Harper calls byelection for May 13 in Labrador riding vacated by Penashue


OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced a byelection will be held in the riding of Labrador on May 13.

The seat in Newfoundland and Labrador was vacated by former cabinet minister Peter Penashue last month, after he acknowledged his campaign received ineligible donations in the 2011 general election.

Penashue paid back $48,000 to the Receiver General of Canada, and blamed the problems on an inexperienced campaign volunteer.

Penashue is running for the seat again, with Harper’s full backing.

He will be competing against Liberal Yvonne Jones, a former member of the provincial legislature, and Harry Borlase of the NDP, a researcher and analyst on northern issues.

Penashue defeated the Liberals in 2011 by just 79 votes.


Harper calls byelection for May 13 in Labrador riding vacated by Penashue

  1. This should be a great opportunity to put young JT in his place. No doubt, shiny pony will be unable to resist “helping” Ms. Jones. SH can then fly in to back up the best MP Labrador has ever had!

    • Without another multi billion dollar infrastructure job creation program to announce the Innu leader won’t stand a chance. And it’s rather doubtful that there’s any money left to throw at the province now that the budget’s a done deal. But if they could only find a new oilfield somewhere in the Minister’s riding. I can see Peter out there with his cordless Black& Decker drilling just as fast as he can.

    • I’m hoping that’s sarcasm…

  2. this article forgot to mention that the only reason the race was so close was because of the liberal candidate running (who was very popular). that candidate is no longer running so the winner will be easily decided this time….

    • The current Liberal candidate is no lightweight either: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yvonne_Jones I note in particular this line: “She sought re-election in her district during the 2011 provincial election, and won 71 per cent of the popular vote.”
      Between her popularity and Penashue’s law-breaking ways, I think the CPC will be down a seat after the byelection.

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