Those who truly love this country, love it from sea…to sea…to sea, inclusively, with Quebec as an integral, and beautiful, part of the whole! Quebec's culture is undeniably distinct (especially obvious to anyone who has visited La Belle Province) and the French-Canadian culture is something I consider to be a treasure within our nation. Look at Louisiana in the USA: Do we see morons deriding Louisiana's French character, there? No. For God's sake, our French brothers (and the Northwest Company) did alot more to explore and open up this country than the British (who at the time, seemed happy enough to just hunker down in Winnipeg).
          'Col0320' and 'anon', etc. are french-hating malcontents that would always find something to mindlessly complain about, if Quebec were gone. We're much better off together, solving our differences, rather than running away from them! Too bad Duceppe cannot see the big picture: That Quebec is a unique part of something larger, something much-respected in the world community…just the way we are!
          I prefer to embrace the fact that our nation (the best in the world, IMHO) was the child of two of the greatest nations on the planet; former enemies who now model peaceful coexistence and cooperation as an example to the rest of the world. I wish short-sighted fools would stop decrying the Anglo-Franco differences and start seeing what we share in common…that we are all blessed to share this wonderful land, together, as Canadians. So far as I'm concerned, the complainers ought to honour our nation as it stands, ensemble, or they can do us all a favour and move elsewhere!

          • “I wish short-sighted fools would stop decrying the Anglo-Franco differences and start seeing what we share in common”.

            Is not it our Parliament adopted a resolution in 1996, I believe, recognizing Quebec's “distinctiveness”? Thus, decrying our differences. I agree it was coward and foolish. They succumbed to Quebec bullying, as usual.

  14. patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel – Dr. Johnson

  15. I Remember Acte d`Union. Lord Durham, la pendaison des Patriotes , le Love-in 1995. Loyaliste became “canadiens“, Don Cherry , Stephen Harper . I will vote Yes anytime !

    • Je me souviens de ce qui me convient, eh?

    • Here's a link for you:
      "Journal historique des événemens arrivés à Saint Eustache, pendant la rébellion du comté du lac des Deux Montagnes depuis les soulèvemens commencés à la fin de novembre, jusqu'au moment oáu la tranquillité fut parfaitement rétablie"
      This is a very interesting document in the national archives, an eye-witness report of the so-called "patriotes" at Ste-Eustache. They were louts and drunkards with no military training, who danced and stuffed themselves on the season's harvests of the French Canadians after taking those poor farmers out of their beds at gun-point in the night and forcing them to march together to make it "appear" the French were in revolution. Today, they are the logo of the FLQ, and how appropriate! And they have a feast day to celebrate them, but that is historical revisionism, making heros out of thieves and bums who manipulated and exploited their own people.

      As for Lord Durham, you can always find SOMETHING wrong in every history if you choose to look only at that. You don't remember that they hanged the ENGLISH "patriots" as well in Upper Canada at the same time?

      Do you think that every country at that time didn't execute those who used force against constituted government? Or, were only the French Canadians the sole victims of this practise? Moreover, do you not remember LAROCHELLE and the French King who militarily assaulted and murdered an entire town of FRENCH citizens in France because they were Protestants? Do you think the French Kings were better? P.S. The French Norman William the Conqueror stole the English crown in 1066 and murdered countless English citizens to get it, and destroyed their villages, most of which didn't recover for decades. Have I got a beautiful country now, am I at peace with my fellow Canadians, or shall I declare war on France in vengeance for Hastings?

  16. As long as some a**hole in vancouver, calgary or toronto wants to decide how Quebec should speak, think, and stop protecting its unique culture there will be separatists. And I hate to tell you, but there is a new wave of separatists to come, even my three children (they are adults now), who speak english only, agree with Quebec’s separation because it appears to be the only long term solution to keep canadian rednecks from meddling in Quebec’s linguistic and cultural affairs! If Canada ever agreed that language and culture are an exclusive provincial jurisdiction (for all provinces of course), the Quebec movement for separation would be completely obsolete. There would be no reason left not to sign the constitution. This is not a novel idea, it comes right out of the Reform party’s “green book” published in the 90’s.

    • Yes, Preston Manning was a genius! He could have been the greatest prime minister ever.

    • And, precisely, what have people in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto been telling Quebec? Where is this 'culture destruction"?

      Perhaps there will always be separatists in Quebec because there will always be people with a 'victim mentality'.

  17. It goes a little deeper than a "victim mentality.

    What the people of Quebec are asking for, when considering their "distinct culture" is that such culture should be increasingly acknowledged by othrs outside of Quebec.

    Quebec's distinct culture can only flourish by the people living within that province, but because keeping their own culture alive takes a lot of hard work and effort, and since their inherent culture is dwindling in prominance wtihin, they are asking for Canadians living outside of the province of Quebec to prop up the importance of the Quebec distinct culture from without. Quebeckers may believe that by being recognised as a distinct culture from the ROC, that will compensate for the loss of inherent culture within.

    Canadians outside of Quebec shouldn't be taken in by such soul-less searching of idenity. Quebec's identity must come from within, and as a province they have more than enough tools at their disposal for keeping their culture alive and well. All else is used as an excuse to not having to face a dwindling cultural sense of self within.

    • 1) You don't have a distinct culture; the only distinct is your language. Language does not define culture.
      2) Keep your distinct culture, if you insist you have one, by yourself like any other ethnic group in Canada does.
      3) To prop up Quebec "importance" in Canada and "compensate" for the loss of its culture? Are you serious??? (We know full well that Quebec has only one definition of the word "compensate").
      4) Why should we acknowledge your culture/language if you have erased our culture/language in Quebec and literary hate everything English?
      5) We don't care what Quebec wants. Quebec is selfish and wants too much from Canada – to be a dominant force. It is NOT acceptable.
      6) GO AWAY.

  18. I think the best solution would be a european style government, which would take care of currency, military and borders at the federal level, while other departments would be transfered to the provincial level. Quebec wants full control over its language and culture, give it to them. This also means that each province has control over their language and culture. I would also throw in the package deal NO MORE TRANSFER PAYMENTS!

    • Quebec already has control over its language and culture. Why are so many people in Canada spouting false information when it comes to Quebec and its "destination"?

      Only Quebeckers are in charge of their culture. Because they cannot hold it together on their own, does not mean we need to uphold their culture for them. That would be absurd.

      If Quebeckers really are concerned about the loss of their culture, they should do something about it themselves by the tools they have within provincial jurisdictions. Let me warn Quebeckers, that if they would be an independent country within a North American english culture, they would need to work twice or perhaps triple as hard to keep their culture alive and well. Since Quebeckers aren't willing to keep their culture alive and well now under these sorts of circumstances, how in the world are they going to keep their culture alive under more difficult circumstances.
      Let's ask Quebeckers some relevant questions, instead of stepping around the issue time and again!

      • here is one of the problems: bill 104 permitting new immigrants to send their children to an english public highschool if they were sent to a private elementary school. 70 % of new immigrants in the province adopt the english language rather than french (they mostly choose Montreal) they get around Quebec language laws and send their children to get an english education. What is also stunning is that they do not need to learn french because most Montrealers who are francophone also speak the english language.

  19. Wow I'm glad don't we live in a country where you have any control. The idea that we can actually have a nation where Quebec exists and dont their leader is a separatist is a testament to the world in acceptance and even temperament. Your spitfire rhetoric is disgusting and if you think anything a middle eastern country does is something we should model ourselves after, well then I would suggest you go move to the middle east and continue to try to oppress anyone whom you disagree with.

    Open your eyes and stop your ignorant bigoted behavior.

  20. Quebec is what makes Canada who we are. The marriage of our two founding cultures is imperative to keep us 'distinct' from the rest of the rabble out there. New immigrants need to embrace the Canadian heritage of French and English if they want to settle here as well.
    Mr. Duceptte is hold out an olive branch with a memo pad on it.
    Maybe it's time to find our common ground and come to the Canadian solution…..compromise……then get on with it.
    Too bad Mr D wasn't a federalist………….he would make a good PM.

    • Your post is full of drivel. None of what you state makes any sense. Marriage of two founding cultures is bunk if one culture (the French Quebec one) cannot pull its own culture. Where is this distinct culture to be found? Tell me what the Quebeckers are doing to keep their culture alive? Placing their kids in daycare for $7 @ day? Does that keep their distinct cultre alive?

      I was a newcomer to this country once, and let me tell you: I found then as I do find now, that Quebec's loss of culture is by its own doing and if the ROC does not watch out, its potential will be lost because of Quebec's stanglehold on our collective understanding of country.

  21. Joe, are you insane? ("Quebec is what makes Canada who we are"). It is this ARROGANCE that turns Canadians off.

    If Quebecois people (not its ruling elite that is out of touch with its people) want continue staying in Canada, the rules must change – to make bilingualism TERRITORIAL (French in Quebec – already; and English in English provinces).

    You keep your French identity, we keep our English identity.

    I must add that Anglo ruling elite is out of touch with its people in English Canada too. Official Languages Act (affirmative action for francophones) that applies only to English Canada drives Canadians nuts. Official bilingualism is a tool for transfer of power from anglophones (96%) to francophiones (4%) in English Canada. It is UNACCEPTABLE!

    • And crush those pestky Acadians and Franco-Manitobains right?

      • Why is it OK to "crush" Germans, Ukrainians, Irish, etc. that are the biggest minority communities in some provinces? Perhaps, some provinces would provide French services where numbers warrant following Quebec's best practices (50% of the local population). What is good for the goose is good for the gander, n'est ce pas?

        • I think the Americans will get the last word as they have Canada under their boot !!! do you think that you can make a difference with a pop of 32 millions…the 21st century will be defined by countries with no less than a 1/2 billion this minimum is required to join the world poker table AND obviously you don't make the numbers SEE'YA

  22. It is cowardly on Macleans part to not dare to speak of Canada's fundamental problem, namely that:

    Canada's potential (nationally and internationally) is severely hampered by Quebec's ongoing insistence to keep its culture alive from without.

    Any political happenings within this country are seized by Quebec's demand to be propped artificially.

    Untill we address this fundamental problem facing Canadians, nothing will change. Nothing!

  23. I think you are a moron, the premium grade, those whom can not distinguish their a**hole from a hole in the ground…

    what is now Canada, if not a sub culture, a local version of the show case, canadafornication or diners, drive-Ins and dives…dude, you are already extinct !!!

  24. What I would like to know is, why is a separatist allowed to be an MP and allowed to sit in parliament?
    If he was south of the border he would be in prison.

    • I don't know about being in prison over it,

      but you raise a very important question, and I think this question should be raised by the MSM. And it should be answered by them as well. You give it any chances of that happening?

      • Er, there's a short answer that's both obvious and reasonable: he was elected.

        • "he was elected" Yes, that part is obvious.

          But reasonable it is most certainly not!

    • read todays Nat Post " ON TREASON" by some guy named Cooper

    • We should ask a broader question: why was a provincial (and separatist) Party allowed to sit in the House of Commons?

  25. The only thing that surprises me about this article is that canadian suport for separation from Quebec is so low. 90% of the comments are angry on here so why bother fighting it. We are different people. We have different histories, different cultures, different values and different languages. For both our sakes, let canada be canada and Quebec be Quebec.
    I like Quebec, but in the same way I like the U.K. Japan or the U.S.A. Great place to visit but it's not my home.

  26. There are many reasons English Canadians should fight against Quebec separatism:
    1. At the international stage, Canada gets a modicum of representation as a result of the size of our economy – most importantly we are a member of the G-7. Without Quebec we (and Quebec) would lose a great deal of international leverage.

    2. Secession would be horrible for Anglo minorities in Quebec. They benefit from living in a country that recognizes English as a national language. Not to mention allophones that are also protected by some of the collectivist tendencies of Quebec.

    3. While Quebec gets more than its fair share of public money, the same could be said of the Maritimes or the north. However that money is peanuts compared to the advantages of economic integration between Quebec and the ROC, as well as the economies of scale afforded by having a large national economy. Could "sovereignty-association" maintain the flow of goods as well as national unity? Surely the answer is no. Free trade requires more than the absence of protectionism, it also requires policy coordination across borders. For instance, the US was able to pass their "buy America" act despite NAFTA. We have tangible evidence of this in the movement of corporate HQ's from Montreal to Toronto, merely at the risk of secession.

    • Of course, separation for the province of Quebec would provide them with a negative outcome. But what irks me is the fact that by staying within Canada, Quebec sees this need for a continuous stranglehold onto Canadian politics. Nothing of significance can be accomplished in this country because no matter how you slice it, the Quebec voice will always want to stand in the way of trying to accomplish something big for Canada.

      And I think that particular attitude must be stopped once and for all. Why for decades, are we merely mulling over the surface regarding this topic of Quebec versus Canada? Why can't we deal with some fundamentals here instead?

      • Call Quebec's bluff as Ignatieff suggested when he was in Harward. Now, of course, he playing a different tunes as Harper does. It boils down to a very simple matter: votes. Hopefully, with additional 30 seats for Ontario, Alberta and BC Quebec would soon be weakened soon. Quebec is a pain in the neck. They have to decide if they stay or go so that Canada moves on.

        • Yes, it boils down to votes, exactly.

          But I wonder why the voter is taken in so readily for instance when Harper makes some suggestions as to rectify some of the imbalance (for instance by doing away with party subsidies, thereby eliminating the BQ subsidies) and all he gets is a slap in the face from the opposition parties, the media and the academics alike.

          What does it take in this country to be open about some pretty basic imbalances existing? You really think Harper will try and do anything of significance regarding this Quebec/Canadian imbalance, if all he gets is severe criticism for his actions? Who would want to go into a defeat by doing that: trying to rectify an imbalance but getting turfed out of office for doing it!

          • Eliminating parties subsidies was wrong, very partisan ( and I am a Conservative voter, so far). Harper was rightly criticised for that as well as for arts cuts. It was small and petty in arts cuts, and it's wrong to allow big business to buy its influence by eliminating parties subsidies.

            You are right, nobody now thinks that Harper "will try and do anything of significance regarding this Quebec/Canadian imbalance". In fact, he has made the "asymmetry" grotesque with obscene equalisation bribes in hope of buying Quebecois votes. All in vain.

            Why are worried about the Opposition howls? It's Canadians who elect the government, not the Opposition.

  27. I think Duceppe has it all backwards. I don't know if it's just English Canada that's not engaging in the debate, it's also Francophone Quebecers that aren't engaging in that debate. This whole separation thing is very tiresome. People are more concerned about the economy and healthcare these days. Make your cross country tour about THAT, Mssr D!

    The only thing this tour will accomplish is bring out the hot heads on every side and stir up a fight. But I suppose that's probably the whole point of the exercise.

  28. It's topics like these that show the true colour of Canadians.
    Now this is the kind of topic where Steyn could make a valid argument about "canadian brand tolerance being two-faced"

  29. Q: what has Quebec contributed to Canada in return for billions and billions in transfer payments.

    A: Celine Dion

  30. Being one of those Quebecers, I knew there were some bigots in my local tribe. But I did not know there was worst in our civilised country. Forums like this one should serve another purpose than to ventilate old anti-Quebec/anti-Canada burned clichés. One word, pitty.

    Our cultural conundrum resides in one particular problem: We unfortunately still have in Canada many people who can’t accept that people can have multiple identities other than theirs. (ex.: PQ hardliners who see the English as evil. Rednecks arguing that French is a dead and useless anyway.). I have many identities myself, Québécois, Canadian, francophone, North American, Laurentian, Montrealer, Nordique!

    I still have hope though because Canada is still a young nation and as long as its provides me the opportunity to live my multiple identities I’d be happy!

  31. Yea, Chris, it always comes to this from “enlightened” francophones: we have some bigots in our tribe for sure, but, oh boy, Anglos are much much worse.

    Why are we worse? For resisting unfair bilingualism policy that applies only to English Canada? We want to be masters in our own house, too. Instead of belittling Anglos for the same desire, let's work together to solve this cultural conundrum. Perhaps, we already know the solution: TERRITORIAL BILINGUALISM. You go to Quebec and you enjoy your Quebecois identity. In English Canada, enjoy being Anglo. In New Brunswick, be both. Go to NWT and you are Nordic! Is not it wonderful?

  32. Je serais fier d'être canadien si vous mettiez autant d'énergie à comprendre "what Québec wants"
    mais je dois me résoudre à cette phrase de Winston Churchill cité par Bernard Landry : "Their is no gift between nations".

  33. There are always “useful idiots” who jump over themselves to please somebody even at their own expense.

    Laurendeau (editor of Le Devoir and later appointed head of the B&B Commission) only wanted increased participation of francophones in federal government. However, in 1963, when Liberals came to power, Prime Minister Pearson proposed terms of reference for the royal commission which were much wider than those suggested by Laurendeau.

    "The terms of reference were deceptive…The Commissioners felt they had been called upon to REFASHION the state, and not just its framework but its FOUNDATIONS“, John T. Saywell, historian.

    According to Patricia Smart (distinguished research professor of French at Carleton University) Lester Pearson's motives were political:
    "Then in opposition, the Liberals seized on the idea, partly as a means of recapturing the Quebec vote lost to Diefenbaker in 1957…”.

    I have updated my Blog, LIAR! LIAR! with a NEWS FILE on DUCEPPE's 2010 CANADA TOUR. Duceppe's current efforts to dismantle Canada by seditiously urging provinces other than Quebec to "secede" proves what I said 2 years ago in my video WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING — the whole point of the treasonous Clarity Act is to dismantle ALL of Canada, not just take Quebec out — and the hidden purpose is North American Union.

  35. What Canada what to Quebec, that is the real question ? Nuke us ?

    I just see a bunch of racist comment againt people of Quebec ?

    What is you solution to this problem ?

  36. Le Québec a besoin de se séparer. Le Québec a besoin de beaucoup plus et le Canada pense déja qu'ils en offrent trop pour eux. moi je veux garder la langue française en vie et si on reste dans le systeme fédéral, on ne pourra pas la protéger. Vive le Québec libre!