Here are the provinces where people gobble-gobble the most turkey




Many Canadians are going to be gathered around the turkey this weekend. Based on annual spending data from Statistics Canada, it’s likely one of the few times a year Canadians actually spend money on the tryptophan-laden bird.

According to the Survey of Household Spending, Canadians spend an average of $30 a year on turkey—and a Thanksgiving bird likely accounts for a large portion of that amount.

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Compared to the money Canadians spend on other proteins, turkey is low on the priority list, falling far behind staples such as beef, chicken and pork. Canadians spend more on turkey, however, than they do on beans and tofu (and hence, their tofurkey).

When it comes to the provinces, it’s no surprise that Newfoundland and Labrador leads the pack with their turkey spending, likely thanks to the local boiled delicacy known as Jigg’s Dinner.

Here’s how the numbers break down:





Here are the provinces where people gobble-gobble the most turkey

  1. Yuck….still promoting the Pilgrim and native thingy I see

    Americans have a great turkey marketing board.

  2. Newfoundlanders may spend more, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they eat more. Prices for most foods tend to be higher in NL than in the other provinces and I know for a fact that turkey prices in particular are much higher there than in ON (having lived in both places) – so Jiggs dinner has nothing to do with it (thanks for playing up the stereotype; BTW, we don’t call it Jiggs dinner when served with another meat like turkey, anyway).

    You need to look at the number of pounds (kilograms) consumed if you want to know who eats the most turkey.