Canada’s most dangerous cities: Homicide -

Canada’s most dangerous cities: Homicide

Abbotsford, B.C., with almost three times the national rate, tops the list


From Canada’s most dangerous cities: 2010:

Canada’s national rate is 1.8 murders per 100,000 population. Abbotsford, B.C., with almost three times that rate, tops the list of the 100 most populous cities.

1 Abbotsford, B.C. 270.59%
2 Thunder Bay, Ont. 182.08
3 Medicine Hat, Alta. 159.96
4 Surrey, B.C. 154.43
5 Winnipeg, Man. 143.37
6 Brome-Missisquoi, Que. 132.31
7 Prince George, B.C. 121.24
8 Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, Que. 121.24
9 Grande Prairie, Alta. 110.18
10 Saguenay, Que. 88.06
11 Edmonton, Alta. 77.00
12 Kingston, Ont. 77.00
13 Sherwood Park, Alta. 77.00
14 Burnaby, B.C. 71.46
15 Halifax Region, N.S. 65.93
16 Langley Township, B.C. 60.40
17 Victoria, B.C. 60.40
18 Vancouver, B.C. 54.87
19 Sarnia, Ont. 49.34
20 Saskatoon, Sask. 49.34
21 Richmond, B.C. 43.81
22 Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 43.81
23 Kelowna, B.C. 38.27
24 Sudbury, Ont. 32.75
25 Toronto, Ont. 32.75
26 Trois-Rivières, Que. 27.22
27 Red Deer, Alta. 21.68
28 St-Eustache, Que. 21.68
29 Windsor, Ont. 21.68
30 Brantford, Ont. 16.15
31 Calgary, Alta. 16.15
32 Regina, Sask. 16.15
33 Belleville, Ont. 10.62
34 West Vancouver, B.C. 10.62
35 Moncton, N.B. 5.09
36 Fredericton, N.B. -0.44
37 Laval, Que. -0.44
38 Fort McMurray, Alta. -5.97
39 Peel Region (Mississauga/Brampton), Ont. -5.97
40 Coquitlam, B.C. -11.50
41 Joliette, Que. -11.50
42 Montréal, Que. -11.50
43 Hamilton, Ont. -17.03
44 Châteauguay, Que. -22.53
45 Chilliwack, B.C. -28.10
46 Maple Ridge, B.C. -28.10
47 Kamloops, B.C. -33.63
48 Peterborough, Ont. -33.63
49 Lethbridge, Alta. -39.16
50 N. Vancouver District, B.C. -39.16
51 Ottawa, Ont. -39.16
52 St. Catharines, Ont. -39.16
53 Cape Breton, N.S. -44.69
54 Drummondville, Que. -44.69
55 Durham Region (Oshawa/Whitby/Ajax), Ont. -44.69
56 Delta, B.C. -50.22
57 Gatineau, Que. -55.75
58 Guelph, Ont. -55.75
59 Kitchener, Ont. -55.75
60 London, Ont. -55.75
61 Longueuil, Que. -55.75
62 Terrebonne, Que. -55.75
63 Vaudreuil-Soulange, Que. -55.75
64 Barrie, Ont. -61.28
65 Sherbrooke, Que. -61.28
66 Québec, Que. -77.88
67 Oakville, Ont. -88.94
68 York Region (Markham/Vaughn), Ont. -88.94
69 Alma, Que. -100.00
70 Blainville, Que. -100.00
71 Caledon, Ont. -100.00
72 Chatham-Kent, Ont. -100.00
73 Cornwall, Ont. -100.00
74 Granby, Que. -100.00
75 Innisfil, Ont. -100.00
76 Lévis, Que. -100.00
77 Maskoutains, Que. -100.00
78 Mirabel, Que. -100.00
79 Nanaimo, B.C. -100.00
80 New Westminster, B.C. -100.00
81 Norfolk, Ont. (Opp) -100.00
82 North Bay, Ont. -100.00
North Vancouver, B.C.
84 Nottawasaga, Ont. -100.00
85 Port Coquitlam, B.C. -100.00
86 Repentigny, Que. -100.00
87 Richelieu Saint-Laurent, Que. -100.00
88 Rimouski, Que. -100.00
89 Roussillon, Que. -100.00
90 Saanich, B.C. -100.00
91 Saint John, N.B. -100.00
92 Saint-Jérôme, Que. -100.00
93 Shawinigan, Que. -100.00
94 Sorel-Tracy, Que. -100.00
95 St. Albert, Alta. -100.00
96 St. John’s, Nfld. -100.00
97 St.Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Que. -100.00
98 Thérèse-De-Blainville, Qc. -100.00
99 Victoriaville, Que. -100.00
100 Wellington County, Ont. -100.00


Canada’s most dangerous cities: Homicide

  1. No to make light of homicides, but that means the worst city has 4.9 murder per 100K. So that means you have a 0.005% chance to get murdered next year in "dangerous" Abbotsford. Across Canada out of 33,311,400 (2008) Canadians, this is 600 homicides.

    In comparison, there were 2425 fatalities due to car accidents (

    So maybe it would make sense to rank cities by how safe they are from a per-km commute instead?

  2. I completely agree Ricky.

    Also in Abbotsford majority of those murders (I'd even venture to say 85-90%) are gang-related. If one were to take a "less politically-correct" approach, I think you'd find very few of those murders to be people outside of the gang rings; and therefore much fewer blatantly innocent people murdered.

    • Right. Most murders in North America, Mexico included, are gang related. If we tackle the gang problem, ten a lot of the crime problem should be eliminated.

  3. It is a good thing the coalition saved the long gun Registry as it "saves lives"

  4. It's the criminals and gangs killing each other..and oh, gee, I don't think they have their weapons registered….just a guess!

    • oh yeah

    • I believe only one out of every 22 muders involve a firearm in canada, If i remember an article i rember correctly. 1 in 20 of those killed are done by a legally owned firearm. In other words the same average compares to = you are 400 times more likely to be killed by lightning then a legally owned firearm In Canada. __What i find intresting is a mother who snaps and kills her children she is considered ill, but a father who is in the same mind is looked upon as comitting homoside.

    • The shooters probably had expired Firearm Licences too; those Cons with their amnesty policy.

      Wait; the Cons do want people to have a valid firearm licence; of course keeping that policy alone will stop the criminals? Then again according to the anti registry crowd; long guns aren't used in any criminal activity.

    • I agree they probably the criminals don't have their guns registered and as well as guns and others out there like your drug dealers who sell the high end drugs like cocaine etc.. We need to get more strict in our justice system to clean up when it comes to the innocent by standers getting injured or killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and our justice department leading right up to the lawyers and judges to be more strict when sentencing these individuals. The way things are going especially in my city Toronto, Ontario need to get cleaned up, there are senseless killings everyday in my city!

      • Maybe if the police weren’t so busy falsely accusing and murdering every ethnic person they see, they could turn up for this

    • Maybe not, but if the weapon is your stolen firearm, and it was registered like it should have been, the police will know who it belongs to. They'll then not only be able to charge the gang member with possession of stolen property and perhaps other weapons offences, but in the end will be able to return the gun to you.

  5. These results are completely skewed and make no sense whatsoever. The city I live in, Medicine Hat AB is listed as the third highest for murder. Now my math is horrible but let's see if I can roughly figure this out. We are listed as having 159.96% compared to the national average of 1.8 murders per 100,000 people. That makes us at about 2.88 per 100,000 people. The official census for MEdicine Hat in 2009 was 61,000 people, once again using my horrible math skills this works out to about 2 murders in 2009 and yet we are listed as more dangerous than Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver etc which have a dozen or more murders per year?

    • Trevor is completely correct, we had NO murders in 2009. The information posted from the results are incorrect.

      • Right, because authorities are spontaneously reporting murders that never happened, just to make you look bad. It's probably a five year average.

        • Gonna have to agree this is probably an average, but still…Medicine hat is a very scary place.
          Driscoll in 2007, Richardsons triple homicide in 2006, attempted murder on Constable ( yeah a cop) Steier, by his wife.
          A recent 'Vital Signs" poll showed half the youth ( people who actually spend time on the streets) described many areas of Medicine Hat as 'Sketchy'

          • Trevor is right. Stu- where are you from?? Obviously Not here. There is No "Sketchy' areas in Mediciine Hat! I know it is hard to believe as all cities have one but we really Dont. I have lived in ever part of the city over the last 20 years and I would not be afraid to walk down Any street in Medicine Hat any time of day or nite! The Richardson murder was horrible but it obviously messed up our stats Bigtime, as there was 3 deaths at once!

          • I agree with bob, lived here 23 years and I can still fearlessly walk the streets at night. I am a female. And no I am not a ninja. I do not feel unsafe here in Med Hat! Any homicides that have occurred here aren’t random, nor gang related so I don’t see why we’re ranked 3 most dangerous.

    • Toronto has more than 2 million people! Of course there will be more. It's the rate PER CAPITA. If medicine Hat has two murders per 60,000 people, that's more than 30 murders per million per million. And you are worried about a dozen in Toronto?

      • True true  I,m from N.S. and now live in B.C. and I tell you it don,t matter if murder is gang related or not, someone was trying to justify the murder rate in some B.C. cities by useing this lame excuse .well I tell you one thing I fell safer in T.O. then any city in the west at 2 in the morning ,and another thing Burlington Ont. has  a pop. of like 300 thousand and I lived there for a few years ,there is almost no crime in that city of any kind and no murders ,I don,t know whats wrong in Halifax but I wouldn,t live there if you gave me a free house

        • There was one murder last year in Burlington , I’ve been living there for 12 years and I love it… even if it is really boring

    • I’ve never been to Medicine Hat but I lived in Hamilton. On my street in a 3 month period 3 people were murdered ALL classified by the police as “accidental death”….a man was beaten to death but they “didn’t mean to” kill him. A guy on a bike was murdered by a car. A guy was tossed off a balcony and they deemed it suicide. You can’t penalize police departments for choosing to be honest.


  7. Abbotsford is also the so called buckle of the biblebelt!

  8. the percentage of these cities has to do with how many live in there.

  9. I moved from Quebec to USA in 70 then to Mexico in 96. In the county where I live now we had 100 homicides +or- between oct.2008 to oct.2009. Population 40,000 . Official report; no more than a dozen
    murders. Lift up bodies or parts of bodies like one time three brains
    do not count in stastitics, Mac what ever would cry the blues going
    to bed here…
    Viva Mexico

  10. So far in 2010 Thunder Bay has has 4 homicides – an aboriginal woman killed an aboriginal male in one of the seediest hotels in town; 2 aboriginal females killed an aboriginal female; an aboriginal male killed an aboriginal male and, tragically 2 young teenage aboriginal females (14 and 15 years old) killed a 16 year old aboriginal female. Alcohol was involved in all of these killings. I suspect we have a bigger problem than our homicide rate in this city.

    • I know what you mean, i am an aboriginal, to many of our youth are all trying to be all "gangsta" its just stupid

    • I agree – Thunder Bay has bigger underlying problems than just the homicide rate. You wouldn't know if by the current mayor and some in city council who proclaim everything is going great here.

      Though most areas of Thunder Bay are safe there are some areas you should avoid – especially at night. I think Thunder Bay has been number one in previous years in homicide rates.

      • Thunder Bay is one of the safest cities around you can be in Port Arthur and walk around for hours at anytime of the night and the worst thing that would happen to you is that maybe you get into a fight for being an Idiot. And as for Fort William Perhaps you get a broken body part but no one there is out to kill anyone to busy playing hockey or fishing theirs not much else to do there. So as for Macleans putting us at the top its rather silly and for people to be concerned about roughly 1.7 murders per year is outrageous.

    • Tbay isnt bad; i live here
      and i know 3 people that were involved in these killings;
      but it isnt mean its all about tbay is bad'
      or that they were aborigional.
      P.A and Fort william… are just the same…
      but All of these deaths had all happend in Port Aurthur, none in Fort william.

  11. they sure are incorrect. VIctoria should be number one based on fear alone. I am so fearful walking around that city. It is a city just waiting to explode. You can see it in their eyes. Yikes It is one scary little city with beautiful scenery.

  12. Wow! 5 out of the top 9 are in British Columbia. Must because of all that dope that is smoked out there. Reefer madness!

  13. I refuse to believe that they went about this survey the right way. Although they only recorded statistics for cities, I can assure you they needed to widen their search. I am a northern resident living in Yellowknife in the NWT. Maclean's even states in another article that the three northen territories have the highest crime rates in Canada. There is no lie to that. Among other things Yellowknife has witnessed arson, assault, sexual assault, robbery, theft and murder in the past few years. Yellowknife, although not officially a city, has had at least 4 murders this year (2010) in a town of approximately 20000 people. Should city status really matter? Some of the most dangerous "cities" to live in in Canada are really not cities at all.

  14. but HOW?

  15. I live in Toronto, Ont., I hope this survey is correct because I thought that Toronto would be worst in the homicide department but I guess we are not, This makes me a happy because my children and my niece and nephews are growing up in a city that is not in the top ten dangerous cities. Plus when they have their children which I would hope that will be in the next 5 years 4 either my son or daughter or one of my nephews! I have my best friend having her first child by next summer, she is pregnant now and I and my significant other are very happy for her and her new man. I hope this survey holds true 4 over the next 10-15 years to be not that dangerous.

  16. I agree with this statement to a point, I believe that politicians that are running this country right are not doing any justice to our country and as regards to the other comment regarding the racist comment, I don't totally agree with because it is other individuals as well committing crimes other than politicians that are white committing crimes as well but this is my opinion that I am expressing with belief. As for the politicians I don't trust any of them that are either running for council except for a couple, some for taking over David Miller's position and no one for the prime minister or the premier's position, I think they just promised things but don't deliver when they get elected!

  17. This comment is not true because white people do criminal acts as well too, you can't just blame one group of individuals and it is people like you that are racist and blame other races or the immigrants who have enter Canada and I totally disagree firmly with this comment. I love all races and don't blame just one set of individuals for the crime in my city which is Toronto or my country which is Canada!

  18. I have lived in Thunder Bay my entire life and have never remembered a time where so many murders were committed in such a short time. I know that out of these four that the above poster mentioned 3 were committed all within the month of September. I have wondered why this is? What is the link to school being back in session? And yes, all were Native on Native crimes and all involved alcohol. I too agree that the city has not paid enough attention to this fact. Is it out of fear of being accused of making racist remarks? I find it more racist when they ignore this fact. It is all of our problem and it should be addressed. I too think it is the Gang mentality . My kids have been harassed and picked on by gangs of native kids, followed, spoken to in native language and laughed at when they couldn't understand. I get so terrified for my kids. They can't walk to a friends house a few blocks away without encountering this. The city has a responsibility to protect all of our children, even if it means from themselves.

  19. start looking at the geography and that will answer your questions.

  20. it all depends where you live in the city!!… where i lived in toronto there was 2 murders in 2 months, then i moved to another area and there was another 3 murders again in with in 2 months! kids killing kids!!! just watch out for the area you live…

  21. if we were provided with decent paying jobs the crime rate would be much lower but crime creates jobs for the high society who are responsible for bringing guns and drugs on to the streets and the poor man needs to eat and feed his kids too so the cycle of corruption and crime continues. Stop neglecting our native people, funny how you greet refugees with open arms and the natives are left segregated and helpless. But I guess it's the Canadian way this was once a great country but our police and gov't are corrupt I can hardly wait for a New World Order. It's coming people will not be fooled forever we must make a united stand or everyone will be doomed especially the poor

  22. Stop neglecting our native people? I agree that we provide a lot of support to foreigners, but what about everyone else? I receive no funding for schooling, no checks monthly that I don't work for, no free drug rehab or drinking programs, I don't get a free truck every couple years either or gas that's 1/3 the price. I'm not killing anyone, maybe we should start giving less support to aboriginals and then everyone can be on the same page!

    • I too agree with what you say. A friend of mine was telling me that her neighbour received a cheque from the government in the amount of 5000.00 dollars, the reason, the natives have a hydro electric damn on one of the reserves. Each member of that reserve living on or off the reserve each got a cheque in that amount. What burns me is the fact that my Hydro rates are going through the roof and they get nice big cheques. I find that outrageous!

  23. When the masculine power VS. the feminine power is not balanced in a community, this is going to happen anywhere in the world. look at the scope of business potential in Abbotsford– Masculine businesses are approx. 50% whereas the famine businesses which involved care and compassion, art and culture are only 0.9% –no one wants to give a thought about it–but digging hard to become money making machines and then spending on frustrated routs–what else do you expect out of it?

  24. No murder is a good murder. Let's just get that out right now. No one murder makes a person any safer.

    But… should Toronto (for example) be allowed more murders just because they're population is bigger than Medicine Hat? Does having 2 supposed murders in Medicine Hat in 2009 make our city any more dangerous than being in a place with 12 murders in a much larger populated city? I wouldn't say Medicine Hat is more dangerous than any other city by these stats and standards. "Trevor in the Hat" is right, the math just doesn't add up.

  25. In the authors' words, they say that “Abbotsford B.C. (has) almost three times (the murder) rate” (25.10.10, p.23). In the accompanying graph, they give the figure for Abbotsford as being “271% … above national rate”. It looks as if they have committed a schoolboy howler, albeit a sadly common one these days. A doubling is 100%; a tripling is 200%; a quadrupling is 300%; and so on. Is the rate almost three times (per the words) or almost four times (per the graph)?

  26. haha, Thunder bay. Wow I live my life in Thunder Bay, and I never thought it was be up there 2nd!. Woof, though I'm planing to move to Toronto next summer to pursue my career.

  27. Macleans is just not using the right numbers (comparison) to determine the most dangerous cities. 1.8 / 100,000 population? Therefore, if there is only 1 murder in Abbotsford, but because their population is less they get raised to #1 as opposed to let's say toronto who has 2.5 million people and let's speculate over thousands of homocide per year, they would still arrive after Abbotsford? Don't worry Abbotsford's people you are safe!

  28. $urRey Represent

  29. Thunder Bay is far from dangerous! There were 4 or 5 murders in TBay in 2010 and they were all Aborignal on Aboriginal murders. I'm no sure if they were ALL gang related, but most of them were.

  30. Hey How about Fort.McMurray and all the out of country people that are moving in from say I dunno Somalia and Killing eachother up there I would say Fort.Mac is scarily dangerous and getting more dangerous everyday (and yes Ive lived there my whole life when I first movved there there was 37,000 people living there that has nearly tripled in 15 years)

  31. why is fort mac dangerous, look into the drug trade up there its absolutely ridiculous ….I mean scary went to highschool there and out of the 2000 kids in my highschool i knew few who didnt have drug problems at the age of 16 or 17 heres a fun fact for those who havent been to fort mac there is 1 movie theatre there and 1 bowling alley and thousands of kids making top dollar working at burger king for 18/hr starting if you can imagine the lineups there (insane) the kids are finding other ways to occupy there time AKA DRUGS .

  32. sorry lineups ANYWHERE in fort mac (in the 1 mall, at timhortons, banks EVERYWHERE)

  33. % difference with the national average. What the H. does that mean???
    Just give the homicides per capita so people can understand the facts.
    Don’t try and confuse the issue.

  34. Why is the city of Windsor Ont. the 29th most dangerous city in Canada for homicides when there
    hasn’t been a recordable homicide in the city for 2 years.  Why does Windsor always get a bad rap in Canada and Ontario. In my opinion this survey is a crock…

  35. I don’t think Hamilton would be so far down the list if they prosecuted more murderers and other violent criminals.