Mohammad Shafia’s house rules

At the Shafias’, court hears, men were the law, women property and teen behaviour worthy of execution

House rules

Sean Kilpatrick/CP

On paper, Mohammad Shafia was the ideal immigrant, a wealthy, self-made businessman eager to inject his dollars into the Canadian economy. An Afghan who made his fortune in Dubai real estate, Shafia wasted little time setting up shop in his adopted country. In 2008, a year after arriving in Montreal, he purchased a $2-million strip mall in Laval—with a cash down payment of $1.6 million. He launched a company that imported and distributed clothing, household goods and construction material. And he chose the posh suburb of Brossard to build a sprawling mansion with plenty of room for all 10 members of his polygamous clan: himself, two wives and seven children.

The new house was still under construction on June 30, 2009, when three of the Shafia girls—Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13—were discovered at the bottom of the Rideau Canal, floating inside a sunken black Nissan that also contained the lifeless body of their “stepmother,” Shafia’s first wife, Rona Amir Mohammad. The four passengers appeared, at first glance, to be the victims of a late-night joyride gone horribly wrong. Within weeks, however, detectives in Kingston, Ont., offered a far more chilling version of events, laying first-degree-murder charges against a trio of suspects: Mohammad Shafia, the dead girls’ father; Tooba Yahya, their mother; and Hamed Shafia, their brother.

Today, more than two years later, the Shafia patriarch sleeps in a tiny cell with his eldest son. His wife—the one that’s still breathing—is locked in a separate prison. His mansion-to-be has been sold, his other surviving children (two girls and a boy) are under the watchful eye of social services, and his bank accounts have no doubt been decimated by mounting legal fees and lost profits. At the Kingston courthouse, where their murder trial is now underway, the accused threesome sits, ankles shackled, behind a thick plate of bulletproof glass. Outside, a police paddy wagon waits to escort them back to jail for the night.

For most people (especially Lexus drivers who can afford to pay cash for shopping malls), such indignities would be unbearable. But if prosecutors are correct, Mohammad Shafia is a man at peace. Despite everything he has lost—his three beautiful daughters, his first wife, freedom, hot suppers—he has supposedly salvaged the one thing that truly matters: his honour. As the 58-year-old declared during one intercepted conversation: “They messed up. There was no other way.”

No other way, prosecutors say, but to pile his “treacherous” daughters and infertile first wife into a car and, under the cover of midnight darkness, push it into the shallow waters of the Kingston Mills Locks.

The case raises troubling questions about a child protection system that has zero tolerance on bullying and sexual assualt but seems adrift when larger cultural issues are at play. The evidence put to the jury so far paints a damning portrait of life inside the Shafia world, where men were the law, women were property and typical teenage behaviour was a sin worthy of execution. According to the Crown, Shafia subscribed to an ancient unwritten (and very un-Canadian) honour code in which a family’s reputation hinges on the sexual purity of its females. Dad allegedly grew so enraged with his daughters’ Westernized disobedience—the revealing outfits, the cellphone photos of their boyfriends, the repeated visits from police and child welfare authorities—that mass murder became the only way to reverse the family’s “shame.”

Hamed, prosecutors say, was the obedient, curly-haired son who staked out potential crime scenes and tried, ever so clumsily, to cover up their tracks. (Days before his sisters drowned, someone using his laptop typed “where to commit a murder” into Google.) Tooba, wife number two, was an equally willing accomplice who, if the allegations are true, was with her men when the car-turned-coffin splashed into the locks, carrying three of the children that she once carried.

Rona Amir was 53 years old when divers pulled her corpse from the water. Three weeks later, investigators found her diary. In the very first entry, written in Dari, Rona chronicled how she met the man who would allegedly end her life. “A distant relative on my father’s side had come to my brother’s wedding reception and saw me sitting there, quiet and subdued,” she wrote. “She liked me and asked for my hand in marriage for her son.”

Following tradition, Rona’s family visited Mohammad Shafia’s house so he “could have a good look at me.” Later, her brother asked if she “accepted” the engagement. “I said, ‘Give me away in marriage if he is a good man,’ ” she recalled. “ ‘Don’t if he is not.’ ”

They were married in February 1972 in Kabul. Rona wore a light blue dress; Shafia’s suit was purple. “After getting married,” she wrote, “my lot in life began a downward spiral.”

As prosecutor Laurie Lacelle explained to the jury, Rona was unable to conceive. Eventually, after years of failed fertility treatments, she told her husband: “Go and take another wife, what can I do?” He did. Shafia’s second bride, Tooba Mohammad Yahya, was 17 years his junior—and pregnant within months.

Zainab came first. Hamed, a son, was born a year later, followed by Sahar, another girl. “As is sometimes done in Afghanistan when one wife can’t conceive, 40 days after Sahar was born she was given to Rona by Tooba to raise as her own daughter,” Lacelle explained. “Rona loved Sahar dearly.”

Sahar was still a baby in August 1992, when the family fled the Afghan civil war for Pakistan. By the time they reached Dubai in 1996, Tooba had given birth to three more children, including another daughter, Geeti. But with each birth, the wives’ relationship grew increasingly strained. Tooba, Rona wrote, was so manipulative that she managed to convince their husband to sleep only with her. And whatever the dispute—from squabbles over chores to spats over gold jewellery—Shafia always sided with Tooba. “Whatever I did, if I sat down, if I got up, if I ate anything, there was blame and censure attached to it,” Rona wrote. “In short, he had made life a torture for me.”

The family moved to Canada in the summer of 2007, reportedly through Quebec’s Immigrant Investor Program, which provides visas to affluent foreigners in exchange for, among other things, a hefty cheque made out to the province. Rona, though, was not on the plane. Because polygamy is illegal in Canada, she was sent to live with relatives in Germany while the others settled into a rental apartment in Montreal. When she did rejoin them the following fall, it was on a visitor’s visa. (Shafia told immigration authorities that Rona was his cousin. They believed him.)

Rona returned to a toxic household. Zainab and Sahar longed to live like Canadian teenagers, to wear lipstick and tank tops instead of hijabs, but their parents (and their brother, Hamed) were obsessed with maintaining “tradition.” Sahar complained so often about the beatings she endured at home that school officials called the province’s youth protection services. In one diary entry, Rona recalled how her surrogate daughter swallowed a bottle of pills. “She can go to hell,” Tooba allegedly said. “Let her kill herself.”

Like her little sister, Zainab had a boyfriend. When her parents found out, via Hamed, she was banned from leaving the house. For a year, Zainab didn’t even go to school. Finally—at 19—she worked up the courage to run away.

When Hamed dialled 911 to report her missing, the officer was far more alarmed by what Zainab’s sisters were saying. Geeti, 13, revealed that her dad yanked her hair and punched her in the face when she was late coming home from a mall. Sahar, 17, talked about the physical abuse she and Zainab endured—and how she was so petrified of her parents that she wore a hijab to school, then changed outfits as soon as she arrived.

Zainab, it turned out, had taken refuge at a women’s shelter, but her mother eventually convinced her to come home. She walked through the front door on May 1, 2009, the same day her dad flew to Dubai for one of his many business trips. Two of Shafia’s relatives are expected to testify that he told them he was going to kill Zainab when he returned.

Hamed, now 21, joined his father overseas on June 1, carrying his Toshiba laptop on the plane. Two days later, the Google searches began.

“Can a prisoner have control over his real estate?”

“Montreal Jail”

“facts documentaries on murders”

Back in Canada, school officials filed yet another complaint with youth services after Sahar told a teacher she was terrified that her father would discover her boyfriend. Geeti was acting even more rebellious, wearing “inappropriate” clothing to class and telling anyone who would listen that she wanted out of her house. (Among the prosecution’s exhibits is a handwritten note from Geeti to her big sister Sahar, scattered with hearts and red ink. “i promise before dying i’ll make all ur wishes come true one by one,” she wrote.)

Hamed and his father flew back to Canada on June 13, a Saturday. Over the next week, Hamed would continue his online research (“mountains on water,” “Metal boxes for sale”) and cancel Zainab’s cellphone plan. On June 22, Shafia paid $5,000 for a used car: the doomed Nissan Sentra. The very next day, all 10 family members—split between the Sentra and a silver Lexus SUV—set off for a holiday in Niagara Falls, nearly 700 km away.

It appeared to be a standard summer vacation, at least judging by the cellphone photos recovered by police: Sahar and Zainab in front of a bathroom mirror, Sahar and Rona in a hotel room, Sahar wearing a brown and green bikini. In one self-portrait, taken just three days before she died, Zainab photographed herself wearing only a bra and underwear.

The Shafias checked out on June 29 and piled into their cars for the late-night journey home. At 1:16 a.m., after passing through Toronto and Belleville, Sahar received a text message. The source was a cellphone tower in Odessa—16 km from Kingston Mills, a Parks Canada lock station at the Rideau Canal’s southernmost tip.

Twenty minutes later, she received another text, this one bouncing off a tower just 1,300 m from the locks. It was the last message Sahar ever received.

The accused killers walked into Kingston Police headquarters early the next afternoon. Hamed, translating for his parents, told the front-desk clerk they wanted to file a missing persons report. (The kids who didn’t drown the night before were waiting at a nearby Tim Hortons.) By then, police had already been alerted to a sunken sedan in the locks.

The Shafias initially told detectives that after checking into a Kingston motel for the night, Zainab asked for the car keys so she could retrieve some clothes. The next morning, they said, the black Sentra was missing—along with Zainab, Sahar, Geeti and Rona. But officers on the scene were understandably skeptical. Although it was obvious where the car went in the water, the question was how it got there. In order to reach the ledge, the Sentra had to jump a high curb and make a sharp left around a rock outcropping and then a hard right around a narrow wall. A tragic accident this was not.

A closer inspection of the car revealed more incriminating clues. The ignition was turned off. The front seats were reclined nearly all the way back. And, despite the fact that none of the women was wearing a seatbelt—and the driver’s-side window was rolled all the way down—not one tried to swim to safety. (An autopsy confirmed drowning as the cause of death, but it’s not certain where they actually drowned. Adding to the mystery is the fact that the medical examiner found fresh bruising on three of the victims’ heads.)

The car’s exterior also sustained damage inconsistent with a speedy plunge into the water, including dents and scratches on the back bumper. Even stranger, police at the locks found shattered pieces of a headlight that came not from the Nissan but from the Lexus. Const. Chris Prent, an accident reconstruction expert with the Ontario Provincial Police, examined the shards of plastic and the dents on both vehicles (the back of the Nissan and the front of the Lexus). “It is my opinion that the Lexus was used to push the Nissan over the ledge into the water,” he told the jury.

Eighteen days after the women died, police invited the Shafias back to Kingston to retrieve some belongings. While inside the station, officers secretly installed a listening device in their Pontiac minivan and then told them, in a classic ruse, that a building near the locks contained a video camera that detectives were now poring over. When their suspects climbed back in the van, police were listening.

“If, God forbid, God forbid, there was one in that little room, all three of us would have been recorded,” Tooba said.

“No,” Shafia answered. “Had there been one there, they would have checked it first thing and they would have held you to account that night.”

Over the next four days—until their arrests on July 22, 2009—Shafia ranted about his “shameless” and “blasted” daughters being “in the arms” of boyfriends. “We have no tension in our hearts,” he said. “May the devil s–t on their graves!”

“They violated us immensely,” he declared in another intercept. “They betrayed humankind, they betrayed Islam, they betrayed our religion and creed, they betrayed our tradition, they betrayed everything.”

On the same day investigators executed a search warrant on the family home, Shafia had one of his last conversations as a free man. “Even if they hoist me up into the gallows,” he told his son, “nothing is more dear to me than my honour. Let’s leave our destiny to God and may God never make me, you or your mother honourless.”

Last week, 27 months after those words were recorded, a jury of five men and seven women visited the Kingston Mills Locks to get an up-close view of the alleged crime scene. Parked nearby, in a silver SUV with tinted windows, were father and son, flanked by armed guards. Tooba chose not to join them on the field trip, the memory of her daughters—or what she allegedly did the last time she was there—too much for a mother to bear.


Mohammad Shafia’s house rules

  1. Paddy wagon? Really? Somehow this article needed an ethnic slur against the Irish to make it credible. How sad.

    • A horrible story like this and you’re concerned about a disputed word usage. I am of Irish decent myself and in no way find this offensive. This comment reeks largely of a majority trying to play the victim. The Irish did deal with a lot of racism as did many other immigrant groups. Canada and the US are so sickningly PC I can’t handle our media and prefer British sources instead.

    • The etymology of the term “paddy wagon” is not clear. It probably does refer to Irish people, but it is just as likely that it refers to the large percentage of American police who at one time were Irish as it does to the large percentage of criminals who were Irish Whatever the case may be, in common usage it is not a slur.

  2. This tid-bit is not very reassuring. 
    “Because polygamy is illegal in Canada, she was sent to live with relatives in Germany while the others settled into a rental apartment in Montreal. When she did rejoin them the following fall, it was on a visitor’s visa. (Shafia told immigration authorities that Rona was his cousin. They believed him.)”

  3. Daughters wearing western clothes and having boyfriends dishonours the family but being a Murderer isn’t shameful? 

    • This is what fanatical adherence to religion does, sadly.

      • You’re just sad.  You should be seething with anger.

      • and these same type of psycho fanatics just took over Libya

  4. What the hell is wrong with these three??  Killed to save their honour, truely demented!

  5. When all is said and done,I would hope that the social agencys and education system that failed these poor girls and their mother have to explain their failed cultural sensitivity policys.Four people would be alive today if political correctiveness over cultural differences and the required standards of protecting  the vulnerable had been applied.I’m disgusted at more people than just the shafias.

    • The three individuals still living indeed need to be put in prison for a very long time so they can rot away. But how is it that every time something like this happens, people expect that the government could have fixed all of it. The school called child protection. If they did any investigation do you really think that the girl(s) would have spoken out? The fear of retaliation on the father’s part would’ve been too great. The real issue is with a culture of religious extremism that looks upon women as items of convenience and worthlessness. It’s not the government that just makes it disappear. The issue lies with how that pathetic culture views women, and it’s our job as citizens within a country that values the status of women to communicate exactly that, in addition to taking zero tolerance towards towards religious degradation against women. Now, it’s a matter of holding the government to account should this case be treated anything less than what it is: disgusting acts deserving of nothing less than first-degree convictions and life sentences. We should push the government to enact legislation prohibiting any type of cultural defence. To think you aren’t partially responsible is disturbing. The minute you, and the 10 others who like the comment, quit being complacent and realize that it’s our job too might actually accomplish something.

      • You mention the 3 still living, but actually there are 6 still living.  The true victims of this unspeakable crime are the 3 young children who have now lost everything in their lives.  The dead are dead, the 3 physcos will go to jail, but those innocent children must somehow grow up after this.  Sadly it disturbs me more than their father.

        • How strange you are.

        • What is worse, those 3 small children are being raised by relatives, with the same mentality as their parents. They need to be removed from that community and placed if foster homes that are NOT muslim.

  6. I wonder
    somehow if the CBC series “Little Mosque on the Prairie” has contributed
    to these murders, and the murder of other Muslim women, by not being honest
    about the culture of misogyny and violence that appears to have contributed to
    these deaths?


    Zainab’s mates been made aware of the potential for violence in the ideology of
    Islam, she may well have been alive today.  Had Sahar, Geeti and Rona’s
    mates been told the truth about political Islam, maybe they would be alive


    I see that
    CBC is now stopping the propaganda.  Perhaps it is about time.


    I will
    continue to follow this case with interest.


    I am
    surprised that the descendants of Laura Ingalls Wilder could possibly have
    given permission to use their family story of the struggle of the individual
    and the triumph of liberty, reason and pursuit of their dreams in a free and
    democratic country like America, to support a misleading ‘whitewash’ narrative
    on the violent, repressive grievance culture that is political, extreme and
    brutal Islam.

    • I thought of writing something thought prevoking because some of your comments are just nonsense and nuts.  But it’s not worth explaining life to people who live in such a small bubble.  Blaming a tv. show?  Not every muslim wants their family to die. Or think murder is okay. Some muslims, like some characters on the show, were born in Canada.  Making them Canadians and making them more educated on Canadian values and freedoms. They grew up in a Canadian society and had their families, they will then teach these things to their children.  And this is how the cycle changes.  Some people that were born outside of Canada, and then move here, do have a hard time letting go of their childhood, of their traditions or the things they were taught when they were growing up. (and that’s how we get the bad apples.)  So it’s not every muslim and it’s not a t.v. show.  It’s a select group of men and some women who do not know any better because they were never exposed to anything else.  This man has no honour and will die with no honour. 

  7. And we have our Soldiers dying in Afghanistan to free people like this to come here and kill. What a stupid immigration policy we have here.

    • Actually, I think we are trying to help save people like those who were killed.

    • lol,Canada barely has any troops in Afghanistan and they don’t even play a crucial role in the ‘War on terror’,only about 157 of our soldiers were killed compared to 1700 American,1200 Pakistani and 400 British troops.

      Most people I know are not even aware that Canada has troops in Afghanistan.Also most of the Afghanis I’ve spoken to,don’t view the Coalition troops as ‘Liberators’,instead they think of us as the enemy,they don’t like us and they don’t like the Taliban either,they want complete freedom.

      • i have been to Afghanistan and i can tell you the Canadian forces were playing a crucial role. They were teaching the ANA how to provide security and helping them out. They were building schools, building roads and setting up wells. Most Afghanis i talked to ‘in country’ were grateful that Canadian troops were there. The problem is that we left (or, are in the process of leaving) too early. I never thought I’d say that..but ask any Canadian soldier, Afghani,or for that matter Amercian soldier – Canada was doing its part. Now watch out because the talibs will be coming back in droves..

        • This war isn’t our war,it’s America’s war we shouldn’t get involved anymore,and if we do stay any longer we aren’t going to achieve anything.

          • This war is the war of anybody who still thinks that freedom to live without fear of being murdered for wanting more than an archaic, violent religion allows is an essential right. Its people who turn their backs on wars like this who are to blame for the deaths of those 4 women and countless others throughout the world.  All people with YOUR attitude are doing is giving the  violence a chance to take root somewhere else, like maybe right here in Canada. I suspect you’d welcome Sharia laws as well as their “right”. After all, its not your culture that is at stake. Or is it?

          • I don’t welcome sharia law in Canada,you need to grow up and stop personal attacks on people who disagree with you.

  8. I hope they are all found GUILTY and rot in Hell for the rest of their lives.

    • I always thought that you must die before going to Hell.

  9. Dear Fratehauler,
    I hope they are also found GUILTY, and rot in Hell!

    If they are not all found guilty, it will prove that the justice system in Canada has to be revised.

    Social services could of helped all of them, including the first wife.

    It hope the 3 younger children are getting proper help and assistance.

  10. A culture that perceives Stone Age brutality as a virtue, is one more reason why it’s important that Canada never allows Sharia courts to operate like in Britain.
    The law must remain secular.
    Muslim women usually have very little control over their own lives, and are pushed by a domineering community into entering a justice system that views them as cattle, in the same way as this swine viewed his wife and daughters.

    • Just think..the Archbishop of Cantebury has recently stated that full Sharia Law in Britain is inevitable!!!

      • Unbelievable!

  11. If and when the accused are found guilty, I would like to see Muslim leaders condemn “honour” killings. 

    • Do you doubt their guilt?

    • never going to happen, any more than they condemned the terrorist attacks worldwide  that have been happening for the past 20 years. they will use the old standard, they weren’t really muslims if they did that.

  12. The important thing here is that we paint all Muslims with the same brush, leap to conclusions, and make broad statements about “failed cultural policy”.

    • Until the “moderate” muslim starts protesting in the streets to denounce this behaviour, it is a failed cultural policy, because the silence says they agree.  That means sharia law.

    • if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck the chances of it being anything else are minescule. read the Qur’an. they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing as good muslims

      • You’re generalizing all Muslims to be the same and you believe all Muslims are religious and do everything in their book,that’s like saying all Christians do everything what the Bible tells them or what Jesus tells them to do

  13. They’re heeeeeerre!!!!!! 

  14. The Australian Government instituted a “responsibility of new immigrants” agreement that all new immigrants had to sign before they were allowed to stay.  Within it were provisions that clearly laid out what was NOT acceptable behavior in that country.  Canada needs to do the same. 

    “If you chose to live here, there are things that will not be tolerated, behavior that is unacceptable in our country, and cultural practices that don’t belong here.  If you don’t agree to follow these rules, you are simply not welcome here.” 

    A short list should include:

    Wife beating is strictly forbidden
    Polygamy is strictly forbidden
    Sharia is strictly forbidden
    Burkas are strictly forbidden in public
    Men, women and children are free to associate and dress within the ‘norms’ of THIS country, not where you came from.
    English or French  language proficiency mandatory within 5 years or leave.
    Religious or cultural accommodation is incumbent on the immigrant to OUR values, not the reverse.
    No special treatment in any public institution, workplace or setting.  All religious activities are confined to private life or within a religious house of worship.  This is a secular country.
    Any criminal offence committed by any immigrant prior to gaining citizenship means mandatory deportation, as well as any non-citizen members of their family.  No exceptions.
    All immigrants must be fully sponsored or be financially independent of any social assistance except those deemed to be legitimate refugees. 
    Any fraudulent claimants or lying on entrance documents will be grounds for immediate ejection from Canada with no chance for re-application. 

    We, as a country have become a laughingstock around the world, the worry of security services in the USA and at home, for our overly lax immigration policies.  It’s time we make getting into Canada something worthy of respecting.

    I welcome immigrants to our shores and truly believe they add value to our country, but I stop at allowing them to come here and start bad-mouthing our values, rules and culture while sponging off our generosity and taxpayers while demanding we accommodate them, as opposed to them accommodating our norms, values and language. 

    Buck-up, double-down on fitting in, and live by our rules or go the f***k home. 

  15. Yeah, she was so devastated about the crime scene, she was so horrified about the film of the bodies in the car. But she had no trouble plotting and planning with that miserable man and her stupid son about how to kill them.

  16. test

  17. These fanatics killed the sisters because they wore western clothes, had boyfriends but wonder why killed the first wife!

  18. What a pathetic piece of shit this family is ! Cuff all 3 of them , put them in the car and push it into the water all the while video taping them in there. DEATH PENALTY NEEDS TO BE IN CANADA

  19. I’m disgusted. Get these people out of Canada and back to where they came from. Speaking as a white-anglo immigrant, I can honestly say if any of us carried out such an atrocious act, we should be banned from this fine country.

  20. It is my fervent hope that, if all 3 are found guilty , all 3 will share the same sentence

  21. Not Islam, this is a cultural phenomena.  Do not get the two mixed up.

    • You wrote – “Not Islam, this is a cultural phenomena.  Do not get the two mixed up.”
      Maybe so, maybe not so – I don”t know. But all extreme religious believers.always use their “religion” to justify their “culture”..I’m sure that the three accused Shafias all fervently beleve that they are “good Muslims” and were just following Islam and their god’s law – and even if they spend the rest of their lives in prison, they will die still fervently believing that.

    • horse crap, this is Islam at its finest! if you ever took the time to read the whole qur”an, you’d know it

  22. “Shafia
    ranted about his “shameless” and “blasted” daughters being “in the arms”
    of boyfriends. “We have no tension in our hearts,” he said. “May the
    devil s–t on their graves!” “They violated us immensely,” “They
    betrayed humankind, they betrayed Islam, they betrayed our religion and
    creed, they betrayed our tradition, they betrayed everything.”
    No, Mr. Shafia – You don’t get it. – It wasn’t your dead daughters and  first wife  –  it was you
    who “betrayed humankind” – and it’s you – and your “religion” (or at the very least, your version of it)  – and your “creed” – and your  “tradition” – that is shameful and disgusting and is “s–t.”/

  23. Why do we let these people in. They will never be Canadian, they are only here for economic reasons. Quebec will let them in in exchange for money. By my reasoning, the gov. of Quebec is an acomplice in the murder of these girls, who only wanted to be Canadian.

  24. What is very troubling is the fact that should these three be found guilty (and even that is not sure in our politically correct climate), their sentence will be life in prison which is 25 years.  Hamed Shafia will be in his late 40s when he gets out!  This is not right.  He’ll be able to reclaim or have some sort of life, while his sisters lie rotting in their graves.  If it is a “life sentence”, that is exactly what it should be.  He should NEVER get out.  None of them should ever be released from prison.

  25. Hello,



    I am new in
    Canada, coming from Israel. I am also a homosexual. In the year 1992 I decided
    to emigrate from ‘Israel’ and obtained the same residence status that I have
    now in Canada, in a different English speaking country, New Zealand. Since I
    was working as a health professional and I had to study for two more years in
    New Zealand in order to be certified to practice, I asked the advice of an
    Institute for career counseling to help me with my career goals, and later I
    approached a psychologist by the name of E.S. with regard to my profession and
    I stress that I contacted him purely for employment reasons. The ‘career
    counseling’ became a family counseling with racist homophobic orientation and I
    found myself stuck in Israel for breeding purposes.


    This story is particularly serious because of the attempt
    to force me to have children in a heterosexual relationship. Situations like
    this, to be forced into marriage and having a child with a partner that I do
    not wish, can easily be transformed into child abuse.


    After arriving to Canada, I decided to publish my story.
    However, I am facing legal difficulties because of the possibility of lawsuits
    from this psychologist. He tried already to stop me from traveling from Toronto
    to Belfast to a psychologist’s conference by issuing a restraining order in


    I wanted to ask you for 2 things:

    1.       Do you know a lawyer that can help me with the legal issues
    involved in this matter (defamation, harassment, opening an internet domain

    2.       Is there any advice you can give me with regard to how can I
    open this story without entering to a confrontation with the Canadian law.


    Thank you for
    your time and consideration.

  26. the ignorance of canadians and the absolute stupidity of the immigration department is to blame.One simple question,”do you believe in the honor system?” asked of all immigrants to canada may have prevented this.A “yes” and you do not qualify to emigrate to canada.And a background check on the cultural beliefs of such a man.

  27. When I hear of talk about “Honour” I think that your good word being an honest word is “honour”. Why don’t muslims think that lying is not a disgrace to their “honour”? 

  28. It is an Islam thing. Read their book that Islamists base they faith on and it is there , loud and clear.  The New Testament does not condone or say any mention that it is a good thing to kill an infidel or stone anyone or to be the judge of God!  So if you are Christian and some other culture, Pakistani, Saudi, Iraqi, Iranian, Indonesian, Afghanistan or any other country you would not kill as the muslims do kill and base their correctness on the religion of Islam.
    Therefore, it is not a cultural phenomena as a “Guest” wishes it not get the two mixed up. This “Honour killing” is only done by the believers of Islam. My response now is to pray that someone come into your life to give you the understanding that escapes you. Or better the truth of it:  that blinds you and many.  You are not alone in that darkness.  Expose the lies so that the truth can be seen in the light.  God is Great Jesus is the Way to redemption for we are all sinners. And only through the grace of God through the eyes of his son can we be saved from the pits of the everlasting hells. I like that “religious reasoning’s” better that what is presented by the Islamists by far. But reasoning or not the Biblical truth is there as archaeologists keep discovering.  P.S. to Judyr8…Right on, girlfriend! 

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