How I spent my summer vacation -

How I spent my summer vacation

What do famous Canadians—including Harper, Layton and Crosby—do when it gets hot? They don their shorts and hit the dock.


Click on the images to find out, in their own words, how each of these famous Canadians spent their summer.


How I spent my summer vacation

  1. I love Neko as much as the next guy – in fact, more than a lot of guys – but how does she get included with famous Canadians?

  2. What about Ben Heppner? Michael Schade? Russell Braun? Karina Gauvin? Natalie Paulin? Sally LeBlanc, Mike Weir" Stephen Ames? Noel Edison? We know where Alesandra Wozniak (what did she do before Flushing Meadows), Daniel Nestor? Adam vanK the kayaker? and many other of that group – Bill Casey, the politician with principles to stand up for? Michael Chong, the same? and MZ?/ Moses Z of CARP and 96.3. Colleen Jones & Heather Hiscox / Hiscocks? of CBCNW? and the head-guy on The Weather Channel who handled all the Hurricane Bill stuff ( what was he doing for the earlier eummer?).

    There are many more, of course — but with email, etc., etc. it doesn't cost much to add to the group!

    I mention all these only because I was not familiar with many of the others already named and my listing is rather broad based, and not focussed on

    • Something tells me that the pictures you see depends on who actually took the time to send in photos — it can't be that Maclean's followed these people around to get, and post, their vacation pictures. So, really, it's up to Ben Heppner, Micheal Schade, etc, to submit a photo.

  3. We've got the Conservative leader, the NDP leader but no Liberal leader. Guess no one knows where he spent his vacation.

  4. So where's Michael???

  5. Several people have noted the inclusion of PM Stephen Harper and NDP leader Jack Layton in this compilation of summer vacation photos, but have noted the exclusion of Michael Ignatieff and wonder why he has not been included.
    The answer is straight-forward: Maclean's just no longer has the budget to send a photographer to Provence, France to get a pic of Iggy in summertime.

  6. Iggy: MIA.
    That proves he is only in it for the job of PM, not for Canada.

    • I don't care why Ignatieff is there for… But, what if he can do a better job than what we have right now?

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