How I would respond to the attack ads

A Liberal scripts an ad for Justin Trudeau


Lights up on Justin Trudeau, wearing a dress shirt open at the collar, a blazer, and blue jeans. He’s walking through a middle-class neighbourhood, somewhere in suburban Canada. He speaks directly into the camera as he walks.

TRUDEAU: It’s true, I was a teacher, and a whitewater rafting guide too.

He stops walking and pulls a BlackBerry out of his pocket. It’s playing footage of a moustachioed Justin Trudeau from the Tories’ new attack ads.

TRUDEAU: It’s true, I’ve grown a moustache for prostate cancer research.

The video on the BlackBerry screen switches to the slow-motion footage of his striptease.

TRUDEAU: And yes, I’ve even taken off my clothes to support the Canadian Liver Foundation.

He puts the BlackBerry back in his pocket.

TRUDEAU: But I’ll tell you what I haven’t done—and what I won’t do. I won’t lie to the Canadian people. I’ll challenge my opponents without taking their words out of context. Because the only way we’ll make this country stronger is with hope and hard work, not division and fear.

He starts walking again.

TRUDEAU: So let’s start right now. Mr. Harper thinks I was wrong to raise money for the Canadian Liver Foundation. I disagree. And if you visit liberal.ca, you’ll find a link to donate.

His father’s Mercedes convertible is parked at the curb. He gets behind the wheel.

TRUDEAU: Let’s do something positive for the nearly four million Canadians suffering from liver disease. And let’s demand the hopeful politics we deserve.

He drives off. Cut to footage of the Trudeau family—Justin, Sophie and the kids—waving from the stage at Sunday night’s leadership announcement.

VOICEOVER: A message from the Liberal Party of Canada.


OK, maybe not the thing with the car, but you get my point.

Tape it, release it online, get a news cycle’s worth of free media coverage, run it during a hockey game or two, and then announce the amount of money raised for liver research.

When that’s done, bring out the ominous music, the dark, grainy images, and the heavy artillery—and blast the Tories on their record for the next 30 months.

If that doesn’t work, see if Patrick Brazeau wants a rematch.

Adam Goldenberg is a former Liberal speechwriter and currently a contributor to CBC News: The National. Follow him at http://www.twitter.com/adamgoldenberg


How I would respond to the attack ads

  1. I like it. I like it a lot.

    • Me too! Minus the car thing though :)

  2. What? No, ‘just watch me’ reference?

    • Canadians watched him last night on the news and on You-Tube. And we contributed to his cash cow/fight-the-attack-ads-fund, as well.

  3. I like the entire thing. If it’s his father’s car it is not brand spanking new. In fact it is rather old. That he is not buying a new car every year is a good thing and the words ‘wisely frugal’ come to mind.

    • Ms. Copeland, it is a rather old car. Worth about a million bucks. Mercedes 300SLs, either the gullwings or the roadsters (which Trudeau has inherited) are incredibly rare (only about 1400 were ever produced), and while about the one thing I have unreserved admiration for about Justin Trudeau is his access to that car, it’s a bit of a stretch to call this an example of wise frugality.

      • The point is, it did not come out of taxpayer money. Trudeau Sr. was wealthy in his own right. There is nothing wrong with being rich. There is everything wrong with if those riches are being taken out of the pockets of the taxpayer, many of whom are poor these days. E.g. Trudeau Sr did his travelling before entering politics and did not do a world tour at our expense after he was elected like what’s his name. Everything is relative.

        • Trudeau had no trouble charging organizations funded by taxpayers a huge speaking fee to listen to his bromides and cliches. However, I guess that’s another story and one we don’t want to talk about right?

          • Sure, let’s talk about it. Why don’t we start with you telling us why someone should have trouble receiving what someone else is willing to pay for their services.

          • I think he’ll have to go back to party central for permission to comment on that.

          • Some Canadians will perceive it as “pimping” his services while being paid handsomely as a MP by beleaguered Canadian taxpayers… but I guess his “moonlighting” is okay with you…!!!!

          • 40-50% of all MPs make money outside their MP salaries. There is nothing that forbids this.

            As for professional speakers, their fees are usually set by demand. Speakers who are in high demand command larger fees. Organizations often try to get high demand speakers because such speakers attract larger crowds who are willing to pay a higher registration or event fee, so overall, it is typically a bigger money making venture for the organization. For taxpayer funded organizations, the cost of the speaker is typically covered by registration, event fees or donations. I don’t know of any organization that pays for high profile speakers from public funds. If you, hollimn, penny or observant, can find an example of one who did, that would be interesting. Please let us know.

          • Multi-millionaire via inheritances Justin was pimping out his services for a cool $20,000 a pop …. and you call that “demand”…??!!!!

          • If someone agrees to pay the $20,000 this is indeed called “demand”.

            If you’re confused by this, you may want to consider spending this time reading books, or going to school.

          • So holding down two jobs is somehow wrong? Tell that to the parent working two jobs to put their kid through college… or simply to make ends meet. Or maybe you can talk to Pamela Wallin, who has allegedly used taxpayer money to pay for her flights to CPC fundraising events. At least Justin wasn’t using a government expense account inappropriately…

          • Not only were all his speaking engagements for taxpayer funded groups, the organizations which paid Trudeau for speaking invited him to do so. He did not have the power to single-handedly grab money out of their organization. Harper uses OUR money for his incessant partisan ads, funding organizations he likes, and keeping 2 sets of books, for example, on the F35’s so Canadians wouldn’t even know how much of a gift we were giving Lockheed for a plane that’s unusable in the Arctic & is a bad all-round plane according to former pilots.

          • hollinm #fail

          • …. and you’re #pathetic

          • Penny…. so are you saying that Justin was just a victim of all those organizations because they incessantly “invited” him to speak before their audiences… and they plied him with $$$$$ to come and share his magnificent thoughts with them? Life must have been tough for Justin being victimized so often!!!

          • “…so are you saying that Justin was just a victim…”

            Umm…I’m pretty sure Penny is saying that Justin was a recipient of payment for services rendered to organizations that freely made the choice to hire him.

            You might want to reassess your understanding of the word “victim”. The dictionary is your friend.

          • Put your sources up – make that valid sources. I’ll talk to you about non gossip issues in this regard.

  4. More of the Trudeau Media Party’s slobbering love affair with the Dauphin (Dolphin?)!
    Now they’re writing ads for him. Course this guy being a contributor to CBC why should we be surprised? After all even CTV’s Don Martin felt the need to rush to his defense via the CBC Twitter board and Susan Delacourt’s stil probably weeping tears of joy after the coronation.
    Poor baby – Bieber-lite can’t defend himself so the media has to do it for him.
    And it’s also amazing that they’ve never seen a Liberal attack ad they didn’t like.
    Guns in the streets and hidden agendas anybody. LOL!

    • Its starting again. Ignatieff couldn’t defend himself so the media party took up the gauntlet for him. Now Trudeau is being protected by the media particularly those you mentioned. Since when is it the job of the media to defend politicians. They are suppose to report the news.

      • Most of the media has been defending Harper for years, by printing his just-b4-deadline press releases media doesn’t have time to fact check, falling for his disinformation, dare I say downright lies, that our Constitution doesn’t allow coalitions when it does, and not telling us the truth about Harper, thanks in great part to Conrad Black’s ownership of so much media at the time.

        • Penny… you sound like an old bag who has been around the block quite a few times. Try defending boy Justin instead of giving up and desperately attacking PM Harper … and hoping that your inspirational hatred will drive Canadians into the brawny, tatted arms of your boy Justin. (Did you see that big aboriginal-designed tat on his right shoulder when he was beating up on that poor aboriginal senator?)

          • Goldilocks Observant – everyone else is too old or too young – he is just right,
            Bat doodoo crazy, but just the right age.

          • You must be suffering terribly over the “truth” attack ads….lol

      • You mean the way Ezra feeds it to clowns like you?

        • I heard that hollinm eats out of Ezra’s hand.

          • The “Media Party” is real and lurking about with intrepidity now that they realize their boy Justin is just a clown, a joker, an actor strutting on the big stage now …. and he’s been cut down to size with two simple “truth” attack ads. Now the “Media Party” will be scurrying around like the rodents that they are and giving the Liberals gratis advice on how to prop up their faltering boy leader….lol

          • I see the tinfoil hat is on quite tight tonight, Observant

          • Read this Goldenburg article …. Q.E.D.

    • Don Martin’s wife was the organizer of the fundraiser….

  5. Make this statement more accurate by saying the full truth or we are no better than them..

    “Mr. Harper thinks I was wrong to raise money for the Canadian Liver Foundation” BY TAKING OFF MY SHIRT
    By adding the qualifier you are not misleading Canadians the same way Conservatives are.

    • If man-boy Justin had gone “Full Monty”… he would have been unassailable ….LOL

    • Harper was cheering on Brazeau in his speedo until Brazeau lost and embarrassed Harper. So it’s not clear exactly what point Harper is trying to make in this ad.

    • He raised $1900 for the Canadian Liver Foundation. You’ve got a problem with that?

  6. This is exactly what is in order.

    • Justin just told Peter Mansbridge on CBC NN tonight that he would still not go “negative”… because he felt that Canadians are fed up with truthful attack ads. Meanwhile Kinsella is crying something about Jesus turning the other cheek and look what happened to Him … † † †

  7. lol nice hair pretty boy. It has nothing to do with raising money with the Liver foundation. Talk about taking things out of context..lol

    • Did you miss the part where taking off his shirt was at a fundraiser for the Liver Foundation?

      • Reading comprehension isn’t his strong point.

  8. Adam, I think what Justin ended up doing was far better. He just walked out into the corridor of the House of Commons and chatted with reporters. Hungry for a story, they eagerly reported his good natured and witty rebuttal to the attack ads, but the unintended consequence of this (major fail, Conservatives) was that Justin got lots of time (8.5 minutes on You-Tube) in the faces of Canadians at supper hour. Overnight polls shot to 43%.

    If he keeps up these chats with the press corps and they report them he’s going to be a very popular party leader.

    Not bad for someone who is in over his head, eh?

  9. Gotta love how the HarperCult says young Trudeau is in over his head after “the experienced” Baird’s international incident he caused with his East Jerusalem meeting.

    If the CONS-SERVE-THEMSELVES party hadn’t already shown us how their alleged inexperience has lead to sheer incompetence and utter ineptitude when it comes to governance, ethics, budgeting, military procurement… perhaps we’d be concerned with Justin’s inexperience.

    However, now that polls solidly reveal Canadians believe the HarperCult and it’s leader, PM Voldemort, to not only be unethical and opaque, but utterly uninspiring… It seems like they’ll be OK with Justin’s inexperience… especially if Justin can show he can learn (something the HarperCult has yet to show us).

    • After watching the CPC “truth” attack ads against your boy Justin, you are filled with fear and anger against those who would reveal that your boy Justin is a quebecois supremacist who proclaims in his seminal speech “Hope & Hard Work” (I hope you read it)… “I stand before you a son of Quebec!”. Is that some kind of Quebec Cult trying to take over all of Canada… again??!!!

      • When was the last time the Quebec Cult took over Canada?

        • Sounds like you’re still brainwashed … and suffering from the 3-Monkey Syndrome ….lol

      • You do realize the statement used in the attack ad was taken from a comment regarding his father’s attitudes, right?

      • Glad to see you had enough sense to put “truth” in quotes…

    • I agree with the sentiments expressed, but the name-calling sounds more like that of the CPC trolls who post here regularly. Maybe tone that back a bit so their trolls look that much worse…?

  10. Or mention that Liberals don’t do negative ads, that’s more the domain of crass conservatives…

    • … mais, “truth” ads can’t be “negative”… except for the victim… RIRE

  11. “Soldiers. With guns. In our cities” will be making a comeback then?

    • I don’t think so. After all, the next G20 Leaders’ Summit is scheduled to happen in Russia, so we should be safe for a while.

      • Pretty good :)

        • Next election, starting now…. Conservative guns … versus… Liberal pois shooters ..lol

  12. Awesome stuff. Good work everyone. Any party hacks from the NDP or Conservatives want to respond here? Maclean’s is now accepting submissions.

    • TRUDEAU: It’s true, I was a teacher, and a whitewater rafting guide too.

      Then I realized that teaching was a waste of my time and a lousy career choice.

      I then enrolled at École Polytechnique at l’Université de Montréal to become an Engineer! I flunked out of Engineering after a year and a half, returning to my first love, dramatic acting in a CBC mini-series.

      When that gig ended I returned to l’Université de Montréal for an easier masters degree in environmental geography.

      That’s what I did from 2002 to 2008.. I was a professional student and layabout living off my inheritance and enjoying la dolce vita, if you know what I mean!

      Then I was easily convinced to run in the 2008 general election and I hit the MP Jackpot getting elected in Papineau riding.

      That’s when I knew my destiny was to be the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada!

      I supplemented my meager MP salary with moonlighing speaking engagements before companies, charities and school boards, anybody, for $10-20K a pop!

      Now, here I am the Liberal Leader… What do I do next..??!!!

      • Only a true died in the wool moron actually thinks he “knows” exactly why and what motivates someone …even those who become leader of a political party. Particularly when that person’s only source is wiki.

        • You can’t refute the painful “truth” about your boy Justin so you resort to attacking moi …. soooo cowardly!!!

          • Why is it nearly all conbots are cry babies at bottom?

          • I feel your pain…. NOT!!!

      • I always measure how much Harper must be threatened by the level of your hysteria. Maybe Mulroney can give him some sage advice on the plane to and from London.

        • The hysteria is yours because you now realize what boy Justin represents … a frenchie fop who ardently believes he is a Son of a Superior Quebec. He reeks with supremacy … quebecois supremacy … soooo obvious…lol

          • You would make a lousy poker player, Anon. :-)

          • Looks like you’ve folded, JanBC…. soooo obvious… lol

      • Trying recaping Harper’s educational and work journey in the same manner…dropped out of UT of T after one year, (didn’t get along with his father), went to Calgary and worked as mailroom clerk to Imperial Oil execs., went to U. of C. for an easy Master’s in economics ( Did he do an MRP or Thesis?) and education in extreme right wingism.
        People in Glass houses and all of that!

        • Too late, True North…. Harper has proven himself as PM of all of Canada… while the Shiny Pony is going to learn what leadership of a bunch of Liberal cats takes to herd them into his bag. As for Harper’s MA, Economics, that’s a lot more useful than Justin’s BA in Liberature and Teaching… which he abandoned totally to become an “Engineer”… a drastic career change, wouldn’t you say? Now he has set his sights on PM of all of Canada and he hasn’t been the leader of anything significant in all his 41 years of inexperience. Hell, he is even learning about politics and policy from his Liberal handlers… just like Iggy had to do… and botched up royally….lol

  13. Boy-Justin:
    “Quebecers…. are better than the rest of Canada because you know, we’re Quebecers… or whatever!”

    Now if that doesn’t confirm boy-Justin as a suprématie québécois …!!!!

    • No, it confirms you haven’t even bothered to pay attention. The post no less has blown that stinker out of the water. But then again maybe the ad was written for someone who is as intellectually bone idle and dishonest as yourself?

      • But Goldenberg’s rebuttal “ad” doesn’t even broach boy Justin’s quebecois supremacy comment coming out of his sneering mouth … Even Liberal guru Kinsella termed the Quebec is better admission as electoral “poison”… and he should know.

        • Who cares what Kinsella thinks? No self respecting liberal does. I bet he’s the cause of half the anonymous leaks in the press. Trudeau will be well advised to stay a mile off shore from the guy.
          Haven’t you been keeping up? Kay joined Selley in mocking that loathsome ad today.

        • He needs to say things that keep his Sun gig going.

      • he knows. He’s lying to you.

        • Your right. He’s a troll, but i never learn either.

  14. And Mr. Goldenberg should stick to what he knows best. This kinda ad will do nothing for those floating voters.

    • JT should start talking about messing with Harper until he’s done messing with him maybe. Getting scrappy in a kneejerk response is probably not on the table for the Liberals after how well it worked out for Ignatieff.

      • Methinks boy Justin has just been kneecapped by the CPC “truth” attack ads… and nervous Liberal backroom operators are in full panic mode realizing they don’t have any rebuttal … while poor boy Justin just sits there with his thumb up his bum in the corner of the HoCs… insignificant now..!!! “WHAT DO I DO NEXT???” he wails to his handlers!!!

  15. i think he just told it as it is. the harper gang just got their match and are very nervous

    • … and it’s a happy nervousness… eager to expose and reveal how Liberals were duped into another leadershit coronation … Prince Justin the Magnificent Mellifluous Messiah.

  16. After listening to Lisa Rait’s outrageous coimments, I challange her to remove her
    clothes for cancer research, although I doubt there would be any ticket buyers.

  17. Suppertime … beaujolais and bangers avec patate frites… yummy…!!!!

    • Beaujolais you say….. the 2nd best burger I’ve ever had was a beaujolais burger in Beaumont just south of Edmonton, any relation?

  18. change “clothes” to “shirt”

  19. Now if only Liberals would donate their own money to fund such an ad campaign, oh glory be how wonderful it would look! But that’s not the Liberal way, is it? You know, donating money to your party. With the Conservatives in power you guys don’t have access to the brown envelope crew anymore and you don’t give enough money to actually pay for an ad buy. So as lovely as this script is it isn’t going to happen.

    • … except that the “Media Party” will provide their boy Justin with priceless Million$$$$ of free propaganda time to shore him up against the CPC assaults…. soooo obvious now!!!

  20. Sounds great! And Rod’s comment is also right on.

  21. Justin may be in over his head but Oboy Can He Ever Swim!

    • … submerged …lol

  22. I would donate cash to run this ad

    • Send lots of cash because celebrity Trudeau will demand a big appearance fee …lol

  23. Love it ! Please lets do this

    • I love trashing Trudeau too … and an easier target than Dionzo or Iggy… lol

  24. Stick to speeches

  25. That is fabulous. Get it done!

  26. True and loyal Canadians will not vote to elect another PM from a greedy, corrupt, separatist, french-only nation of Quebec… neither Trudeau nor Mulcair.

    This attack ad sows the seed for an anti-Quebec backlash in the RoC in 2015 election, resulting in another strong and stable Harper majority government.

    There is enough anti-RoC attack ad material from both Trudeau and Mulcair to swiftboat both of them!!

    Quebec can hide under the Liberal red tent, drink l’Orange Crushez koolaid, or go back to their bleu BQ… because the Conservatives don’t need the Quebec vote to win another majority… as they didn’t in the last election. Quebec is irrelevant now.

  27. I like it, but think the ads are so clumsy and foolish that I wouldn’t give them the power of responding to them at all …

    Besides, what we are all really tired of, or at least just me, is politics as a matter of image competition, though since that is Justin’ strength, it may be understandable why the Liberals will fight there …

    Give me substance guys … and clean up the past … I’m not sure LIberals can do it …

    • True and loyal Canadians will not elect another PM from Quebec … etc., etc., etc..

  28. Real good read!! This sob servant guy must be a paid con hack glued to wiki. Same old attacks..Same old garbage just recycled!!!

  29. When did Harper say Trudeau was wrong for raising money the Canadian liver foundation?

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