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Gordon Campbell, fiscal genius?

Campbell has been crowned the country’s most fiscally responsible premier by the Fraser Institute

Gordon Campbell, fiscal genius?

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Lately, it seems like Gordon Campbell is the kind of premier only economists could love. Despite an embarrassing nine per cent approval rating among British Columbians—many of whom are annoyed about having to pay the HST, not to mention their leader’s recent $240,000 TV promo funded by taxpayers—Campbell has been crowned the country’s most fiscally responsible premier by the Fraser Institute.

In a recent report, the Canadian think tank ranked 10 premiers on how they’ve handled government spending, taxes, debt and deficits since coming into power. Campbell bested the other provincial leaders with an overall score of 89.1 out of 100. Newfoundland’s Danny Williams, who finished third, is the only premier east of Manitoba to crack the top five. Meanwhile, Ontario’s Dalton McGuinty ranked last with a paltry 29.7 points out of 100.

Since taking office in 2001, Campbell has run a “tight fiscal ship,” according to the report: mostly holding the line on government spending, cutting personal and corporate income taxes, generally reducing debt, and avoiding deficits most years. But for every prudent move by Campbell, an opposite one has been made by McGuinty, says Charles Lammam, a senior policy analyst and co-author of the report. In Ontario, government spending has outpaced economic growth; personal and business income taxes have ballooned; and the provincial deficit and debt load are ever-expanding.

Of course, says Lammam, even the top premiers have room to improve. For Campbell that means cutting the provincial deficit that he has run up over the last few years, decreasing debt, and making tax rates even more competitive. “Campbell ranked first,” says Lammam, “but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect.” Just ask voters.


Gordon Campbell, fiscal genius?

  1. Is this article about the same report that was released like two weeks ago? Very timely Cathy Gulli.

  2. The paper is obnoxious and irrelevant to most Canadians, no wonder it is going downhill.
    Are you surprised your going broke?

  3. This article is a joke…right?

  4. The source of the report bears noting to those outside of British Columbia who may not be familiar with it, that the Fraser Institute's mandate is to promote free market ideals and oppose public policy that includes spending, taxes, deficits or regulation. They've denied that Global Warming is a concern for democratic governments, and promote privatization of health-care, and education. They are, in a few words, a Right Wing Think Tank, and it should come as no surprise that they love Gordon Campbell. Based on the latest polls, about 9% of British Columbians agree with them.

  5. Campbell is not a fiscal genius. He is a fiscal thief, liar,deceiver, is corrupt, a convicted criminal. He is full of, hate, spite, malice, and is too vindictive to just quit. Campbell may have resigned, however, he isn't going anywhere. Did people miss what he said? He said, he was going to be around for some months. He also said, he was going to continue his work. Campbell's dirty work is up and fully running. And, that is what his evil BC Liberal party, is based upon. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. The BC Liberals, are the worst politicians, in the history of this country. Read, Campbell' s corrupt sale of the BCR. Laila Yuile's sea to sky highway scam. The water war crimes. Read Rafe Mair, regarding, the pollution plans for BC. Campbell thieved this province blind, selling the citizens assets and natural resources, to fill his wallet, and his business buddies wallets as well. Read about, the absolute mess he made of our hydro. Everything, Campbell and his evil party touches, is destroyed.

  6. BUT G.J.W., BCer's voted for him repeatedly or even worse, didn't show up to the polls.