Government to seek emergency stay of bail for Omar Khadr -

Government to seek emergency stay of bail for Omar Khadr

A spokesman for Public Safety Minster Steven Blaney confirmed the stay request in a statement late Sunday


EDMONTON – The federal government is planning to seek an emergency stay of an Alberta judge’s decision to grant former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr bail.

The application, expected to be heard Tuesday before the province’s Court of Appeal, would come just hours before another court hearing scheduled to decide on his release conditions.

“The Harper government is not interested in the rule of law,” Dennis Edney, one of Khadr’s lawyers, said in response.

“It refuses to listen to what the courts have said about Omar Khadr’s rights. It continues to spend millions of taxpayers dollars only to lose time and time again.”

A spokesman for Public Safety Minster Steven Blaney confirmed the stay request in a statement late Sunday, saying the government would fight against any attempt to lessen his sentence.

On April 24, Court of Queen’s Bench Justice June Ross decided that Khadr, 28, should be released while he appeals his conviction for war crimes in the United States.

Ross made it clear – and government lawyers didn’t object – that the Toronto-born Khadr has been a model prisoner who poses little risk to the public and should be allowed out.

The government had argued that Ross had no jurisdiction to make that call given that his return from Guantanamo Bay in September 2012 occurred under an international prisoner transfer treaty.

The government also said that granting him bail would undermine Canada’s international relations and obligations _ a position Ross rejected.

Ross had set a Tuesday afternoon hearing to decide on Khadr’s release conditions, which were expected to be relatively standard, but require him to live with Edney and his wife, Patricia.

Hours after Ross’s decision, the federal government, which has insisted on branding Khadr an unrepentant terrorist, said it would appeal her ruling.

However, more than a week passed without word on whether Ottawa would try to block his release pending its appeal.

Currently incarcerated as a minimum-security inmate in Bowden Institution near Innisfail, Alta., Khadr has spent almost 13 years in custody since American soldiers captured him as a badly wounded 15 year old in Afghanistan in July 2002.

Ross’s decision sparked joy among Khadr’s supporters, who view him as a child soldier or victim, and anger among his detractors, who see him as a hardened jihadist.

His lawyers said Khadr had been trying not to get his hopes up for freedom knowing the government’s intention to fight his release.

Khadr has said he only pleaded guilty to war crimes before a widely discredited U.S. military commission in 2010 to get out of Guantanamo Bay.

In her ruling, Ross said Khadr had strong grounds to appeal the conviction in light of other American civilian court decisions that have overturned guilty findings in similar circumstances.

However, Khadr’s lawyers said the American appeal process could be rendered moot even if he’s successful because it might not be concluded before he finishes serving the eight-year term the commission gave him.

“This is a circumstance where balancing a strong appeal and the public confidence in the administration of justice favour the same result,” Ross said in her decision.

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Government to seek emergency stay of bail for Omar Khadr

  1. The vigor shown by Harperites indicates they’ve run another taxpayer funded poll suggesting a not insignificant number of Canadians enjoy lynch mob justice. As for international treaty’s, if one exists covering this Harperite tar and feathering, it should be scrapped immediately…but then again, it is far more likely this ‘international treaty’, exists only in the minds of the propaganda team in the PMO and the kangaroo court that ran the damnable thing in the first place…home of the free and brave my aunt fannie.

    • International Treaty? We have a treaty to enforce an American law that was ruled unconstitutional in America?

  2. Emergency??? This is an emergency? Like the ’emergency’ that left a Canadian employee of AlJezeera in an Egyptian jail for a year? Or the Ontario chicken farmer in spent a year in a Lebanese prison? Or the passport-less Canadian who slept in the foyer of the Embassy in Khartoum for 3 years?

    Harpergovermint doesn’t ‘do’ most emergencies and Khadr is the wrong colour. The proof? After almost two weeks they’re starting to think about planning to appeal, and they’re ‘sure’ about Khadr.

    Let him out as the Judge ruled, that should accelerate the process.

  3. ‘The attainment of a just society is the cherished hope of civilized men.’

    Remember back when we were civilized?

    • Civilized? Hell, Canoduck was never even ‘civilised’. This country was built on murder & land speculation. Why stop now? Turn up the Jerry Lee Lewis, pass the porch-climber. Feels good to feel nothing. Fuckers.

  4. If omar is in fact the hardened criminal accused, does this not speak to the abject failure of the penal system, (at least on the rehabilitation front?) I mean really, cults can do the mind-bending business necessary in under 6 months. You pricks have had this guy for what 13 years? Motherfucker please! ..what you’re just now gonna fine tune the brainwashing? Really, what kind of assholes you must be, if a case of Stockholm Syndrome can’t even be induced? “Yeh, yeh I shot Kennedy, ..big deal., can I have my pudding now?, ..please mommy don,t be mad, … I shot Lincoln too”
    More likely is the fear that a terrorist has been created by virtue of atrocities done to an innocent man. Blame the fucking victim! ..assholes!
    ~Heavily armed tourists* enter a country illegally, massacre civilians, ..feel guilty about fucking-up a child, .. kidnap him, .. hold him hostage, .. treat him with sadism, .. why yes, I see clearly why he cannot be released, .. fuckers!!