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High praise for the Barrie Advance


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High praise for the Barrie Advance

  1. My gawd….Barrie….Barrie??….has journalists!

    Real live journalists!!

    • Oh my god! Who knew we are an actual city of 180,000 and not some farmers field north of Toronto…

      • Well ….everybody actually. Visited there several times when I was in Borden

        • a small number of people in Barrie have this thing that the city is “growing” even though the population is declining. 160k and falling due to excess retail and minimum wage jobs and nothing else. As for the advance. It is great that they did this. really surprised me given how controlled the media is in this “city”/town.

          • Well I guess the question that needs to be asked is what would happen if Borden shut down

          • Ghost town

          • Council better get off it’s collective butt then…because govt can eliminate the base with the stroke of a pen.

          • Jane Blogs is a troll on Barrie’s local newspapers. The population of Barrie is not declining and a closure of Base Borden would have little effect on the city (considering the Base isn’t even within municipal borders).

          • Jane Blogs made an intelligent comment….unlike yours that assumes a future for Barrie without Borden money.

            Mines are never within a town border, but if the mine closes down….it’s the end of the line for a one-horse town

            You are already considered a bedroom town for Toronto

            Now learn what a troll is.

          • I should have known not to bother replying to someone with over 5000 comments to their name. Continue with your day job of being a snarky prick. All I did was stat fact so I’m done.

          • Not a fact troll, you just stated an opinion

          • Really? Lots of people have more comments than me.

            You just got proved wrong and you don’t like it. LOL

          • Thank you! As you have seen you met one of your trolls over at the examiner.

          • Actually YOU are a troll and now you are trolling here. You are NOT stating a fact. It is a FACT that Barrie’s population is on the decline. You are stating an opinion that is wrong.

          • He’s probaby a Con….they hate facts.

          • Agree! lol

          • Jeez, she made a friend.

  2. Media always have the option of getting information or not. Journalists usually protect their sources. Guess the Barrie paper won’t have many sources in the future. If Snowden called them about the NSA telephone and internet snooping and scooping they’d have called the FBI….

    The real story is that the Barrie paper failed to research a story in its own backyard, but preferred to navel gaze.

    • Pingston -you’re an idiot.

    • Gee whiz. You mean the PMO won’t be leaking any more of their taxpayer funded (through paying the employees of the PMO) stories to the Barrie Advance? I guess they won’t be getting any more revenue from the endless Economic Action Plan in their newspaper! But that might not help MP Conservative Patrick Brown get reelected….hmmmm…. this sure is a conundrum. Better get the PMO to come up with some lightening bolt of low cunning to punish the Advocate/Barrie ,and blame it on the Liberals. After all, that is what the PMO are paid for. Right?

      I think the lint is blurring your navel gazing Pingston.

    • Sources usually request anonymity before they dish, not after.

  3. What bothers me about this is how people like Coyne think this is a praiseworthy and ballsy thing to do. I would have thought this would be the normal behaviour of any responsible journalist / media outlet, and makes me wonder how much they know but fear saying…

    • After the Barrie Advance broke the story, several other newspapers said they had received the same information with the same caveat to lie about its source. i heard the PMO phoned the Advance later and threatened them with charges for breaking an agreement. Is that true? Only the Cons would take someone to court for exposing a crime and not see the irony!

      • Out of curiosity, what charges???

        Even if a reporter agrees that something is off the record, there’s nothing ILLEGAL about outing a source.

        And even if there were, a source needs to ask to be off the record BEFORE giving information to a reporter, not after. You can’t say “Here’s a bunch of info… oh, but don’t tell anyone I gave it to you”. You establish that you’re off the record FIRST, and THEN you give the info.

        As I saw a reporter characterize this move on Twitter the other day, “So in all, more good news for PMO; it has made itself look nasty, obsessed and incompetent. Like Machiavelli, without the intelligence”.

  4. The Conservatives have given some new meaning to digging up the dirt on your political opponents. And Justin time for the summer recess. What a coincidence.

  5. Harper is having a tough go of it lately, the PMO is clearly a mess. Perhaps of most interest is the possibility that the kids in the PMO are not willing to play nice and share with the kids hanging out in the Conservative Party War Room. In particular, why did Erica Meekes make the call, presumably under Mike White’s direction when all of this could have been handled by Jenni Bryne and her noxious crew? After all, they were the geniuses that flung the puffin poo, this is their area of expertise. Stephen Harper likes firewalls, why would he set up a firewall between the PMO and Conservative Party Headquarters.

    • And that is one interesting question.. Why indeed

  6. The Ottawa reporters and punditry are so full of themselves and incestuous by nature they are easily deceived and controlled. They don’t realize that reporters and editors with equal or more ability have chosen to spend their lives in small cities and towns.

    Sometimes this means a journalistic integrity issue is patently clear out in boonies, but utterly confounds the Ottawa insiders who have played along for so long they don’t understand anything else.

    It’s amazing that so called journalists would write a story straight from the PMO on an “off the record” basis and then have the gall to publish it as coming from “sources” as if they had dug it up ALL ON THEIR OWN.

  7. Imagine that the Barrie Advance were alighned with Sun Media and not the Toronto Star.
    Imagine that a public servant provided information to The Advance that would be embarrassing to the Conservatives and rather then writing this story about the Conservatives the Advance ignored the story and simply revealed the source of the information.
    Now imagine the ” High Praise for the Barrie Advance ”
    —-Not gonna happen, is it ?
    Why not-
    —same circumstances—-just changed the political leanings of the parties involved.
    Canadian media is becoming more and more irrelevant to Canadians. Their choice to discard objectivity make them useless.

    • “—same circumstances—-just changed the political leanings of the parties involved.”

      Uh, no. You replaced political hacks with a civil servant, and removed “the story” the details of which the Barrie Advance provided.

      It’s not really hard to do this. Let me help:

      Imagine that a Liberal PMO provided information to The Advance attacking the Conservatives and rather than simply writing exactly what the PMO told them to, they also revealed the source of the information.
      Now imagine the “High Praise for the Barrie Advance.”
      Not hard to imagine, is it?

      • Stay with me lenny.
        In my scenario the civil servant has as much loyalty to the Liberals as the politicos at the PMO have to the Conservatives, and both are paid in public funds though the civil servant has more job security and a much better pension plan.
        One could argue that the job description of neither individuals has nothing to do with providing leaks to the media, though the PMO would tend to be more political since the personnel there change when the government changes.
        The fact that the media are focussing on the source of the info instead of what the info reveals about the character of someone who would like to be PM tells us a lot about their lack of objectivity.
        The fact that you and little kcm choose to show your partisanship here tells us how you feel about information and democracy.

        • The fact that the media are focusing on the source of the info instead of what the info reveals is because it reveals far more interesting and unsavoury things about its source than its subject.

        • Y’all been caught with yer short pants down, fella. Whatever hypothetical you offer is pale before the facts. The adults have seemingly left the CommShop. And it shows.

          • Don`t be afraid of the truth, old boy.

          • Your partisanship does not allow you to see the flaws in a character that would take large amounts of money from charities that helped his own family.

          • So, charging Georgian College for services is indicative of character flaws? I’m pretty sure that their $170 million annual budget is spent paying salaries, goods and services. Are all those people they paid (including those that made the decision to hire Trudeau) “flawed” characters, or is it only Trudeau that should provide his services for free?

            And please, tell me the nature of my “partisanship”.

    • If the advance had gone along you’d be all over this . By being ballsy like this they do us all a favour by shining a bright light on how partisan an immoral the pmo has become; and how gutless the media is in general. This a good news story for people of any political persuasion who want to see higher standards from both the media and our politicians. And yet all you can do is whine they wouldn’t have given us the same break. Folks like you who can’t step aside from partisan considerations for even one minute are the problem.

    • The story they wanted and the story they got differed because the PMO was the source. This kind of activity is clearly outside the office’s mandate and indicates (yet again) how Harper and the CPC are incapable of distinguishing between party and government.
      Corruption and incompetence in the PMO or a speech Trudeau gave before he was even in politics… which one would YOU see as the bigger story? Scratch that – I know the one you’d pick, as you wouldn’t be able to set aside the partisan blinders; which one would most people of any political stripe see as the bigger story?

      • Never be afraid of the truth.

        • Seems the only one afraid of the truth areound here is you, Andy-boy.

  8. Way to go pmo. You’ve managed to take what might have been an uncomfortably hot spot light off of JT and shone it right where it belongs – up your butt. Some days I think there is a moral structure to the universe.