Heckler disrupts Laureen Harper at fundraiser for homeless cats

Activist shouted out from crowd, demanding Ottawa take action on aboriginal women issue.


TORONTO – An activist heckled Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s wife Laureen about missing and murdered aboriginal women while she spoke at a Toronto film festival devoted to online cat videos.

Laureen Harper was introducing the “Just for Cats” Internet video festival Thursday night when activist Hailey King shouted out from the crowd and demanded Ottawa take action on the aboriginal women issue.

Harper initially continued her remarks before stopping and telling King that the night was solely about raising money for animals — earning applause from the crowd.

She then told King “that’s a great cause but that’s another night — tonight we’re here for homeless cats.”

Harper is a cat foster-mom and the feline-starring event was raising money for the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.

King says security forced her out of the theatre immediately after the interruption.

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Heckler disrupts Laureen Harper at fundraiser for homeless cats

  1. What an utterly classless fool to interrupt a speech because she thinks her cause is more important. Just for this, I think I’ll head over to their website and donate to Humane Society Ottawa. I usually do a few times per year anyway, but this one will fee especially good.

    • She’s not just an “activist”. She’s associated with that little twit Brigitte Lepage.

      Naturally, Canadian Press doesn’t think that’s newsworthy.

      • This actually reminded me of the braided pigtail girl. Not surprised at all.

        • Radicals like these misguided young lady do nothing for the progressive cause. Mrs.Harper was there because of her expertise with cats not to represent the policies of her husband; she does not need to speak for her husband nor do Mrs.Trudeau or Mrs.Mulcair.

      • When it comes to these two professional whiners. If Harper could walk on water they would want to get him arrested for trespassing . If he could feed hundreds with one fish they would want to eat vegan or if he gave sight to the blind they would complain about layoffs of support staff at the CNIB. There is no satisfying those who make a living of screaming loud yet have never one tangible thing in their lives.

  2. When they get turfed out of 24 Sussex, we could all go and heckle her at her fundraiser for homeless ex-Cons.

    • No doubt you will. Heckling and getting your name in the news seems to be about the highest level of achievement some of you are capable of attaining.

    • Why not heckle a few Liberals who haven’t pay their election expenses back yet first?

  3. Exactly what night is that cause for missing and murdered aboriginal women, Laureen? Oh yeah, that’s right….never.

    • Nor does she have to. She’s decided to help cats. That’s her right. She said what she did to defuse the little loudmouth boor who interrupted her, not to make some future commitment.

  4. All the important and needed things she could have done with her time in the spotlight and she wastes it on……cats.

    • Getting activists upset to the point they feel the need to interrupt a charity gala and make fools of themselves is never a waste of time.

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